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  • xion is from the old kc crew, he came to the first 2 gigabrawls and i trust him. strongbad is just noisy in his dislike of brawl, slap him and he will shut up. frank and bauss were at gigabrawl, but i dont remember exactly who they are nor have i seen them at a gig meeting yet (i should meet then next week) ill let you know what i think, but i doubt either would cause problems or steal
    Yeah, Ima make sure I get loads of friendlies in though =p And if anything DOES start late, I'll be all over it.
    hey affiniteh, who can house kc for no koast? we got 4-5 minimum coming, possibly more as the date approaches
    Hey bro, I'm that asian kid you were talking to at the WSU Brawl tourney about the traveling thing..
    But, i just wanted to ask about how you got all those downloadable costumes, stages, and the badass music? lol.
    Im kinda new to all this new stuff on Brawl, and you and your team seems to know alot about it..
    Do you have the brackets from OHSNAP5? I saw you looking at them at GMo's.
    lol don't be so decent^
    beatin'JUDGE 2-0 is goood^^
    i would love to brawl ya so that you can say you defeated JUDGES from all over the world lol^^
    yeah people often think that.....
    ****!!!! whhy the hell has to be someone out there called JUDGE and place 7 at genesis.....
    but yeah he is the mk JUDGE and i am the mario JUDGE
    he is the competitve high tier mainer JUDGE amd i am the competitive low tier mainer JUDGE
    he is the famous JUDGE in america and i am the famous JUDGE in europe lol

    btw your costum title is epic^^
    lol glad you find it funny (I was being tactful... I actually didn't mean the "j/k ;) " part lol)


    No actually, look at my comment on Xyro's page lol xD

    Also, you better come visit us again, was super cool talking to you... need more goofs like myself around.
    I'm pretty sure this is like the 5th iteration of someone making an account that's a variation of my name :\ I wouldn't care if they were playing good characters, instead of trash like Ike! :p

    *charges dsmash* "**** YEAH!"

    You're hella lucky we played on the day I was doing well, haha.
    Stealth Raptor says your group is too cool for me/you guys hate me/it's private and such.

    So I'm going to move to Wichita whenever I get the chance. Just to get in that group. You'll see.
    **** boy, what is with you and your creepy *** avatars? Well it's not as creepy as the "mystifying eye" that pierces your soul upon looking at it. D:
    Ok ill just wait.

    One of these days, we should team when your not teaming with inferno and ravage with toonlink/MK

    How long did it take for sars_pirate to register you and the wichita crew? I PM'd my information last week and i am still not registered >.>
    LoL nice dude, im sure gonna use that lol

    dude, im so famoous, i win the anime friends again lol
    its fun, random ppl talking about me lol

    im looking for visa, when i get, i talk to you =)
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