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  • it goes quite well thank you! I think its nice to meet new people. Yet i dont really say things like most here do.
    XD, yeah. My friend Nikki said that about me sometimes. It's hilarious, and I'll allow the turnip thing now. ^.^

    I graduated recently, actually. And night is definitely when I'm the most awake... I just don't have anything to do at night.
    Very nice! I wish you the best of luck in that and such. And I hope I don't! It sounds painful. ^_^;

    My job right now is being a cashier at a super store-like thing called Meijer, since it has groceries and merchandise. So, I've been moving a lot these last few days because of construction ending.

    There's so many people coming in now... it's nice, but it's tiring. I'd be sleeping right now if it wasn't for insomnia..
    Oh, fun. You're in college, ne? If so, what are you going for?

    He would...? That's kinda embarrassing, but I'm glad you think I'm cool... I think you two are much cooler than me.

    I'm okay. I just got back from work, so my feet are hurting right now. Otherwise, I'm okie. You?
    ****, that sucks
    So much for relaxing xD

    Side note: A grandmother, that blasts music?

    That's a first haha
    Long trips can suck, but they can also be kind of relaxing
    Just make sure you listen to some good music on the way lol
    Yeah I just looked it up xD

    I'm gonna try using that haha
    I still don't know what a Putita is xD
    I'll look it up soon haha

    And lol, for sure
    I hope we have a good connection :D
    Aw thanks lol

    I'm actually re-adding all my friends now haha
    I deleted everyone a couple weeks ago for silly reasons, but it's always good to get a new friend =D

    I remember playing you a LONG time ago haha
    You destroyed me xD

    And I've been to the Zelda chat once
    Nice memory lol
    Hello :)

    Just wondering why you sent me a friend request lol
    I accepted though because as far as I can tell you're a nice person haha
    How could I say no!
    Yeah, actually, I have. I let my hair grow out for like 2 years, till it hit Jesus-like status, and then got it all cut off and sent it away. And just on Wednesday, I got it cut again after another year and 1/2, and will be sending it out soon. I actually posted before/after pics in the pictures thread.

    i guess theres a chat they made somewhere, I didn't really follow it. I hang out at the lucario IRC.
    no tattoos.

    I have snakebites though and plan on getting my industrial when I can afford it.
    yeah youd definitely be able to rock it lol.

    I'm not entirely sure, he's a model for a photographer on DA.
    which piercing; the lebret?

    I haven't seen a picture of you or anything but people with thinner jawlines tend to pull it off really well. If your friend thinks you'd look good with it, and you're comfortable getting it, then more power to you.
    Uh HA HA.

    School is fun... sometimes. I'll probably be on AIM sometime this week. I really need to catch up on a lot of people. o_o
    Crazy busy.

    I kinda got into a musical last second, been doing college stuff, and regular senior high school craziness. :psycho:

    But it's spring break now, so I'm in for a little break. :D
    Good games, you're very good. You were murdering me to start but I think it was a little more even towards the end :).

    **** flashy thingies that go through (almost) everything.
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