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Fox Is Openly Deceptive
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  • I'm trying to see what I can do, but I have no idea. Oh, and my monitor magically works now. :D No idea how.
    I knows more than one language. Can i haz ur respect? Puedo tener su respeto? Se mas de un lenguaje.
    lol you gotta love Google Translate.

    It's a lot better to say English words in English. For example, hitbubbles, nair, down smash, etc. People will understand it better if you just say it in English (Spanglish is good ya know xD). For the most part, it made some sense.

    Oh, and hitbubbles are up.
    I know more English though. I know enough spanish to get by. I think in English, so if I were to get in an argument with someone here, I'd be pretty screwed, since everything I would say would have to go through like a 2 second translation process, and be spoken slowly.

    "No...... your... mom.... is.... gaaaaaayyyyyyyyy."

    Muy bien y tu? = Very good and you?

    Trece horas es gran doesn't make sense, but I know what you're trying to say. Thirteen hours is a lot.
    Muy bien y tu?

    By the way, I just finished getting 13 hours of sleep. Thats gonna fix my schedule soon! ^_^
    From what I remember, my message to Sheikant was:

    "Hola noob. Como estas noob. Cool noob. Noob flan. noob scrub. Hola. MKgay"

    Which translates to:
    Hi noob. How are you noob? Cool noob. Noob flan. Noob scrub. Hello. MKgay"

    It's pretty much how we talk. Noob this, noob that. ;)
    Only the one to my ex. It would have been bad, but honestly, I really wouldn't have cared whether it was sent or not. What's she gonna do, drive up to my house and slit my throat? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA that's a good one! *dies*

    I didn't see him. There were a lot of people, and some didn't even buy Wiis. They just bought games and controllers for other consoles.
    Out of the 150 Wiis they had in Toys 'r' Us that day, I got #148. I was LUCKY. No scratch that. I EARNED that Wii.

    But yeah, that was what I was trying to avoid while I was in the bus. I actually started texting people, and not sending them the texts just to keep me entertained. I "sent" one to my brother, two friends, my ex (oh that was a funny one), and Sheikant.
    Well, I had school to keep me busy during the day. However, I wasn't paying attention to ANYTHING today. I had a headache, I couldn't keep my eyes open, I almost fell asleep on a friend (a dude, mind you), and I almost fell asleep in the public bus FOUR times! It was such a nightmare. I got to my dad's house at around 3:30 and fell asleep until 6 or so. I got to my house at 6:30, ate, and died again. Woke up at 12:01. =D Now I'm doing homework.

    Now that I think of it, I think my most successful all-nighter was when I bought my Wii. I got it on launch, and I was waiting in Toys 'r' Us (the ONLY place in Puerto Rico that wasn't sold out when I got there). I got there around 2, got out at around 6, played Wii ALL DAY. I wasn't even tired. :)
    Starting college on February? Strange..... strange.

    The best way to fix your schedule is to pull off an all-nighter, and DON'T SLEEP during the day. I failed that today, but I'm still kinda tired so there's still hope.
    Close. 12:33AM, on Thursday.

    And yes, I'm always up late. My sleeping schedule is skewed. To tell you the truth, I just finished waking up less than an hour ago (at midnight). I have finals to do, which is why I'm not going back to bed.
    In the same way that TWiNK is too good, srs Fox is ****ing srs.

    Oh, and for me, your message was sent at 07:26AM, and mine was sent at 07:26PM.

    That means that it was 10:26PM when you sent the message, yet, it was 7:26AM when I received it. 9 hours! I was just waking up for school, and you were probably off to bed.

    Actually, no.... now that I think of it, you must be 15 hours ahead.

    *gets headache*
    That's actually really cool! I feel like trying that out during the weekend. Hopefully when I stream.
    Wait what?!

    So you're telling me that if I hit the little circle things in Brinstar, my F-smash hitboxes magically extend? In what sense, that they stay out longer, or that they actually stretch?
    No problem. I still need an updated .pac file, since there's no grab, ledge attack after 100%, and well, projectiles. :/

    F-smash has a hitbox behind TL.
    Saske approved.

    I'm stuffed this week with college work, but I'll do it for next weekend, where all I have to do is practice a short monologue (I can improvise it :D).
    TDACUS would be cooler. You know, TWiNK DACUS. ^_^

    And dude, I haven't turned on my Wii since forever. Do you want me to do the hitbubble pictures or is SauceKay gonna do them?
    The only way I see it helpful is when you legitly spotdodge a laggy attack. Input the BDACUS and you're done.

