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  • btw, i forgot to tell you.

    do you already know the main lucario headquarters?

    just go to globalgamers.net,click webchat, type in #lucario
    I'm a guy. I'm just changing my avatar with random pics like every 5 minutes xD.
    Will do. I also need some practice with Lucario, since he is one of Pits worst matchups :laugh:.

    Well, See you later HQ! Hope your Wii gets fixed ^__^!
    Sorry............ It's because of your Avatar..... Did not know who you mained...... But, then who do you main, Lucario? I haven't played those people either. I main Pit and Marth, just to let you know ^__^.

    Last time I went on, they all ganged up on me and I STILL won........... AND I HAD LAAAAGG!!!!! :laugh:. Don't worry though, I don't decide whether People are NooB to Brawl based on their join Date. I joined after playing Brawl for at least two years ^__^. Found this place out totally by accident :laugh:! How did you find smashboards?
    Don't worry. I'm sure he understands ^__^. Too bad though, it would have been nice to Brawl him too.

    And it shall be fun ^__^. It'll be nice to fight a Lucas main. I've never faught one yet. How long have you had Brawl?

    Well........... Thanks, I guess. I didn't think anyone would do that. Sorry if you got knocked out too. It would still be nice to Brawl you though, so I'm gonna keep you on WiFi. I guess I'll try to add you as a friend too ^__^. Well, thanks for letting me know, HQ. Hope to talk to you soon ^__^!
    Basically if you lose, you go into another bracket known as the "Loser's Bracket" There you have another shot to win again.
    I think Scum sets his status on Smashboards as invisible.

    As for how long we should wait... hm... I'm going to message Scum again.

    Oh, and are you on this chat? http://xat.com/AkaBaka
    Zen told me to go there, and I'm registered there as HQ5.
    Don't worry. Zen just registered on mine. So as long as you have me registered. He'll show up while I'm hosting. Scum still has not registered.......... Scum isn't on Smashboards either.......... How long do you think we should wait?
    Well.................. I've never done a doubles tourney.......... Let's just all pick the neutral stages and see who's pick comes out on top. Sorry I don't really know what to do. But, when we're done with our round, make sure you exit out and see what we're saying. Please stay on though. I'll let you know when Scum has registered. Thankyou ^__^.
    Scum still hasn't registered. Is Scum online on your Wii? Zen said he just got on. Has he registered on your Wii?
    Hmmm.............. That's not good.....

    But, who's going to have first pick? I'm gonna go check if Scum has registered. I'll be back! Don't go anywhere!
    ............. Are you there?

    They still haven't registered yet. Are they online right now? I can't tell.
    I'm going to pick Final destination.

    No I haven't started a room already. I'm waiting for both of them to register. Are they registered on your Wii?

    Hopefully we'll get to start soon.
    HEy, i'm online right now. But your partner has not registered! I'll be online as long as it takes. I might get kicked out from time to time due to disconection. I will try to get back on so be patient. We communicate using the little message board under our names. Just leave the group after our match, go to your friend roster, and then see what we say.
    Are we stage-striking for the first match? If we are, we can each strike one stage since there are five neutrals available.

    What stage do you want to strike? (I'm striking Delfino Plaza)

    Also, how are we (all four of us) communicating for when we're counterpicking stages?
    yah thats fine. i have to study for a little bit until then.

    i think that we should just keep our strategy simple. don't let one of us get double teamed, if you're in trouble run away towards your teammate, etc. I think if we play it simple enough and cover each other we'll be fine.
    That's a perfect time. I was wondering if we could have it around 5:30 eastern standard time. Is that alright? I've already added you and your partner and Zen. See you then. I'll be waiting on WiFi. Is it okay if I can host?
    Sure, just send me a message when you are all on and ready.
    You host when it is time.
    nah. i just made a couple of mistakes and felt pretty annoying for the first few months. so i laid low and waited for an opportunity. Then June came,and i pretty much integrated myself in after that.

    Being born of the aura is just as cool as being born of the steak.
    yep. some like Fonz and PatG arent in the List. So is Ksizzle coz he mains MK (despite having a an ***kicking lucario.)

    they wandered in by accident. then we strapped them to a chair and brainwashed their minds. Now they cannot leave without experiencing diarrhea.
    :)) glad its going well. i had a rough time at first. but it seems like you got lucky.

    and you'll probably earn your place within the Aura Mafia. being born of the aura makes it much much easier than having to be accepted in from a different family. :D

    i mean just look. only 2 outsiders were included XD
    Hows your first month? dont worry about not being included in the family tree. you'll get noticed with time :3
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