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Ultimate’s Sequel: Super Smash Bros. Infinite Project (READ THE OP FIRST BEFORE JOINING)

To break the tie, please vote for your favorite Rhythm Heaven assist trophy.

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Doc Monocle

Smash Journeyman
Dec 24, 2020
Grand Smash 6 Archive of
Did and Did Not (In Progress)

The following is a compilation of all the content ever admitted to the hypothetical Smash 6 project.
Contributed to by all of the most dedicated members, this collection summarizes the efforts made to brainstorm the finest Smash Bros. game that never existed! So without further ado, let us have our splendid tour of the ideas presented by these fine minds... (forgive me. I need to work on my formatting skills)

To begin, we shall examine the character proposals,
and what their respective authors have to say about them...
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Venus of the Desert Bloom

Moderating your boards and bringing you news
Writing Team
Jul 30, 2007
The Grand Smash 6 Archive of Did and Did Not (In Progress)
The following is a compilation of all the content ever admitted to the hypothetical Smash 6 project.
Contributed to by all of the most dedicated members, this collection summarizes the efforts made to brainstorm the finest Smash Bros. game that never existed! So without further ado, let us have our splendid tour of the ideas presented by these fine minds...
I will be posting this in the front page area. So anything that’s compiled, feel free to ping them and I will copy and paste it to the front. I am currently working on character submissions but not the current ones until we have two clear winners.


Smash Apprentice
Oct 18, 2020
Job #30:

1. Waluigi Crotch chops
2. Waluigi shakes his fist and says "Cheaters!"
3. Waluigi does a pirouette and strikes a pose

Idle Animations:
1. Waluigi twirls his mustache before briefly picking his nose
2. Waluigi taps his foot repeatedly, in a less agressive version of his current asisst trophy attack

Kirby Hat:
Waluigi's Hat

Crowd Chant:

I would be willing to help you Doc Monocle Doc Monocle with the archiving.
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Doc Monocle

Smash Journeyman
Dec 24, 2020
Job #30:

1. Waluigi Crotch chops
2. Waluigi shakes his fist and says "Cheaters!"
3. Waluigi does a pirouette

Idle Animations:
1. Waluigi picks his nose
2. Waluigi taps his foot repeatedly, in a less agressive version of his current asisst trophy attack

Kirby Hat:
Waluigi's Hat

Crowd Chant:

I would be willing to help you Doc Monocle Doc Monocle with the archiving.
Thank you! At the moment, I am trying to rough out the general format. My first task is gathering all the characters that have appeared in this thread. I am going to ask each author for a swift commentary that can be included in the archive. If we are going to collaborate though, we need an organized system for communicating with each other about our objectives, lest we overlap, confuse ourselves, and waste time. Any ideas?

Venus of the Desert Bloom

Moderating your boards and bringing you news
Writing Team
Jul 30, 2007
Thank you! At the moment, I am trying to rough out the general format. My first task is gathering all the characters that have appeared in this thread. I am going to ask each author for a swift commentary that can be included in the archive. If we are going to collaborate though, we need an organized system for communicating with each other about our objectives, lest we overlap, confuse ourselves, and waste time. Any ideas?
This is how the format should look.

I used the site’s multi-quoting feature to collect the posts that fell under the character submission category and tapped the “add multi-quotes” in a text box. If people want to help me archive the submissions and content, doing this and then pinging me is the best and most helpful option :)
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Smash Champion
Nov 7, 2015
Realm 75731
Now we have a character I can do some work on

Job 30 - Waluigi Proposal
My proposal for Waluigi's moveset is a fairly-basic one. It doesn't rely on gimmicks or mechanics, but as with all characters Waluigi's moves would be given special flair found nowhere else. In my opinion, a combination of all of Waluigi's abilities he's used across the Mario spin-offs would work best to make him feel unique: why use a tennis racket everyone can use when you can have special thorns from Mario Strikers Charged, midair swimming from Mario Power Tennis, and giant mechanical claws from Mario Sports Mix? He would of course have his tennis racket with him for a few attacks (such as a serve forward throw) to reference his origins, but I don't subscribe to the belief that Waluigi's moveset should be all tennis, all sports, all memes, or any of that. A good moveset should take everything from a characters repretoire and use it to its full advantage, and Waluigi's should be no different.

(I hit Save on accident so I'll fill the rest out in another post)
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Golden Icarus

Smash Ace
Oct 4, 2013
St. Louis, Missouri
Oh yes, I'm excited for this. Waluigi is a surprisingly difficult character for me to visualize in Smash, so I'm very curious to see everyone's gameplay proposals.

For a victory theme, I'll suggest this:
It's a short snippet from Waluigi Pinball, which would obviously be fitting. Credit to GB6 on YouTube. This guy's channel has some fantastic victory theme ideas.


Smash Champion
Nov 7, 2015
Realm 75731
Job 30 (cont.) - Waluigi Proposal

As for the actual moveset, here's how I imagine it would work:
  • Ground Attacks
    • Jab: Waluigi throws a one-two punch combo followed by a front kick. The kick has, obviously, quite a bit more reach.
    • Forward Tilt: Waluigi throws a slap not dissimilar to Wario's forward tilt. Though Waluigi has his fingers apart, giving more of a "claw swipe" feel.
    • Forward Smash: Waluigi leaps forward and performs a scissor kick, kind of like Sonic's up aerial flipped 90 degrees.
    • Up Tilt: Waluigi throws a jumping uppercut.
    • Up Smash: Waluigi twirls around with his leg above his head similar to one of his hole animations in Mario Golf: World Tour and Mario Sports Superstars. Deals repeated hits of damage.
    • Down Tilt: Waluigi throws a sliding kick like Cloud and Joker's down tilts.
    • Down Smash: Waluigi stomps on the ground repeatedly, burying opponents he hits. An obvious callback to his role as an Assist Trophy in previous Smash games.
    • Dash Attack: Waluigi brutally kicks, as if he were kicking a soccer ball. It's a much stronger variant of Luigi's down taunt... and it will still meteor smash opponents if he hits them while hanging on the ledge!
  • Aerial Attacks
    • Neutral Aerial: Waluigi's neutral aerial is somewhat similar to his down smash stomp, but rather than stomps, he throws multiple "sex kicks". Functionally like Fox or Snake's neutral aerial, but the animation doesn't have him spin, but instead pistoning his foot back and forth.
    • Forward Aerial: Waluigi kicks upward, sort of a reverse of Snake's forward aerial.
    • Back Aerial: Waluigi throws a backward drilling kick, which hits multiple times.
    • Up Aerial: Waluigi throws a scissor kick upward identical to Sonic's up aerial. It has a sweetspot at the top which, unlike any other up aerial in the game, will actually meteor smash.
    • Down Aerial: Waluigi spins around as he falls to the ground like a drill. He will bounce off opponents he lands on similar to Simon and Greninja's down aerial, and can use the move again. While it's not based on anything in particular, the animation is similar to when Mario spin jumps in the 3D Mario games.
  • Grabs & Throws
    • Grab: Waluigi reaches out in front of him to grab.
    • Pummel: Waluigi shakes the opponent as if he were trying to mug them.
    • Forward Throw: Waluigi tosses the opponent in the air, pulls out a tennis racket, and launches them forward, as if he were serving.
    • Back Throw: Waluigi suplexes the opponent to launch them behind himself.
    • Up Throw: Waluigi tosses the opponent in the air, then turns upside down and throws multiple quick kicks upward.
    • Down Throw: Waluigi places the opponent on the ground, pulls out a golf club, and swings it to send them away.
  • Special Moves
    • Neutral Special - Mechanical Menace: Waluigi deploys his four-arm mechanical device from Mario Sports Mix. If used in midair, then Waluigi will hover throughout the move. He will use them to throw balls of electricity, which can be angled upward or downward with directional inputs, and create a small blast if they hit the ground. He throws up to four before discarding the machine. This can be a powerful ranged option, though even if he cancels the move after the first shot, it has quite a bit of startup, so he can be left vulnerable if it isn't used smartly.
    • Side Special - Wall-Luigi / Midair Swimming: Waluigi has two side specials depending on if it's used on the ground or in the air. On the ground, he uses his Wall-Luigi ability from Mario Strikers Charged: he runs forward at high speeds, creating purple thorns in his wake that will remain there for a short time. If an opponent steps on them, their movement speed will be lowered, they can't jump as high, and they will take constant damage. This can make for an effective stage control and escape option. In midair, he instead swims in midair like he does for his Defensive Special Shot in Mario Power Tennis. He makes two strokes forward, which allows him to damage opponents he touches, and afterwards enters a gliding state identical to Steve after using Elytra. This may also be cancelled early, though he enters a semi-helpless state afterwards. This version is obviously mainly used for recovery, specifically horizontally.
    • Up Special - Whirluigi: A vertical variation of his Offensive Special Shot from Mario Power Tennis. He spins around as he ascends, then strikes a pose as he contorts his body into his upside-down L symbol before falling helpless. This move works as a combination between Wario and Luigi's up specials: it hits multiple times like Wario's, but if he hits opponents with the final hit, and ONLY the final hit, it has a massively powerful hitbox like Luigi's!
    • Down Special - Moonwalk: Waluigi does his moonwalk animation from Mario Tennis Aces, walking backwards while creating afterimages of himself. This seems like a slower version of Fox Illusion, but rather than damaging opponents... Waluigi actually causes them to trip! This can leave them open for a follow-up, which is convenient, since he can cancel the move at any point.
    • Final Smash - Waluigi's Reign: A very, VERY obscure pull, originating from a minigame in Mario Party-e! A lever appears in front of Waluigi, he rubs his hands and cackles, and pulls it down. This causes an avalanche of obstacles to fall from the top of the screen: Green Shells, hammers, Bob-ombs, Thwomps, spiked balls, used blocks, and tires all fall down, crashing on the opponents below and damaging them. The move ends with three giant Bob-ombs that explode on impact, which deal a lot more damage to launch the opponents away.

