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Fox Is Openly Deceptive
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  • I'm on vacation right now, posting from my phone, which has a character limit on SWF. But, if you can wait til the weekend, I'll explain the full story of what happened (it's very lengthy). I have it saved on my home computer.

    You can go ahead and finish the thread if you want, but at least now you know why the place looks so dead. Although, if you could somehow point to AiB in your thread without blatant advertising, it'd be helpful for both boards IMO. Like, in Kirin's matchup thread somewhere on the first page, he says "I'm posting this here, but discussion happens at AiB." Something like that I guess. Though, then you'd have to post your thread over there, and most of it is known over there. Plus, the Links aren't really fans of TL either. So that probably wouldn't work.

    Ah well, hopefully you'll think of something I'm missing. And this weekend, I'll definitely let you know what happened. If I forget, just shoot me a little reminder. Thanks for being so cool about all this.
    Yeah, even the vids, sorry. Under normal circumstances, I'd say go ahead. But see, the Link boards had this HUGE fight with the mods a while back, and we all moved to AiB. I'm one of the few past Links who still lingers here. I'm not here to help revive the boards, because I was there when the fight happened, a lot of my friends got gayed really hard, and I witnessed firsthand SWF's power corruption. I hang around because a select few of the AiB Links have been assigned to help the new Links who appear on SWF. How do we do that? By pointing them to Link's current metagame, at AiB. Now, we're not allowed to say "leave this place and come there" but we are allowed to give the option. Eventually, people realize the SWF boards are just too far behind the AiB ones, and come there of their own accord. So while I do acknowledge your effort to help, unfortunately it will probably turn out that we'll be working against each other.

    Again, I think your thread is great, but I have a job to do. Hopefully you understand
    Hey there, I saw your thread on the Link boards. I don't have time to go and scan each and every bit (I skimmed), but if you do decide to quote me (as OOOOO did) or use one of my vids, I have to ask you to please refrain from doing so. It is my writing and work after all, and I trust that you will honor my request. Thank you.
    Making the thread look a bit nicer in a way I'll think of later? :3

    I'll make you some nice pictures for it probably.
    hey Fox.
    Sorry sorry sorry for taking so long to start the boomerang video!! =(

    With school ending, college applications, and other stuff like that, its REALLY hard to find the time to.

    But I promise to start/ finish it tonight!
    i am crayon. im used by the t.links nd im colored w/. if u dont post this 10 times ill color on ur face wile u sleep nd it will be permanent so it wont come off ever
    Hey ^^
    Alright...So...I really want in to the TL back room. I believed I've earned my place. How can I make it in?
    Well I wouldn't mind updating it for the summer, but come August I start medical school so I probably won't have much time to commit to Smash Bros. anymore.


    So I can update it every few weeks or if major discoveries are made for the summer but after this summer, someone else would have to take over the printer-version.
    Hmmm, you bring up a great point in terms of intellectual property rights. I'm not exactly sure what to do honestly. I'll try researching a way to lock the file from editing (except by you of course).

    In terms of that link, no one should be able to edit the file from that link except for me. I think the easiest way to do this is to make your own mediafire.com account so that you can upload any updates yourself.
    Its your choice. Me personally, I only talk new stuff through the backroom. Since people on the boards can get annoying =/
    Hmm, we dont do much. We chat about random stuff, but we usually discuss important things at a much faster rate. We also ask eachother for advice on things there, instead of in the actual thread. Its NOT that big of a deal, but its a fun little group to be a part of.
    Sasuke just always tries to come up with new idea's. Thats why he's so respected.. and I dont even know if toondiddy is in there. I dont think.. Me, santi, quivo, chip, jash, are in there of course. Lobos, TLMsheikant, HR, and a few others.
    haha, relax. it isnt a requirement to see you play. But it would help. I mentioned it.. but nobody even said anything =/.. they did mention your name a long time ago. I'll talk to sasukebowser later. He's the creator.
    Haha ok. I was telling the TL backroom to let you in. But we havnt even seen you play. And there's a few in the back room who talk like they are good.. but they arent all that great =/. Plus, they dont even post. Prlly just lurk xD
    I dont think u got it >_>. After the ship falls, so it means the level is rising. Just clarifying that to help u recreate it :).
    Cool cool. Yeah I kinda picked up Toon Link out of randomness. Whenever I play online I just play Link because I honestly don't think anything could mess him up. So I picked Toon Link and he's kinda stuck. I play them pretty similar.
    Thanks. Yeah I picked up Toonie because I needed a secondary against Pikachu. I have Luigi and GW and Lucas but the Pika player I go against know those match-ups all too well. Because we have a Luigi main and a GW main here and he knows the grab release on Lucas so it's pretty difficult to get around him. Well I'll send you some vids of my Toon Link when I get a chance and maybe you could critique them.
    Hey I just picked up Toon Link, you think you could give me a few tips? Maybe we could play online or something.
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