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  • Lots of the Yoshi's don't voice chat unless everyone wants to, but I'll tell em you said hi.
    We're doing skype chats (voice and text). You can add me and I'll get you in the chat

    No wonder I couldn't find you when I searched Jumpman, probably the underscore threw it off xD

    Anyways hey there, I've had some success reviving the forgotten heroes chat, so may be you'd want to stop by sometime. Recently i've been able to maintain 10 people online for more than an hour, and 6 for several

    And we can get mods by asking Liam who is usually in this other chat on vgdistrict
    Hey! Didn't know you still visited here, seems like your last activity wasn't very long ago!

    Come visit the chat more, PIX is back! Idk if you know him, but I'm pretty sure you do (unless you forgot) since you joined the Yoshi Tribe before I did. He's the Ice Climbers player who left for Medical College just after Brawl came back.

    Plans to revive the old chat are working ;)

    Soon we'll have five people, and people from that new chat may want to come... Sallas and Bigz would come over first most likely.
    LOL Um yeah, Fox was just for lolz.

    And nice use of DT....I'm gonna master it tomorrow. Putting like 4-5 hours in. XD
    Found a quick turn double cancel with it, you can turn insanely fast. You stop with the cance; and then cancel again and turn hte analog stick in the op direction.

    And I got it down in training mode, it took me a little over an hour.
    Sub, mights found a WD in brawl with Yoshi...MMac should be forarding to you what I sent to him...or look at the thread I made in the Yoshi boards.
    hey, you the same Jump_Man from TheWiire.com

    im revolution-link (one with flying crows for my sig.), just wonderin, cause im really bored haha
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