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  • lol its cool this one i just had got 40+ smashers in... u missed one heck of a tourney lol... my next one ill be attending is Gigabits... well I'm planning on going and it this sat. in Orlando.... long drive but expect at least 50 or more... actually the great "Ally" might come so except this to reach 100... and i ain't lying itll easily get 80 if he comes and up to 100+
    yea, I myself have to get alot of experienced from the following tourneys I'm attending... like Gigabits and Seibriks ^.^ and theres plenty of time before i make another house tourney cuz theres a tourney one after another per week... so my next one should be like around feb-march ^.^ plenty of time to train and dominate^.^

    Good Luck up there ^.<
    crap >.< i figured you'll be heading home as well maybe next time then ^.^
    yo, you 2+2=5 right??? we met at that Naples CA$H tourney... I'm hosting a house tourney myself this following Sunday... Dec. 21st maybe you can come if you're around... check out the thread and just let me know with a post so I can add you're name and any that could be coming with you... if you can't maybe you can spread the word if you don't mind... anyways heres the thread:


    hello there Andurian

    sorry just droped by to say hi

    how are you??
    what you been up to??
    haveing fun??
    well take care c ya Andurian
    Yes, because she's hot.

    Btw, it's either Hero, Mystic, or HeroMystic on the boards. Not everyone needs to know my name. :p
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