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Fox Is Openly Deceptive
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  • Thanks. I have another replay, but I got 3 stocked by him. Halfway through the match, I looked at the stocks and I mistook his for mine, and then I started playing differently. Then I lost my second stock and I realized I still haven't killed him yet, and I got angry. I'll have it up later today, when my bro isn't asleep.
    Hopefully I can get my replays today, and upload them overnight. I have another tournament in a month. Hopefully I'll do good there.
    lols ok dude, but you know your missing out on so much fun! plus your a great guy to hang with.
    oh well, I'll try my best against corpse, and I'll see if we cant get our matches against him recorded. if you pm me your number you'll get his results first from me via txt.
    I will. Wi-Fi doesn't help though. It's funny, his Brawl disc has Toon Link, Zelda, and I think Sonic scratched up (and not MK), so when we play Wi-Fi, neither of us can use Toon Link. I'm hoping that I can beat Sheikant regularly with more practice, but my big goal right now is to take Kewkky to one stock. It's so impossible for me. :/

    Sheikant is really good, yes. He's gonna help me with my Marth and Fox match ups, since those 2 matchups for me are difficult for me, personally. I'll tell you when I can legitimately beat him.

    By the way, Hyrule's Heroes would've been a great team TL name.
    apparently you are the most uncool fox/toon to ever reach the boards, I think that means you should nerd up and come to rocky ;)
    lol I'm just kidding about the cool part. You are like, the most uncool Fox/Toon to ever reach the boards and make a cool thread! lol jk <3

    Second, don't feel discouraged that you did bad. I went to a tournament and I lost every match. But that's not important. What's important to me was how much better I played. I got 3 stocked by Sheikant when I faced him in June, but now I can actually bring him down to one stock. Little things like this show progress.
    But yeah, I'm glad you had fun. Toon Titans? Psshh... stop watching Santi videos. :):):) I would've tried spamming the BCD if I were you. THAT would've been fun. xD

    And yeah, I was "training" with Sheikant. Wi-fi doesn't count though. In the tournament, we played a couple of friendlies. I still have a lot of work to do. I did manage to beat him once, but he SD'd, so it kinda doesn't really count. I have replays that I'm waiting for.
    Yup. Some people have the lame layout with the Bowser on top, and the other cooler people have the Smash Blue layout. So yeah, our magic font isn't magic at all. It kinda makes me wanna have a custom font color like Shadow Moth.
    this is like 2 weeks later then it should be but, how did you like your first tourney?
    despite your name, since you called yourself foxy at the tourney I didnt even realise it was you till I got home and my brain starting working again,
    I was that random redhead dude that played snake (dont confuse me with EA) nice to meet you, people who play fox get respect in my books.
    Alright.... since it's the weekdays... its gonna ba lil' slower for me to do massive editing (because of college... but i'll get it done).
    Whenever you guys have the lowdown of how the move works, send me a list of how-to's (we can figure out the stuff pretty easy), any song preferences, and stages you want me to perform on. What about a real fight? We have a crew and wouldn't mind capturing it in real combat against any particular character you have in mind.

    Thanks for the updates and the friend invite.
    I'm doing some stuff with organization. I don't wanna "edit" them after they're done. =(
    Kinda hard to explain, but it's coming along fine.
    All right, I'm going to register your Wii# and FC. Do the same so you can get the replay!*rubs hands together in anticipation*
    K, I can see why you think it's a JC throw, but all you do is pivot.
    there is a way with tap jump off, its just really hard.
    (I was working with it with tap jump off first because that's how my controls are set)
    any time you can go online?
    cause it seems like the dash animation is replaced with a pivot
    I can send you a replay of what Uncle Sam was talking about. I'm the one who "discovered" it. You slide a good distance, and I've used it in matches succesfully.
    So i herd u didnt make it out of pools :(. Please record vids :p. They help u pinpoint mistakes and fix them. (Plus i wanna see ur toon link). Umm and ull get em next time :p.
    Haha so ur from the same region shaya is. Good luck XD. Btw dont expect much from ur first tourney. Obviously play to win although u prolly wont lol. Its a great learning experience. Everything u know about smash until now is theory, now u have to apply it :p. Good luck. Rep that TL. Record some vids if u can too.
    Ok, sounds good.