Doc Monocle

Smash Journeyman
Dec 24, 2020
This is how the format should look.

I used the site’s multi-quoting feature to collect the posts that fell under the character submission category and tapped the “add multi-quotes” in a text box. If people want to help me archive the submissions and content, doing this and then pinging me is the best and most helpful option :)
I did not see this until just now... It is a relief. I was here for a long time trying to figure out how to make an all out display of the archive eye pleasing. Oh well... The easy way is best, I suppose. Hehe!


Smash Hero
Mar 23, 2019
Down Under
Job #30: Waluigi's Moveset
  • Jab/Tilts/Smash/Dash
    • Jab - Punches forward, with his long skinny arm.
    • Rapid Jab - Performs two horizontal punches forward, and ends it with a spinning attack where he rapidly slaps the opponent. He ends the spin by yelling “Waa!”
    • F-tilt - Performs a powerful kick forward with his left foot.
    • U-tilt - Hops upward, performing a large headbutt attack.
    • D-Tilt - Kicks forward with his long skinny legs.
    • Side Smash - Takes out his tennis racket, and swings forward with all his might! (Can reflect projectiles)
    • Up Smash - Takes out his tennis racket, and leaps upward and performs a spike attack. If he makes contact with an opponent, they are spiked downward at a diagonal angle. Really great DMG and knockback potential, but can be hard to pull off.
    • Down Smash - Performs a breakdance attack from Mario DDR. This attack deals great upward knockback.
    • Dash Attack - Stumbles around and trips over clumsily.
  • Aerials
    • N-air - Spins around and performs a pose.
    • F-air - Takes out an Whiskered Eggplant and tosses it.
    • B-air - Performs a backward, two footed kick.
    • U-air - Pokes upwards with his long pink nose.
    • D-air - Slams straight downward, putting all his force into his legs. This is the strongest of these types of attack, however it leaves Waluigi stuck in the ground for a second when he lands.
  • Grab/Throws
    • Grab - Constricts them with a purple vine.
    • Dash Grab - Lunges at them arms stretched out.
    • Pummel - Beats up them in a cartoony dust could.
    • F-throw - Places them on a tee and sending them flying with his golf club.
    • B-throw - Similar to Mario’s, spins the opponent around a few times before tossing them behind him.
    • U-throw - Takes out his tennis racket and hits the opponent upward.
    • D-throw - Kicks the opponent into the ground just like his assist trophy attack.
  • Special Moves
    • Neutral - Tennis Serve: Waluigi will throw a tennis ball up, and then after pressing B again Waluigi will hit the tennis ball with the racket, the timing of the move will determine how strong and fast it will be. Sometimes, he uses a Bob-Omb instead.
    • Side - Waluigi Racer: Waluigi will hop in his Racer from Double Dash and start driving forward, in the air the racer will glide, there is a small chance that his kart will go crazy and swerve out of control crashing into opponents but you won’t have much control with it.
    • Up - Dice Hop: Waluigi will use a dice block, it’s completely random how much Waluigi will travel, 1-3 is meh, 4-5 is really good! And 6 will teleport you to a random spot in the stage! Don’t use it a lot if your luck isn’t good enough.
    • Down - Consolation Prize: Waluigi pulls out the Trophy Stand item from Subspace and throws it forward. Any fighter hit by it will turn into a Fake Assist Trophy. (looks close enough to the normal model, but it’s coloured red and the silhouette has an angry expression)
      Any character can then pick up the Fake Trophy, which will then explode and send the trapped opponent flying. If it hits an airborne opponent, the trophy will fall down until the opponent is freed after a short time (increases with damage) or they hit the blast zone, although the opponent can mash buttons to get released from the trophy prematurely. Not recommended against opponents with reflectors, as Waluigi can fall victim to his own devious trap.
  • Final Smash
    • Wall-uigi: Waluigi’s eyes begin to burn with purple fire, as he yells “It’s Waluigi time!” as his whole body turns a much darker purple. Waluigi’s speed is now increased, and anywhere that he travels he leaves behind a trail of purple spikey vines behind him. These vines will stay in effect for 2 seocnds before fading away, and if an opponent touches the vines, they are given 15% DMG and launched upwards, along with being given a flower effect for the duration of the final smash. The final smash lasts for about 10 seconds, so Waluigi should move fast to cover the most ground and dish out the most DMG to opponents, but this is not difficult whatsoever. Afterwords, the walls disappear and Waluigi bows, and gets back into the fight. (He uses a spiky silver whip to attack with.)
  • Taunts
    • Waluigi takes out a potted Piranha Plant petting its head but bites at him making him throw it away.
    • His iconic crotch chop from Mario Strikers.
    • Waluigi cackles evilly twirling his moustache.
  • Victory Poses
    • Waluigi pulls out a rose and points it towards the camera, with his hat tipped he says “Waluigi is the winner!”
    • Waluigi drives around in his Waluigi Racer before crashing off-screen and walks back in holding a tire with thumbs up.
    • Waluigi pumps his fists into the air, and leans his tennis racket on his shoulder triumphantly.
    • Defeat Pose: Waluigi angrily stomps the ground and throws his racket.
  • Boxing Ring Title
    • "He's Number One!" (Or either "The Purple Cheater".)
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Smash Journeyman
Oct 30, 2020
Decided to make a Spirit that I'm surprised didn't come with Joker.

