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  • Hey dude, I just thought I should tell you that you probably shouldn't worry much about AR housing. I don't think we'll be making it out. Lots of stuff came up, but I hope we see you at NES memorial? Thanks alot for preparing to house us, I'm sure I'll get to meet you and play you soon.
    I don't think anyone has it. >.> But Zac said he'd double check when he gets back and Andy said he would too... And if anything I'll ship it to you if you're not coming back anytime soon. :)
    I personally don't have it but I'll ask around for you and see if maybe someone else picked it up. :)
    I accidentally left my flash drive at GMo's.

    GMo was supposed to mail me my flash drive last week. but I don't think he has yet. I also asked him if he could send me the tio file for OH SNAP v5 ASAP before mailing me my flash drive, but he hasn't responded. I also also messaged Kpeezy, but he hasn't responded either.

    Can you try to get a hold of them for me?

    I was thinking that GMo could, first, send me the OH SNAP v5 tio file (which should be in the Tio folder on my flash drive), then just bring me my flash drive if he comes up to NO KOAST v2. This way, we can avoid the cost of mailing it too me, and there's a lot better chance that I'll actually receive it.
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