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  • Did you find anything else?

    I'm starting testing again right now. I'll probably be at it for awhile.
    Actually yes...

    I DJC's Dair immeadietely into anoth DJC which makes some funky super dodge. Like two clouds of dust and some back ward and forward movement...dependent on your anallog.
    I don't want to make you learn it. I mean it is hard to do without messing up once while moving. It's your choice.
    I need to get up a video guide on the DT soon. I'll need some help, from you and Jump Man.

    The best thing I can do again is send you footage, and get online with people.

    Do you have it mastered?

    And I got my Wii back, but still I'll have to remaster it.
    hey scatz
    i saw ur yoshi combo video..its real nice... i never edgeguarded like that with yoshi before..

    im a yoshi mainer myself and would like to challenge you to see how my yoshi stacks up to yours...i left u a message on youtube but incase u didnt read it im leaving you one here

    by the way...awesome music choices on the video
    Heysorry for bothering you so much. But I'm facing a pro Ike for an online tourney tonight so any hints or helpful advice? =D
    Hey can we play brawl sometime, I'm a yoshi and would like to fight one of the best and hopefully learn a few things. I live in Florida, and thats right next to Georgia so the lag shouldn't be too bad.

    Heres my friend code


    Reply a time that would be good, if you want to play of course.
    I can probably go to upper Gerorgia. But this would be about 2 1/2 hours from Atlanta.
    Hey how far can you travel man? Cause I'm trying to get a tourney set up in Chatt., TN. And if you come that will already be three Yoshi mains there. KingPin, you, and me. THat would be good chances at winning since Tennessee isn't very big on the brawl scene on the east side of the state.
    you and your porn websites alright well get on AIM later though cause i might be at some dudes house playing brawl aka getting *****, but yeah i have a tourney on sat and all ANY practice i can get helps, so yeah hurry up.

    no billies
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