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WTCA results


Fresh Eskimo
Mar 31, 2011
Cleveland, OH

1: Duck
2: Moose
3: 4%
4: Vudujin
5: Abate
5: SilentSwag
7: Ambix
7: Juggleguy
9: Dempt
9: Taki
9: Flip
9: Carroll
13: Phil
13: X
13: DJ Talent
13: Z-Axis
17: Sean
17: Ruemaster
17: BloodyJoker
17: Dr. Diabetes
17: *** Money
17: Lous
17: Ralis
17: S1
25: mers
25: Gunpunch
25: Mr. Sandbag
25: Scoe
25: Gave
25: Wade
25: Flashburn 117
25: ShroudedOne
33: AesirGod
33: Sex
33: Dok-z
33: Crash
33: Jailbot
33: Joe S
33: soap
33: Ed
33: Zach Dill
33: ThuGz
33: Josh
33: Nupsaid
33: Flatz
33: MothersAgainstDrunkDriving
33: Kevin
33: Dees
49: Zero Umbra
49: Joe Paturnips
49: Dubs
49: jbro
49: Jonas
49: BigR
49: Phil MT
49: ajj
49: StndrGndr
49: Luk Chillfawkes


1: D generation X (X & 4%)
2: team misfire (abate & vudujin)
3: duck duck moose (duck and moose)
4: sex in the city HD remix (swag and ambix)
5: flipR (bigR & flip)
5: The mistake and the (the lake & carroll)
7: battlecow and the rest of the zoo (juggleguy and bloody jker)
7: double pits to chesty (dempmt & z-axis)
9: marky mark and the funky bunch (s1 & dees)
9: team belly (soap)
9: father & son (crash & assmoney)
9: shaq & lebron (dr.d & loux)
13: dude mountain (jailbot & double rockey)
13: banana poon (joe p & mr sandbag)
13: mlg height (flash shrouded one)
13: team bull**** (dok-z scoz)
17: kuhnard nosedive (god of bacon & rails)
17: mothers against drunk driving
17: adventure time (phil & sean)
17: sex condom (flatz & sex)
17: we got lost going to the bank (j bro & zach dill)
25: indians 92 (gunpunch and dubz)

Thank you all for coming ^^
Special thanks to Carroll, dempt, Mers, and Juggleguy for helping out with the bracket and stuff ^^

the bracket(s)



bair-condtioned nightmare
Aug 21, 2011
Cleveland Heights, Ohio
that tourney was indeed hella based. shoutouts below:

Max (Aesirgod): You ran a great tournament my dude. However, you are still very much free.

Carroll: That was epic bull. You'll get yours next time! :mad:

PACrew: Y'all are waaaay too funny, and hella sweet! Especially LAKE, you're thug as ****.

BULA: free free free free (shoutouts to paturnips and mr. sandbag for giving me johns, and s1 for getting dat *** whooped! do better next time in them crews, k? :smirk:)

HEIGHTS CREW: bula didn't even know what was up! (big ups to shroudedone for being a goddamn beast, and goast for being the funniest coach ever)

Dempt: when we teaming? awesome as always, my dude. HYPE TRAIN

Dubs: get it my columbus bro! imma get my *** handed next time i see you, right? :cool:

Double Rocky: we suck. also, DUDE MOUNTAIN

thanks for making my first tourney epic y'all <3​


Certified Ponch
May 2, 2010
Mantua, OH
Shoutouts later. This tourney was awesome. <3

Carroll I expect SOME vidyas tonight mah man. :3


Fresh Eskimo
Mar 31, 2011
Cleveland, OH
yo I'll get the bracket pics up as soon as possible.
unfortunately, my friend still has the files, so I'm waiting for him to send them to me.

And I'm glad you guys enjoyed this, this was my first time organizing a tournament though, so I'm sorry for any problems and stuff (like the time and stuff)
I was a little surprised at how many of you actually showed up, we had like 58 people who entered singles ^^
Also, thank you all for bringing setups and stuff, it really helped things get moving quickly.

