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  • And that someone will have to be me. So we may aswell just find a way for me to do it from the start.

    Thats really sad that you'll have to leave us. But good luck in medical school! I hope you do well.

    Anyway, how about we just look around at other threads and see how they did it? Do you know of any threads that have a printer friendly version? And if we see one that we like then we can just do what they did. I can't really think of anything myself but I'm sure that someone else has overcome this problem.
    Well if it can already only be edited by you, then wouldn't it be easier for you to just update it every few months? If thats ok of course. Then you can just pop in to the thread and give me the updated link every now and then (that is of course if the link changes, I'm not sure that it would). But if you've got too much stuff on your hands then thats absolutely fine. Then it just means that we'll have to try figure out another way to do this thats all. So what do you think we should do?
    It's perfect! Thanks so much! So, just quickly, if I need to update the printer friendly version, is it just as simple as copy paste, fix the fonts or whatever? And then it'll all be fine? Or is there more to it? Cause if I can just go on and edit it, who's to stop just anyone from editing it/deleting it? Or have you made it so only you can edit it then save it?
    I am pretty sure I am going. I just need a ride, but I'm going to call flux. I really want to meet you... Also, can I get your cell number in case? Mine is 303-319-2326.
    Now, I don't know if you remember me, but I've been to two tournaments on CO so far, both of which you've attended. We played some friendlies in the last one (I think it was in April?), and yeah. You're a great TL. I live in Morrison, which is less than 10 minutes from Lakewood. Just adding some CO smashers on Smashboards, maybe start posting more at the CO thread.
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