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  • Weird. No one's posted on your wall since me 4 months ago, which makes it look like i triple postd you. Can i borrow your dazzle man? Me and Viper wanna upload some replays. We're gonna make an FGCU smash youtube site. you down?
    Dude, i'm sure we can. I mean, our team is in Central, South and Ft Myers. So, i'm sure someone'll be able to spot you. by the time FAST2 comes i think that we're back in school anyway. So you can jump in one of our cars.
    Part 1

    Tons of advice. Watch as many videos as possible. Put a lot of time into learning how to keep Nana alive. That ate my first two months. It's worth being good at the grab. Many IC mains will tell you "Don't focus on the grabs"...it's the most ******** bull**** ever. Knowing that you have the power to take a stock with one tech makes it worth waiting and waiting and waiting to land such a tech. Learn your grabs on every character before you decide to show your IC's to the public. If your opponet knows you're lethal, they will play like a candyass and you can boss them around.
    Part 2

    If you **** up grabs, they will ignore careful spacing and eat you. If you want to work on ICs with me some time in person, I would really dig that. I think if the IC population goes up, the metagame would be start to vary more. So yeah. If you have ANY questions about IC's, ask me, and I would be delighted to talk to you about it. If it gets hard/frustrating...stick with it! They are sooo much fun to master, and a real crowd-pleaser. I don't think there is a more rewarding character in the game.
    It is soooo sick. Thanks for the link man...I was about to buy a program. I'm going to try to host a tourney in the fall in Tampa...you and the guys over there should definitely come!
    you coming to vgc friday? i want to see if you can teach me strategies in 1v1's
    Hey man, I was thinking back to our match, and I know what you could do to imrpove.
    This is going to sound odd, but don't shield. When an opponent approaches, and you want to shield, DON'T. Retreat with n-air.
    Sorry about your rank today man. Maybe Marth isn't your thing, you tried out some other characters yet?
    Welp, first we need to see if anyone else wants to come since this is so last second. Then, you should come over today and get practice in so that we're pushing all cylinders tomorrow. Do you have a TV you can bring? Mine is toast lol. I suggest a change of clothes so you can stay to ease the stress on your car. Nice comfy couch lol. Then get up and go.
    Good job on the ticket then lol.

    We can always convince Polmex but he is the opposite of reliable. I'll buzz him tomorrow. Honestly, we may be looking at you until I can service my car again lol.
    I cannot drive, afraid my car is in deathtrap mode again until I take it in. If I drive with you should you drive, how much for gas $$s? I know Wonderbread was interested, same and we can contact Petey, RedHalberd, Polmex, Monk, etc.

    Tickets are bad, I should know lmao, What kind?
    just to make sure....you're going to gabe's tommorrow correct? If so bring your flash drive with all the videos and I'll bring my laptop
    Actually I'll bring my labtop and you can just give me the flash drive I'll put them on that way...I'll PM you my number that way if either of us can't make it to the fest you can get in contact with me and we can arrange something else
    Yeah I found it...yo if you're going to the next smashfest if you can give me a Dvd or CD-R with the matches that'd be great....if not I need a way to get them so I can give them to the combo vid guy
    Yeah I figured there would be a problem sending them via Email...it's cool that you uploaded them...I can't find them however(Send me a link)

    If I need any of them which I probably will later I will let you know what's up
    Ohh crap, I forgot to ask my friend XD my bad. But good though, that replay thing comes really handy. since you have version 4.0 you wont be able to like burn games to DVDs and play them, etc... >.< you just have to wait till someone finds a way to downgrade from 4.0 to 3.0 I think. well if you're looking forward for those other feautres that is :)
    You okay dude, you seem down on yourself in a lot of threads lately.
    I know 15 dollars plus gas money to travel can be a lot just to loose, but hanging with the people is worth it.
    Chaz didn't get like that overnight. I think you should look into playing some people in Tampa, because the more you play good people, the better you'll get.
    But its all about the fun.
    Also, if you just come to my tournament to do friendlies, I won't have a problem with it. I run the tournaments so people can have fun, not to be competitive.

    PS. You were probably my favorite person I met at that tournament.
    after that you have to get some codes in your sd so you can enable Ocarina.. something like that, I'll get back to you it's just that i haven't been able to get to talk to my friend. I wanna make sure to give you the right link to do the rest, did ya found out if your thing was 4.0???
    Its today xDDD
    Its a large brawl tournament every month in Orlando.
    In case you didn't notice, the kids in Orlando are spoiled in that they never travel anywhere, but everyone in Florida is expected to go to their two big anuall tournaments, WATO and Gigabits. But its because they have a gaming university Full Sail.
    Makes it hard on us South florida kids hahaha.
    Oh, and you live in Tampa o.o Never mind, thought you lived in Lee County.
    well, the one th at hacked my W!! was Chris. though he got the info from 8-Bit. I can find the link he used, but what i do have is this:


    that's only if your W!! has been updated to 4.0

    I'll get back to you for the other link.
    what u live in Tampa o.O I thought you lived around the same as abscent... wait school right?? lol

    anyways I'm just excited since I will have more time to myself since Season is dying out at my work... which means ill have more time to play brawl and get better, so I'll place better at tourneys and ill start with this new one hehehe I'm going for top 10 on singles and I'm planning on winning teams with my partner... we usually get 2nd in teams since Afro and Seibrik are there and we loose to them :( well for the last couple of times and before that at gigs of last Dec. we got 4th since we lost to them on semi winner finals and then lost to chudat and inui T_T we could of gotten second but no johns hehehe
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