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  • By complicated, I mean that it's designed to survive hits from all conceivable threats and is able to defeat such threats with the same spread. Finding balance between all this is what makes it impressive. Btw, Rotom-A walls his zong+half his team. Have fun.
    Have you played him? He couldn't have copied it unless he has played or talked to you first. Ask Pink Reaper if you want to see his Bronzong, the EVs are a bit complicated and he made some changes with the advent of Platinum, so I can't tell what it's like right now.
    Copying Pink Reaper, eh? Or maybe you weren't around to see his Bronzong. It's nasty. I don't think it's ever worth using Natural Gift on a bulky Pokemon. It's pretty much a 1 PP move. In the next gen, Natural Gift should also cause your held berry to activate. That way, you can get a stat boost, or get a one-time type-resist. At least Fling can inflict status... Oh yeah, I forgot to mention this. You should totally run Toxic on Crobat, just in case you run into a stall-war. ;)
    Gonna take our little conversation to visitor messaging because it's easier that way.

    I see why Crobat is able to wall any non-stone edging Salamence now. It's pretty much like Porygon2, only with a reliable stat-up move and less coverage.
    Hey, wanna Shoddy sometime? I'm rather bored, and you seem like an interesting opponent. lol
    Wats up ultima. Hey this is Boog (the kid from the gvn brawl tourny that placed 2nd)..Your friends with epic right? i think he said you guys had like a brawl crew in de or somethin. well i was tryna tell him and now you that you guys should definitely check out my brawl clan for wifi brawls...that is if your online brawlers as well... the website is www.Korlash.co.nr . Just tell em that Boog told u to go there and play a couple people, and if you like it join up with us. youll meet alotta really good players, including good donkey kongs as yourself ;)... but on another note, i do live in de as well and wouldnt mind getting up and brawling u guys in person again... since i can never seem to find the tournaments or anything for brawl in delaware. let me kno tho man...see ya
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