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  • Well, the Furry group already posted that up awhile back, buuuut:
    The fact that you went out of your way to link me made me <33~
    Already given you an example of that, you just chose to ignore it.

    Is that how you debate with someone? Put words in their mouths from previous people you've argued with? I play ganon, you think I enjoy technical *** space animals running train on my shield?

    One situation: Mistakes. By putting that one button press in, and giving it a window of opportunity, you add a chain of possibilities. What happens if you don't press the button? You are in a worse position than someone who did. What happens when you need to press that button rapidly, multiple times, faster than you can think, yet be precise enough within a window? It's a sign of conditioning, building up muscle memory. Once it becomes natural that's when the real game opens up.

    It's just like martial arts, you don't think about how you throw a punch, exhale as your arm stretches out and your muscles loosen up, and then cut off the exhale as your entire body tenses up at that single moment of impact. And anyone who doesn't fight like that, but goes up against someone who does fight like that, and is conditioned to fight like that without thinking about it, is going to punch a lot weaker than the man who is conditioned to punch harder and faster without thinking about it. So where's the better conditioned man's mind go? Thinking about his opponent instead of about himself, because he already knows everything about himself.

    This same analogy comes up in star craft, unarguably the most world renowned competitive game. Let's see the every day person pick it up. No, it takes devotion, months, just to build up your speed before you can even begin to understand the amount of options that are in that game, the insane number of small tedious tactics alone can put the game in your favor. You could equate l-canceling to move-stop shooting in starcraft btw, instead of just using attack-move or patrol.

    i'm not saying tech skill is necessary for competition, but it's just like any age old competitive medium. Sports, martial arts, hell even none competitive activities like arts and crafts have the same foundation concept. You can't move on and understand the bigger picture until you've mastered the tools you can use to the point where you don't think about using them, you just do. L-canceling just happens to be one of those tools in smash.

    No more fun with you though, and if you dislike smash so much, why the hell do you have almost 5000 posts on a website dedicated to smash, go back under the bridge.
    I'm sorry, I wasn't aware you had such a short temper, I would have replaced stubborn with bipolar. My mistake kid.
    It adds multiple concepts, but clearly you're too stubborn to listen to any I have to say.
    You don't always slide off, I know quite a few KO combos that require you to not slide off, but to instead turn around after edge canceling and begin a smash/tilt/special. All i'm saying is, l-canceling's not as black and white as you made it out to be. If you try to L-cancel when something quicker is going to happen instead, you'll get stuck in your shield and lose your momentum. Much of your point is correct but it lacks some realism in it. Even today, pros miss l-cancels, very rarely i might add, but it still happens. It's usually stress or losing focus, and even more so with none pro players, it's bound to happen every now and then. Having that slight technical requirement that isn't always certain while the game is played as if it is certain, adds to the competitive side of the game. You shouldn't mess this up, but if you do, you better hope you're opponent doesn't take advantage of it, because that small slip up can cost you a lot.
    A situation in melee where you wouldn't want to L-cancel would be for certain characters who's aerial attack can be auto canceled. Such is the case when shffl'ing marth's nair, ganon's bair, or when you play peach and float cancel everything. Other situations, when you can edge cancel 'anyones' aerial attack, that would be much wiser than l-canceling, as edge canceling yields 0 lag instead of reduced lag.
    Hmm. We've both been to several spots.
    I'm just gonna assume that I know you because you're awesome, because that's how I know anyone on SWF that's not named MikeHaze.
    I don't think so.
    It's been way, way too many posts to remember, and we're both just too lazy to go back and find out...

    Do you hang out anywhere in particular?

    I kinda just lurk Sonic boards and the Southwest, but I've made quick trips to the Pokemon forum and the user blogs as well.
    My past avatars are Rita (the one I have now), Blaze the Cat, Zangoose with a x-mas hat, Zangoose w/o x-mas hat, another Zangoose...

    I can't remember much before that. Back in Melee '06-'07, I ran around with Jigglypuff avatars...

    Oh, I also had an Espeon once or twice.
    Hey I hope you don't think I'm an ******* or anything because of what went down in the Metaknight thread lol.

    If you can't already tell I like trolling the Brawl Boards. I don't actually dislike you.
    yeah, right? weird... maybe she's one of the gals who needs the physical and literal closeness of proximity to keep her heart invested? except I was under the impression your relationship had strong ties to net-based relations, so I figured it'd be ok she was in FL and you weren't. heh, well whatever the reason, it's good you're moving forward and not obsessing over her.

    heh yes, that is VERY important. I can't seem to express this to Bridget, she swears she wants to be "this" or "that" but it changes like the tides. I mean, ok, I'm guilty of it too, I originally was a Chemistry major, but when the physics classes started getting too hard, I abandoned it for English, mainly cause that was the only subject I was getting straight A's in... but at least I stuck with it. If you're not 100 percent sure what to major in, it's not the end of the world at all, but you definitely wanna be at least 75% sure it's the right major, or you're really just wasting time and money, which no one has in abundance anymore, lol.
    woah I didn't expect her to come to that decision... she seemed to be feeling the exact opposite. bah... well yeah, this does present you an opportunity to re-evaluate yourself and what you want in life, what you need to sleep at night, etc. I for one hope you proceed with your education, and pursue your musical talent... but yeah, sorry to hear that, friend. Are you two still keeping in touch or was it decided to be better to call it quits totally at least for now?
    There's so many things going on in this song, my mind can't even handle it. Much more New Wave than I was expecting. Their overall sound is a lot more polished than their older stuff, but I didn't really listen to them a whole lot back in the day. What do you think?
    lol either that or he was afraid to leave! :/ heh

    well good, i'm glad to hear you and dee worked it out. so this new gal she know about dee? smoking sucks i'm finally quitting after 14 years... chantix WORKS i'm down from a pack a day to 3 to 5 individual cigs a day if that. lots of times i only have half of one.
    Sorry I've been out as of late, getting to work on this mixer is time consuming...

