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Recent content by dassboot

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    IMDB 4: Summer in Madison

    alright guys I propose we hav.....wtf happen here??? Anyways. We should have another side event like mario kart. Any suggestions?
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    Teams Tier List: version 1

  3. D

    IMDB 4: Summer in Madison

    The venue fee is going towards food. So ask me if you want pizza or not when you get there. If you don't pay a venue fee, then you can't have food.
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    Chicago-Land Power Rankings (Updated 12/30/2011)

    I also agree with this, characters like ganon beat him in teams imo. fox/puff is the best team. second best is fox/falcon. then....it gets messy. dam it: I log into this account on accident sometimes: this is sanchaz. This is my other account name on another website
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    Smash to the Future on hiatus for the summer!

    ohhhhh. all this iron men talk. I think that I would want to do one with one of you guys next time I see ya peeps.
  6. D

    IMDB - Sept. 17 Madison, WI

    yes, I love these all of the state ppl, I will be sure to help out everyone with food/drinks and what not.
  7. D

    Madison WI Smashfests!

    omg, I hate ppl!!! xeylode, just find ppl that want to play seriuosly if you want to do that at all. aarrgh! "why can't we play with items"- these ppl need to go away "I want to know how to get better or want to play with others to try different stuff"- we like these people
  8. D

    Smashing Grounds REVIVED: 4 - 2/13/2010 -- Glen Ellyn, IL!

    Same here Mundungu, it be nice getting a ride. I'll give 20 since its like 250 miles. Vinodh: Did you know that there's a tier list for mario kart? LMAO Sanchaz out
  9. D

    LPC2:RB Madison, WI May 2nd (Date Confirmed)

    lmao, "shower required". sure sanchaz can do that
  10. D

    420 Smashfest. 2/6/10 Madison, WI

    well okay quaz, that will be fun. however....I would like the spelling of my name to be sanchaz with an "a" before the "z", a lot of people spell it with the e
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    420 Smashfest. 2/6/10 Madison, WI

    sanchaz confirmed. will take on any money matches as well. I'll also ask ian if he would like to go.
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    WI Thread

    soo.......whatz up chanzen, did you make up your mind about having the smashfest? note: I notice that falcons eyes are triangles, not circles, lol. sanzhaz out
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    WI Thread

    Yea that was a really cool smash fest glad I got to meet most people Sago, Ian: really wished you guys would of stayed I thought avatar was alright at best, lol. Cosmo: don't use your ps3 for posting on facebook either, just games really John!: ...at least you didn't throw your...
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    whatz up, this is sanchaz, do you go to any of viperboy's smashfests or tourneys, if you do, do...

    whatz up, this is sanchaz, do you go to any of viperboy's smashfests or tourneys, if you do, do you have a extra spot in your car for me, I can help pay for the gas plus possibly bring a setup.
  15. D

    Smashin' The Suburbs (McHenry, IL) - Thursday, January 14th!

    Towards ORLY: hmm okay dude, I'll will try to make the next one, also, I may be able to bring a tv, :). do you usually have smashfests?
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