If I host tournaments in the future (nothing planned yet, but I'm hoping to host more eventually) I'll make sure to get a venue for a lot longer time.
anyway, I think this went pretty well for a first tournament.

thanks again for being awesome people and stuff ^^

Strong Badam

Prince of Saiyans
Feb 27, 2008
Yo AesirGod this is cool as hell to be hosting for charity and stuff. Shoutouts to my boy Duck for reppin with Samus that's no easy feat when you've got frauds using Falco these days. But

Big shoutout to my big **** brethren ShroudedOne for taking 10 stocks in the Crew Battle.
Y'all *****s is free as ****, y'all got ***** by a BRONY. LMFAO, Bro Hoof my ***** let's go watch some My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic these losers ain't worth our time

Ashtabula ain't **** pack up and go home, get *****. Y'all need to learn how magic Friendship is.


Fresh Eskimo
Mar 31, 2011
Cleveland, OH
gah i choked in crews soooooo bad, but w/e. we still won.

anyway, yea, I don't know the exact amount yet, but we raised between $600 and $800 for charity <_<
good **** guys.


Jul 15, 2010
New York, New York
Switch FC
Very good ****. You just raised money to support a charity.

That really must feel awesome for doing such a great deed.

And shoutouts to shroud. You're a great player, man. I know you'll do way better next time.
Don't give up, bro.


Smash Rookie
Apr 28, 2012
This was my first tournament, it was really fun. Next time I'll try not to show up 27 hours sleep deprived, that makes for some interesting stuff. Also, screw heights.
Good stuff.


Smash Hero
Mar 14, 2011
I think I'll save my thoughts for sometime tomorrow or something. Good job on the tourney, Max, though. That does need saying now.


Smash Grimer
Aug 16, 2005
Ann Arbor, MI
This was a very fun tourney, thanks to Aesir for hosting and thanks to the Ohio/Pittsburgh communities for bringing so many setups! O_O I wish the MI community here could bring even half as many as you guys do.

1: Duck metaknight of melee
2: Moose mr. drop-as-many-games-as-possible
3: 4% GGs in bracket, but damn I wasn't ready for that *** kicking o_O I look forward to putting up a better fight next time haha
4: Vudujin Thanks for the friendlies, those wheel of fortunes were solid as hell... I was gonna try to Mario ditto but probably would've gotten wrecked
5: Abate Never even found out who/where you were at this lol
5: SilentSwag GGs in bracket, I will train hard for next time... oh wait MI doesn't have a Sheik :c
7: Ambix GGs in bracket, I feel like we were both playing sloppy, looking forward to more matches in the future
7: Juggleguy free
9: Dempt the free-est of them all... except for that one friendly we won't talk about :urg: always awesome to see you at these Matt
9: Taki you are godly at Fox dittos, had a blast just watching them, wish we could have played more friendlies though
9: Flip GGs in bracket, just go in and wreck Falcon man, he's not that great of a character haha
9: Carroll thanks for your effort in contacting other MIers, I'm sad we couldn't join in on the double tourney, but glad we got to see you guys at this
13: TheLake yoooo we finally played ONE FRIENDLY... I'm guessing it'll be another two years before we play our second one
17: BloodyJoker thanks for teaming, I'm still a fan of the Zelda/Falcon, I suck at keeping track of everything with Fox as my teammate
17: *** Money GGs in bracket, that double knee in our first game made my ****ing balls wet
17: Ralis GGs in bracket, I'm surprised I hadn't heard of you before because you're pretty good! keep it up

17: Lous GGs in teams, you guys have gotten way better for sure
, fun friendlies at the beginning as well
17: Dr. Diabetes GGs in teams, let me know if Toledo hosts a big Smashfest sometime and we might head down there
25: ShroudedOne great seeing you again and fun friendlies, we'll have to play again at future tourneys
33: Crash
good to see/talk to you again, it had been awihle, we should have played some friendlies
33: AesirGod great job setting up the venue and everything! a little more of a presence at the microphone and you'll be a top tier TO in no time
33: ThuGz
as a wise Chad would say... get ripT
33: Dees falcon dittos next time! I couldn't seem to remember who you were even after meeting you lol
49: BigR wha-ha-happened?


