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Uprise #10 results!


Smash Master
Oct 22, 2008
Long Island, NY!
I had a good time, it was great seeing everyone! This event had 35 entrants, which is the first Uprise to break 30 entrants ever.

Singles (35 entrants):

[collapse=Singles Bracket]

1: Apex | Vinnie ($192.50) :popo::metaknight:
2: ANTi ($87.50) :metaknight::falco:
3: Nairo ($52.50) :metaknight::snake:
4: Keitaro ($17.50) :falco:
5: Mintyflesh :marth::metaknight:
5: Delta Cod :yoshi2:
7: Jtails :metaknight:
7: DextaSmurf :metaknight::diddy:
9: CT Chibo :rob:
9: Problem :snake:
9: Dcold :sheik:
9: Nuke :diddy:
13: vVv Cheese :popo::metaknight:
13: Remix :toonlink:
13: Cross :falco::marth:
13: RJ :metaknight::lucario:
17: Sama :luigi2:
17: CoonTail :pt:
17: Alex :kirby2:
17: BMO :gw:
17: Raptor :yoshi2:
17: Pane :wolf:
17: Gunblade :metaknight::marth:
17: MikeKirby :kirby2:
25: A pimp named Slickback (Inferno) :mario2:
25: Chris
25: SMuRF
25: Kamil
25: SGTW :peach:
25: John
25: JpisCrazy :diddy:
25: Zeefeet
33: Jina
33: theDuL0R :lucario:
33: Jayme

Doubles (6 teams)

[collapse=Doubles Bracket]

1: ANTi :wario: & Nairo :metaknight: ($72.00)
2: Vinnie :gw: & Jtails :metaknight: ($36.00)
3: Mintyflesh :metaknight: & Viva :gw: ($12.00)
4: Raptor :yoshi2: & MikeKirby :kirby2:
5: Lord :toonlink: & Jpat :snake:
6: Zeefeet :lucas: & SMuRF :rob:

Project M (9 entrants)

[collapse=P:M Bracket]

1: Will ($27.00) :falcon::ganondorf:
2: CT Chibo ($13.50) :sheik::fox::rob:
3: Apex | Vinnie ($4.50) :ganondorf:
4: Gunblade :fox:
5: Dabuz :lucas::marth:
5: Luca :lucario:
7: Remix
7: Chris
9: Dul :lucario:


Smash Legend
Feb 14, 2007
Chapel Hill, NC
don't make me pop off on you *****. complaining about gr fair from yoshi is like complaining about being grabbed by falco from 0 and getting sonned on your last stock

man up. gj on the placing


The Assault of Laughter ﷼
Apr 18, 2010
salt already wow oh wow
grats on winning, vinnie

nice to see anti entering and performing so well, same with keitaro


Smash Champion
Jun 25, 2010
New york
as always the bracket looks beautiful. Chopped up.

1: Apex | Vinnie thanks for hosting the tourney and nice job beating Anti. Keep that practicing going.
2: ANTi good stuff beating Nairo. Also lol at the clear controller.
3: Nairo nice job making 3rd. Next time pretend everyone is using Olimar. ;)
4: Keitaro used Roar. Makes Vinnie drop grabs and super effective.
5: Mintyflesh I think you're addicted to money matches.
5: Delta Cod Ggs in our mm. Best bloshi, but I still <3 polt. egglay on nado is awesome. :yoshi2: :yoshi2: :yoshi2: oh btw eat a dsmash stage spike jk lol.
7: Jtails ggs in our match. I have to fight your mk more to learn how to play against good mks. Lucky 7 :p
7: DextaSmurf that patient Diddy.
9: CT Chibo CHIBOOOOOOOOO : chibo: thanks for your work on the stream. Always a pleasure to the viewers.
9: Problem I forgot to play your snake again. :(
9: Dcold Trolling with those secondaries. OH LOOK AT ME I USE TO USE THIS GUY. I saw you using Ganon against JP. Shame on you >: ( Also nice job almost beating Delta, but you lack the patience of a 1000 dragons.
9: Nuke Nice job. Tayf is growing strong.
13: vVv Cheese Game 1 freeknight, Game 2 D3 infinte, Game 3 freeknight. ggs. In the words of a the great Cheese. Pick up a better character.
13: Remix REMIX!!!!
13: Cross My coolest story of how I won this tournament is in stores now selling for $30. Glad you came. Falco? REALLY? SERIOUSLY? :( poor marth :marth:
13: RJ I can't believe you interrupted Raptor's jiggz mm against Delta's anything. Delta was going to make enough gas money off of raptor. :p
17: CoonTail My boi CoonTail with the commentary of a mexican commentator in soccer. lol
17: Alex That kirby and Ics ffa on Rumble falls. we should play next tourney
17: Raptor 3hrs of sleep johns and contact lens johns. Complain more to the top 5 thread.
17: Pane that was a good talk that we had during friendlies.
17: Gunblade nice seeing you. Glad to hear your house situation is going good.
17: MikeKirby :kirby: Chudat fan boy
25: A pimp named Slickback (Inferno) Ggs. You almost had me with mario and that camping.
25: SGTW Pony swag
25: JpisCrazy nice set against Chibo, but you can't beat chibo when the streamers are cheering him. I mean it's impossible.
33 theDuL0R thanks for the ride. Keep on practicing and lol at you have to play SGTW losers.


