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  • hey i just remembered your comments on youtube ^^ thanks again. the ic vids were a lot of work ;)
    ggs dude.,..g&w dittos were funny and fun...but still g&w my main cant let u beat him up even tho we play the exact same way
    GG's last night.
    I don't like climber dittos too much D:
    I have no secondary, I suck with every other character.
    And gnw ***** icies.

    I need a secondary
    Because I'm famous... but it reality of things, I used to teach lessons on the Friend Finder. Now I host online tournaments. I think I erased it accidently. What was it again.
    ya...I wouldn't mind playing you again. :) I see you online on the wii all the time, but something usually happens---like wifi was down when I tried to join your room 2 days ago...and today, I had to do work right when you tried to join lol...so hopefully I'll catch you online, and we can play...
    Yes, lolz. Didn't bother me, just felt bad. But I really wanted to play this guy, lulz.
    Sorry about yesterday, I wanted to play a friend I haven't played in a while.
    I loved that 0-death on marth though xD
    wow...finished just on time lol...GGs. going to bed now. hope to play you again sometime ;) nice IC btw--even though you only used them once (you should have used them more, cause I suck against IC's lol) :) what'd you think of my ZSS???
    My bro stole the tv lol...I should be there in less then 3 mins though...cause he's just watching till the end of halftime of the nba game
    k I created a room and i'm ready for the next 20 mins...it says your "brawling"...so I'll just wait for a while :)
    k I'll probably see you then...so far everything is going as planned and I should be able to make it...:) remember: best 3 of 5 and no picking the same stage twice...

    and if I leave before we're finished our best 3 of 5, then that means I just gave you the win...cause that meant I got busy or something.
    I should be able to play at around 9:15 pm my time today...I'll try to be there, but if I'm not don't be mad at me lol
    Oh, you're in California. I should have known that you're an hour behind since I have cousins over that live over there lol. anyways, I'll add you tomorrow...tonight is extremely busy for me. I might be able to play at 9pm my time/8pm your time on tomorrow, thursday, or friday...but I have a really random busy schedules every day, so I can't really make any promises yet. just go on your wii at that time if you can, and create a room and leave it open for like 10 mins, and if I don't join, just leave...cause that means I got busy with something and couldn't make it.

    but anyways, I should be able to play at that time on one of those days...good luck ;)
    we can have a few friendlies before we start, but it depends on what time we play--so maybe, or maybe not. here's my fc btw: 1976-9868-1900

    and would you mind telling me what the time in the top right corner of this message says on your computer so we can solve the timezone issue and maybe set up a time easier or something? it says 4:53 pm for me.

    thanks :)
    cool lol I play you this week in reo's tourney :bee: I'm so looking forward to this...I've wanted to play you for a while now...

    anyways, when can you play? weekdays? weekends?

    let me know :)
    Yes it will, as long as you're trying you'll advance. Today's the last day for it
    I've actually learned a lot about ice climbers from your fighting style. However I like to be more aggressive with them. I don't like ledge stalling.
    I wasn't saying a noob always wins. I just said a noob COULD win. Since you really can't do anything with grabs on other ice climbers except a dthrow chain lock til like 30% if you get them both. And its usually just spamming B specials, lol.
    Btw: I hate CGIng snake :(
    Don't worry, Ice climber dittos are the 2nd worst dittos in the game. Only outmatched by olimar.
    A newbie to ice climbers can almost beat me in ice climber dittos. That's how random they are D:
    Lulz, still getting those chain grabs down but I almost got it. I love the bthrow to dthrow chain grab :)
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