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  • lol how am i like your sister? and this new discovery seems like it will lose steam sadly. sounds just you just need to DI out of it.
    Thanks, I'm gonna do ROB stuff in my spare time (hopefully on Friday).
    So, neato, huh?
    Sorry I haven't been replying.
    Haven't really gotten around to doing too much, although I think suffice to say his aerials and some of his tilts (as well as obviously things like smashes) will be really punishable.
    The deadline is Saturday night, into Sunday afternoon till 5. I made it a bit easy this time because people were unaware of the thread, but after this Saturday i am going to be more strict with the time. He will replay eventually, if not just MSG him again.
    Hopefully. I been so busy with things that i have not been paying much to it for the moment. The new guide is going to feature the thread though, so it will get done.
    Not much.

    His double jump will more then likely make it back to the stage. However, if the lucas can suedo (sp I know) stick, then he can use his PK fire to launch him back at the stage.
    Maybe Dair, but only to keep himself from being hit from underneath.
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