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Fox Is Openly Deceptive
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  • Before you buy anything, make sure that it can read discs. I almost made that mistake myself back in December. If it can't read discs, well, you could just get an 8GB pen drive or an external hard drive and run a backup. That's what I was about to do, since my Wii was hacked up to oblivion at the time.
    The puppet boss is the hardest boss I've faced in a Zelda game that isn't Ganondorf. I'm assuming getting the aim on the light arrows was tough right? Then after a couple of hits, the snake thing gets even more reckless and fast, and you're just finding it impossible to keep up!

    And fighting Ganondorf was EPIC!

    I better stop now before I get started with how good I think the game is. I can seriously go on and on and on.... So yeah, did you enjoy it at least?
    I put the system because I knew that if I didn't, I would be sailing around aimlessly, like what my mom does when takes us out to eat, but doesn't know where we're gonna eat at. Waste of time, gas, and you lose interest. Also, what I did was this: If from traveling from Island A to Island B, I had to sail over uncharted territory, I sailed it instead of using the song. One, it completes your map, so that you'll never get lost. Two, it gives you the extra cash you need. Three, you get the reward that's in the island (heart pieces, treasure maps to Silver Rupees (worth 200)), and fourth, you can hunt for all the secret treasure that you want.
    What I did was find all the charts first, then I got them deciphered later. Then again, there are points in which your wallet gets full. That's the ONLY time when you can decipher early, and when you decipher a map, you get the shard along with it to spend more time.

    That was my favorite part of the game.
    Oh snap. :D

    ill let srs fox b all srs n stuffz.

    I'm gonna finish some homework, and I only have 5 hours to finish it (I'm pulling off an all nighter). Let's see how I hold up. :/
    I haven't written a word. It's all brainstorm so far. >_>

    It was only a thought, and I was going to write about everything, including the basics, frame data, techs, and implementation. I was probably even going to include .GIF animations where I thought it would be needed.
    What do you mean by what type of work have I done? In terms of TL, like, how I contributed to the TL boards? The only thing I can think of was the video I made to use TL's bombs.

    I don't really have anything to show for myself, other than the desire to help.

    I WAS going to make the whole youtube thing that we talked about in the old BR, but I didn't want to publicize it while it was empty. I was going to make something for it, but my capture card died, so I put that on hold. Other than that, I wanted to take over some threads, but I never raised my hand for it, so it never happened.

    Oh, and the only thing that's more broken than Luigi is Luigi's Mansion. :p (lol bad joke)
    Naw I understood that pretty well. There's no need to apologize. As far as I'm concerned, there's only 2 people in the BR and that's you and Sasuke. Everyone else (including myself) is a maybe. Thing is that a long time ago I had this idea to write a super extensive write-up on TL's bombs, and since the guide came up, I thought, "Hm... I should connect my bombs thing with the guide".

    So I asked.

    Can you guess what's even more broken than Luigi? (The answer isn't MK)
    Lvl 9 Luigis are SO DUMB! They're so difficult compared to the other CPUs! Ugh...

    And speaking of Luigi, I was gonna upload a replay I got from the tournament against a Luigi so I could get it critiqued, but after I saw it, I instantly saw my flaws. You know how you have to look at your opponent and not yourself when you brawl? It looks like I lose focus mid match, and I start running into everything. That's just what it looks like. It's a shame though, because in that same match, I land the coolest sequence of attacks ever. I run past the Luigi and JC throw a bomb, and I run past him again and do a pivot grab.
    Speaking of Wolf, I went against a weird Wolf in friendlies that day. He's a casual player, and all he does is play Special Brawl, to jack up the speed to make it faster. He plays like that with his little group of friends. Apparently, when we played against each other, he could read every single one of my moves, and I got two stocked. I felt like an idiot. I did a mental facepalm. Then Sheikant played him in fast mode as fox, and lost. Everyone was like WTF!!!!!!!! THIS GUY IS REALLY GOOD!

    But yeah, Sheikant and I teamed up as dual Toons. We won every match, and it was WAY too much fun! We did this thing in which he would stand near the ledge and I would stand on the platform in Battlefield and we would just spam bombs and boomerangs when the enemy tried to recover. They couldn't do anything! Ohhh I miss teams!
    Well first off, I lost to a yoshi. No johns. He simply knew the matchup and outplayed me.

    Then I beat a random Fox/ZSS scrub. Let me tell you, I was playing HORRIBLE. I beat his fox really easy, but his ZSS gave me trouble. All he did was spam Side B and Uair. I literally couldn't approach, so all I could do was spam, and since I couldn't go for kill moves, that meant that I couldn't get hit AT ALL. The thing was that I was missing techs all over the place! I missed pivots, fast falls, and even bomb pulls! I was playing so bad that the match was actually close O_O. He beat me the second round, and I CP'd Delfino. He kept ZSS and did THE SAME THING. Soooooo, I did what Toon Links do best: try to time the guy out. And it almost worked. I had like a 35% lead on him, and with two seconds left on the clock, he accidentally SD'd trying to approach me on the ledge (I started planking when the clock hit 15....)

    Then I had to go against Snake, and I got owned. :D

    I had loads of fun, and especially in DOUBLES. Two Toons = Jesus. Nuff said.

    How was your tourney? How many noobs did you own?
    Hey Fox, I got half way through reading your PM and I gotta leave the computer for a while. I'll respond in a little bit.
    You're making Brinstar sound somewhat appealing...... I still like Frigate and PS1 as my counterpicks though. Even though the level screws me over in Frigate, I do fairly well in it.

