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  • yea my laptops motherboard died on me and i cant use it lol. i have been alright though. i cant wait for winter break to start.
    It's looking all sorts of doubtful. Really don't have a ride or much money since school gas sucked up most of my funds. It might happen or might not but it looks really doubtful.

    That's a really weirdthing to happen for a controller. Doesn't fit? Unheard of!
    Ok I guess Ill ask Kata or Kaylo to reopen it when they come back. I worked so hard on it too lol
    blah he lives in wellington, if you know where that is lawl.

    if not, he lives in west palm beach
    where in FL exactly do you live? ;D

    cuz my best friend lives in FL, and he mains zelda too! ^^
    The Zelda chat was a blank canvas awaiting lulziness to be painted on it rofl
    Trust me, It all would've gotten real old real quick.
    awwwww... it didn't work =( basically I was gonna embed the actual video into your OP because apparently it can be done, but it never worked =(
    Ocho I'm just gonna try something good on the OP of your momentum cancelling thread to see if it works... moooodddd stuffz =D
    Hey Ocho. =) Well now thanks to K2 I have you added. We should do some matches sometime.
    yeah it wuz funny watchin you fight my cuzin SHARD and my homie EMAN! but our fights was good too i kept using Fox!
    Hmmm... could it be that the campus network is very busy or overloaded? I can imagine tons of people using it at the same time >.> Or perhaps they've made some kind of restriction?

    Are you in the exact same spot as the last time we had a game? It might have something to do with location possibly. Otherwise I'm really not too sure! Just try and stay active and see if you can connect with other Zeldas!
    >.> No it keeps disconnecting me. It must be your connection ?? I had an almost lagless round with successor and sinking... I hope you can find out the cause!
    It keeps disconnecting me whenever I try to join your game! Let me host and see if you get the same problem!
    GGs! I see your Zelda has improved. Smart making Sheik your other main/secondary since they're techincally the same character.
    ♠ lol I suck with all of them especially Zelda because of her recovery (can't get it right)but i'm alright with Olimar, I tryed to play Zelda because I think she looks cool but I prefer Peach and I just can't be bothered with both.... besides Peach has got some magic. Your Zelda is really good though and you've aready seen my mains and secondrys. ♠
    ♠ Hopefully you will It was fun and I won ;)....Do you play any other characters?even for fun? ♠
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