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  • Hey.
    Just wondering if you're, ya know, still alive.

    Haven't talked to you in awhile.
    Ok sounds good lol

    I may or may not be asleep. We'll see tho :p
    We can always chat tomorrow so no worries :)
    You know I'm always down for a chat lol
    Tonight maybe, if we're both on??!!
    Let's skype again later tonight if you're not busy.
    And if you're internet works haha :p
    I haven't checked my VMs recently at all.
    Where abouts are you now?

    Manchester? o.O how on earth did you end up there lol... did you go to the lady gaga concert?
    Still wanna skype it up lol
    I'll probably be up for awhile due to mass amounts of Travel excitement.
    k let's just talk once we get back from our respective trips xD
    We'll have a ton to talk about after anyways lol

    Ok lol
    We can always try for tonight if you want :p

    It'll probably have to be around the same time.
    Bah, I'm too tired now. I'm not used to staying up late anymore D:
    We'll try another time k?
    4 days!
    I was gonna message you again today actually.
    Do you have time to chat later tonight? :p

    It's probably the best time for me unless I'm not doing something Friday night, which I might be lol
    I bet you're very excited - I've referred you to a guy called KillerJawz. I suggest your next action would be to get in contact to know further details about the smash scene in london.

    muswell hill is in north london btw - do you know the exact name of the university? University of London is made up of constituent colleges so there must be a specific college that you're going to.
    AH, I almost died from working so much this weekend. I'm so sore haha
    I really had no time to get online this weekend at all.

    But I should have time this week :D
    rain sorry for not getting back to you earlier the site's been acting a little crazy on me.

    End of may would start my exam period so if I do come to london it'll have to be toward the middle of june/end of whenever my last exam is. I'll try and keep you updated but it's gonna be a bit hectic for me. However it shouldn't be too difficult to get to central london. When you get there you can give me more specifics as to your location because central london can be a bit vague.

    I'll PM you contacts of people to get in touch with about the competitive scene!
    Heeey! LONDON! Where abouts in london? do you know? I'm living in Brighton atm which is about an 2hrs away but I go between brighton and london quite frequently.

    I'm not at all active right now lol, but I can definitely link you with a few people who are AND that are in london so you can get involved. If you do come I must definitely pay a visit so we can get some friendlies.

    u excited in studying abroad in general?
    Oh, I see. O: Mine can get poofy if not done right. xD I don't really like my hair color too much. >; It's boring. xD
    haha yes! I'll add you right now :D

    And that sounds...... really helpful actually. It's stuff like Marine Biology that I'm interested in. I wanna take scuba diving lessons and stuff because I think it's so cool xD

    I guess I'm alos afraid of wasting my time and money on something I may potentially end up hating =o
    I doubt I'll hate it, but I don't know lol
    I'll have to look into what you said for sure :)
    hahaha xD

    We could even get on skype sometime just for the hell of it lol
    I haven't gone on it in months though xD

    And I'm not entirely sure what I want to go into yet. Which is partly the reason why I'm not back in school at the moment :p
    Like, I sort of know what I want to do. I love nature and stuff, and I love the ocean and everything about it. I just always doubt myself and say I'm not smart enough for it.
    I'm dumb xD


    I guess I just need to get **** together and figure things out (I'm an excellent procrastinator)
    Love it!

    And yeah! It's always nice to put a voice to a face :3
    You should get a headset and mic. If you already have that then all you need is skype :D
    I've heard a bunch of people from this site. It's actually kinda cool
    I've heard kyle before :p

    And good job! I hate studying soooo much >__<
    I could only effectively study for my Biology class in High school. Only because I love Bio <3
    So I had motivation. The rest of my classes I didn't care about much at all. I don't miss school, but I know I have to go back and that's kills me a little inside :(
    ahaha yeah xD
    It almost feels like our own secret word for some reason :p

    I wonder if Kyle and his new boy look good as a couple haha
    Stuff like that always interests me

    I hope you did well on all of your tests :D
    I suck at tests .__.
    haha no problem :p

    And that kinda sucks D;
    I hate having too much work. I'm not in college yet, but I will be eventually. I just don't have it in me to go back to school yet. I hate school that much lol
    Oh rofl xD
    *Is dumb*

    I've been alright, nothing special going on right now though D;
    But it's ok :p

    How about you?
    Oooooooooooff, course. Oh, I also meant to tell you you're link at the bottom of your profile is broken.

    What's the new picture?
    I've been good - except for my left hand index finger. It's stuck in a horrible masturbatory claw formation ever since I caught that football wrong yesterday. :/
    Yeah, but I practice her about as much as Sheik and ZSS. She's just not as viable, but I use her exclusively for low tier tourneys.
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