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  • well, lounis said he's having a smashfest today for herb 3, and I have to pick jamaal up before I come over there. So it pretty much will be everyone riding to herb 3 lol.
    Saw you registered for HERB, so I stopped by to wish you best of luck. I'll be leaving for it in a few hours myself, hope to see you there man.
    i can get audacity. wow, how many people are going to be here? O_o

    on top of the smashers, my roommate has about 6 of his friends coming over as well.... this place is going to be packed.
    Hmm I think I can a ride to and from I just have to confirm it. Another question is when are you guys planning to leave?
    Okay no prob then about the vids.

    Oh yoshi? Yea... ^_^ if you are going to HERB 3, then you'll most likely (90% chance) see me most definitely. I can't DR to save my butt, but just like how i am a sniper with pika's jolts, i can snipe with eggs ^_^ (even against powershielders). I do a lot of tongue-work more than aerials tho. Dunno how my yoshi fairs against other mains OoS.
    Dear Bigman:

    I just watches some of your matches that you've posted and noticed that you've probably got the video thread reversed. The Volt Tackle Video thread is meant for highlight videos (mostly winning or against top mains) footage that can be used for teaching other pika's how to play the matchup. The ones you posted on Volt Tackle recently felt more like they belong in critique thread. Just a heads up to save K-Prime some trouble and save some pika's who refer to Volt Tackle as 'the best of the best vids' some confusion.

    On a side note, I also love to play yoshi ^_^. Besides pika of course, I think I am also the best yoshi in NC at the moment. needa work on my DR's.
    :yoshi: That won't be for a few days...I'm in a bit of a spot at the moment.

    Try sending it in a PM to me?
    i cant say for sure, but i think effects are independent of costume
    If you didn't catch my post in the pika thread.... Do you have go to Georgia Southern and know Carter? I need to his number to contact him. I might be paying a visit sometime down that way soon. If you don't go or if this is the wrong bigman, my bad =/
    so, I'm putting what will hopefully be the final necessary attempt into learning DR. What would you say are the easiest control set-ups?
    Ah.. forgot about school... okay maybe the weekends when you have time.
    P.S. Mind hooking me up with maybe a few other Yoshi brawlers, since alot of people (Including me) look up to you. I intend to get better since I haven't played in almost 2. years
    Hello scatz we haven't brawled in awhile since I lost internet. Wanna play again sometime? ShadowYoshi1154 by the way or Frost to jog your memory of who I am.
    dude, serious problem with my comp, i explained it on your wall on facebook. check it please! happy birthday by the way! one yoshi bday down, then me, then bwett, then acey, then stocky! september rules! XD
    no problem!

    if you wifi ever we should play!

    wow "we should wifi" sounds like "we should cyber"

    .........JUST noticed that LOL
    Give me the ones you took, mine are with random names and will take ages to dig up.
    cool. i'll put that away for a combo video down the line when i actually get good. ;P
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