Yu Narukami (Persona 4)

Spirit Information
Class: Advanced (★★)
Type: Support
Ability: Fog Immunity

Battle Information
Puppet Fighters: Mii Swordfighter (2123, P4 Protagonist Wig, Yasogami High Uniform), giant Robin (male default)
Stage: Mementos (yellow), Battlefield Form
  • Defeat the main fighter to win
  • The floor is electrified
  • The enemy favors neutral specials


Smash Ace
May 17, 2020
Idle animations:
1. Waluigi will twirl one side of his mustache, but it will snap back to his nose, making him feel a small jolt of pain.
2. Waluigi will pull a tennis ball around in his fingers, spin it around, then put it back.
Winning Animations:
Waluigi claps his hands with a rose in his mouth, does a tango pose or two (not sure what would better fit the length of an average victory screen), and spins before ending with a final pose where he holds his rose towards the camera. A reference to his Eagle/Hole In One animation from Mario Golf: World Tour.
Waluigi jumps from left to right in a goofy, Waluigi-esque way, holding his trophy high, referencing his tournament winnning animation from his first game appearance, Mario Tennis N64.
(Clip starts at 2:05) Waluigi jumps goofily, poses to the left and right, spins around, and ends with a Micheal Jackson-esque tip of his hat.
Boxing Ring Name: The Purple Perpetrator
I also propose one of his taunts be the famous Waluigi Crotch Chop.
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Venus of the Desert Bloom

Moderating your boards and bringing you news
Writing Team
Jul 30, 2007
Ok, the votes are in and we have our winners for Job #29 of our very first third party character and our out-in-left field. Yellow is first place, Blue is second place, and green is third.

Crash 14
Eggman 11
Sora 6
Shantae 4
Doom Slayer 4
Frisk 3
Dragonborn 2
Bomberman 3
Phoenix Wright 12
Professor Layton
Lloyd Irving 5
Scorpion 2
Leon Kennedy 3
Iori Yogami 0
Bull Shark 1
Heihachi Mishima 3
Knuckles 3

Labo Man 1
Jump Rope Rabbit 3
Muddy Mole 2
Lip 8
Cranky Kong
Ring Fit Trainee 5
Nikki 3
Euden 2
Lugia 2
Stylist 9
Stanley The Bug Man
Kyle Hyde 3
Mach Rider 5
Guardian 2
Ayumi Tachibada 8
Slippy Toad 3
Mike Jones 4
Excitebiker 4
Swanky Kong 1
Shake King 1
Sandbag 6


Congratulations to Otoad64 Otoad64 and airConditioner airConditioner ! I also want to thank everyone for submitting your characters! This job had an amazing turnout and tons of excellent submissions. You may have noticed that I also gave second and third places this time around. This will be a new system put into place in the event that the first place winner is confirmed in Vol Pass 2 or a potential third Fighter’s Pass. If Crash or Stylist is confirmed as a newcomer, we will relegate them to veteran status and elevate Phoenix Wright or Ayumi Tachibana. This also includes if one of those are confirmed which will then see Eggman and Lip be elevated. This new procedure will be applied to past voting rounds as well in the event Isaac, Octoling, or Bandana Dee is a DLC newcomer. As for Waluigi, we will choose another assist trophy promotion to take his place should he be promoted in Ultimate.

We will continue submitting Waluigi moveset, content, and Homestage before moving to Crash abd Stylist which will involve moveset abd info proposals plus stage proposals, Spirits, music, and more.
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Smash Lord
Oct 22, 2020
Who Knows Where?
Job 30:
Waluigi's Homestage: Waluigi Pinball

The most fitting homestage for waluigi, in my opinion, is his homestage from Mario Kart DS.
there would be platforms floating in the middle of the stage, as well as two slopes on the sides, with pinball.. bumpers? the things that flick the pinball upwards, and can also fing you upwards by jumping a la sonic the hedgehog. in the background you can see the slot machine in front of the logo and waluigi's face, as seen in this picture


Smash Ace
May 17, 2020
In terms of Waluigi's moveset-I'd hate to say that "we'll make him simple like Brawl" because we already did that for Issac and Bandana Dee and it would be nice to have a change of pace. But I legitimately can't think of a single "gimmick" we could give to Waluigi that would be fitting. So I'd say we go the same route as we did with those two, and instead try to capture his personality in his animations for his moves and such. We can save the special mechanic for Stylist, as I think it would fit better there than with Waluigi.


Smash Apprentice
Oct 18, 2020
Job #30 Waluigi Move set

  • Up Special: Swimming Return - Waluigi Swims in the air in a slower version of Pikachu's quick attack. Waluigi swims in 4 bursts, and can change direction for each burst. There is a weak hit box on it.
  • Side Special: Kart - Waluigi gets into the Waluigi Racer and charges forward at the opponent. This move can be charged into 4 tiers, no sparks, blue sparks, orange sparks, and purple sparks, from weakest to strongest. This references the holding drifts in Mario Kart. If done in the air a glider will appear.
  • Neutral Special: Serve - Waluigi throws a tennis ball into the air and serves it at the opponent with his racket. this can be angled slightly, and cancelled out of. The Tennis Ball will remain and bounce if cancelled, and can be hit with his forward air and forward smash. If the ball is hit at the peak of the serve it will move extra fast with smoke similar to in wii sports. there is a small chance of serving a Mr. Saturn and Bob-omb.
  • Down Special - Trick Shot - Waluigi slows down time and does a moonwalk like in Mario Tennis Aces. this moves functions as a counter if hit during the moonwalk. However, the move has large ending lag so Waluigi can be punished if not hit.
  • Neutral Air: Waluigi has a standard sex kick that sticks out well in front of his body
  • Forward Air: Waluigi quickly swing his racket in front of him. This can reflect projectiles, and will send his tennis ball toward his opponent if there is one one the feild.
  • Back Air: Waluigi will stick both legs back and spin, like in project M
  • Down Air: Waluigi will do four downward kicks, like his assist trophy, with the last one having a spike hit box.
  • Up Air: Waluigi will clap his legs together above him, like Sonic’s Up Air, with a sweet spot at the top
Smash Attacks:
  • Down Smash: Break Dance - Waluigi does a break dance spinning his legs which hit on both sides of him, referencing dance dance revolution Mario mix.
  • Up Smash: Dice Block - A dice Block appears above Waluigi's head, similar to Steve's Up Smash, and waluigi jumps into it. The dice can roll from 1-6, with 6 being the most powerful.
  • Forward Smash: Waluigi Does a Tennis swing, which will reflect projectiles and send his tennis ball forward.
Tilt Attacks/Dash/Jab:
  • Down Tilt: Waluigi kicks out his leg, similar to Ganondorf's down tilt, but with dance like style.
  • Forward Tilt: Waluigi stands on his toes, sticks one leg out and spins around, similar to Mewtwo's forward tilt, but higher up. This can be angled.
  • Up Tilt: Waluigi kicks one leg straight up, similar to Banjo & Kazooie's up tilt
  • Jab: Waluigi does a right punch, a left punch and a lunging kick
  • Dash: Waluigi does a kick and follows through as if he were kicking a soccer ball
  • Grab: Waluigi grabs at the air, with his hand coming from above.
  • Dash Grab: Waluigi Reaches both arms straight forward and leans into it.
  • Pummel: Waluigi swings his arm behind his head and knocks on the opponent like a door.
  • Forward Throw: Waluigi Swings his golf club, sending the opponent forward.
  • Up Throw: Waluigi Punts the opponent straight up, with an animation similar to Ganondorf's Smash 4 Up Smash
  • Back Throw: Waluigi jumps up and bounces the opponents under his legs like a basketball sending the opponent back and up.
  • Down Throw: Waluigi performs his current assist trophy attack, leaving the opponent buried
Final Smash:
  • Waluigi sticks his leg out and a vine appears out of his pant leg which stretches out, and any opponent caught in the vine will be sent to a cutscene final smash. The opponent will be transported to a dark room, which will zoom out to reveal the opponent in an assist trophy on top of a pile of Bob-ombs. Waluigi will be shown laughing repeatedly before the Bob-ombs explode.
I tried to represent mario party, mario sports, and mario kart all within this moveset. I don't think a gimmick is needed as his strange proportions and attitude make him unique enough. Admittedly his final smash is not a reference to any specific game, but i wanted to put his vines and him being an assist trophy somewhere.
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Smash Hero
Sep 22, 2012
Venus of the Desert Bloom Venus of the Desert Bloom I did a count of the votes and I got Lip and Ayumi tied for second place, both with 8 votes.

