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  • I just bought Tekkon Kinkreet; I haven't watched it yet. Too bad I just saw your spoiler on the Villian Thread; can't...unsee. lol
    My favorite thing of Toff was when she was portrayed as the Buff blind guy. It was hilarious when he said, "I don't see the way you see.... I see by emitting a sonic scream from my mouth! AAAAAAAAAAARRRGGGHHHH!!!!!!!!!"

    I sometimes relate life to shows too, I don't have anything major or cool like you, but little things here and there happen every so often.
    I didn't think much of M night either way, but my friend said "Aww great now the movies ruined, he's probably going to make some crazy twist." I think he's doing fine based on what I've seen in the commercials.
    I recently bought the first book, and that prompted me to watch the rest of the series on the internet. After watching it a second time and it being recent, has got me pumped!

    I hope they do shine on Ang's fun side, but I don't think they will cramming the whole first book onto one movie.
    that sounds awesome, dude! my house in arlington, ma is about that old, I'll inherit it one day along with my Baldwin upright that I so miss.

    No actually I haven't really.. just 1 episode I think you actually linked to it on a UB or somewhere on the site lol and I ended up watching it. It's fascinating though, they have good content. It was the one about language.
    seriously!? OMG I'm so jealous, lol I haven't had access to a REAL piano in like, 10 years. woooooow, nice! You will be so happy to be learning on real keys, there's really no comparison despite what the tech magazines say, real >>>>>> electronic. Haha if I lived near you I'd come offer to tune it for you :p But yeah, great news! Any idea what kinda condition its in??
    Yeah, I'm really disappointed at Baiken's drop. And Millia's been A tier for a while now, but May, Potemkin, Jam, and Slayer have all dropped.

    I suspect that it's due to changes in the metagame. More reputable players have been switching over to Blazblue, so characters just aren't getting played, I would think. I mean, Jam was pushing S tier last time I checked, and now she's B tier? Something's up.
    Arcadia Pre-SBO Issue (April) 05/06/10

    S: ED, TE
    A: MI
    B: MA, PO, JA, SL
    C: SO, KY, CH, FA, BA, AX, AN, VE, DI, IN, ZA, RO, AB, OS
    D: JO, BR
    ah chello, a beautiful instrument. one year at the NEPTA (New England Piano Teachers Association) Jazz and Composition Recital of which I took 1st place eventually a student's work was hand-picked by Yo Yo Ma and performed by him. We were like OMG That's YO YO MA!!! lol it was crazy just sitting in the same room with him let alone hearing and watching him play to a crowd of less than 50 people. Good times.

    Well good, that situation definitely sounded bad, and WOW you've saved up a lot! Excellent news, bro. Yeah I hear yah, my folks are equally paranoid of the internet, in fact they won't even own a computer >< Shame too cause they could be saving a lot of time and money if they only trusted technology a little more, but these are the same folks who didn't even have a microwave until 1999 and still had a rotary phone until 1995 lol!
    I didn't realize you were moving, so are you living w/your grandma now or did you get your own place or something? I'm glad to hear you're pulling through all this, I know it was hectic on you.

    I may be volunteering for oil spill clean up, heh what a mess. We'll see it looks like they're making a 'big shell' just like MGS2! But we've already started seeing debris and stuff wash ashore and the oil slick's not far behind ><

    Word, get that piano, dawg it's SO liberating to have one. Which one did you decide on again? I can't remember...
    There are a few brief, graphic moments that might kind of freak an 11 year old out, but it's nothing really that bad, especially if they've seen Two Face in The Dark Knight. The main problem is that the movie is a little slow, and it's in Swedish, which might bore a younger viewer.
    I feel it's fair to warn you that you didn't read all the rules to the voting thread. Please read them and fix your post. Thanks for voting though! =)
    Yeah I bet most people know by now. I was one of the first to know outside of the mods lol

    And yeah, I remember that Women thread being closed. It made a little sense on why it was closed. But Skyler was a bit hasty imo. I didn't know you left though lol

    Anyways, I'll pm you lol
    Yeah, empty your PM inbox lol

    Everything Werekill said is partly true, but it's far from the main reason.
    If no one has filled you in yet then I suppose I can lol
    You know, I would pm you if your inbox wasn't full. :mad:

    To quote a pm titled "Why Bunny Left":
    She left (mostly) due to a lack of interest in Brawl/the internet in general. College didn't really help either.

    Besides, her internet connection sucks at her college. XD

    Idk what she did, but that's the main reason she left.
    Word! That's awesome news, dude, I know what it's like to lose your work, my HD crashed back in 2000 and I lost almost a years worth of tracks, several of which I was able to only half-remake (and I never did like the remakes as much as the originals). you write anything new lately??
    That's an excellent version of Wild is the Wind. I've often loved the covers that Bowie does more than a lot of his original songs, and wow, this chick has done it incredibly. This reminds me of a lot of work Mike Patton has done on the side, particularly this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qiu5Ir-unV8
    ...I want to get back into the Pokemon Metagame, I want to badly. I have tried many different things, but none of them have worked.

    ...I will go ahead and use Standard...
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