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Fox Is Openly Deceptive
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  • Well I sort of retired by myself. I didn't really want a red name for the sake of having a red name, you know?

    Later. x_x
    Yeah, I admittedly lost my interest in Brawl a while ago and my boards aren't very active. I wasn't really "needed" as a mod, I guess is what I'm trying to say.
    Naw it's good. I've been wanting a guide done for a while now, so this is my chance. Actually, now that I got my computer working, I think I can make the GIFs! :)

    I'll set it aside for the weekend though. REMIND ME!
    I'm always tired, but that's because I have an irregular sleeping pattern. I deal with it though. I wake up really groggy, but I still suck it up and just carry on with my day. It's normal to feel groggy even if you get a lot of sleep though, because it physically aches when you get out of bed (assuming you're using a spring mattress).

    As for the tourney, I had fun. I'll talk more about it when the tournament results are released. I have no idea what I got, although I can tell you that it definitely isn't last.
    They're gonna find out, and they're just gonna send it back.

    I'll just fix it myself. I'm on my way to a tournament. I just woke up super early, and I'm SO TIRED....
    He's just like, "Oh.. so your SD card is in the Wii disc drive now? Okay, um, that's not coming out. You're gonna have to send it."

    I didn't mention anything about Homebrew. However, they did say that the repair costed $75 and what they would do is take the SD card out, and fix whatever damage that the SD card may have caused. It sounds like a safe deal, but then again, my Wii is hacked up real good. I have a buddy that can just open it up and take it out for free. I'll just stick to that.
    I called Nintendo. I have no warranty, and the repair itself is $75 with $10 S/H. I told the guy I would sign up on the internet, and hung up.

    I went to eBay to find tri-wing screwdrivers only to find that I haz no money left over. Amazing no?
    Well so far I've just played Halo 3.

    I think I'm gonna clean my room, and read some books until I feel like calling Nintendo. Idk, I'm lazy like that. Simple things, nah, I'd rather clean my uber messy room.
    Both of our Wiis were functional, then yours broke. Now yours works, and mine ate too much.

    I'm so boooooooooooooored without my Wii!!!!!!!!!!
    Ah yes, you have a point with the C stick.

    Oh well I guess. I miss my Wii. We've switched places, have you noticed?
    I knew that AD->A would do an iBomb. AD->Z would iBomb. AD->Cstick will Zair, but I was wondering what AD->Bombpull would do. Maybe throw? So we can iBombThrow? I was hoping it wouldn't iBomb, because that would've been lame.
    I can do it with my friends. I just need the special screw driver. I'm gonna call Nintendo just for the kicks though. I have a bit of free time. :)
    That'll void the warranty.

    And plus, I think I can get the Wii menu to work, so I can still play my VC games. I could also try to run games from my hard drive. Until then, I'm just gonna shake my Wii, and poke at it with a slim knife.
    Dude I hate forgetting to respond to people.

    But yeah, today was the first day in which I naturally woke up before noon (11:38am to be exact). I'm fixing my sleeping schedule!!!! Oh, and I just looked at our stickies, and the Useful Links isn't even there!
    If I make it, the world will end. It will be called TWiNKatGC's Somewhat But Not Really Useful Links and it won't be Toon Link related at all.
    It needs its own sticky. I would do it myself, but last time I asked to do it, Saske said that he'll do it.

    So yeah, he's got this.
    That makes 7 stickies. Two are yours, I think 3 are Saske's, and one is Sheikant's. I forgot the last one. I think it's 'bout time to get that Useful Links thing going.

    AHA! Useful Links by TLMarth. I'm too good. :D
    Shove the devil and angel off your shoulders when you type. Replace them with Falcons.
    Oh I don't know if it's on the list. What I meant is that you should test them, because they came up recently. I'm not sleeping tonight. I messed up my schedule today. Hopefully I can fix it by staying up until bedtime.
    TL's Infinite on Diddy and Arrow Locking. Tried that?

    I can't get the Youtube to GIF websites to work! Now I have to use Photoshop and Imageshack.... so time consuming....
    Looks like you got a lot of catching up to do!

    I just finished hacking up my Wii with Affinity's SD package. There are a couple of things I have to add and get rid of, but for the most part, aojdfo;asjfdopiasjdfpoiasdjfpoiasdjfasjdf;lkasdjfl;kja YES!
    I wanna add Dan.

    Dan the Man is taken. I'm trying to think of something, but Dan is just too generic. Things like Dan., -Dan, *Dan, Dan (emoticon), and stuff like that either don't look good, or are taken.

    Idk, I'm pretty picky about these things. I just wanna get it over with now, so that I can fall back to TWiNKatGC if I don't like it.
    TL wins at life. But not TL mains....

    I want to change my username to Dan, but that's already taken. I can't seem to pick a name that I like. Danny is taken, and so is Daniel. I'm sooooooo mad.
    I have an idea now. I'll do it when I'm not dying of sleep. Tomorrow most likely.

    *crashes to the bed*
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