Crash 15
Bomberman 3
Eggman 11
Phoenix 12
Dragonborn 2
Scorpion 2
Frisk 3
Lloyd 5
Leon 3
Doom 4
Shark 2
Sora 6
Heihachi 3
Shantae 4
Knuckles 3
Layton 1

Labo 1
Sandbag 7
Jump Rope 3
Mach Rider 5
Lip 8
Mike Jones 4
Slippy 4
Stylist 9
Kyle Hyde 3
Stanley 2
Ayumi 8
Excitebiker 4
Starfy 1
Cranky Kong 3
Euden 2
Guardian 2
Nikki 3
Muddy Mole 3
Ring fit 4
Swanky Kong 2
Shake king 1
Lugia 2

Speed Weed

May 16, 2020
Switch FC
Can't say I'm not a little bit disappointed at Crash winning out over so many IMO better options, but eh, whatevs

Anyway, on the topic of Waluigi, while having him revolve around the sports spinoffs is well and good, I kinda like the idea of just going completely bat** with him, considering his over-the-top nature. Basically make him the Smash equivalent of Deadpool in MvC3, have him throwing around Assist Trophies and using revival platforms to recover and smacking you with the percentage bar and doing a Forward Smash that hits backwards instead and randomly stealing an iconic move from another character for one of his attacks, while still throwing in some of the more Waluigi-specific abilities from the spinoffs like the midair swimming from Power Tennis and the vines from Strikers. Tap into Waluigi's crazy nature, he's all about blatantly cheating and doing it with style, so I feel he's one of the very few characters we'd be able to pull this kind of moveset off with and have it fit in with who they are
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Smash Ace
May 17, 2020
Can't say I'm not a little bit disappointed at Crash winning out over so many IMO better options, but eh, whatevs

Anyway, on the topic of Waluigi, while having him revolve around the sports spinoffs is well and good, I kinda like the idea of just going completely bat** with him, considering his over-the-top nature. Basically make him the Smash equivalent of Deadpool in MvC3, have him throwing around Assist Trophies and using revival platforms to recover and smacking you with the percentage bar and doing a Forward Smash that hits backwards instead and randomly stealing an iconic move from another character for one of his attacks, while still throwing in some of the more Waluigi-specific abilities from the spinoffs like the midair swimming from Power Tennis and the vines from Strikers. Tap into Waluigi's crazy nature, he's all about blatantly cheating and doing it with style, so I feel he's one of the very few characters we'd be able to pull this kind of moveset off with and have it fit in with who they are
I like this. I like this a lot.

Venus of the Desert Bloom

Moderating your boards and bringing you news
Writing Team
Jul 30, 2007
Idle animations:
1. Waluigi will twirl one side of his mustache, but it will snap back to his nose, making him feel a small jolt of pain.
2. Waluigi will pull a tennis ball around in his fingers, spin it around, then put it back.
Winning Animations:
Boxing Ring Name: The Purple Perpetrator
I also propose one of his taunts be the famous Waluigi Crotch Chop.
Janx_uwu, just so we have some text to add, could you specify in writing what his victory aninations would actually be?
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Mr. Robotto

Smash Journeyman
Jan 20, 2019
So, this might seem a bit out of the blue, but I've decided to make a Spirit List on Google Sheets that represents our current "Spirit Inventory" within our hypothetical Smash 6 game. So not only does this include all the Spirits that have been suggested so far on this thread, but also the Spirits that are in Smash Ultimate at the moment! I will update this as regularly as I can, so I guess just keep requesting Spirits as normally and watch our list grow! I've also tried to organize this as best as I could to make the Spirit List's order look as realistic and coherently as I could.

All Spirits in the list include their spirit name, category, series, class, ability and the user that has submitted said Spirit. Here you go.

I should also probably specify as well that all the coloured entries are the Spirits that have been added on this thread, while the white ones are already in Smash Ultimate.
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Smash Champion
Nov 7, 2015
Realm 75731
Can't say I'm not a little bit disappointed at Crash winning out over so many IMO better options, but eh, whatevs

Anyway, on the topic of Waluigi, while having him revolve around the sports spinoffs is well and good, I kinda like the idea of just going completely bat** with him, considering his over-the-top nature. Basically make him the Smash equivalent of Deadpool in MvC3, have him throwing around Assist Trophies and using revival platforms to recover and smacking you with the percentage bar and doing a Forward Smash that hits backwards instead and randomly stealing an iconic move from another character for one of his attacks, while still throwing in some of the more Waluigi-specific abilities from the spinoffs like the midair swimming from Power Tennis and the vines from Strikers. Tap into Waluigi's crazy nature, he's all about blatantly cheating and doing it with style, so I feel he's one of the very few characters we'd be able to pull this kind of moveset off with and have it fit in with who they are
No offense, but this is the exact thing I'd rather avoid. This is way too on-the-nose with "Waluigi in Smash" memes when jabs or references to the fanbase are a lot more subtle and few and far in between (see: Ridley's up taunt or Byleth's trailer). If you wanna use stuff like revival platforms or percentage meters for attacks you aren't asking for Waluigi, you're asking for some weird Deadpool-style character, and a Deadpool Waluigi is not.

The stuff like a forward smash hitting backwards is fine though.

Speed Weed

May 16, 2020
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No offense, but this is the exact thing I'd rather avoid. This is way too on-the-nose with "Waluigi in Smash" memes when jabs or references to the fanbase are a lot more subtle and few and far in between (see: Ridley's up taunt or Byleth's trailer). If you wanna use stuff like revival platforms or percentage meters for attacks you aren't asking for Waluigi, you're asking for some weird Deadpool-style character, and a Deadpool Waluigi is not.

The stuff like a forward smash hitting backwards is fine though.
Fair, I guess some of those are a little too crazy, but I'm still a fan of the general concept of Waluigi's weird and over-the-top personality being expressed through his playstyle. Like you said, the fourth wall breaks and stuff might be a bit too much, but stuff on the level of the forward smash I think would still work out


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Nov 7, 2015
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Fair, I guess some of those are a little too crazy, but I'm still a fan of the general concept of Waluigi's weird and over-the-top personality being expressed through his playstyle. Like you said, the fourth wall breaks and stuff might be a bit too much, but stuff on the level of the forward smash I think would still work out
The forward smash works really well, being a unique attack not seen anywhere, while also fully embracing Waluigi's zaniness. Frankly I'm a little jealous I didn't come up with this for my proposal (especially since my similar idea, up aerial that spikes, was lifted directly from SSF2 lmao).

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Well luckily I happened to have made a Waluigi fan moveset a few weeks ago.

Job #30: Waluigi's Moveset

Jab: Waluigi whacks one strong hit with his tennis racket and then once again with a kick. If timed right, the first hit of the jab can reflect a single non-energy projectile in an arch which will only hit the opponent if they jump right after firing it.

Forward Tilt: Waluigi strikes forward with a baseball bat. This attack is very powerful but slow. Like Waluigi’s jab, it can reflect a single non-energy projectile and if it hits, the projectile will be sent flying right back to the opponent. It is riskier however as if his bat misses the projectile, the attack he was hit with will deal more damage to him and trip him.

