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Fox Is Openly Deceptive
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  • Sounds good to me dude. EA said we can go over a little earlier if we wanted to play some smash but that's entirely up to you since I don't really care lol.
    yeah dude fma is pretty good, hard to beat. is anything even happening today? it's hard to tell cause he doesnt seem to announce these things anymore. I used to think it was pointless that he announced it every week but now he doesn't i dont even know if there's anything on anymore haha.
    edit: actually i remember ted saying he was going to qld straight from uni today so i dont think anything is on. maybe i can arrange something with zxv for tomorrow?
    forget the wii, but small tv is good, and the more tv's the better.
    you want it to be the better right?

    else I'm gonna turn it into a sleep tourney, whoever sleeps the longest wins.
    I actually can't go this wknd due to fencing both sat and sun.

    Let's def go next week tho.
    When u finish college?

    We meed to go rock climbing sometime. I am missing it alot.
    I actually have no idea what's going on, I thought they'd admit you ages ago. I will talk to lux and see what I can do. :/
    aww man. well if you change your mind then let me know, this is gonna be the only chance you have to play it before release. :/
    get well dude.
    hey dude I am considering going back to the connection tour at chatswood on monday or tuesday, you in? I reaaaaally wanna play around more with the engine.
    well there are lots of people up for the meet and lots of people up for the connection tour, I dunno how many are also interested in staying the night, scoot is though, maybe ricky/leish. should be goods. I dont think I can have too many sleeping over though due to car/space reasons.
    Dude you should come to the connection tour, its next weekend. They will have Skyward Sword playable at it. If I have a meet on friday you could even stay the night. O:
    posting here cause i wont want to spam the ws thread too much lol.

    All I did was switch the content of each post, which didn't require mod powers. That same issue happened around mid-summer to another thread the TL boards, just fyi.
    Yeah dude, I've always felt good things could come from a future-ish Zelda. As long it's not so far forward from the current Zeldas that it breaks the whole system (hurr durr go forward in time, buy gun, go back in time kill ganon easily), it could be fantastic, especially with the potential for so many new, yet appropriate, art styles. I'd be all over a steampunk-ish Zelda. For the record I don't strictly feel guns would be a bad thing, as long as they did it right. e.g. some of the very first, super-primitive firearms could be appropriate.

    Imagine a zelda with multiple time-points (more than Ages) where there are multiple timelines and you have to pretty much fix each time in the correct order to get back to the true timeline, or something along those lines. That kind of concept really interests me, I would like to see time-based storylines step beyond "two timepoints, fix the first to fix the second". Then imagine the potential mind****ery that could go on where you have to **** up certain times further to make it possible to fix **** overall.
    Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude I hope you get this but you should come to the tourney 2moro. Need to show everyone how **** you are with a REAL controller. :p
    Yo dude give me a call in the morning if you're going to EA's.

    DW about it if you don't feel like it. I should really be studying but smash is toooooooooo tempting...

    Yeah I totally know the way.

    Unit 5, Number 49-51 Regentville Road, Penrith is the address. It'll be the building that seeme to be beeping alot lol.

    I finish at about 12 so yeah.
    Well if you could be bothered driving to Penrith you can pick me up from fencing and we can head straight to EA's from there.
    My game only has two issues. One being how difficult it can be to focus, which results in me playing off of reaction and on auto-pilot, and the other being landing all those button pushes consistently and without fail.

    I excel in reading other people's habits, but that's only when I'm focusing.
    I'm doing quite fine actually. The TL boards have been dead, so there's not much to moderate there (thank God >_>). As for the tourney, you mean the one just now?

    I beat a Snake/Falco guy, lost to an MK, beat a Marth/ROB main, lost to a Lucas/Fox. Those are the same two people that I lost to back in my last tournament. Not cool IMO. I pulled out MK against the last guy because he was ****** me in friendlies earlier that day. I had no chance w/ TL, so I thought that I might as well try[/I with MK and see how it goes.

    I lost though. x_____x How is your TL doing?
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