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  • The tourney?.. There gonna host it in a house..
    Yeah, I asked if there could host it somewhere safer. But they so said there low on cash..so yeah. Hopefully there gonna host the tournament somewhere safer.

    So ehh, what time do you wanna have a match?
    dsingson/David and his friend kyle. Also this other guy named Niko. There the ones handling the Tourney. Thats what dsingson said..
    There hasn't been any news lately about the tourney. Ill be asking again.. They said there still planning it the last time I checked.

    I'm up for a match anytime tonight or tom. Around 7-11 PM is good. Or next weekend if your busy.
    So uhh.. do you want to have an online match anytime soon? Don't worry, playing with friends is miles better than playin with anyone.. there's less lag.

    Just make sure its a stock match..
    Oh the tourney.. err I haven't heard any news about it, Ill ask about it soon.

    So you gots online huh? AWESOME. 3609-2485-3101 my tag names Sonar. Tell me when your up for a match alright?
    Just post inside the thread what you want updated, and I will just correct it.
    "our numbers are probably the lowest in the boards. were only around 30 left."

    I'm sorry, but I just had an incredible urge to tell you otherwise. Drop by the ROB Boards sometime.
    There's only about 14 consistently posting ROBs left.

    Kind of, except it will deal with more common "MK" trends and how to punish, as well as what to do vs. a MK who knows the MU inside and out. (not just for MK, but you get the example), as well as what to do on stages, what attack patterns to avoid, and other tricks. It will hopefully get input from more common tourney-going lucarios on the issue, but it will be constantly fresh from any whiff of new stuff the other char has picked up.
    Oh.. err, well lets just say me and MK don't get along very well. My friend mains MK, and..oh gawd he sure can ****.

    Ahem, I don't really think MK actually will get banned anyway of course. And I don't really mind if he isn't or is banned.
    Actually, yes. I see a lot of other boards do it, we tried it once, but it died from so many not posting, so we could try it again.
    Oh. err, ok. Well, hopefully your connection gets better soon.

    As for the tournament.. Well, I e-mailed dsingson5, he said it will be on August. He said to text his friend Kyle for more details. Uhm, his friend Kyle is the one hosting the tourney, I haven't texted him yet, but I will soon.
    So uhh, you wanna test your connection soon?
    SSBB's connection is much faster with friends than with anyone.

    And uhh, I don't think online can corrupt your games that easily.
    Just submit it to the Punish thread, in the correct format. I will update it when you do.
    Usually I use my mains, Luigi and Ness. But I could use my secondaries like Captain Falcon, Marth, and Link just for fun.
    Oh, hi dude. I haven't seen ya in a while, doing good?
    Just to let you know, I'll be open for a match anyday, so tell me if your ready for one.
    I'll prolly be working on them, although right now I'm just happy I could get the MU thread going again ^_^

    You kidding?

    Wow. That's pretty sad man.

    Of course I still am. I promised everyone I'd make it. I dunno when it'll be out, but I'm working on it.

    I'm not posting lol. I do have a crew thread, so i am only on there for the most part.

    No, I am not staying.
    Sure man, although I think the majority of the notes are going to consist of this:
    "His afterburners have deceptive range. **** him from underneath"
    If you have MSN, add me there.

    MSN: RJBad1100@yahoo.com

    or if you want to use AIM its RJRawrr

    Also, I think people had a misunderstanding when I said I was leaving. I really meant I am not going to continue using the boards, lol. My reasons are my own, but I am really serious about it.
    I dunno,
    what info do you have? I'll try to cover for whatever's left lol, sorry I haven't been of much help.
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