Down Tilt: Waluigi crouches and goes for a low kick. Because of Waluigi’s long legs, the kick has a very extended reach.

Up Tilt: Waluigi strikes a dancing pose with his finger pointing in the air.

Dash Attack: Waluigi runs forward while kicking a soccer ball.


Grab: Waluigi extends his arms and grabs his opponent. This grab has a considerably long range for using only his arms.

Pummel: Waluigi repeatedly uses his knee to hit his opponent crudely.

Forward Throw: Waluigi kicks his opponent away from him.

Back Throw: Waluigi tosses the opponent behind him.

Down Throw: Waluigi shoves his opponent with his foot in the ground and buries them. It’s harder to escape the bury the higher percentages the opponent has.

Up Throw: Waluigi sends his opponent flying high by sucker punching them upwards.


Neutral Air: Waluigi spins mid-air with his baseball bat from side to side hitting 2 times on both sides and finishes by swiping the bat underneath him.

Forward Air: Waluigi swats downwards with his tennis racket.

Back Air: Waluigi performs a sideway corkscrew spin.

Down Air: Waluigi kicks his feet rapidly in a shaking off motion.

Up Air: Waluigi flips upside down and performs a corkscrew spin finishing by spreading his legs open.

Smash Attacks

Forward Smash: Waluigi brings his back and sets in on fire bringing it above him and then slightly jumping while slamming it into the ground.

Down Smash: Waluigi pulls back his golf club while channeling electricity through it and swings it. It causes small sparks to emit from the attack that can shock the opponent momentarily. While the attack has a lot of endlag, if anyone is hit by the sparks but not hit by the club, Waluigi will have more leeway to escape punishment.

Up Smash: Waluigi hides in a warp pipe and then shoots up. The pipe will randomly alternate colours between blue, green, yellow and red and the attack’s properties will vary depending on the colour. From left to right, blue pipes will send Waluigi out at a low height but the attack will end quicker while red pipes will have the opposite properties, coming out higher but being more easily punished.

Special Attacks

Neutral Special (Bob-omb Racket): Waluigi tosses a Bob-omb into the air and hits it with his tennis racket sending it across the stage and exploding after it hits a player or is sent too far. Waluigi can angle the shot so that the Bob-omb is sent downwards or above in an arch-like fashion. The attack is very powerful but has a slow startup and is very risky because if Waluigi is hit while in startup, the Bob-omb will blow up in Waluigi’s face and hurt him instead.

Side Special (Mario Kart): Waluigi hops into his kart and drives it forward hitting anyone in its path like Wario’s bike but is slower. Waluigi gains armour like Wario. The control stick can be tilted to change the direction of the kart and unlike Wario’s bike, it has no other movements than just left and right. If this attack is performed in the air, Waluigi’s kart will glide to the ground until it lands and then it will proceed to drive like normal. The kart has 25 HP. Waluigi can dismount the kart at any time by jumping out and it will keep the kart moving until it slows down, stops and disappears or moves off the stage. It cannot be picked up and thrown.

If the special button is held instead of tapped, Waluigi will hop onto a bike instead and zoom straight into the opponent at ludicrous speeds not being able to stop or hop out immediately making it incredibly risky to use towards the ledge of the stage. Once used once, it cannot be used again until Waluigi is KO’d.

Down Special (Party Die): This up special attack is used when Waluigi is on the ground. A die will appear above Waluigi and he will hit it giving him a random number from 1 to 10 like in the average Mario Party game. When the die is hit, the action can actually launch an opponent attempting to attack Waluigi from above. Each number gives Waluigi a bonus (or a deterrent) and Party Die can’t be used again until the effect or item Waluigi has been given from the special goes away. Depending on the effect, Waluigi will appear excited, disappointed or absolutely overjoyed but these expressions can be cancelled out simply by doing anything else. Most of these effects are inspired by Mario Party effects.

1From its very first appearance in the original Mario Party, Waluigi takes hold of the Ztar. The Ztar circles Waluigi for a moment from up to 10 to 18 seconds and then attacks Waluigi. Waluigi can avoid the attack by shielding or dodging however but it will focus Waluigi to put himself out of a disadvantageous state to do so easily.
2A blue space appears underneath rain of coin showers above Waluigi spreading to the side flinching anyone who it hits. The damage is miniscule but Waluigi is personally satisfied with the extra money.
3Waluigi’s bottom half transforms into a bullet bill and shoots towards a direction that Waluigi tilts forward before reverting back to normal. This effect is based off of the Bullet Candy in Mario Party 8.
4Waluigi summons the iconic Boo Bell and rings it to summon the dastardly Boo to help him out. Boo will latch onto the opponent temporarily reducing their movement speed and jump height. Their attack speed however is unaffected. Boo will last for 6 seconds before vanishing and freeing its target.
5Waluigi eats a mushroom and his movement speed increases for 4 seconds. This effect is based off of several mushroom items appearing throughout all Mario Party iterations.
6Waluigi opens up a Vacuum Orb from Mario Party 7 and creates a short vacuum effect around him for 5 seconds that will absorb any projectiles that are sent towards him and any physical projectiles that hit him will even heal the scoundrel.
7Lucky 7s! Waluigi will attain a Gold Pipe from Mario Party DS. This automatically makes his next Warp Pipe up smash attack not only come out instantaneously and end faster too but it becomes his most powerful move in his arsenal and receives extra range too. It will also appear gold.
8Waluigi dons a Bowser Suit and his entire moveset temporarily changes. He is slower, as smaller jumps and can’t use regular attacks but all of his specials except for his neutral special are borrowed from Bowser. His neutral special will remove the suit at any time.
9Waluigi drinks a Golden Drink from Super Mario Party and becomes a golden fighter for 9 seconds.
10Waluigi gets a star! Use it as a powerful projectile. It kills at low percentages but watch out. If it misses and your opponent catches it or is reflected back, Waluigi could be getting the brunt of his victory instead.

Up Special (Purple Dunk): Waluigi jumps up high with a basketball in hand and shoots it downwards in a fixed angle and it can spike. The attack has a lot of endlag which leaves Waluigi vulnerable in the air however. It can also be used as a recovery but it is a very finicky one. If Waluigi uses Purple Dunk to reach the ledge, he needs to grab the ledge before the basketball animation begins, otherwise he will be left vulnerable in the air off-stage.

Final Smash: Waluigi Time

Waluigi unleashes his repressed anger in a culmination of his many appearances in Mario spin-offs. Waluigi initiates the final smash by driving his go kart and anyone hit will be sent into a cinematic Final Smash. The victims will be sent into a tennis arena where Waluigi will unleash a barrage of Bob-ombs from a launcher reminiscent of the one from the Mario Power Tennis opening sequence. sending them into the air. Waluigi then kicks a soccer ball into the air sending them further into outer space. Waluigi rides a Bullet Bill up to space hitting the victims causing a galaxy sized explosion to occur from the tennis stadium.
To describe Waluigi's moveset simply, he excels at getting his opponents off stage and keeping them there. His grab range is good due to his long arms making throws easier to pull off and he has really fast aerials. On top of that, his neutral and up special are all strong options for edge guarding that can be mixed up depending on the situation. Waluigi's side special is also a mobility option similar to Wario's and his held side special can act as a fast kill option that can be pulled out at anytime.

His biggest downside is his lack of good normals and his side and down smash attacks are considerably weak while his up special is stronger but random and less consistent although his down special has a chance to turn it into his strongest and most consistent move in his whole moveset. Speaking of, it's his down special that makes him the underhanded purple devil he's known to be.