Smash Lord
Jun 30, 2009
Wherever sarcasm can be made
1: Apex | Vinnie ($192.50) Nice tournament as always, and grats on the win as usual :p
2: ANTi ($87.50) I wanted to play you today, but you were always playing
3: Nairo ($52.50) Good job on the placing, also wanted to play you.
4: Keitaro ($17.50) Good stuff
5: Mintyflesh We didn't play today, but we always play in our minds.
5: Delta Cod There is no word for how close that set was, GGs :/
7: Jtails Always nice to see you bro, next time I'll be winning most of our matches ;D
7: DextaSmurf
9: CT Chibo I really wanted to play you in tourney, oh well.
9: Problem GGs, why did you go Falco lol. Close set.
9: Dcold
9: Nuke
13: vVv Cheese
13: Remix
13: Cross I've met my maker, literally. GGs, I hope you come back to the Sheik side.
13: RJ
17: Sama GGs and nice seeing you as always. Game and Watchhhhhhhhhhhhhh
17: CoonTail See, if I would have commentated your matches everything would have been alright :p
17: Alex GGs :D
17: BMO
17: Raptor Nice Yoshi m8. Stop using Jiggz m8.
17: Pane I hope there's no hard feelings, it's not like I just used Sheik to CP you, it's who I main, and using anyone else would have been stupid.
17: Gunblade So we meet! We should play some more wifi ;D
17: MikeKirby Unlucky man, was surprised to know you were out of the tournament. Always nice having you ofcourse :D And I'm not good at the Kirby MU lolol.
25: A pimp named Slickback (Inferno)
25: Chris
25: SMuRF
25: Kamil Next time spike Raptor when he gets greedy. Show that kid who's boss.
25: SGTW
25: John That CF dedication! You're improving man lol.
25: JpisCrazy Unlucky man :/ Next time you'll show them, I know that must have been a little disappointing.
25: Zeefeet
33: Jina
33: theDuL0R Better luck next time man :/ Just keep practicing!
33: Jayme

big bad wolf

Smash Journeyman
May 7, 2010
1: Apex | Vinnie ($192.50) gj winning , rr was the best part of the day tbh
2: ANTi ($87.50) gj proving your point now lets see the sktar wreckage
3: Nairo ($52.50) don't be discouraged
4: Keitaro ($17.50) nice job i saw the videos
5: Mintyflesh mix up your kill moves other then that gj and rr lmao hbd steven
5: Delta Cod sadly we did not fight next time i will not be generous to others
7: Jtails we have to get a friendly in , fun chat at the end
9: CT Chibo fun friendlies
9: Dcold IM mad at losing game 3 cause of a trip , i will not be so nice next time , i will cp when i have the lead i suppose
9: Nuke gj vs rj
13: vVv Cheese we didn't play for once , no complaints lol
13: Remix our games were really fun ggs
13: Cross fun friendlies only shine kills idk why lol
13: RJ we all hoke sometimes , ill try to go to collision if nothing comesup/ get a ride
17: Sama fun friendlies
17: CoonTail good chats
17: Alex rr too good
17: Raptor day1 pikachu too good lol
17: Pane stop being nice to everyone / get gayed out and stuff stolen , **** ....
17: Gunblade thanks for being awesome/ one of the people i enjoy talking to
17: MikeKirby we didn't team smh
25: Chris work on the stuff i mentioned
25: SGTW fun friendlies
25: John ggs

CT Chia

Smash Obsessed
Sep 4, 2007
- Personal Recommendations


Anti + Nairo vs Lord + Jpat - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kvyM_yvBY88

Anti + Nairo vs Mike Kirby + Raptor - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UVxX40Q4gKY

Anti + Nairo vs Minty + Viva - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i1zhBH_SUzE

Anti + Nairo vs Apex | Vinnie + Jtails - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FPJAZJQng1E

Anti + Nairo vs Zeefeet + SMuRF - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dcQt77VNkn8

Minty + Viva vs Raptor + Mike Kirby - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F57bQkSwJas

Minty + Viva vs Apex | Vinnie + Jtails - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LxcwqjEZw74


CT Chibo vs JPisCrazy - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qU2hCLgdt4Q

Gunblade vs Smurf - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OQ0M5-k86Wk

Minty vs Cross - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s8N2lJozeiQ

Apex | Vinnie vs Jina - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uM7s3aUlwu8

CT Chibo vs Smurf - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0KTPRek25R8

Keitaro vs Problem - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NgYZS_an2XE

Minty vs Jtails - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bXTY25J6_8w

