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  • hey its Adrock from gamezone
    hopefully you didn't think I was an *** hole on the forum
    but i was liking your idea's
    do you have any idea where i can find out more about the orlando florida BB tournies?
    how many setups would i need for it to be legit?
    etc. tambien

    so if you could pelase help out?
    Thanks man. I know you didnt create it, but I try opening the application "BCSM-GUI" and its giving me a message like "BCSM-GUI has stopped working". Can you help me?
    Hey, its the peach player from yesterday, and I was wondering if there was a thread for the music swapping that you had at gigs? I'm on a boat is to good to forget about.
    Hey, uh, when I signed up for Yasumicon I was unsure whether I had enough money for doubles. Lolyes, I'm that poor. Anyways, I found an extra 10 bucks, and will be teaming with verycoolguy. Could I re-register on the list and you just delete my old registration?
    Nice sig. I'm gonna take dual enrollment at FIU in a bit. Suppose I'll be seeing you guys more often :p
    and could they possibly run out of tickets if i want to buy one at the window the day of...and i dont wanna dress up just smash
    Nice job vs MVD. lol, I'm definitely going MK next time I play Chaz. If MK's banned by then, Snake it is -_-d
    halp!! I need a good teammate, I don't know anyone so I really need your help. Also, whose Wii was the one hooked to the livestream on POB, I think I saved some of my replays there.
    Thanks in advance :)
    I tried to get you Co as a partner for the tournament, but he has a date that day it seems.
    bro you should bann mk for yasumi .your snake has a better chance to place higher then when you face that random mk thats not even good but can upB you at 40% and kill you. not just becouse of you placing highr but everyone has a better chance to show skills and play better with other charecters that acually take skills you feel me?
    your tournament looks like its after genesis.
    I don't think it will be your decision by then.
    SBR will have made their move, pro or anti ban depending on the results.
    Well my original two considerations I'd say are still pretty valid.
    I'd make a decision in the next week however.
    contact the metaknight's, see if they would be fine with it.
    Decide if you are going for Gigabits or more friendly like WHOBO.
    Then take into weather you want to strut your Marth stuff. (subtle Marth is gay joke)
    Then make a decision.
    At the end, your the TO, you are providing a service to people, its your decision.
    I'd do it.
    Not to many tournaments in Florida have Metaknight banned, and people would show up to compete without him. My attendance doubled with the banning of Metaknight. I'd imagine it could do the same for yours is announced some time after mine. It may end up to where Florida will have 1 Non-metaknight tournament a month.
    seibrik voted yes in the poll to ban Metaknight.
    I'm going to list it and see what's going to happen.
    "only the 1st person to cast the stone would host a mk banned tourney in FL. enough *****ing, just have a TO host one already instead of following what SBR would decide, that's just conforming to what people say"

    I am running a large tournament next May.
    Should I run the risk of this?
    I'm tempted too.
    well, if you ever feel like testing somthing yourself, go ahead and do it, just make sure to make a post of what your doing, in order to avoid confusion :)
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