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  • Gosh, I don't know. I'm really shy, so I have issues making conversation with people. I know it doesn't really come across that way on the webs, but I usually keep to myself mostly. :ohwell:
    Haha, yes! You were actually the one that told me about her. I have her album Youth Novels.

    I really love her voice. It has such a pure quality somehow.
    Yeah, Juri looks so sweet. I'd probably play Ibuki too, since I played her a lot in Third Strike. But yeah, SFIV feels so clunky; it's bothersome. And I really want to like it.

    Yeah, internet is pretty useful for that sort of thing, plus you probably won't have too hard of a time picking up the basics anyway. If I remember correctly, the hard thing about piano was playing different things on each hand.
    Yeah, Tekken is all about poking and juggling. Not really my thing, but I did play a lot of Tekken 3 back in the day. I'm so not interested in SFIV. I admit it. It just feels so restricted. Nothing flows for me. I think that's probably why I cling to Guilty Gear the way I do. :ohwell:

    And I'm glad things are looking up for you. Sometimes it's hard to know what the most important things are in life, but it seems like music is definitely yours. Are you taking lessons for piano?
    I'm glad you're doing okay. Seems like you were having a rough patch there for a while.

    Yeah, stick is weird. It's stupid easy to do 623 and 641236 moves, but I can't do 236236 for the life of me. Which Tekken are you playing? I don't know if it matters though, 'cause it hasn't really changed much over the years, except with the addition of new characters. Anyway, you're supposed to rack damage with combos, but in order for combos to work in Tekken, they have to juggle. It's all about taking advantage of your opponent's hitstun. Watch this vid, it might help: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KFu06r5xfx4

    I hope this is something like what you had in mind. A LOT of my effects would give the signature that shiny effect and, while I had to do a couple effects for colors and such, I tried to keep it to a minimum and avoid other common cliches with signatures involving girls.

    Hope you like!
    I'm actually musical enough, but this is better to get a pretty broad idea across.

    Now lets get started with the signature itself...
    I think I get it. You don't want it bright and shiny, but stuff that is elegant but not bright...
    Funny stuff, I replied in that thread btw. This guy is so far gone. It's like anything that isn't capitalism is socialism. I can't stand the purist approach.
    I was having female members complain to me about it (TM even made a subtle complaint in-thread). It may have looked all good from the eyes of a guy, but some people were offending the subject matter.

    Seriously, dude, look through the thread again and tell me that the line wasn't getting crossed a few times. You didn't do anything wrong, and I wish I could've kept the thread open, but people pushed it one too many times.
    Since that Gorillaz thread died, can you link me to some of the new tracks? ;)
    Much appreciated.
    hm.. ok what's the plausibility of moving in w/your grandma? which state would that be in? granted you may be unemployed (at first) but she would know that going in, and then you'd actually be in a situation similar to mine, I -just- started working again last week... once you've saved up enough you could take that trip to FL (if you're not already there, dunno where grandma lives) to claim your survivor's benefit. Possible?
    Oh goodness, :( I'm sorry to hear that... hmmmm. Well for starters, breath, let your mind go blank and examine the situation from a logical standpoint. It sounds as if you are still financially dependent on either one or both of them? And that their potential break up could mess you up big time. I would submit that the first thing to focus on would be financial independence. True you have much you are trying to accomplish, your desire to study music, etc... I must profess I don't know enough of the details of your situation to really provide an affirmative course of action... but I know that financial independence is key to most situations like this, as that way you're able to proceed in life regardless of what -other- people do.

    Perhaps the school you're attending has financial aid programs designed for someone in your situation? Perhaps there's other family you could stay with until you're able to stand alone on your own two feet? These aren't necessarily both necessary, but just a couple examples of what you might do in this situation, but again I may need more details to be of better help...
    The technique would actually encourage off-stage play, since it can only be used onstage. It also works very well for MK.
    = ) no sweat.


    Casio brand, 88 keys (which is another important thing if you're really interested in Piano vs Keyboard, as a piano has 88 keys), weight hammer action (essential if you're to learn touch-dynamics, etc) and an impressive 32 note polyphony (the number of keys that can make a sound at once) so you'll be able to express piano techniques like trills, fast scales, etc while still using the sustain pedal and without it "cutting off" which is hella annoying.

    Touch sensitive is good... weighted is better because you learn actual piano technique, but it's not essential if you're not hugely interested in transitioning your skill from electronic to analog.
    (not to mention it'd add about 500 dollars or so to your price range)

    Great deal on a Yamaha

    An excellent sustain pedal (the one I use :D)

    standard keyboard stand (though technically you can do without it, it's recommended you have one or at least are able to setup your keyboard/pedal in the same position you'd attain with one of these)
    you're very fortunate, actually.. and yeah, sleep is technically the enemy at least of great thinkers and ESPECIALLY the depressed, it's like glue, it keeps you stuck down, but you, you had one of those ... actually, wait, I wonder, I know this may sound janky but do you have any close loved ones in your life that have passed away? it may have been a psychic intervention, I wholeheartedly believe in the collection unconscious, all of the planet's bio-electric patterns and rhythms and force, it must correlate, there's gotta be a connection between us all... I wonder if such a connection was made that night. Your dream image of the girl, she may even be real...

    yay! hell yes, hey you know me, I've been playing keys for 30 years lol if you need any pointers, don't hesitate to ask :D I'm curious have you picked out a keyboard yet??
    I'm glad actually, Dee was bringing you down I think, "but in the nicest possible way" to quote alien 3...

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QlCBEd7E4no&feature=related awesome vid

    wait, like in physical pain? I know I can sense emotional pain fairly well, especially if its life threatening, I can feel them "drawing" away as if their soul is literally trying to depart the body...
    "Dreams of sincere love are a forecast of happiness and contentment through a healthy and intelligent adjustment to the conditions of life." I'd say you've somehow been able to heal yourself, almost like a flesh wound heals itself, you seem to have recuperated with increased vigor and optimism.

    Yay!! :D That makes me very happy to hear, I was worried about you :p But I try to tell people I'm worrying about them, cause then they worry I'm worried and on and on into infinty.

    But yeah, this dream sounds to me like an indication your mind, body and soul are healed, in a good way, and contentment lies ahead for you. Perhaps with someone that's just recently moved to town (that you've not met yet) haha.
    Haha, not particularly. I'm really bad at making sushi. I think you have to lay all your materials out on the roll, roll it, and then cut, but mine always falls apart. :p
    It's a good, solid plan. Seems very realistic. And you've got most (if not all) of your bases covered.
    Understandable. Ultimately, it's your choice, but you could always just take an extended leave of absence.
    I also love Kiki. One of my favourite Miyazaki movies. Hard to find a decent avatar though.

    I've been fine. Why are you leaving?

    EDIT: Or rather, potentially leaving?
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