His down special is a wildcard tool that can be pulled out mostly as a desperation move in a bad disadvantage as a possibly alternative option. Some effects are objectively good. These effects are 4, 5, 6, 7 and 9. Some projectiles are good but have potential for backfire such as 2, 3, 8 and 10 often changing his properties or giving him a new method of attack but putting him into a vulnerable state all the while. Waluigi also has the chance to roll a 1 which is most definitely bad and forces Waluigi to keep the Ztar in mind while fighting against his opponents.

Overall, don't expect Waluigi to get many quick kills with damage output on ground but rather by forcing opponents off stage and keeping them there as long as possible. This alongside the randomness of his down special fits the type of character Waluigi is. He's a loser at worst, a sore winner at best. He doesn't want his opponents having any fun as long as he maintains the advantage but when taken advantage of himself, he fails to find his footing again.
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You may have noticed that I also gave second and third places this time around. This will be a new system put into place in the event that the first place winner is confirmed in Vol Pass 2 or a potential third Fighter’s Pass. If Crash or Stylist is confirmed as a newcomer, we will relegate them to veteran status and elevate Phoenix Wright or Ayumi Tachibana. This also includes if one of those are confirmed which will then see Eggman and Lip be elevated. This new procedure will be applied to past voting rounds as well in the event Isaac, Octoling, or Bandana Dee is a DLC newcomer. As for Waluigi, we will choose another assist trophy promotion to take his place should he be promoted in Ultimate.
I love that idea. Especially given how highly speculated Crash is, it's smart to have a backup plan in case he gets revealed.
Anyway, on the topic of Waluigi, while having him revolve around the sports spinoffs is well and good, I kinda like the idea of just going completely bat** with him, considering his over-the-top nature. Basically make him the Smash equivalent of Deadpool in MvC3, have him throwing around Assist Trophies and using revival platforms to recover and smacking you with the percentage bar and doing a Forward Smash that hits backwards instead and randomly stealing an iconic move from another character for one of his attacks, while still throwing in some of the more Waluigi-specific abilities from the spinoffs like the midair swimming from Power Tennis and the vines from Strikers. Tap into Waluigi's crazy nature, he's all about blatantly cheating and doing it with style, so I feel he's one of the very few characters we'd be able to pull this kind of moveset off with and have it fit in with who they are
That's actually very similar to how I pictured Conker if he ever were to make it in. I love the idea, but I feel like Waluigi has enough to offer without going that route.

Also, I know no one asked for it but I was bored so I made this:
Smash sequel.png

I'll probably update it as more and more characters are added.

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Still under construction

PeridotGX PeridotGX
Octolings Splat Jump onto the battlefield, as Echo Fighters of Inkling. The Octarian society is more militaristic than that of the Inkling, so their changes alter their playstyle to be more aggressive. Instead of using the Splatoon 1 Splattershot for their attacks, they use the Splatoon 2 Dapple Dualies (this is a cosmetic change, however). The rest of their stuff is based on Splatoon 2, as the Inklings are largely based on Splatoon 1.

Property Change: Ink Effect. Unlike Inkling, where knockback is the primary effect of Ink, raw damage is what Octolings get from it. A fully inked opponent takes x2 damage, and it decreases by .1% every 10% the opponent is un-inked (a 90% inked opponent takes x1.9, for example. Everything else is identical).

Down and Back Air: These are largely the same, except they now use ink. This increases their Sweet Spotted damage and knockback (D-air goes to 17%, B-Air goes to 15%) as well as applying ink to opponents. To compensate, it increases endlag on these moves, and if you don’t have any ink and try to do these attacks they do literally nothing.

Neutral Special: Dapple Dualies. Octoling fires forward with both of their Dapple Dualies. As these are two weapons, the damage output is increased (1.5x). Like the dualies in Splatoon 2, Octoling can roll during this attack, which is pretty much a standard roll. To compensate, lag is increased and it decreases Ink at a faster rate.

Side Special: Dynamo Roller. Octoling’s Side Special is an interesting variation on Splat Roller. It moves incredibly slowly, about how much Splat Roller moves inkless. It also uses up ink very fastly. In contrast, it does huge amounts of damage (25%), skips the burying and just kills at high percents, and meteors if done in the air.

Final Smash: Inkjet. The Octoling uses Inkjet, one of the Special Weapons from Splatoon 2. Functionally, it’s almost Identical to Diddy’s old Final Smash, with the Octoling flying around and shooting ink.

Entrance Animation Venus of the Desert Bloom Venus of the Desert Bloom [/COLOR][/B]

Octoling appears while “riding the rails” before jumping into octopus form, splatting on the ground, and reforming. Take from the beginning level of Octo Expansion.

Idle Poses @Ve of the Desert Bloom
1. Checks their clothes.
2. Runs the back of their neck.

Taunts airConditioner airConditioner

1. This Way! Signal from Splatoon 2
2. Takes a selfie (based on the Thang obtaining segments of Octo Expansion)
3. Booyah! Signal from Splatoon 2

Victory Animations Venus of the Desert Bloom Venus of the Desert Bloom
1. Does two flips before aiming the Dapple Dualies on both sides. Female variants raises the guns up while thrusts a hip out and smirking. Male variants aim the gun downwards and does an edgy pose. Based on the Dualies victory animation in Splatoon 2.
2. Raises the Dynamo Roller up and rests it in their shoulders. Female variants leans forward and smiles while male variant does a thumbs up. Based on the Roller victory animations.
3. The Octoling appears sitting on the Slosher. They then get up, spin, and lean forward on the weapon. Female variant looks forward in a sassy way while make variants wistfully look up. Based on the Slosher victory animation.

Boxing Ring title @BowserKing

Half Octopus, Half Agent

Kirby Hat
The main female Octoling’s Gaur.

Audience Cheer Paraster Paraster

Classic Modes of the Desert Bloom


Player fights against eight opponents in waves of 1 against 4. Stages are also based on the idea of 8.

Round 1 vs :ultlarry::ultroy2::ultwendy::ultiggy::ultmorton::ultlemmy::ultludwig::ultbowserjr:
Stage: Figure-8 Circuit

Round 2 vs:ultlink::ultzelda::ultsheik::ultganondorf::ultyounglink::ulttoonlink::ultlink::ultzelda:
Stage: Hyrule Castle

Round 3 vs:ultmarth::ultroy::ultike::ultlucina::ultrobin::ultcorrin::ultchrom::ultbyleth:
Stage: Coliseum

Round 4 vs:ultpikachu::ultpichu::ultcharizard::ultmewtwo::ultjigglypuff::ultgreninja::ultlucario::ultincineroar:
Stage: Prism Tower

Round 5 vs:ultvillager::ultvillagerf::ultvillager::ultvillagerf::ultvillager::ultvillagerf::ultvillager::ultvillagerf:
Stage: Smashville

Round 6:ultinkling::ultinklingboy::ultinkling::ultinklingboy::ultinkling::ultinklingboy::ultinkling::ultinklingboy:
Stage: Moray Towers

Final Round: :ultsephiroth: :ultsephiroth: :ultsephiroth: :ultsephiroth: :ultsephiroth: :ultsephiroth: :ultsephiroth: :ultsephiroth:

Alternate Costumes Paraster Paraster

Like Inkling, odd-numbered colors are female while even are male.
Octolings would only use their default hairstyles ("Tentacurl" for girl and "Punk" for boy).

Pink (the "default" Octo ink, more reddish than Inkling's pink)
Turquoise (sanitized Octarians)
Gold (Chaos from the Chaos vs. Order splatfest)
Silver (Order from Chaos vs. Order)
Brown (Retro from Retro vs. Modern)
Red (Ketchup, Hero, and Super Mushroom from their respective Splatfests)
Lavender (Narwhal from Unicorn vs. Narwhal)
Green (certain Octo Canyon levels/Salmonids in Salmon Run; less yellowish than Inkling's green)

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Thank you Otoad64 Otoad64 and Golden Icarus Golden Icarus for those!

