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  • Actually, I think they are in agreement to not release theirs within the same time as they don't want the games to compete with each other (understandable). Besides, Namco's working on Tekken Tag Tournament 2.
    Believe me, I'm on top of this. I'm really curious how each series will adapt to the other. Fireballs are going to be something in Tekken X Street Fighter.
    "Roidley" shows up just after you see Samus in the commercial. He's about five seconds in.

    Speaking of capoeria, rumor has it that Elena from Street Fighter III will be in the arcade release of Super Street Fighter IV and will likely mean as a DLC character for us console players. She's likely not super faithful like the rest of the SF cast, but she's your go to for a capoeria character in the SF universe.
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