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Needle of Juntah

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  • Hey Needle of Juntah! I was contacting you because we live in the same city and was wondering if you would like to meet up and play Smash sometime? HMU at Oscarguydude@gmail.com. We both main the same character and I'm sure you could teach me some things.
    Needle of Juntah
    Needle of Juntah
    Oh, uhhh yeah I live at Rochester place apartments, yeah definitely, im free every day after 3-4. my phone is kinda jacked ATM you should give me your phone number and ill get back to you
    Hey Joel its been a minute. If you're going to Ori's we should team, I think we'd do pretty well (my old tag was VerticaHorizon in case you're wondering who the **** this is lol). Also Judge, Mikey and I might be getting together this week to play and chill before the tournament. Hit me up if you're interested. We should drink again anyway haha.
    Hey, I know you're a respected and really good G&W, and I just wanted to let you know that the Link boards are discussing the matchup. The thing is though, a while back the Link boards got into this huge fight with the mods, and moved to AiB. So that's where the matchup thread is now.

    I'm asking you because I think you live in Legan's area. I dunno if you've ever played him, but if you have, that'd be really helpful, since he's a top Link.

    Here's the link:


    Would be greatly appreciated.
    Idk if your going to the next test your might but if you do I was wondering if you would like to be my partner. My brother might team with judged or omniswell instead of me idk. lemme know if your interested man.
    ok I am going, are you still wanting to team since ally already has a partner?
    hey noj, I don't know if I'm going to mwc:E yet. if I don't tell you within like 4 days its probably a no. I'm so looking forword to teaming if I can though
    hey everybody i am going 2 try 2 hav a super smash bros brawl tournament at scorpico in sunset place its a mall in south miami fl and if your like me and u live by flagler and u had 2 drive 2 realy far places now u dont have 2 worry itz smash pocalypse!!!!!

    the 24 saturday 5701 sunset drive south miami,fl 33134 telephone of scorpico 305-669-4577 located on the second floor,close 2 jonny rockets........ my cell 786-222-2498


    10$ single
    20$ for doubles 10$ for each partner

    I'll come out with more info later and wat the prize iz 4 the winner single and doubles....... we need as many people as we could get so we can host plz come on down 2 smash pocalypse!!!!
    I'm going to be at my mom's place near Mt. Clemens for vacation from the 20th to Jan 2nd. Ann Arbor is a lil ways away but nothing if it was for a night of smash/hard partying but you gotta get off that mmorpg bull****, it aint healthy. Trail is going to be in chicago for xmas and james is god knows where but I'm sure I could get stroh to go to something. My cell is 210-722-9049 send a txt or some **** when you get the chance.
    is the needle of juntahhhhhh dude joel gw just got really good i guess
    cool. Im havin a smashfest tommorrow if you wanna pass by. Theres a kegger after at my friends house too :p.
    yo im heading over to pnt today, your sisters phone is disconected I guess lolol. So yeah give me a call if you wanna pass by or drink some beers or something. 3053088653
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