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  • Good news, and better news.

    Good news is I just pre-ordered, with full payment, SSFIV and will have it in my hands by next monday.

    Better news is, once I rid my computer of this silly malware infection and order an ethernet cord, I will (hopefully) have live. So hopefully I'll be seeing you int he world of Street Fighter soon.
    So I did WAAAYYY better this time around, I played this defensive Ryu, i I couldn't beat him =(, then I played a aggressive Ryu and ***** him, I played a really good Sagat, Gen(lolwtf), and Chun, the Sagat wassss annoying but I ALMOST beat him (also EX uppercut-->Ultra works, thats stupid), ghe Gen was reallly good I just had no idea what to do against Gen, he still barely beat me, I was beating the Chun consistently. Also, what do I do against a turtling Blanka?
    Okay now that the 502 bad gateway crap is gone I can finally tell you were I'm at in terms of skill. I know most of the basics, I'm okay at footsies but I'm far from done learning it, I have trouble with knowing what move counters another move, like, I was playing a really spammy Cammy last night and I didn't know how to punish the spiral arrow, also, he almost ALWAYS cannon spiked on wake up and I had know idea what to do (i was Boxer). After that I played this crazy Rufus, his rush down was hard to deal with and he combo'd into his ultra in multiple ways, but for some reason I did better against him than the annoying Cammy.

    So basically I'm bad at combo's, I don't know how to punish, and I'm having a really hard time switching to a stick. :mad:

    I have PSN and XBL but I have to get a online card for my XBL.
    College grounds are pretty convenient for those types of events (especially when you know the right people.)

    I could help you out if you ever decided to make it happen. My advice, one tourney event per day (including the difference between 1v1 and teams) and avoid inviting (too many) friends that aren't a benefit to your cause.
    Actually thats not that bad of a price, if you don't want to play any other games...Do you play any other games besides Fighters?

    Dude, you should look into hosting tournaments, it would be worth the investment.
    Arcade Sticks? Don't those run for console prices? I don't know about that. I am what you call a college student, my money concerns laundry and other expenses akin to it.

    If I got the chance to use one, I would definitely try it out (consoles are migrating closer and closer to the hotseat slash one console per person era)

    What's your take on Street Fighter's Fight Pad?
    Ah, You're essentially getting your ideas out in the open and waiting for feedback? Trying to get them out of your head perhaps?

    CCPro = Classic Controller Pro


    I've probably mentioned this controller in the past. Its sort of a hybrid of the Classic Controller and the other Next Gen Sixaxis controllers on the market. I dislike the Gamecube for Smash/Virtual Console and I've heard nothing but terrible reviews for the original Classic Controller. I enjoyed playing Melee with the 360 controller and I've pretty much switched over to Handheld/2-D Platformers for the first half of this year, so I can't wait to test this hybrid for myself (and now a motive for competative titles like TvC).
    Sounds Good.

    Still about the SSB4 stuff eh? Its sort of a lost cause by now don't you think?

    I saw your post about T.Vs.C and I was actaully considering renting that title (aside from Megaman's anime-esque appearance on the commericial the game looks alright). Why do you think I should pick it up?

    Btw I probably won't even be playing another Wii title until the CCPro comes out, just by preference. (Hey its the Same time SSFIV comes out)
    I think it's a good thing. Justin Wong made her look like a complete monster. Cammy couldn't do anything.

    I'm really not looking foward to Makoto. Like really.
    late response, my bad. Yeah, plus I heard her stamina is mad low. I heard 4 hits from T hawk equals 50% for her.
    I'm sorry but I can't help but think Juri's gonna be broken. She has Yuns gay SA. That ultra doesn't even need to be set up. At least she can build meter by turtling like Yun could.
    woot I know. Cody's in it. He's like my 2nd fav SF character behind Urien and tied with Dudley. I really hope Dudley's in. Most of the rumors have been right so far.
    lol did I beat you or are you just thinking on it? I bet you're just giving the thread room to breathe, we did make pretty lengthy posts.
    I wish I could express the importance of the c-stick to you. I wonder if it is dead within the competative community.
    I got an idea for multiplayer: Character Mode.

    1) Each player may select up to a predetermined number of characters. Each character gets only one stock.
    2) Objective: take out all of the opponent's characters.
    3) The player may switch mid-stock on safe ground by pressing the appropriate button or combination of buttons.
    4) If you switch back to a character, they'll retain their damage and any necessary status, even counting stuff like Pikmin Color/Stage/HP, etc.
    Hello Again, since My features group went inactive, I decided to make separate features groups based on the most important categories:
    Single Player
    Other Features (A separate category for the features section)
    Overall Features (for characters or other non-game mechanics that might or might not affect the game play a little.)
    Hmm, Ok, I kinda figured they only use styles for a basis of which to build, That's the main reason I have always liked Tekken the most of any fighting games, it has true to life fighting styles for their characters.
    Heyo Kuma, Quick question about Street Fighter 4.

    Is there any characters with a capoeria style? I am thinking about getting a new fighing game, but I place a lot of importance on included fighting styles, and I particularly like Capoeria a lot.

    So if there aren't any in this game, do you know of any, besides Tekken they are included in?
    Hey Kuma, I created a Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom public group. Mainly it will be a way for people to exchange friend codes for matches and such, but I also want to add information regarding the game to possibly draw some interest to anyone who might stumble onto the group. Anyways it still needs to be edited some, but I wanted to go ahead and give you the link:

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