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Fox Is Openly Deceptive
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  • Also needs a patch where i can full waft every 1min 55sec and fly up into the air.
    Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude that sucks. :(

    Hope you still come to some meets to chill with us.
    Well I don't really care about the TL boards anymore but I guess I'll go find my old computer and get the files from it.
    Jash apparently played some good Falcos (I think he played DEHF). Idk, read the MU thread. He discusses his Falco experience there.

    And yes, ACTION PANDA is my new name. It's an inside joke, and well, I thought it was funny so I put it.
    Jash came in and said that the MU was 50:50.
    I said that the MU is really stage dependant.
    MaskedAvnger put the MU as 52:48 because its between 50:50 and 55:45 Falco.
    The pictures in the Toon thread are good, but I was thinking if you wanted to do this big redesign, well, that is the way to go.

    Oh, and I'm thinking of resizing all of the Hitbubble pictures for the guide. Well, I was gonna do it a long time ago, but I didn't have my own computer back then. With my new laptop, I was thinking of just going ahead and doing it.

    I'm really interested in helping to push Toon forward, but the lack of activity is really depressing IMO. I look at MLG and I see ZSS and Ness going forward, and they're getting all of this hype and stuff, but I don't see any Toons doing work. They barely even believe in their own character... Meh, that's just me. I'll do summoar research and stuff I guess.
    I'm pulling off a Fox here by leaving you 3 messages in your inbox instead of editing them together. xD

    Anyways, after looking at your Link thread, I was all inspired and stuff, and came up with these.

    Pictures of TL's Equipment

    Obviously, Bombs would be bombs
    Arrows, Arrows
    Boomerang, Boomerang
    As for general, I was thinking All Purpose Bait? ^_^
    You could make a Zair Section and put the hookshot too.
    Videos... err... Deluxe PictoBox?

    Idk. It would look cooler. I just wish the Toons would participate more. >_>
    I already have a list of all the safe moves you can use to punish every one of her moves OoS. Since her Jab comes out on Frame 1, it's likely that she'll jab after an attack (lets say Dtilt then Jab). That means that it is best to hold your shield out until that jab (combo) comes out. I'm still working on the issue though, as in frame data. I want to see frame advantage for all of her attacks.
    Awwww and I really wanted to help out with the guide too!

    Well whatever. Although I'm inactive, I'm still sweeping up the boards a bit from the spam and stuff. The inactivity has been getting on my nerves tbh too. I'm doing my own TL research to make up for it, but I wanted you to start up with the guide so that I wouldn't have to do stuff alone.

    Basically what I'm doing is finding every MU and breaking it down to a science. I'm currently on ZSS, and basically what I am doing is seeing which attacks are guaranteed to hit OoS, which also goes along with knowing how ZSS will pressure your shield. I'm doing the stages, items, general tactics, how to escape combos, examining hitbubbles, etc. Next on the list would be MK.
    mmm, if you say so. i dont have time to test it right now.
    i dont play brawl like i use to either tho. i mean i still play but i do more psa's and such.
    Foooox, mah austrailian buddddy =]. Haven't talked to ya Ina while sooooo
    what's up

    Btw I'm pretty sure Zair does have a set knockback

    Do you want me to add posts anywhere?

    If you didn't want to merge threads, I was thinking of just adding posts to your AT thread so that every section would have its own post. For example, introduction gets post 1, bombs post 2, and so on. It'll be more organized that way, and you could probably make a table of contents somehow. Idk. Just a suggestion.

    If you need my mod powers for anything, just drop me a VM/PM.
    I thought that they would get someone else for the job. I didn't think they'd react that quickly....

    I didn't realize it. Zair has been so reliable to me that I always figured it had set knockback. Now I'm gonna run back to my Wii and Zair people at different percents, and look in awe at the small details that I've been missing all these years. >_>
    Zair to Nair is a true combo with the right spacing. Like I said, it only misses if you're slow, or hit with the tip. Zair to grab is also a true combo I think.
    ~mjg~, shadow1pj, DTL, Mota, Sheikant, and I think CTX have all said that I would be suitable for a mod. I'm neutral though. It's flattering, but eh... I'll just wait till I get my magic PM or something. I know that sometime in the near future, the Toon Link boards will have a new mod. I really wanted that Discussion Leader title though. Actually, I think that you deserve the Discussion Leader title more than I do, since you're the one always encouraging discussions, but that's just me.

    Anyways, I know Kewkky is helping us out by camping our boards and giving in the word, and I heard that Nappy "complained" about us not having a mod, so something will happen soon.

    Have you worked on your guide recently?
    I don't say that I want to or don't want to be a mod. I just say that we need a mod, and desperately. The only person that has actually done something about it is Kewkky. All the TLs want me to be a mod though, because I'm the only active TL that doesn't troll or spam. I wanted to apply for Discussion Leader, but the option is not available anymore. :(
    I doubt anyone will follow through with that. Not because Scabe is bad, but because the TLs either want me to mod, or no mod. They prefer no mod over me modding though. >_>
    1) We definitely need a mod. Thing is that there's pretty much nothing we can do. I put the word in with Kewkky that the TL boards need a mod, and desperately, and apparently, Nappy is putting the word in again, so I think we might get a mod "soon".

    2) The guide. I'll definitely participate. That's the reason why I brought it up! :) I've been doing some testing of my own (particularly against ZSS, since I just finished playing Kewkky) and I'd be more than happy to help.
    Yes it did, lol.
    And just like you, I'm slowly losing faith in the TL boards. The spam is becoming too much, and the other TLs really don't have any ambition to stop. Without a policing force, there's really nothing that can be done.

    Do you plan on continuing the guide? I was wondering if you wanted to go back to the old idea of the guide. You know, the TLBR thing. Except without the TLBR, just a select group.

    I'm not too big on the whole discussion idea now, but I still want our boards to be of use to newcomers.
    You want me to post in the thread? I was already writing a post, but then I left to fix my mom's car. I'm using my grandma's computer now. :/

    I'll write my thoughts when MLG singles is over, or when I get bored of waiting. and Zair to Grab is good. You should do what the Kirbys do in their guide for combos.
    Holy 4 Notifications.

    Anyways, what happened to the TL Boards? Pretty much a mix of having no mods + an increase in new people. All our threads are getting de-railed, and no one is willing to participate (well I wouldn't say participate), but direct the Toons, in terms of leading discussions.

    I don't want to be the only one writing the guide, because I don't know everything about Toon. I'll gladly throw my 2 cents in for every topic, but I like learning through discussion.

    I'm gonna leave to get my mom's car fixed, I'll be on later tonight.
    The boards have been dead, and there's been little motivation to do anything other than post off-topic.

    I was hoping that with your guide, we could spring action.
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