A while back, someone made character profile tabs based on those found in the official a ultimate site. Those black character tabs that has the number and names. I can’t seem to find the post or user who made them. Does anyone know do I can add them to the OP?


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Nov 29, 2018
My Quote for Smash shrine, IL
Since Bandana Waddle Dee has been added, here's some new Kirby spirits!
Zero (Kirby)
Ace, Neutral, Primary (no trait; 0 support slots)
  • Main Puppet Fighter: Giant Kirby (grey)
    • Additional Puppets: King Dedede (grey); Bandana Waddle Dee (grey)
  • Stage: Castle Dedede
  • Music Track: 02 Battle
  • Match: Stock
  • Rules/Conditions:
    • Only Black Holes appear
    • Kirby will appear when King Dedede and Bandana Waddle Dee are KO'd
    • Items are attracted to the enemy
Advanced, Shield, Primary (enhancable into into Adeleine & Ribbon; 1 support slot)
  • Main Puppet Fighter: Rosalina & Luma (green)
    • Additional Puppets: Tiny Kirby (white) x5; Bowser (blue)
  • Stage: Yoshi's Island (autumn only)
  • Music Track: Planet Popstar
  • Match: Stock
  • Rules/Conditions:
    • Bowser will appear when Kirbies are KO'd
    • Rosalina & Luma will appear when Bowser is KO'd
Adeleine & Ribbon
Ace, Shield, Primary (Shooting Attack ↑; 1 support slot)
  • No Spirit battle
Dark Meta Knight
Ace, Neutral, Support (Unflinching Charged Smashes)
  • Main Puppet Fighter: Meta Knight (grey)
    • Additional Puppets: Meta Knight (grey) x2
  • Stage: Spear Pillar
  • Music Track: Forest/Nature Area
  • Match: Stock
  • Rules/Conditions:
    • Main Meta Knight will periodically become invisible
    • Extra Meta Knights will appear during the battle
    • Defeat main Meta Knight to win
Advanced, Grab, Primary (no trait; 3 support slots)
  • Main Puppet Fighter: Lucario (green)
    • Additional Puppets: Giant Daisy (purple)
  • Stage: Distant Planet
  • Music Track: Sullied Grace
  • Match: Stock
  • Rules/Conditions:
    • The enemy has increased jump power
President Haltmann
Ace, Grab, Support (Made of Metal)
  • Puppet Fighter: Wario (green)
  • Stage: Frigate Orpheon
  • Music Track: Vagrant Counting Song of Retrospection
  • Match: Stock
  • Rules/Conditions:
    • The enemy favors side specials
    • The enemy starts with a Poke Ball; only Xerneas will emerge from Poke Balls
Novice, Attack, Support (Magic Attack ↑)
  • Puppet Fighter: Robin (white)
  • Stage: Kalos Pokemon League (hazards off)
  • Music Track: Puppet Offering / La Follia D’Amore
  • Match: Stock
  • Rules/Conditions:
    • The enemy favors projectile attacks in the air
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Oct 22, 2020
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Thank you Otoad64 Otoad64 and Golden Icarus Golden Icarus for those!

A while back, someone made character profile tabs based on those found in the official a ultimate site. Those black character tabs that has the number and names. I can’t seem to find the post or user who made them. Does anyone know do I can add them to the OP?
you mean these?

I made the Character Tabs for all of our newcomers so far: https://imgur.com/a/xhhstJs
(art credit to NibrocRock and Team Destination for renders)

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So here’s our general outlook for the next week and a half I believe

  • Vote on Waluigi’s moveset
  • move to Crash moveset Proposal + stage
  • Crash related music, spirits, Assist trophy, Mii Fighter costume, and an item
  • Stylist moveset Proposal + stage
  • Saavy Stylist related music, spirits, and Mii fighter costumes
  • Submit proposals for Bowser’s Castle and Dr. Mario
  • Palutena Guidance submissions for Vol Pass 1 fighters from Ultimate
  • One special round

Break - we will be taking a small break and possibly a thread lock so I can catch up on adding info to the OP (3 days max)
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Oct 22, 2020
Who Knows Where?
So here’s our general outlook for the next week and a half I believe

  • Vote on Waluigi’s moveset
  • move to Crash moveset Proposal + stage
  • Crash related music, spirits, Assist trophy, Mii Fighter costume, and an item
  • Stylist moveset Proposal + stage
  • Saavy Stylist related music, spirits, and Mii fighter costumes
  • Palutena Guidance submissions for Vol Pass 1 fighters from Ultimate
  • One special round

Break - we will be taking a small break and possibly a thread lock so I can catch up on adding info to the OP (3 days max)
will we be doing music for waluigi, bowser and dr. mario's stages?

Doc Monocle

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Dec 24, 2020
Job 2

Eggplant Wizard

Arguably the most Iconic enemy from the Kid Icarus franchise, it has a fun ability not seen anywhere else.

It has a few different moves that all have the same effect. if your opponent is hit by their projectile they will become an Eggplant. Becoming an eggplant replaces the characters torso and/or head with an eggplant that prevents you from attacking, it can be removed by waiting it out, taking a bit of damage, losing a stock or having a teammate grab it off.

The Eggplant Wizard will fire Eggplant shaped projectiles in a few different ways

1. They will throw one projectile in a large arc

2. They will throw 2 projectiles in a straight line

3. They will lob a single projectile over the head of the nearest opponent

They will do all of this while occasionally walking or teleporting around the stage. It can be KO'd
Assist Trophy Developer Suggestion: Aegis from Persona 3
She's faster than Captain Falcon, somewhat light weight, can get knocked out, and can jump really high.
She can fire projectiles in every direction, following the current position of enemies. She can even summon her Persona, Athena, to do some attacks (like spear jabs).
The main gimmick with her being that after 3/4 of her time allowed assist trophying, the last half is used in Orgia Mode. This basically makes a faster and stronger Aegis all around.

As to why Aegis, it's a confirmed fact that Sakurai is a persona fan, and if this is indeed a sequel (it is) then now's the perfect time for him to add an assist trophy for Persona. Aegis should be it because she's popular, the only likable mascot character, and has enough of an arsenal to be a great assist.
The Medic (Team Fortress 2)
Basically, when you summon him, he does what he does in TF2: constantly heal whoever summoned him. How much he heals you depends on how close he is to you. Also, if you manage to keep him close you for an extended period of time, he'll give you some stat boosts, referencing the Uber state in TF2.

I went with Medic because, while I've never played TF2, I know the characters are a HUGE selling point, with the Medic being one of the more popular ones. However, while he does have SOME combat abilities, he's moreso meant to be a supporter. As such, I honestly think making him an AT would be more faithful to his character than making him playable. Though I know how people dislike ATs, so I can understand any pushback such a statement would recieve...
On another note, I want to instantly contribute to this thread by coming up with a concept for Assist Trophy which is going to be:

Prisoners of War
Metal Slug Series

Prisoners of War (or P.O.W for short) is a reoccurring supporting character in Metal Slug, a game made by SNK, you may remember this series because the music from the game were included as part of Terry's DLC and oddly enough it's the only SNK series that lack any physical representation to which influence this post. Essentially they appear in almost every Metal Slug game and come with different varieties but each of them have the same behavior: giving out items to the player if you hit them/freeing them. They're scattered throughout each stage with the most common being the prisoner variation that basically also act as an extra point everytime you free them.

now for the character that is going to be the Assist Trophy. Like I said before there is numerous variation of P.O.W.s but the ones that I'm going to focus on is Hyakutaro Ichimonji and Rumi Arikawa.

