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  • Oh haha is it? I've never been to gigs, but for some reason I imagined that they had tvs for every match going on. I'll still need help with set ups though. 25 is really hopeful. At the moment, I know of 5 I can get for sure.

    I personally don't have equipment, but we do have the equipment in the journalism team. Have the journalism team as a sponsor will be a big help, giving me venue, staff, catering, and some great TVs. TVs are fine to me because the school is loaded with them. One per classroom.

    The food will be cheap. Pizza will be 1 dollar and be delivered fresh throughout the day.

    About the movie, it takes a while to build, and seems happy at the start, but half way through things turn into madness.

    And yeah, that's the only thing I'm worried about, the short date press. But hopefully Co can help me out and get a bunch of people to plan out coming. All in all though, I think this could work out really smoothly. I'll have the thread posted up if this goes down Wednesday.
    I'd be pumped to run an event that big. If I get it, it will be on May the 9th, and I think I'll have a really good set up because our journalism team needs money really bad. If it comes to fruition, I'll have a thread up by the end of the week about it so I can reserve that week for the big tournament. There is some small thing going on at the Play N Trade, but I doubt that would take away a lot of people from coming to my thread.

    I'd need a lot of help to hype it, because I'd like to get it almost as big as gigs, so I'm sure you got my back, helping me on that, right? ;)
    Also, if I could get some help for set ups from the Naples crowd, that would be wonderful. If I have the 80 + people show up that I want, then I will need help setting up the wiis. I can probably get around 25 on my own just in the school, but I would need around 40 set ups for this to run smoothly. I can also set up a tv to be live streamed.

    There is a pizza restaurant that I'm good friends with across the street, so I could also have some concession stands running with some really good food.

    So yeah, I've done a lot of planning.

    And if your brother thinks my avatar is creepy now, he should watch the movie its from, when a woman pulls to men to the brink of violence over her very whim. Jules et Jim is its name. Then, he'd be incredibly disturbed.
    Well Co was doing great, he was one match away from finals, having only been beat by Mew2King before.
    He's playing a lucario, and according to the announcer, the player has been bad mouthing Dededee players early that day. So when he found out he was playing the best Dededee and got shut down, he panicked and switched to Metaknight and played Metaknight the way no wants to see him; gay and spammy as ****. Co lost the first one, then was about to win the last match. Everyone was so lost in how good the match was, we were stunned when the timer hit 5. Co was up by 11 percentage points. Then the field changes, and metaknight gets three hits and takes him up just two percent higher than him. Still though, for being the only ranked player using only one main, and NOT metaknight, boy did really good.
    We also found out last night that Mew2King is beatable. He got 3-0 his but because of double elimination bracket, had to lose another set, where he 3-0 the other guy. (DSF maybe? Whoever got second)
    It was a crazy matchup.
    By the way, about my tournament, I'm going to try to get my journalism team to sponsor it so I can hold it in the gym and have a big set up. I'd think that would work best.
    I completely understand about the crew thing. I play Smash, I know priority when I see it ;)
    But any help at all could be appreciated.
    My dad has a GTI, so putting an 18 year old on his already crazy high insurance for owning a foreign street racing car would be intense stress on our pockets.
    Did you watch Hobo? Co's last match was awful.
    Okay man, here is my situation, my ride isn't willing to drive anywhere farther than Naples.
    My parents work in Naples.
    So if, when ever you head out to a tournament, you could pick me up at one of the Naples Waffle Houses, I pay my part of the gas, I would be eternally grateful.
    Also, I'm having trouble with DI, if you could, teach me that one day, I've read and read the article, and I understand everything, but my timing is still off and where i should be living to about 200 as Dededee, I only live to 150 (Mew2King range as Metaknight)
    It did.
    I'm suppose to get some vids for the Dededee video thread soon against Reflex says Co.
    Yeah, I'm still planning mine. Once I know more, you'll be the first to know.
    No, I forgot about the live feed this time.
    Who won? Was it Co :3 I hope so.
    I'd be pissed if Seirbriek one, after selling his Dededee soul to Metaknight x(
    Na. I didn't get to go to Gigs.
    My ride flipped when he found out it was in Orlando. Said his car couldn't handle that kind of ride.
    But as it turns out, I had to go to regional with my drum line.
    I owe you some money matches.
    Is This sunday at play n trade good?
    (just sent a message to my ride, though i think chances are good of me going)
    Sorry man, missed that other one. Haven't been active on the forums.

    Do you know of any tournaments going on sometimes soon?
    yo i checked out the thread its looking good man im still waiting on a response from david but hopefully him and his crew can make it
    im going to start using my smash account more often kk
    Ok so our next tournament is going to be on APRIL 11th, this one is gona b the biggest one we've ever had, we are hosting it at a GYM, its huge we can have like 30 set ups.. we got ppl from central U.S. coming.. this one is the one you guys should be here. I can house you guys all that weekend.. the 10,11,and 12...the thread hasnt been posted yet.. but it will be later on in the afternoon... i just wana let you guys now right now, so you can all make it...

    Aight man take it easy.. and ill c u guys in a few days.
    LOl nvm then, im teaming with your bro... and we are gona make it happen... we gona place high believe me...
    LoL i wanted to team up with DewDaDash..... its cool though... who else is available?? if i dont find anyone ill team up with ur brother, but since he seemed not sure, i think i might find someone else... and if i dont ill team up with him...
    hey, so is Richie gona show up to this tournament or not???

    If he is not in this tournament, who's teaming up with Andrew???
    This tourney is gona b big man, =) im exited, and yea thnx for letting me play in ur crew battle.. but at the same time i think u forgot richie, unless he doesnt mind me playing? =)
    lol nah not Italy... it's in Florida so no, your deff. not close by hehehe nvm I was gonna invite you to a tourney Im hosting but it's out of the question XD you lucky, you prob get to fight Chu and the others now and then... I'm stuck for like a week or two when he comes down to visit >.<
    Naples? Is that in Italy?

    I live in West Virginia.

    Oh, and I'm in mis pantalones alot (even though i'm married).
    No, I have absolutely no idea who you are. I'm on a mission for the most friends.
    Mix we got a big tourney here in tallahassee this weekend is on saturday this thing is gettin really big, we got MELLEE and BRAWL... let me know if u guys wana come.. ill buy and inflatable matress and put it in my living room.. ill house all ur crew.. no doubt.... LET ME KNOW!!!. u can come fri and stay till sunday if u want
    That sounds heart breaking, wish I would have seen it, though I do love Co though.

    And while I would love to go to Cali, I'm afraid money wise, its out of the question for me right now.
    I didn't see that match. What happened? I heard the final stock was bad or something.

    And you get Chu to help you with your Kirby?
    Yeah, my ride is there 100 percent. He lost his job, so if I pay him to take me its no problem, since he NEEDS money haha.
    I've improved, can't say how much, but I finally got spacing down today and it looks like Lucario is going to be my second, I love his spacing. I still love Diddys gimps though :/ Oh well, I've got time to keep practicing and figure one out. I learned a lot watching the streams of Gigabits.
    YO, here in tallahassee i got like 4 people that are planning on going to GENESIS in california on july10-12... ITS GONA BE HUGE..... u should talk to chris... and see if you guys wana meet up over there... i know its far.. but its some intense ****...
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