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  • I promise, nothing will go wrong this time. I know it happens to me a lot, but that's only because this year was hectic. If I have to meet you guys at night, just let me know in advance. I'm contacting you early so that I can make sure I can make it.
    If its any compensation, I can teach you guys how to do the tecktonic dance.
    Thanks, Mix!

    I actually dont know what version my Wii is..... But I'll see if I can try it out with Tet tomorrow. I'll message you if I need any more help!

    Hey Mix,

    I was thinking about trying to get the infinite replay on my Wii, but I'm wary of anything I find online. Could you send me a good link, or perhaps tell me how to Mod my wii to get the infinite replay thing that you have on yours? Thanks in advance!

    Neutral stages: battlefield, smashville, and final destination; cp: yoshi's and lylat.
    VERY conservative stage list.
    No infinities (wall, lazer locks, all that)
    And some other small changes.
    To m!x, about my July tournament, what do you think about a japenese ruleset theme. Might be fun
    yea its gray and it does have black circles with a few circles of other colors so yes it is i hope u check back by the time you leave

    thanks for holding onto it for me

    hungrybox still haz my toothbrush so yea happy bout that
    miiiiiiiiiiix!!!!! do you have any replays of my ness in the tournament?? If you do I would appreciate if you uploaded them because I don't have any videos of my ness on youtube and the ness boards are expecting some of my videos.

    Hahaha. Alright. I'll change my avatar, tell people I'm from Naples (Cape Coral ain't got ****) And I can meet you guys at one of the Waffle Houses in Naples.
    yo hit me up... my cell broke...call me at 777-1041
    Ah no worries.
    I got it done.
    I got the venue after a hard day's work and a night full of headaches. Everything pulled out just fine :)
    We don't know the exact venue yet, because there are two possible ones from the same company, AND I've already reserved a friend's house and prepared my house for the worst possible scenario of having to do tournaments there.
    The new venue has major legality issues. I have a big favor to ask, can we relocate the tournament to your house, or is that to big a favor to ask on to short time?
    M!X, your going to the 23rd tourney for sure right? You think I may house with you the day before; just cause I'm afraid I'd miss registration for sure if I have to try and wake up to make it lol.
    Haha, not much, just chilling in tampa till the 23rd, and trying not to go crazy till then. you?
    Yo man. whats your number...im free this weekend and was thinking about playing some brawl with you guys. let me know. 941-270-7902
    Yes, I noticed what you did for SWF just since I joined this forum, and I'd like to see it grow even higher and eventually have a player in the Powerball rankings. I see high hopes for future SWF activity, so much so that I envision these meetings where we look at other tournaments and plan out our tournaments in dates to draw away from Northern Florida participation. One thing I'll be doing during all of this is attempting to find other tournament organizers.
    Oh and one last thing, we have to intimidate the people at Gigabits into not having a May Brawl tournament. Other wise people will cop out us for Gigs. This is another reason I'm rushed to build up participation.
    Also, sorry if I seemed jumpy and rushing about this, but the entire purpose of this tournament is to kick off our lack luster gaming area. I'd like to see South West Florida be as well repped as the other parts of the state. We have Gulf Coast University, so that's a place to build upon. I think with enough planning arranging this big tournament to get people here hyped, and organizing the monthly tournaments at my local tech lounge in Fort Myers, and working with you and any other likely TOs to set up a smash community in SWF.
    I posted up the list of potential players one my list his about 20. Tomorrow I'll be going around the city looking for Brawl players to add to that list. I hope to add at least 15 people to the list.
    I also sent out a message to Mew2King, just in case he is looking for something, since he is guarantee for OOS turn out.
    And about the 15 dollars, I was worried given many people's situations right now, that 15 + 10 + 5 might seem like to much, so I cut it down to 10 singles. Would people rather see a larger pot, or a smaller fee?
    So now that I got sierbrik, will people start pouring in?
    I sent messages to other Power Ball players as well.
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