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  • So when I said that we had been agreeing the entire time on most of it.... you scoffed.. oh well.

    "Heritability is the proportion of phenotypic variation in a population that is attributable to genetic variation among individuals."
    -Wikipedia (not reliable I know, but good enough)

    Phenotypic variation, attributable to genetic variation. Whatever, we're arguing over a definition, which really doesn't matter. There is no standard definition anyway (its science, no one agrees on anything). I just understand strength and heritability differently than you do. If strength were directly affected by genetics (as is facial structure, eye color, etc.) then it would be. But it is affected by other heritable traits.

    It's just semantics at this point. We're both mostly right. Who cares anymore?
    Getting the last post and the last point and then asking for the topic to be moved somewhere else. How fair.

    It's not like I don't think that biological factors influence strength; I mean of course they do. Strength is a not a "heritable trait" in the biological sense. It is complexly determined by many things, some being genetically determined and some having strictly to do with the environment of an organism.

    I've researched genes before that code for enzymes that control muscular development. But as seen in your post, the lack of the gene caused an increase in muscle mass, not in strength. The two are related, but cannot be used to determine the other at all.

    This is my point: genetics determine factors that help determine strength. They do not determine strength itself.
    true, but last time i checked, i'm still reppin the broom, whereas you've forsaken us (yet again)
    hey GoldShadow, I was wondering if you could tell me a bit about the healthcare reform and your opinions on it? That's probably a big question haha.

    I'm interested in following this reform, but it's pretty difficult for an outsider. On the face of it, it sounds good to me but apparently doctors are not happy about it?
    Awesome suggestions my friend, but I've come up with something else that I need your approval for ;p.

    I just watched the masterpiece of sitcoms that is 818 - My Finale and I figured I'd go with the Janitor but instead of calling myself Janitor(is also already taken me thinks), I will call myself Glenn Mathews, the fake name he gives to JD(in the extraordinary case you didn't know that already ;p). This also gives more options for the user title than Perry Cox, because Perrys jokes are the long rants, which don't really fit into a user title.

    Maybe I will still go with Dr Cox after this one though ;p.

    So what do you think?
    Hey dude, I need your advice.

    I want to change my username to a Scrubs character, but I can't decide which one. Do you have any suggestions?

    Dammit why do all of them have to be this awesome >:c.
    So far I thought of:
    Dr. Cox(of course)
    Janitor(of course)
    JD(of course)
    Turk(of course)
    Dr. Kelso(of course)
    Elliot(not that much of course in it, but still)

    Or maybe some smaller characters like Funsized(c wh0t I dit thar?!), Denise Mahony, Snoop Dogg Attending, or maybe even Doug?

    Oh so much fun could be had with each of them. :c

    I'm pretty sure if you continue that debate you're just going to get a massive headache, I know I am already.
    I drank an entire bottle of vodka last night.

    Get online we have pressing matters to discuss.

    I have no idea why I continued this debate though, it seems so pointless.
    I couldn't find anything, than again I just searched "beginning of existance, Alt" which was pretty vague.
    2 things.
    I forgot what a BRoomer is, what is it?
    And 2, I'm working on a debate hall thread about the recent issue of America being racist, and I was wondering if you might have any editorials on hand about the subject from a news media that might help me with the opening post. Either side of the issue is welcome.
    "ie what Eor said, though there's still much to learn about sexual orientation and behavior in humans, and many unanswered questions."

    There are no unanswered questions. Some people are normal, and some chose to worship the devil by being gay
    ****it! You beat me to my reply! (Proving Grounds).

    Oh well. Read mine? I think it'll make you either laugh, or smile... or something, maybe. >_>
    If you think that guy is bad, I suggest you follow up on the conversation I'm currently having with GOD! in the PG Center Stage thread.

    Science lovers beware. ;)
    You definitely deserve your title, you knowledge ***** the Marine Tier List thread. I, being a completely uncertified marine biologist, approve.
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