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  • Would you hypothetically be interested in coming out of mafia hosting retirement? It wouldn't happen for at least a couple months.

    Also, hi. Been a while
    Just making sure, but would you like to play this round of mafia for old times sake? I'd love to make this the biggest game yet.
    depends on when it starts... all this week i have to do some heavy school crap. if it starts on the 21st or after, i can do it.
    Well, sign ups don't end until this Thursday, Friday will be role confirm day. So that means you'd only miss the first day or so if you were gone. Is that still okay?
    yeah, that's cool.
    come through!!!! (MANTECA CA) NOVEMBER 30TTH

    Get ready to smash your way to the top:
    work your way up the ladder with an ally or solo, in a singles
    plus doubles event... 1st - 2nd and 3rd place winner will not
    leave empty handed...
    play hard and win big!!
    Yea that is quite a heavy load. Good luck, I'm starting to fall behind a little too so I can relate. Just don't forget us.
    I want to do concept art-esque type stuff mainly for video games but maybe movies or the like too. I'd be happy with characters or maybe stage design I guess anything in that area.

    Lol that's funny because I was leaning towards an illustration major. There's no dedicated game arts major but I was going to take illustration classes like fantasy art, concept art, chat design etc but also interaction design and art courses like game/play.

    Ok, so it didnt really ADD much so I wouldn't lose too much or gain too much by taking/not taking GD classes.

    I use deviant art as inspiration too but I dont really pick specific artists. I usually find a picture or two that represent where I want to take a particular idea and try to emulate the styles.
    Cool so if I don't feel like doing homework I can just get you to do it =P

    Seriously though do you think your degree in graphic design helped you a lot? Because it seems like you do more digital painting then graphic design and I'm pretty much in the same position. Majority of the other art classes that I think would help are done in more traditional media but I'm more of a photoshop kinda guy. But it would be pointless to take graphic design courses if they move me in a different direction.
    Swig? Nah I want way more than that! And lol those commercials are so dumb but you can't help but laugh at them.
    Ironically a couple weeks after I tell you what to do about girls, me and my girl break up. My uncle brought up a good point the other day, he said "At 18 they let you go to war where they shoot you up, but you can't have a drink." Pass the bottle partner
    Thanks man^_^. You did a good job and the differences are negligible for our purposes do don't sweat it. I owe you one Or is it four?
    Lol I can RELATE. I'm the oldest of 7 :laugh: if you notice 99% of my posts are from mobile devices- iPod/phone.

    Anyway that's good thanks for the progress report and I'll check back tomorrow afternoonish EST.
    Yeah, he's really impressed. Glad I had you in my corner us artists got to stick together. Just give me the last two anytime in the next couple days, I'll probably check the collapse Sunday evening.
    That's really good, he likes it a lot. We caught a lucky break and have atleast until Monday so you can relax for a while.
    It's 2:30 here so I'm about to call it a night but first here are the other character designs [COLLAPSE="Char designs"] [IMG] [IMG][/COLLAPSE]
    He obviously didn't finish the last one but it's fairly easy to tell where he was going.

    If you want to pose them than the guy in my last post should be shooting his bow and arrow, the guy in this post should be sorta like Ike's dojo pose but with a samurai sword, the finished girl should be crouching with a handgun and the last girl should be in a wolverine esque pose with twin sai. If you don't pose them then please if you can put their weapon next to them. When you're finished just post the pictures on my wall and/or email me to let me know datgui@rocketmail.com. Thank you so much I really appreciate it. Remember I need them by 3 EST so I think about noon for you.
    It's a 3rd person sci fi action adventure puzzler. The basic premise is, in the future (~15 years) the nations of the world are experimenting with viruses. Spies and their mercs steal mutated viruses from the U.S. and Japan and create a super virus that attaches to people and controls them. (think spiderman symbiote). The protaganists are a group of 4 military men and women who are the last of their kind and are immune to the symbiote thanks to a serum but as a result suffer weakening physical structure and deteriorating tissue.

    If you'll draw the people for me id be really appreciative and I'll do the environment and sideshow. I would need them by 2pm EST though.
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