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  • How about now? any news on the tournament yet??

    Oh and i have good wifi now. can i get your friendcode? my tag is Aursm.
    God i hate MK.... but banning him will result in more D3 and snake which i hate more. lol I hope when we can fight its not wireless. I hope Dsingson's tourney pushes thru.
    Well you see, aside from it taking forever to initialize, all my games start getting corrupted one by one after I put on my Wifi. that and its horribly weak. (only 1 bar lol) But at least i know that wifi is still possible. I just need to get a better wifi point BTW What did your friend say about a tournament? Is it going to push through?
    oh yeah. im doing good. by the way what character are you going to use? i might go as either Lucario or falco
    Sup dude? its me again. i got my wifi up and running but its crp slow and i think its somehow corrupting my games. ill notify you when i get decent wifi then we can have that long delayed match.
    Hey Sonicario,
    We're looking for smash players in the Philippines who'd like to play. My friend is hosting a tourney and its for finding players who can play competitive and also an effort for smash awareness. I'm in San Francisco, CA right now but you can contact my friend Kyle (0917 844 2707), he's in Manila, or email me (dsingson5@yahoo.com). If your interested.
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