    Edit: I did it again! And I was wondering why you didn't respond...
    When I went against the Rob a while back, I got stupidly gimped. Twice. The first kill, I got faired offstage. The other kill was me about to SD, but instead, I got spiked. My last kill, I don't remember what happened, but something in my fingers slipped, and I didn't recover in time, so I just Daired and threw my controller to the ground.

    In RC, I got grabbed by a Snake and back thrown TO DEATH in the part of the level where it starts going up. Then I missed the swinging platform with my UpB, and slowly fell to my death.

    Also, I went against a really good Sheik in RC. I don't remember much about the match, but I remember being frustrated about RC for doing stupid mistakes. In that same tournament, I had some friendlies with Ling, and there were times in which I had him at one stock at around 100%, and he would just be removing my second stock. A short time after, I'm on the ledge trying to do a Uair recovery, and my jump doesn't register. Happened over 5 times in my friendlies session w/ Ling, and I was SOOO ANGRY because I honestly thought I was going to beat Ling.

    There aren't many tournaments here though. These examples are from like 3 different tourneys only.
    Not a tournament match.

    It's mostly due to my lack of MU experience though, and my ability to crack under pressure. In tournaments, I'm usually up against either matchups that I don't know, or against Snakes. Also, I'm very prone to SDs under pressure. Remember the R.O.B. incident? I SD'd three times. Remember my Rainbow Cruise fiasco, in which I swore I would never CP RC again? That was pure SD's.
    *Can't respond because he is currently frozen in a chamber*

    Naw I kid. I'm in class now. So everything of yours exploded or something? Were you in so much shock that you couldn't even gasp for air, and your voice broke? Was it YOU that timed out that Samus, or was it the broken controller playing the game for you? Who am I talking to, srs fox, or typical fox? Soooo many questions.

    And congrats. I've yet to even win a tournament match, and every time I come close, I do something stupid like SD or pick Rainbow Cruise. >_> I swear that I'm really close though, and I'm as random as ever now.
    Tomorrow is too far! Quick, let's freeze ourselves and unfreeze ourselves when tomorrow comes!
    You gotta love the internets.

    Do you know what an fsjal is? If so, look it up. It's the dumbest thing ever, but TL created it.

    PS: I just did it again.....
    I forget to hit "View Conversation" all the time, and just type my messages in the little comment box in my profile. Look at my profile right now. I've deleted sooooo many of my own messages today.
    I don't even know. According to someone in the PR forums, around 130 people either lost, or got eliminated by an MK. That's more than half. However, I don't have a source for this, so this information isn't reliable (yet).

    PS: Don't you hate leaving yourself VMs accidentally?
    Around 20 people went from PR to Pound 4. Most of them have a bad story that has an MK in it. Excel Zero went, along with Ling, Kewkky, Hyper, LMAX, and other guys you probably never heard of.
    I think Brawl will die in a year or so, if the metagame stays still. But facing other top tier characters isn't really a problem for me. It's just MK. He doesn't need a projectile to camp.

    BTW, the MM should be like $5.
    I'm tired of Metaknight. I don't care if he's banned or not, all I want people to understand is that he's a problem, and like all problems, something has to be done to solve them.
    I don't think M2K was focusing well on that match. Even I saw some things that he could've done better. Then again, I really don't care. ADHD still beat M2K and Ally, IN THE SAME TOURNAMENT!

    How epic is that? That's almost more epic than the 8 MK's that made it to the top 12! :D
    That's what I was TRYING to argue, but I didn't get the chance to.

    All the travel and transportation arrangements will be settled beforehand, all I have to do is follow them. If anything happens, let's say the shuttle doesn't arrive, then I probably won't be the only one with the problem, and I can just talk to another smasher and find a solution.

    The only issue really is just getting my mom to trust me, which will be impossible, since I'm the youngest. >_> You should ask your mom, see how that turns out. :D
    Let's just say that I got interupted at every attempt I had to prove how safe it was, and then we ate burgers. >_>

    My mom was mostly worried about transportation, and that if something goes wrong, I'll be all alone and that I won't be able to make a smart decision, which means I'll get kidnapped, *****, and die.

    My mom doesn't realize that I'm 18, I'm old enough to take care of myself, and that I was raised by her, which means that I was raised well. ;) And yes, if my mom went, not only would she be bored, but I would be mad embarrassed. XD
    There's a thread with very basic information. August, New Jersey, Epic. That's pretty much the thread. It's in the Tournament listings section of SWF somewhere...

    I told my mom, and she was like, "Oh, well you can't go alone! It's not safe! I'm going with you." I facepalmed and told my mom I wasn't going then. >_> I'll ask her again in a month or so.


    I'm trying to see if I can go to Apex. From the little information that they released, it sounds like it's going to be amazing!
    Well what are you after?

    Normally tourists just visit Old San Juan, El Yunque (our rain forest), and our beaches. We have an equal amount of good and bad beaches, but our good beaches are AMAZING. The rain forest is a whole lot of fun to go to, even though I've only been there like twice in my whole life, and I don't remember much of it. Old San Juan is the home of El Morro Fort, which people really dig. What I like about OSJ is the scenery, since every time I go, there's always something new.

    What I really want to do is go to Zealand!
    I prefer the international tournament idea better. If I were to go to Australia, my mom wouldn't let me go without her. It's not that she doesn't trust me, it's that she would do anything to see Australia. Is Winmalee nice, in terms of tourism?

    You should go to PR.
    I'm planning on going to the next big international tournament (like Genesis/Pound4) in 2010. If you ever go, WE MUST PLAY!

    Here's a better plan though. Fly to Puerto Rico. I'll do the rest. :D
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