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  • If it weren't for Youtube, I probably would have just lol'd at him and gave him an one liner. Youtube brought the rage and facts LOL.
    It's safest to riskiest. I've seen that game. I plan on getting it. I also have MvC3 and TvC.

    I know you said avoid Chu, but I had to go in LOL
    Of course, doing something like misspaced Bair only gives you -2 cool down. So that's probably a top priority thing and then next would Nair, then Utilt, then Jab, the Ftilt. Those are in order of safety.
    Word. With that zoning video in mind. I think Nair, Bair, Utilt, Jab, Ftilt, and pivot grabbing would be a good way to play footsies/zoning. All of them have fast start-up and/or low ending lag. I'm guessing while applying pressure, throwing out a purposely mis-spaced move to force a reaction and punish is good?
    Yooo, you got to talk competitive stuff with me dog. You said camping was a form of zoning? I understand that but Fox's laser doesn't cause hitstun. I'm finding my own way with dealing with it like every other Fox does but what do you think a camping Fox should do?
    PC? I thought I was reading that article wrong. Damn, now I really need to purchase it... that or buy an Xbox.
    Forgive me, I hadn't realized that you actually had significant opinions regarding Krystal. I figured that you were making fun of how the thread was going (Roster Oriented).
    Haha well thanks. I suppose it's probably because when I started on this site I was like sixteen. But yeah, thanks!
    Damn, looks good, I'm gonna have to restrain from dropping opening price on it haha. Now if only Namco would get in gear and gets some work done on Tekken X Street Fighter :roll:
    as the only one who truly cares/understands gameplay, I figured you might have thoughts on this:

    I have a proposition to the gameplay (yes, another one of my infamous propositions):

    we have attacks, we have tilt attacks, we have smash attacks, and we have charge attacks. fully charged attacks are just more damaging than your average c stick quick smash attack.

    i would like for fully charged smash attacks to become a new move altogether... let's say Fox is charging his forward smash attack which is currently a Spinning Kick. if you fully charge your forward smash attack, you get your Strike attack. Fox's forward strike attack is a blazing leap kick. (yes, like Liu Kang's Enhanced Flying Kick, Flame Dragon Kick... this isn't where i got the idea, i assure you... it just happens to exist already within a game that has recently come out)

    this in no way means i would install the name Super Smash Bros. Strike... strike just happens to be the name to describe the new ability like smash was for smash moves.
    this is something i wrote on the flood and it was obviously washed away without any care (like so many of my posts... RIP posts).
    I finally created that SSB4 group I told you about a while ago. Although it is still supposed to revolve around character speculation, I created it mainly to reunite the frequenters of the SSB4 thread, most of which have been burried beneath the recent flood of thread newcomers. Gameplay ideas and game features are completely welcome!

    I sent you an invite. I hope you join up, even if you don't wish to participate. I'd love to have you there!
    Yeah, it really is a big clash lyrically. I REALLY love Kanye, but his verses there are so stupid and out of place. I still like it though, it changes the song up
    I felt the same way at first, but then I bought the CD and heard the version with no Kanye...and I don't like it as much.
    Haha, okay, I wasn't sure. I hope it helped. :3c

    She's a really unique character, so if you're interested, you should give it a shot.
    I hope my post on Mu helped you out. Sorry it was so long and rambly though. :I
    Forgive me for not giving you a proper response in the combo thread.

    I'm kinda busy with some board issues and I have things to work on for the Lucario and Link boards.

    Still I didn't disagree with what you were saying near the end as much. Still I'm probably gonna leave that thread alone now, I gotta help in the metagame stuff for the boards I work on since they need help with discussion.

    Nice talking though.
    I figured this would tickle your fancy. I can`t wait to see how sf x tekken condenses the movesets from tekken, ahhh what a project
    Kuma Kuma Kuma. Interesting news from the world of fighting games. I don`t know if you`ve heard but they`re making 2 street fighter tekken crossovers...personally I`m intrigued.
    I can`t view the commercial, (I`m on my phone) but is he the one that looks like an armadillo? If not, I think I`m looking at a different commercial.

    And if she becomes DlC I will try extremely hard to pick and relearn the game, her as my main. Let`s hope that rumor pans out.
    Heyo Kuma, got a question for ya.
    I saw an Other M commercial (don`t know if it`s the "one") that has live samus, converts to game style etc. I was wondering where the new roidley was in that commercial?

    Oh and props for being smarter than me, dead or alive blew, and on top of that, the capoira character was pnly half capoira, lame.
    Sorry for the trouble here. Btw, I got myself an account to find out that it is possible to find MSN users.
    that last part about the internet, lost me indefinitely. Perhaps it was sarcasm i don't know. I'll get it I just meant that some IM's can contact between one another (MSN --> Random IM).
    Is it possible to cross access between IM's? I don't have an aim account, although I'm willing to make one.
    Hey dude, you wouldn't happen to have any form of IM would you? I've written a response to you twice and have hit the backspace just to find myself on the previous page. I could write it on Word, but man do I not feel up to taking more time write it again as of now.
    Yeah, the timing for her corner combos are a bit strange to get used to, but they are very much worth it.

    Pretty much her midscreen bnb carries to the corner and does 4k+oki, plus it builds around 60 heat(!).
    Her corner bnb/near corner bnb does 7k, meterless, plus oki.

    Another thing to note, Makoto's Astral Heat is probably the most viable Astral in the game because she has so many ways to combo into it. AA CH 6A/j.C/low air-air CH j.B/any of her drives/any of her throws. It also comes out on frame 1.

    Oh yeah, we should play some Super sometime too. Just warning you though, if I don't like the lag I won't hesitate to quit out. I </3 lag.
    How easy are we talkin'? I mean, the challenge mode teaches you some pretty good, easy combos (with the exception of certain ones) that are respectable. Once you get good with those and can do the parry loop consistently you can move on to the bigger stuff.
    What I don't get a hello? I wonder why that is...

    To answer your question, I just recall that bit about the new roster thread typically 'turning to crap'.
    Still active huh? Cool stuff

    * Read some of your comments on that thread. I can always count on you to 'keep it real'.

    Hilarious at best
    I didn't even notice your avatar LMAO. I just remember you from online.
    I swear I have you on my Xbox Live friends list O.O. El Fuerte player?
    Hey, I was wondering, how does Blazeblue play? Is it more similar to Street Fighter than anything else?
    I actually thought about it, and quite a few Native actors go into voice acting above other forms of acting.

    Yeah, Balrog's english voice is so a white guy's "black voice"
    The most annoying thing about T. Hawk, as far as being a portrayal of the indigenous peoples of the Americas, is his white bread voice. I can't take that voice going "MEXICAN Typhoon" lol
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