Smash Champion
Feb 20, 2006
Columbus, Oh

49: BigR wha-ha-happened?
Man, zach dill and flipaznzn or w/e are too good apparently.

haha i didnt enter singles. i didnt pay for it either so idk why i was in the bracket.

during that time i was prolly 4 stockin some basil fried rice

S1 The God

Feeding the streets since 1885
Dec 14, 2011
shoutout bizzz

Heights: You guys played really well and we played ****. Technically Jaiye shouldn't be playing in your crew doe. ;) We will see you guys at the bula tournament in June.
Eli: ***** you best believe I will be taking your money next tourney, because you are bad as hell (but you're mad cool)
Everyone from Bula: We are all improving a lot and I'm proud of how everyone did. Think back to that youngstown tournament and compare it to now, it's night and day.
Carroll: Fox ditto MM will happen again next tourney, and I won't choke like I did this time. You are incredibly free. <3 (Also we are def teaming next tourney)
Ralis: You got waaay better d00. That dempt practice. I hope we get a chance to play more, there's no falcos around here.
DEES: We kinda flopped it in teams but we still held it down. Not getting totally ***** by Juggle's team was p cool. RRRROOOOOOWWWWWWWW
ShroudedOne: I had to play really gay against you and it was dumb, even if I won. I'm looking forward to another set against you because it turns into an epic battle of wits.
Aesir: AMAZING tourney. Everything went off smoothly, great venue, food was aight, setups galore... it was beautiful. Make this a recurring thing and you will make a LOT more money for charity!
Paturnips: Sometimes people have those ****ty days at tourneys and there's not much you can do about it. I'll be teaching you a lot more before the next one and you'll come back hard. <3

big ups duck for being so ****, shoutouts to that crazy double reflected laser during moose vs. 4%, and **** heights


Smash Journeyman
Dec 2, 2008
The 216
Ralis shoutouts

Max the most for actually hosting this
Paturnips for the free money
SolaceOne i still don't like you
Sweet for almost beating me wid sheik
Jaiye for being an asset in crews (he absolutely is technically heights lol) and pooping in brackets
Ganon Guy Gabe for being just as good as Jaiye apparently
Juggleguy for being great at this game and being cool. I need some serious falcon practice
Z-Axis goddammit i should have gone g&w against you
Flatz and StndrGndr good stuff guys keep it up, esp. stndgndr the same thing that happened to you happened to me last tourney
Dempt for not acknowledging me
TheLake for acknowledging me
Juggleguy again for acknowledging me


Fresh Eskimo
Mar 31, 2011
Cleveland, OH
Man, zach dill and flipaznzn or w/e are too good apparently.

haha i didnt enter singles. i didnt pay for it either so idk why i was in the bracket.

during that time i was prolly 4 stockin some basil fried rice
oh sorry about that, whoever was doing registration when you entered must have checked you off by accident (could have been me, I don't remember).


Fresh Eskimo
Mar 31, 2011
Cleveland, OH
Oh yea, did anybody leave a pocket knife?
because we found one and don't know who it belongs to.

aaanyway, one of the church people was talking to me and he thinks that I should try to do this again in the future, so there will probably be a WTCA2 eventually (can't promise anything yet though)
next time it will be a lot better because I kind of know how to do everything better now and I will make sure we aren't as pressed for time.


Smash Rookie
Mar 17, 2011
North Canton, OH
This tourney was sooo legit. Dat turnout. Shoutouts to Max for hosting what was essentially the revival of the Melee scene in Ohio. Good ****.

Dempt: You're my bro. Good **** on placing higher than me even after your loss.
Vudujin: Your Luigi is legendary. It's honestly inspiring to see it in person.
Carroll: GGs in bracket. Your Marth is so based.
Ralis: Your Falco is hella scary, your G&W even more. We should definitely play more often.
The PA Crew: for being awesome in general.

And shoutouts to my facial hair for harboring the spirit of Isai and helping me discover my true main. :falconmelee:


Smash Champion
Oct 19, 2009
Ann Arbor, MI
that was some pretty big turnout
gg's to everyone i played
had some crazy sets with dr d, the lake, vudujin, taki and 4%
i lost 3-1 to duck in wf
but he offered to split if i won lf since we both wanted to go home
and nobody wants to watch (possibly) 2 sets of falco vs samus
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