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Recent content by chckn

  1. C

    Dthrow Options/Mix-Ups

    What has been most effective for you? I find Dthrow-Dsmash is consistent and use Dthrow-Uair if I anticipate they will mash out. Any other recommendations/consistent options?
  2. C

    Just arrived in Gainesville, FL

    Sounds good man! Shoot me a text when you get here
  3. C

    Just arrived in Gainesville, FL

    Just moved in to an apartment right by UF. Does anyone play up here? Don't really know too many people yet and I have a nice spot to play. Call 3053088653 or PM me if you're up here, or intend to be soon!
  4. C

    The real reason Japan is better than America

    You have a very personal and entertaining writing style David. I'd love to see what becomes of your work if you put more effort into writing.
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    ** ZP BRAWL MONTHLIES!! ** Next Date 2/6/10 ** Waft Oli & R@vyn Taking Teams!?!

    I'm actually gonna go to this... maybe?
  6. C

    The Louisiana Thread: Flarefox Forever - We are alive.

    How about coming up with an original name...
  7. C

    Help seibrik represent atl south at genesis!!!!

    Yeah man ****s been busy for me lately, but I got a few days to dedicate to brawl. Shoot me a text so that I can save your number, I got a new phone.
  8. C

    Help seibrik represent atl south at genesis!!!!

    Yeah I wanna start playing again. Anyone down for hyperbolic brawl chamber tomorrow? It's been a while -___-.
  9. C

    Help seibrik represent atl south at genesis!!!!

    Give Seibrik your money. He's the ****.
  10. C

    Florida T.O. MK Ban/nerfing Discussion Thread.

    Ha this game has been out for a while already, and who would be banned besides mk?
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