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  • I'll have to check what's already stickied but I don't see why not.

    Later though, I'm too busy being lazy
    Okay we're trying to do the recordings now.

    We need to know what song changes you made on Norfair, what song changes you made on Battlefield, Smashville, Final D, and Yoshi's.

    That's it man.
    That's fine. I'm just worried about what I will have to do to sync my SD card with those replays. The basic hacks are easy, but yeah. Any suggestions?
    I actually have been called an excessively campy Snake, lol. But for Trela, I just felt like going aggressive. Was a one-match thing I suppose. As for C4, did you not watch Norfair one? I seriously ***** on that stage with my traps and nades.

    Well anyway, sorry that I suck at Brawl. :(

    The music hack was it on?

    How would I actually sync this correctly?

    Also I don't remember there being any skins on your Wii. Were my matches vs Trela and 1 vs a Marth in Norfair?
    Alright, you are forgiven. I appreciate your apology, it takes balls. The truth is that really made me flare up, but I stopped myself from making a scene publicly on that thread.

    First off, I was about to post asking for the Wii from TV station 2, that I had replays saved on that. Trela saved three of those, and I saved another one on my own later. I was hoping to ask you what hacks you had on because I copied them to my SD card but it is desynced.

    The reason I never deleted them was because Trela wanted the three of us on Youtube for his combo video and I wanted those 3 and the other one so I can view my gameplay and try to improve.

    So that's my story, which leads to my next question (now that everything is cool, and no anger between us)

    Did you really delete them? and

    Did you have custom songs or any hard to sync hacks in your Wii?

    Thanks in advance.

    try not to keep the matchups the same one as timber's. let's admit, he's just to darn fast. find your own pace, keep it snappy, and try to update regularly. If no one contributes, there just busy with timber's. bump the thread if it goes dry.
    Just a question Jog will you be updating your stage thread anytime soon? It might die soon without an update.
    I do know the old Lucario boards. Every other post was spam, Milln saying something random, or a hilarious combination of both.
    Seems like you don't hang out on the Lucario boards often. Look at phil's April Fools prank. The topic called "Should this be Kitamerby's new avatar" I don't spam nearly as much as everyone else did, so stop being a jerk. And yes, I do remember the old Lucario boards, because there's something called LURKING, aduh.
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