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  • hey everybody i am going 2 try 2 hav a super smash bros brawl tournament at scorpico sunset place the 24 saturday 5701 sunset drive south miami,fl 33134 telephone of scorpico 305-669-4577 located on the second floor,close 2 jonny rockets........ my cell 786-222-2498....... byoc usual rules same maps ill come out with more info later and wat the prize iz 4 the winner single and doubles....... we need as many people as we could get so we can host plz come on down 2 smash pocalypse!!!!
    come to emilio's melee toruney tom. its at his place and bring a tvs if u can we need one badly. come and chill with the melee pros.
    Hey! I was wondering if I could get into "The Watchers." I started the G&W stage discussion thread and created the "Get to know the G&W Boards" Thread. I'm interested in helping futher G&W's metagame by contributing my knowledge and experience (whatever it may be)
    Hi chckn, I was wondering if I could join your "The Watchers group". Now I know I barely ever post on the G&W boards, but I am completely up to date with his metagame and win tourneys with him all the time. I also constantly 2 and 3 stock A2ZOMG in G&W dittos (just something to compare me with if you don't believe me). So thanks in advance.
    yeah, thing is dye doesn't come in pink. there's krylon fusion which bonds to plastic, i gotta check it out first before i say i can.
    Yo. After Gamebreaker's, Seibrik is my official full time partner XD Sorry, we were talking on AIM and he asked me to be his official partner and I'd love to partner with him, but I'll still parter with you on certain occasions where Seibrik can't go.
    I saw your thread on how you needed help against Donkey Kong. Since I sub-main him I was wondering if I could help.
    My friend code is: 4596-9147-6465
    I live in Texas, so there will be some lag. Otherwise, if you want me to help, just message me.
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