Nairo vs vVv Cheese - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XyEbtyRhAu0

Anti vs DeltaCod - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AIlS7O7reoA

Nairo vs Minty - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oYZm4GF3xoc

Anti vs Nairo - Winners Semis - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TM80tNiBVuU

Keitaro vs Apex | Vinnie - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=imHcZlLEAr8

Anti vs Apex | Vinnie - Winners Finals - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KXxJT082ozQ

Nairo vs Keitaro - Losers Semis - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DyFMTPY_q9o

Anti vs Nairo - Losers Finals - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FMIn-_a-MBY

Anti vs Apex | Vinnie - Grand Finals - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IYoEXT81xp4

Project M

Dabuz vs CT Chibo - Winners Semis - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SmK9n1GR15w

Gunblade vs Dabuz - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Q7jPtY6rgc

CT Chibo vs Will - Winners Finals - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_H-Tf00IkiY

CT Chibo vs Apex | Vinnie - Losers Finals - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=37HljC7FKZY

Will vs CT Chibo - Grand Finals - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o20qeSdQUR0


Interview With Anti - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rDUQ2mRzCho


Smash Lord
Jun 30, 2009
Wherever sarcasm can be made
Just a suggestion Chibo, but can you upload the videos in order? A bit silly to see Grand Finals first then see WB2 then LB4 then Winners Finals. As someone subbed to the channel, it's a bit odd, and a bit confusing to find the videos in some sort of sequential order on the channel. And I don't think many people look at playlists :S


Smash Master
Dec 3, 2005
@ Chibo

Just a suggestion Chibo, but can you upload the videos in order? A bit silly to see Grand Finals first then see WB2 then LB4 then Winners Finals. As someone subbed to the channel, it's a bit odd, and a bit confusing to find the videos in some sort of sequential order on the channel. And I don't think many people look at playlists :S
What a dumb complaint, its not hard to navigate you lazy bum.


CT Chia

Smash Obsessed
Sep 4, 2007
The reason they uploaded in that order is because the files on my hard drive are in alphabetical order if you notice. I put videos into batches so at least videos aren't mixed up between batches. This had 3 batches, first is doubles + round 1 singles, then singles, then project m. You'll notice how they're split up like that and alphabetical within the batches.

I mean I could try to separate it like that, but it's a little awkward. Considering some winners and losers matches go on concurrently, like losers semis goes on after winners finals, even though winners finals is more hype. When I list the videos online I put all the finals at the end, and the semis before that (or at least I try to).


Smash Cadet
Dec 5, 2011
Long Island, NY
Nice seeing everyone! Glad to meet some new faces. Red Robin trip was really ****ing rewarding. Thanks guises! (:

Also, ANTI, if you're reading this, I don't want to be a wardrobe stealer but, can I ask where you got your sick sweater? I was going to order one something like that from Korea but it's 100+. D:


Smash Journeyman
Jul 24, 2011
Long Island, NY
:094: Shoutouts:
1: Apex | Vinnie - great job winning (again) lol. I'm gunna straight training with you more often.
2: ANTi - what retirement? Great job coming back in full force!
3: Nairo - you're an amazing player. And like I tell Vinnie, make sure you're having fun while playing.
4: Keitaro - great finally meeting you! Yes I am TO you heard about lol tty soon can't wait for SKTAR
5: Mintyflesh- much love to you. Marth too good!
5: Delta Cod - Nice to meet you.
7: Jtails - thank you for the friendlies! And the explanations. Ill remember what we talk about. And already started practicing them. :094:
7: DextaSmurf - my dude! Great seeing you again.
9: CT Chibo - another awesome stream!! :094:
9: Problem - I choked :109: Ill come thru and start training with you guys.
9: Dcold - best :shiek: I know! (only one I know)
9: Nuke - TAYF!
13: vVv Cheese - didn't get a rant from you. Ill let you know when I get some time to play TOR
17: Sama - TAYF!
17: CoonTail - my favorite commentator!! We gotta get on together again soon.
17: Alex - udaman
17: BMO - TAYF!
17: Raptor - TAYF!
17: Pane - Returning to Ravnica
17: Gunblade - great meeting you! Good luck!
17: MikeKirby - great seeing you again. Get some friendlies in next time?
25: SGTW - TAYF! Ggs in bracket. Ill get you next time.
25: JpisCrazy - Ggs in bracket. Your monkey is pretty damn good.
33: theDuL0R - this kneegrow is free!!


Smash Hero
Sep 8, 2008
Extra good **** to Keitaro lol, I just realized how he brought Vinnie & Nairo to game 3 almost last hit.


Smash Master
Sep 4, 2007
Chibo the best @ posting vids... Now if only if he posted the vids in order...


Not complaining

BTW.... I commend you guys on your EPIC music

CT Chia

Smash Obsessed
Sep 4, 2007
I use a Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle USB 3.0 with Xsplit or Wirecast depending on the computer I'm on.
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