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  • The only way to escape this is to quit lucario, lose all contact with azen, kita, flame and possible other furs, and go main MK.

    lol jk

    Don't quit, if you quit I'll hunt you down and......I dunno.

    PS: You sure like to veiw other people's conversations huh?
    Yeah, I find it funny how every once in awhile lucario attracts someone of either sex regardless of their intrest.

    EDIT: yeah, Im talking about the furs.
    The fact that you even use lucario period puts you at risk for a fur call.
    See!? see!? I told you that you wouldn't like this one side of furs!!

    I need to know what character you'd like me to test on, and whch direction to put the DI on. (Just a suggestion: testing on the three superlatives of heavy, light, ad medium. IDK he DI, though.)
    But I do definitely like Marth fair, imo marth fair > MK fair because of the fact that you can theoretically SDI MK fair, it's not so good in trading against other aerials, doesn't zone as well, and doesn't have the ability to kill (although marth fair is usually stale, it can esp. offstage).
    That and Marth DB is a really good punisher.
    But yeah I'm using Marth/Snake as secondaries for the most part.
    Except both do meh v. Marth
    I know that nowadays Falco v. Marth is getting closer, but still...

    Oh, and Lee thinks Marth v. Lucario is 60:40 Lucario's favor. I really want to see videos of him trumping marth with that he told me.
    So it would seem.

    More Timbers than Bear, as Bear's style was more to insult everybody indiscriminately and I hated his guts for it.
    I'm sorry to you guys that I haven't been coming at all, but my life's been busy these last months. I feel guilty when I think about SWF, but I can assure you guys that I'll be on more regularly....in the summer.

    I still love Brawl, and I still love you guys, but my life is just too busy, and I needed to cut out the less important parts =(
    (That is a run-on sentence if I've ever seen one.)

    because I loved the G/S pokemon games as a kid, like a lot.
    And I thought his redesign was pretty good.
    Also, some other people I know are doing similar characters from the game lol.
    Well, I personally don't have problems facing Snakes or MKs, I just get killed by Brawl's stupid mechanics[tripping, OP-shields, etc], or I get bored playing a 7 minute campfest against someone and just lose focus/drive...
    *shrug* Brawl just doesn't do it for me. I tend to play one handed a lot, even in tournaments, so I can like, scratch or something.


    The match I'm looking for is the Grand Finals of XII:Esticle...but this is basically the same thing, just pretend Azen is winning the entire time.

    And I love the Lucario boards, I just sorta wish they would all move to Brawl+ and do their thing because normal Brawl is kinda depressing for Lucario.

    xD Oh, well, I'm still a Lucario, just on Brawl+.

    Azen v. M2k like, last year, was the last time Lucario did anything impressive...and it was turned on its head my MK's DAir gimping the hell out of Azen for a BS win for M2k.

    Since then I don't recall seeing any Lucarios in the top 5 of any major tournaments I check out. Probably has something to do with being B Tier, or Azen not playing.

    Eitherway, Brawl+ is a lot more fun, although I still play Brawl from time to time.
    Yeah I normally like to prefer to correct the guy/ help whoever it is, but this guy clearly did not understand the weight of anyone's opinion, lol. Also, not that it exactly "justifies" my case, but he wasn't entirely the nicest person either:
    I usually think things like this are too lulzy to pass up.
    Goes back to the fecitious voice inferred from the group's OP:
    Whaddaya mean? You don't think I'm serious? He's definitely amazingly talented and has every right to insult people and cause a ruccus! He mains link, the coolest character evar! :D He's totally legit.

    But yeah, if the guy is ignorant/misinformed/new but is willing to be taught/at least hear what others have to say (especially more knowledgeable ones), I don't think it's fair to flame them/get mad at them. This was another story, he like went pretty psycho on some people who clearly knew what they were talking about.
    In terms of recovery, I haven't actually found anything to reduce the shortcomings of ES (yet). However, there's a lot of good recovery tactics that lucario has that I think people should be aware of.
    So? It's called trial and error man lol. Do your best, and no one is going to be upset at you. Not to mention I will fix w/e you have wrong or inaccuratePr
    Mhm. Sure, although I really don't think its needed. If you want to help, that's fine also. You write a section, and w/e you don't have or i feel can be elaborated more, I will add on.
    1: In very rough "layman's terms", it's a mod with the bark (Making posts to keep everybody on track/trying to find ways to make their board more productive), without the bite (infracting/closing priviledges) lol.
    2: Na, I'm just kinda lazy that way :p
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