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Recent content by Baky

  1. Baky

    How do I deal with good falcos?

    You always have to play to your strengths, first of all. You need to convert big on every punish. If you can't convert from a shine punish, then I'd recommend looking for alternatives. I personally get the most off of grabs, especially on stages like BF where its easy to follow-up on platforms...
  2. Baky

    Event Preview: EGLX Melee feat. Leffen, Mango, Armada, Hungrybox, Mew2King and more

    No such thing as a lovable asshole. You're either lovable or you're an asshole.
  3. Baky

    Melee or Smash 4?

    The tendency is for people who really love Melee stick to playing Melee, despite its age. If you can't distinguish the differences between Melee and Smash Wii U then you might be better off playing Wii U, at least in the short term. I play Melee to near exclusivity but I've tried a few WiiU...
  4. Baky


    Have you already found people to play with? I'm assuming you're the recent smashfest host in Okinawa.
  5. Baky


    Why does no one message me... :( What game do you play? I can point you in the right direction. Oh and are you military or affiliated with the bases? Theres both an english and Japanese Smash 4 community... Melee is a lot smaller here
  6. Baky

    Okinawa japan

    I'm a Melee player in Okinawa. Theres not many of us... as far as I know, me the one American and two Japanese players who I've played some friendlies with.
  7. Baky


    The way we were communicating previously was twitter. I'm sure they'll want to play. Are you pretty good? First time I played with them I got bodied for like 5 hours winning less than half. (I consider myself pretty good but I had a 3 month break due to moving, etc)
  8. Baky

    Utah Stats Megathread - (results, locator, tools, ranking speculation)

    Yo, for future reference. I'm sure the guy who runs this thread after me will not appreciate having to list 20 different secondaries. And no one has that many secondaries, thats not a thing. You have a main and a bunch of characters you're able to play, (being able to play them doesn't default...
  9. Baky

    Utah Thread - Dead thread is dead

    Yeah what this guy said. Sorry about that btw guys. The thread became pretty useless overtime as everyone was using other means to get the information I had listed and some of the top players didn't want to put themselves on the list. Its great that there is more interest in using it again and...
  10. Baky

    I don't live in Utah. I'm going to pass it to soapsuds

    I don't live in Utah. I'm going to pass it to soapsuds
  11. Baky


    I'm basically the liaison between the Japanese and American melee players atm. (The American melee players being just me <_<) You got me in Ginowan and you got the two best Japanese guys in Shuri, Naha.
  12. Baky


    Okinawa is currently me, (an American), and Okinawa's two best players who I play with every few weeks.
  13. Baky

    Tafokints On Why Smashers Are Skeptical

    I think there is a distinction to be made about MVG. M2K is a co-owner and many other high level smashers are personally invested. I think MVG, in its current state, has a pretty balanced crew that could perhaps do more good than harm if given the chance. Obviously, at the moment, they're on...
  14. Baky


    Thought you live in Okinawa? Oh, its no problem- thats why I conceded and said I'd play S4. I played it on 3DS and played a little WiiU at launch.
  15. Baky

    It is now

    It is now
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