    And yeah lol, the Links don't like TL at all. They've made his name exchangeable with gay, literally. Like umm....the sentence "I fought this really TL MK who just dair camped all day" would be understood universally there. xD

    And I see, thanks for that xD. Good luck with your thread.
    I don't think the Links would object to you posting your thread there. A lot of it is known over there though. Still, you can say it's just for reference and such. I'm sure they'd be fine with it. (Just don't mention it originated from the TL boards - they'll flame it).

    Well....it's not that I'm uncomfortable getting involved, but it shouldn't be just my word that is law, you know? That's unfair to everyone else. I think it's like....the Links are fine with adding known info, like the jab lock. But it's the stuff that came about after they moved that they're uncomfortable with. Like I said earlier, some just want these boards plain dead. They want no info there, they want to make an image of a ghost town.

    And yeah lol, Buzz will never apologize. He couldn't care less - it's Link. Now if we were the Snakes or MKs or Falcos, he'd probably be kissing our feet, begging for us to come back. *shrug* But like I said earlier, it's not so much the idea of us coming back, it's more that many of the Links want these boards dead (because of the hatred and bitterness).

    Hmm....I am honestly not sure. Any time I talk to them about SWF, they respond with "....that place is evil" or "______ SWF, they can go die" and others - you get the idea. As for working together, the Links who stay on the SWF boards...all 5-6 of them....have been invited to AiB, but have refused. So it's not really like a rivalry or anything, we've given them an offer to improve faster, but they seem set on reviving the boards that the AiB Links hate.

    I guess....if we really have to compromise about your thread, here's my proposal: Anything you can find on SWF about Link, any ATs at all, it's yours. Any links going to AiB (no pun intended) about ATs can't be added. I think both parties would be fine with that. Of course, you don't have to accept this. It's just a suggestion.

    Besides, if you scan through our old threads, I'm sure you'll find some stuff. Link's metagame doesn't really move that fast :laugh:
    I dunno man, many of the Links don't like the SWF Link boards at all. And the ones who don't care deny that, but in reality, it's the truth. Like, if you were to ask Kirin, he'd be like "lol yeah go ahead and add it, I don't care and hardly anybody does anymore," but that's not the case. We just don't like this place at all because of Buzz, and to constantly see his name as mod/admin on the bottom makes it all that much worse. Personally, I'd just like for a big "you wanna get better? Go to AiB. You won't bother the mods here, you'll get better at Link, and everyone will be happy" sign, but advertising isn't allowed.

    As for people like 00000....I'm not sure. I dunno, he's the first guy to take stuff from our boards and put it here. If there were sharing between the boards, we probably would have taken that frame data a long time ago, and probably would have asked for you to C/P your thread over.

    The Links are a very...stubborn community, I'd say. It's not easy to reason with them - if they don't get almost 100% of what they want, they'll refuse. I've tried for agreements in the past, it just doesn't work. The basic gist of minimal conditions required to move back to SWF, or even allow life on SWF without complaint, would be

    1) A formal, sincere apology written by Buzz (lol, like thats ever gonna happen)
    2) All threads currently on AiB are allowed to be made on SWF
    3) Deva is made mod
    4) After the apology, Buzz leaves us alone

    And that's the basics. Some people care less than that, like Kirin, and some people want more than that (like the guys who were permabanned, etc.). Just about everyone has a huge grudge against Buzz, myself included. I hate that guy.

    For 00000, I mean...I know it seems sorta jerkish but...you could always just never add it. Like...just ignore it, and hope he doesn't check back to see if you added it in. xD That's probably a really bad idea. I know that basically the SWF Link boards are dead, and whatever discussion that does take place is about really basic strategies and ideas, but some Links just hate seeing bolded, new-posted-in threads at all. There's so much bitterness, and as influential as I am in the Link community, even I can't change that mentality.
    You added Kirin's technique from AiB? =/

    There was always some sort of unwritten agreement between the 2 Link boards not to steal stuff from each other. Oh well, guess it doesn't matter. Can't say I approve though.
    Well...I'm just done posting here...I've been debating it for awhile, especially after seeing how many respected TL's treated your thread...
    I'll probably go attempt getting AiB TL's back and working...I'll still lurk from time to time.
    Yeah. They didn't vote me out apparently. 3 members didn't want me in... Eh, if I ever find anything good I'll PM it to you for you to add to your guide. Regardless, I don't think I'm getting back in/ I'm not sure I want to.
    Check your emails. I need you to review a Daily Struggle.
    Once you've looked over it, please reply your thoughts on it.

    -World's fittest plumber.
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