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    Sweet man, that's awesome! Subscribed.
    more like raccoon than bears yo

    and I feel studi for mixing them up, but to be fair, I never really looked at it more than glancing

    I'm surprised we didn't add each other earlier. I did consider sending you one awhile ago, but it left my mind until now.
    If you meant you were going to practice making shapes so that your faces could be better than that's a terrible idea. A face isn't really made up of a circle head shqpe, oval eyes, etc. It's made up of various organic shapes that otherwise don't exist and you'd be much better off looking at the individual lines and line segments that make up the forms if you want to create realistic faces. If that's not what you meant than nevermind =)
    General discussion forum. I've just made it, feel free to grab that second post. I'd suggest putting 'reserved' in it first before going in with your own general thoughts. Also feel free to talk about how it's relevant to the community and why it's important and interesting. =)
    Check the SSB4 Backroom but basically, i'm going to create that frame data thread in a moment so remember to reserve the second post for your personal thoughts and spaces for good ideas, etc.

    VM me back when you get this so I know to start. :)
    Lol, this isn't the first time someone has asked me this. She's Birdy from the Birdy the Mighty/Tetsuwan Birdy series. She's currently my favorite manga/anime character.
    Ahh too bad. If you get an emulator I recommend it. :p

    Also, cheers about the song. I really enjoy it now. Hoping java will get on sometimes so he can update the music thread with it haha. :D
    Hey have you ever played Terranigma? It's one of the games I most wish would have it's music in SSB4. This arrangement of one of it's themes is beautiful:

    Did you know it's possible for ICs to CG with a wii-chuk? I am so excited about this! *goes and tells IC boards*
    Not that I know of; I've kind of stayed out of most of the current speculation threads because I personally think it's wayyy too early to start seriously talking about that stuff, so I'm pretty out of the loop. Maybe I need to lurk moar and educate myself a bit before I get involved. :p
    Hey Kuma! Well, I've been pretty good. I think I've spent the last year or so? lurking Smashboards (I just can't get away from this place) and I decided to pop back in and have fun arguing with people again. :)
    I figured it was a bit one-sided but since I'm pretty ignorant of TFs I wasn't sure. The part that I found the most subjective was the auto combos. I'm not sure how much you know about melee but it's an open invitation at the end of the post for a DISCUSSION, unlike what you and smashchu usually get into. :laugh: I'd actually want to read this.
    I first heard that song when I played the game. I imagined it, "huh. This is the perfect song to destroy France to and enslave their former people to!" :cool:

    Civilization is fun...
    For some reason, that remix of that song reminds me of this. Even though the cultural background to the two songs are different, the lyrics for some reason sound the same...
    Good Lord, my only reason to take part here in these neccessary evils (the boards) is to catch up with you folks. Otherwise I differ to my schedule. Your messages are appreciated
    You'd like this a lot. I'm currently watching it too, it's mad useful It'll give you a better background on Smash gameplay. Eh, I might come back to thread in a week, I'm not sure yet.
    Well, I'm done with that silly Kong for the day. I have a boyfriend date, and I want to listen to the Divinyl's "I Touch Myself", because it's funny.

    He's so silly, in a bad way.
    I can't be that good if you and Oasis are the only ones catching it. But yeah, bull****, I like making it.
    That thread is dead, I'm just playing along with it's bull****. It's more fun than trying to get my message through to anyone there.

    Thanks :-3
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