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  • aw, skype? What happened to the good ol days of typing to talk to each other :\

    I don't have skype, but tell everyone I said hi and sorry for coming in on the chat randomly.
    o y hi there! Hey i just wanna no where you guys moved your chat to, i went to the Xat chat and found out it was dead. If you can give me a link to the chat site that would be super duper
    hey, when are you going to upload videos from the monthly?

    iblis saved the replays of me and him vs rayku/dyno in teams on your sd card and i want to watch them again
    BIGMAN~! ;3;

    What is considered a "serious yoshi mainer" to get into the yoshi bar club thingy? :> Is it like the back room people that play as yoshi, or just people that main yoshi through and through? o3o
    Alright Ultimaterazer I remember from Rel_12's forum where we met, and also I think I might know Dojo.
    Made the Skype account, and I think Southwest is what I should be going for maybe.
    GreenGlaciers Meh.. no creativity.
    I don't have skype but If I remember correctly from us chatting over Youtube a few years back I always said I was on BYOND and they've always told me to get MSN and Skype.
    I'll make a skype account right now, and from your other post in my visitor message box.
    I've been playing wifi since 2008 so I guess that's enough, Not sure if there's a smash community anywhere near Kerrville/San Antonio (Texas)
    And for the State Texas should I go to either southwest or Central. (Sorry for questions after questions)
    And by doing this will I be able to learn more about the metagame, where big tournaments will be at, and also who the best people are depending on the characters I face.
    Hello Scatz haven't talked to you in awhile.
    Wanted to ask you a question or two...
    Where did you start playing copetitive gameplay for SSBB and where's the best country/state to stay at for the biggest tournaments. (Didn't get any help in Blog post)
    I'm thinking of having a mini sleepover/smashfest on Friday at my house to practice for CB. Would you come? Waba is about 10 minutes from my house.
    Hello Rai! I'm sorry to come here and bother you but I was wondering if there was someway to tell what textures I have with doing the good old take them one by one and check.

    Did you use some kind of program to so neatly organize your pack?
    I could have worded this question a bit better.
    I've decided to go to CB instead. We need to wreck Michael and Turtle's face when we get there. Oh yeah, and Alby. XD

    What's our team name going to be?
    not yet, but i think that i will load it because of the chat thingey
    not now, but i will (weekend i think)
    did you pick up an exta sensor bar? During a teams match elev8 accidentally shut off your wii so we used my sensor bar to turn it back on but i forgot to take it back from your wii
    I saw you mention that you wanted to see the Lucario vids..... I posted them in the vid thread.

    Uh, dunno how much they'll help you, though. Lawrence is a much newer Pika, so I figured they'd help him, but you're better and probably won't get as much from them. :urg: Still might wanna check em out tho.
    I think that thing you told me about can be buffered, I'm stuck on wiinet for now though so we'll talk later
    Heya. I just wanted to let you know that your group The Yoshi Bar Club is open to the public--not sure if that's what you wanted.

    Yeah, I look at random groups sometimes. :p
    Heh, yeah, when I made my account, I couldn't register as Firefly because it was taken, so I had to add those to make my user name unique. I guess that means some random guy who possibly no longer goes here has an invite to a Yoshi group now... =S

    Ok. I didn't get any invitations to anything though, and the only group I'm part of right now has no new posts. Does it have something to do with the Yoshi group I saw in the New Groups section?

    my laptop that had a mic installled in it crashed recently, so now I can't lol =/ I can probably obtain a mic soon though.
    so what do u use for the portrait gimp? or photoshop do u mind explaining how o make ur own when u have time b/c i know ur busy or givee me a link to a guide b/c i cant find one ;_;
    another question sry if im buging u =(

    how do u change the characters portrait do u use Brawl Texturizer if so how in the world do u use it @_@ im a noob at that part
    o ok i see now thx for the pack. ok so u said its going to take 30 mins to finish installing? (The Hsplit thingy)
    lol oops what i mean to say is how long will the link u gave us to combine all the files take just to install it
    i have css and all that in my sd card but i dont know how long ur link to put all the files into one is going to take its taking for eva
    Sure; do you have a valid e-mail address? The link I got it from no longer exists, but I can send you a copy.

    And, no problem; you're a cool guy, and you gave me no reason to complain. In that case, the more the merrier. If you're not too far off from the tournament I'm going to, I'd be happy to get you again if need be.
    right man, Ill keep an eye out for ya. Ill be wearing a green jacket with white stripes down the arms. Ill be going by cLION.
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