    Hm... well here's the thing about this... you have been fairly convinced that 1.) you two will get back together, proper and 2.) you need each other. You have also established that you need distance and time apart in order to essentially come full circle. This precludes a physical relationship in the traditional sense. You have previously established boundaries. I guess my point is that being physical may in fact not be the best thing right now, and so the "benefits" to your relationship should be entirely spiritual/emotional. You are there for her, as her anchor, and you knowing she needs that, is your anchor. Now I will admit, for many men (myself included) that's just not enough, but for you it seemed more than enough, you were frankly worried about losing her, and when you didn't you were relieved. So... this could be you, discovering that in fact, there DOES need to be more, and that you're ... patience is wearing thin. I don't know, though... it's hard to say, you're a fairly unique individual and you've expressed differences from the typical male role that defy lots of assumptions in these regards. I'd stick to what you know. If you even question your love for her, you need to step even further back, or risk hurting her, or yourself.

    How to talk about it, well... I'm a sucker for Honesty, actually. I also always wear my emotions on my sleeve so-to-speak, which is a no no in many people's book. If it were me, I'd come right out and say it "Dee, yo... we're doing all this, but why? We're separate now, and just teasing ourselves, it's not right..." but that may be too blunt, or even inaccurate. But you definitely will want to say something if this continues to bother you, or else you ARE wasting your time, and investments of emotion, which aren't easy or abundant.
    I see... getting back in school would be awesome. Bridget wants to do community medicine at University of Southern Alabama in Mobile, and I am hopefully getting my teaching certification, and will teach while she goes full time... it's a plan so long as we can hold it together until then, we'll be cool.
    dang... what happened to him eventually? Did your parents divorce because of this??

    My wife will be ok, but the meds she's on are VERY strong, and can have potentially serious side effects, things that I am not too happy with. I just want her to get better, this kinda thing runs in her family and it's a real shame, but it's also a shame because she really could have been ok if not for the years of abuse she underwent at the hands of her mom. I keep a close eye on them, making sure there's no tomfoolery, but it's starting to wear down on me now, lol and I may be getting a job soon which means less time to baby sit everyone. meh.
    Long story short ... her mom. >< Being forced to live under this roof is bad because her mom is a real psycho, and does stuff on purpose to antagonize everyone around her. No one but myself has even come close to putting their foot down about it successfully, but it's not even really successful because she just amps up the nut-bagness on everyone else in exchange for leaving me alone. It sucks.
    nah not yet. we're kinda unable to rent stuff for a bit, we have no money and she's outta work on sick leave for like a month ><
    haha click on them links, yo, that was it...

    what I was saying though is if you do any new work, you should back them up somewhere, like on my web server.

    Dude... no way. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF*************CCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKK. GOD that sucks. >< >< >< >< That happened to me once before also, I never did quite recover what I'd lost, I had to re-write a whole of stuff and it was just never quite the same, took years of hearing it to make my brain ok with the ever so slight differences.

    Hmmmmmmmmmmm... well I do have some stuff on my computer you sent me originally, so I can push them all to that FTP folder of yours on sucumbio.com, and all you'll need is the URLs to get them saved down to your computer, once you get it fixed, that is, I assume it must be working if you were able to at least post here, or are you on someone elses?? ... at any rate it'll take me like, 10 minutes... brb lol
    No I sure haven't but I've been meaning to... I like the unique animation style, and the premise sounds intriguing.

    Haha yeah, this is definitely my favorite time of year for all the holiday and FOOD :D but as years go by I definitely see the years ticking by quicker than even 10 years ago... shoot, way back in High School it seemed like it'd never end, during the hard times, and flew by when I was in my element and having fun. That's the nature of time, I guess. It flies when you're having fun... but years definitely ... "shrink" the older you get. My birthday seems to hold more weight than New Years for me, but it's not uncommon for New Years to become a milestone in your life, especially if there are resolutions to be made. Mine wasn't even announced in the cliched way, but its to quit smoking. Fortunately I have Chantix on my side, it really DOES work, it's amazing. I've gone from a pack, pack and a half to literally 4 butts a day... unless I'm in the car. We're working on that, but for some ghastly reason getting into a non-moving car that's about to be started up and rolling out just = light one up. Just like the commercial, lol "you smoke everytime you drive but you don't drive everytime you smoke, do you?" ha! But yeah, just confirmed w/the wife, we'll be renting Waking Life now :D
    good! that's excellent news, yo. August may seem a ways off but it'll pass in no time.
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