Champion of Hyrule

I was born in Tarrey Town 41 years after the Calamity. I was then visited by the time-traveling dimension spanning Misko and became friends with him. He was then found by the Hylian Royal guards who executed him for numerous crimes against Hyrule. After his death, I found his dimension hopping time machine and used it to travel across dimensions and learn about heroes like Marth, Mario, Link etc. I then went to this world where I lived from now on, occasionally going on adventures in other worlds, and playing Super Smash Bros.! BTW, Nintendo’s games are pretty accurate.
Jul 10, 2000 (Age: 19)
Tarrey Town
Full time protector of: the Mushroom Kingdom, Hyrule, Eagleland, Dreamland, PNF-404, Corneria, etc. Part-time Smash player!
Smash 64 Main
Melee Main
Brawl Main
King Dedede
Project M Main
Smash 3DS Main
Smash Wii U Main
Smash Ultimate Main



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