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  • No I don't sorry. Also I think is pretty cool that you want to study fossils and all.
    A rough time? How so? (...er, if you don't mind me asking. You don't have to tell me anything you don't want to.)

    I accept my Aura heritage with pride. XD

    (But you're totally right. I'm sure there are a lot of really good lucario players who aren't included in the Mafia Tree -- are we officially a mafia now? xD -- because they technically main other characters.)

    Then again, how did Espy, Miss Tentahorns, and Stealth come to be so friendly with the lucario boards?
    It's been going pretty well! Thanks again for all your help earlier! :)

    I've also been practicing my lucario a lot lately. Hopefully I will be able to earn my place on the family tree someday. :3
    Im going to start messaging through here again on weekdays, my parents are stalking me through my phone as well.

    Also, do you have school off too? I didn't have to take any midterms so I have a 6-day weekend >=o}
    Yeah. Plus, to top it off, many people are thinking that Lucario will rise to around 12th. =D
    You need to get my text or something, because im getting sick of logging through this phone to be reminded that youre on the other side of the planet and then stay up until early morn.

    But i dont want to get you in trouble either...
    Disneyland HK?

    also what time is it where you are? Im too lazy to find out for myself, and im not sure if my guess would be exact.
    Also lol he isnt with me all the time. he only cares about smash when he is with me.
    I just noticed your edit!

    I am 16 years.

    Also who are you dropping lulu for?
    If you learned how to turn it on then i cant catch you online and follow you anymore!
    Sorry that i didnt respond to you right away! I got myself into trouble.

    As for the invisible thing, There are some people that i dont want to be seen by when im online.

    It doesnt really apply too much now. So i guess... if i can remember how I turned it on in the first place XD.
    too much imo.

    I think RJ made a thread with the advantage in it, haven't checked over it much though, but it seems pretty good.
    Well for one, I was talking to TKD and he told me as fox that he was unable to get out of buffered uthrow CG, which I think we overlooked when we did the original CG. He said that he had enough time to input a jump, but the grab would barely snag him in his videos before it would get out, so you'd see the double jump rings being emitted, but he'd still get regrabbed. If this turns out to be true, we could be looking at a CG on Fox extended to the mid 30% range as opposed to that silly 12%.

    Also we have yet to test that supposed "infinite stuff" on other characters. I don't think we'll find much if at all, but it's still worth a shot.
    Whoa careful there! my parents stalk this page D:

    Also the nephew you're talking about is going to be the age of 10 this year.
    No way!
    A personality change!?

    What am i about to do to myself now!?

    Oh, hahahahaha

    Because Azen said that it was better than my old name... im now wondering why he said that.
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