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  • oh and let me know... when u guys go to ORLANDO or somewhere around that area... we will meet u up there.. i dont think we are going to this gigs on january but we might go to the one on february.
    Wow mann, **** I sooo wish I could go. Next year when I get my licence I'll have alot more freedom so I'll be sure to not pass up another opportunity like this.
    Yeah, cause I'm ready for Chudat. Man, he ***** the best Dededee so bad that I made a whole new section in the video thread called The **** Corner. But yeah, I'd love to play some people like that.
    Ugh, Sunday? My brother and I were planning on taking a road trip to GA before school started back up. I'll tell you if I can make it, but consider it unlikely...

    Also, regarding Youtube link: 404 Unavailable. Halp?
    xD Why did Luigi stop the last second of the match and take a picture of himself?
    Yeah, get some great sleep man, ****. That's quite the schedule.
    If you've never had Cuban coffee, the first night you drink it, you'll be up for days, literally. So, maybe you need some of that.
    Happy New Years man. Make it a good one.
    I even told him about the alcholo and the cheaper price, he still didn't want to to do it. And this one does look awesome. Once again, if anyone is headed south, let me know. ARGH WHY AM I STUBBORN AND WON'T GET MY DRIVERS LICENSE
    My brother isn't ready for people. He's very hyper, very attention grabby as children his age were.

    The match got canceled because my father asked me something stupid in a drunken rant. and I forgot about the lack of pause.

    Merry Christmas to you too man. And by the way, in your Allisbrawl picture, is the Eve chick your girlfriend?

    I'll find out tomorrow cause I'm beat. Let's hope I can sleep through my families rock band marathon.
    I just realized I never apologized for canceling out one of our games. Sorry about that man.
    Yeah, I've never been to a tourney. The only real competition I have is my 10 year old brother who keeps tongue and cheek with me all the way. When I came here about a month ago and found out about the chain grab. His pit became useless. Then he starts spamming arrows and camping. Then I get the power shield down. Then he finds out about Falco and learns to use the chain grab. I step up my aerial game. For a 10 year old he's an amazing gamer. I'm always better, but **** does he put up a fight and learn ways around me.
    Oh the hammer, haha.
    Well, there were the times when I was just using it for fun.
    However there is another use that not many Dededees know about. CO18 told me about it.
    1. Knock them off
    2. Stand Near Edge with Charged up down b
    3. They will in most cases go for the edge, in that case, simply step off, release, and bam!

    Its more of a mind game then anything else. To make them go for the edge instead of jumping back on. I don't use it very much, and shouldn't here against Kirby, the anti wall of pain-er. Make sure to check out that match I sent you. If i could upload it somehow I would.
    Hey, thanks a ton for those matches man. Your the first real professional person I've played. I learned a lot really. I've got quite a ways to go. How I can loose so horribly against one of my easiest match ups but cream one of my toughest idk. But hey, thanks a ton Mix. You really helped me out. One thing I learned about Dededee, spam is bad against him. horribly bad. Spam might be the key. Thanks a ton for the matches. See you in a tourney sometime.
    I see, my Connect 24 was be in a *****. But its all good now. I'm opening up a room. Not to John, but its been a while since I've fought someone real.
    Na, I've dubbed this the Dededee infinite taunt song. You'll laugh your *** off at what is going on, trust me.
    and by the way, you have to add my wii too buddy 6783 8725 3762 9976
    Alright, I'll send it and then will brawl.
    Craziest thing that's ever happened to me in brawl.
    I only mess it up because I start laughing my *** off. You'll see.
    The dude quit after this too xD
    Yeah, I'm Logan I just got a room up now.
    Its improved. They fixed most the problems, but it all depends who and how many. Someone in Japana is going to be laggy as hell. I should have little or no lag. (will see if I finally got this wireless internet hooked up right xD)
    Yo dog, I heard you needed to train with Dededee, so how about I put a Dededee in your Dededee so you can train while you train?
    Code is
    6783 8725 3762 9976
    Okay. I have the last of my midterms tomorrow, so I can't be out too late. I'll try to make it today around 7 maybe, but don't be bummed if I'm not there. I'll more than likely be there Saturday...
    If it is late enough I may be able to go today (Thursday). What time were you guys planning on doing this?
    I'm pretty sure I can do Saturday though, if you guys are doing it then.
    Yeah, I would love to go. In the meantime though, I'll see if I can get into a tournament back home. Gotta get better to beat everyone!
    Yes, I am 2+2=5. Unfortunately I am college student. I am headed home on Thursday, so I cannot make it on Sunday.
    hey wats gud its me julian from yesterday with every one in dat room lol
    Lol, I thought Mr. Fish would've told you by now.

    I won't be here after tuesday because I'm going back home. I can't attend the tournament. Sorry.
    I brother is not coming anymore, he thought it was on saturday, he's got a date or something on sunday.
    I need:
    -address of tourny
    -Time it starts
    -Your phone number, and anyone elses that you want me to put in the flyer as a contact info.
    MIx host this tourneys, i promise you everyone that goes to tek-lounge will go to you place instead. You have friends that brawl and go to school either GC BARON, LELY, PALMETTO ( i know people from edison and fgcu that used to mellee)... ask them to help you promote the tourney.. I will help you out with a flyer... and allthough we dont know each other personally i feel like we have the same goal, we want to make the smash community in naples bigger.... theres alot of people that like the game, and we dont even know them yet .... if you get people to post flyers at their schools, and advertise the tournament here on the boards it can be big, and dude u might as well charge that house fee after 2 free tournys... and you will make money out of it.

    Make it happen i will help with flyers ... for free.

    This flyer is for our tournament that its happening this saturday 13th...
    I read your post and I'm happy someone finally decided to take some initiative. We plan on having another Ca$h tourney early January, but that might be the last one because I may have to retire from brawl for a couple of months. Baseball starts in February and I really won't have any time till the summer.
    I hope we develop strong scene(either brawl or melee) by the time I come back.
    Yea, but isnt Seibriks in Orlando too?
    yea i really cant go to that one... i wouldnt have time.

    anyways yea man as soon as i get to naples, (should be december 23rd) i will send you a message probably the day before. that way we can figure something out if you need me to bring an extra tv and mi wii i can.

    Let me know dude, by the way my name is jason.
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