    By the way, I honestly thought it was BDACUS. What's up with the P?
    I would say no, since I doubt you can escape anything from it. IMO it's more of a hassle to me since I lose my bomb.

    I think what's better is just normal Z dropping the bomb when you're in hitstun. It's active that way, and it can C-4 if you're close.
    Triggering a bomb drop that'll C-4 from any height? That thing?

    I'm pretty sure that's already true. I tested it like a week ago and I pulled it off once before I left to eat.
    No, I say I'm not ready.

    I can fight my friend's Sonic anywhere. I play him waaaaay too much. Btw, Youtube's audioswap is keeping me up for hours! ^_^ It's the funniest thing in the world! You'll see later.
    It's funny how you say it's "controlling the stage" while the other TLs tell me that I'm just throwing bombs down. IDK, but all I know is that I was pitching my tent extra tight.

    I'm still gonna take their advice though. I'm not ready to CP Brinstar yet though.
    Apparently, the link didn't work, so no one came. I was wondering why we only had 2 people......

    Anyways, Brinstar vs. Sonic IMO is really good. Thing is that Sonics usually follow an UpB with a Dair. I caught on to that, and I try to throw my Uair in the middle of his trajectory. He can't escape the animation, so it works everytime. Usually what I do is bomb camp on the top platform, and poke Uairs on the bottom. When both of us are on the bottom, I just bair and arrow cancel.
    I'll be helping you out with your guide, but mostly with pictures and stuff. I'll take care of the hitbubble pictures and any fancy titles you might want me to Photoshop. I already have the hitbubbles on my Wii, and what I was thinking of doing was making it to an animated GIF. I'm gonna be streaming later today, so watch that when you can.
    I didn't realize that you already replied, but yeah...

    I don't have premium anymore. I'm gonna cry myself to sleep for many nights. =(
    I would have to make a couple of phone calls to drag Australia to America.

    Long distance phone calls. xD No but seriously, I can't wait. Don't you have replays of yourself?
    Fox, if you don't go to an American tournament, I am going to GRAB Australia with my own two hands and DRAG it over to America so you can play Smash with us!
    My dad doesn't have a car anymore. :(

    By the way, I'm not sure if I'm going to Apex anymore. Puerto Rico wants to go to G.A.M.M.E., soooooo...... IDK.
    I have no idea what you said, except for "You can't trust people" and "There will always be complications". That's all I understood, but I think that's all I need. It's true though. In my case, everything is situational.

    For example. I cannot trust my mom to leave early. She falls under both "I can't trust" and "complications", since there's ALWAYS an issue.

    When it comes to getting picked up by a friend, it's only reliable if it's during the evening. In the morning, it never works, since there's always a complication. The only one who counters this is my dad, who is magically always on time.

    The thing that throws me off the most is that my mom ALWAYS changes my plans. It goes without fail. I'm venting too much.... I gotta stop.
    My problem with home phones was the fact that I couldn't keep up with plans.

    For example, I would tell my friend "Oh, I'll be there in the mall at 2:30. Just wait in the food court."

    Normally, I'm ready by the time I say that, but my mom is like:

    -Oh let me shower real quick. Don't worry it'll be fast!
    Okay mom...

    45 minutes later, I finally get in the car.

    -I'm hungry, do you want something to eat?
    No mom, I'm gonna eat with my friend.
    -Oh, well I'm hungry, let me get McDonald's real fast and we'll be on our way.
    Sigh... okay mom.
    -That's some good food! :D Oh, I need to get money from the bank. Let me turn around real fast, there's a bank nearby.
    Sigh...... okay mom, but hurry up, I'm gonna be late.
    -Sure. (She takes her sweet time and we take off from the bank) Oh man, there's traffic. Ufff... LOTS of traffic. This is going to take forever.
    Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...... @_@
    -You know, when you want me to take you places, you should tell me earlier that way we don't have to take this traffic.
    Uggghhhhhhhh *dies*

    And when I FINALLY get there, my friend is all mad at me. >_>
    I can't life like you. No phone = death of my social life. When I run out of battery, there's chaos. :S
    Well, hurry up! You've abandoned your post as Mr. Detective for too long!

    Btw, do you have Skype or MSN?
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