The reason why this Assist Trophy have 2 characters in it is a reference to how you encountering them on a specific portion of the level to which usually crowded by soldiers and NPCs as any Metal Slug would be. When spawning in there will be 3 prisoner tied up and will be scattered around the stage but didn't get affected by how big the stage and appear around you, they're a normal prisoner and just like in Metal Slug after freeing them they will give you item and buffs and in Smash they will drop items like Super Scope and Steel Diver to name a few and after that they will instantly disappear or run away until they vanished into thin air. But, there's a 50% chance that one of those prisoner is Hyakutaro (a legendary soldier disguised as a normal prisoner). His behavior will be different as instead of straight giving you an item he will instead roaming around the stage and at a certain moment or when hitting him he will charge up an energy attack (in the same vane as a hadoken) and releasing it in a burst which has chance broke the enemy's shield, this is similar to his appearance as Marco Rossi's Super in Neo Geo Coliseum.

Continuing from the AT summon there is a chance that Rumi will appear alongside 3 of those prisoner, instead being tied up she will instead wondering around the stage but, if you or the enemy get close to her she will run away and push everyone around if they are in her way which could be use as an edge guard. If you successfully free her she will drop food item and rarely a Heart Container, this is also to her behavior in the original Metal Slug game while her attack animation is from Metal Sligh Attack but her running away gimmick is original to Smash.
Assist Trophy Suggestion: Big the Cat (from Sonic the Hedgehog Series)
My idea is that Big the Cat will spawn on the stage to find Froggy. He walks around and constantly calls for Froggy to come out. When he is close to a fighter, Big the Cat will use his fishing pole to grab fighters. When Big’s fishing pole latches on to a fighter, he will shout Froggy’s name with joy and start to reel in his catch. Due to Big’s strength, the fighter will be reeled in at different speeds, depending on the fighter’s weight. During this reel time, you will start to take damage and other fighters can come in and try to get a KO. If Big successfully reels in a fighter, he will say, “Hey, your not Froggy!” and continue to look and reel in fighters, until it’s time to go.

Big the Cat should be included, because of his popularity. Big the Cat first appeared in Sonic Adventure and his popularity has grown more over time, even becoming a spirit in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Also, Sonic the Hedgehog doesn’t have a lot of representation compared to the other third parties, even though he has a huge impact on gaming. Having a Big the Cat assist trophy would give the Sonic series more representation.
Job #2: Jessica Albert (Dragon Quest)
First debuting in Dragon Quest VIII, Jessica is one of three companions that accompany Eight and King Trode in their effort to stop Dhoulmagus and rescue Trodain from his curse. Headstrong and witty yet somewhat blunt and snobbish, her motivation for joining the party is to avenge Alistar, her brother who fell at the hands of Dhoulmagus. Jessica is the team's main mage, specializing in fire and ice spells such as Frizz, Sizz, and Crack. She supplements her magical mayhem in combat with whips, knives, and her... uh... feminine charms. Jessica has become a fan favourite in home series and defining piece of Dragon Quest VIII's iconography, being playable in all entries of the Itadaki Street and Dragon Quest Heroes sub-series and having minor cameos in Dragon Quest IX and XI.

Fun fact: Eight's voice actor in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Yuki Kaji, is married to Jessica's voice actress, Ayana Taketatsu!

As an assist trophy, Jessica function similarly to the likes of Knuckles, Alucard, and Zero, being an offensive presence that travels around the stage and attacks opponents in direct combat. She'd be relatively quick on the ground but would travel a low distance when jumping to offset this. Much like many other aggressive assist trophies, players can attack Jessica to make her flinch and, after taking enough damage, K.O. her for an extra point in a free-for-all.

Jessica can let out one of four attacks:
  • Whiplash: Jessica lets out at the ground in front of her. This attack has the range of about Marth's F-Tilt, is somewhat slow, and deals a relatively low amount of damage, but it has reasonably high vertical knockback and deals significant damage to shields
  • Serpent's Bite: Jessica's whip transforms into a snake and is launched forward with impressive speed. Comparable to the Belmonts' F-Smash, albeit with slightly less range at the advantage of having a faster startup and dealing consistent damage throughout the entire strike.
  • Sexy Beam: Jessica puts away her whip, puts her together to form a finger gun, and shoots a large, heart-shaped projectile at an opponent. While the projectile is somewhat slow-moving, it is powerful and will paralyze opponents upon contact.
  • Kacrackle: Jessica's final attack before going away, she summons four icicles above her (two to her left and two to her right) and drops them down on her opponents. These projectiles move fast, deal high vertical knockback, and freeze upon impact. Thin characters can dodge this attack by standing between the icicles.
Job #18 - Venus Djinn

Personally, I’m a bigger fan of the non-human assists (Andross, Nintendog, Thwomp) and so instead of a party member or antagonist, I decided on the Venus Djinn.

Upon summoning the assist trophy, the djinn will pop out and perform a short animation before being ‘set’ to the player who summoned him. Similar to Cloud’s limit, the summoner will receive a 15 second buff to their damage output and defense. If the player uses a Smash attack before the end of the 15 second time limit, then that Smash attack will ‘unleash’ the djinn dealing massive damage. Also like Cloud’s limit, unleashing the djinn would then remove the buffs.

The djinn system is very unique to Golden Sun and really sets it apart from other JRPGs. It’s sort of Golden Sun’s version of the materia system in FFVII. It’s a bit complex and would be difficult to incorporate into a moveset. But since the djinn are just so adorable and make for wonderful mascots, I think that an assist trophy is a good way to show them off, while also representing this unique little system.
Assist Trophy suggestion-Bokoblin

Making their debut back in The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker, these guys will just try and get in the way of Link's adventure. In BotW (which is where they take their Smash appearance), they'll fire bows, throw rocks, bunch, swing weapons of any size, and just generally use anything they can to attack Link-but in their free time, they sing, dance, sleep, cook, eat, hunt, hijack horses, and terrorize the locals.
In Smash, they'll spawn in groups of three from the Assist Trophy. One of them will have a club, one will have a bow and arrows, and the other will have a shield. They move independently but work as a team, and hitting one does damage to all of them. The clubbed one does the most damage and knockback, the archer can attack from a distance, and the shield user will protect his allies and fight with his bare hands if he needs to.

Bokoblins are easily one of the most recognizable Zelda enemies thanks to Breath of the Wild's popularity. While they aren't as recurring as their elder brothers, the Moblins, they are filled with twice as much pers
This sounds really fun, and I want a piece of this pie. So here's my contribution:

Job 2: Mad Scienstein
Mad Scienstein, originally known as Dr. Arewo Stein, has had an interesting history in Nintendo's game library. He first debuted in Kaeru no Tame ni Kane wa Naru, the same game Prince Sable is from. In the game, he's a researcher for an institute on Nantendou Island, providing the player with helpful items such as gloves that increase strength or a device that can control mammoths. Later on, he would go on to serve various roles in the Wario Land series. In Wario Land 3, he throws potions that can turn Wario into Invisible Wario, and in Wario Land 4, he is found researching the Golden Pyramid, and while he poses no harm, he can be damaged, picked up, and thrown like other enemies, which is used for solving puzzles.

As an Assist Trophy in Smash, Mad Scienstein would act as he does in Wario Land 4. He walks around the stage aimlessly with a magnifying glass, and initially he doesn't do anything to damage opponents. However, like Pyukumuku, he can be picked up like an item. He will curl into a ball when picked up, and will be as heavy to carry around as a Crate or Barrel. When thrown, he will roll and tumble around the stage, damaging foes he collides with, the damage scaling down with how slow he moves; think Ptooie. Additionally, while carrying Mad Scienstein, he will absorb any and all attacks from the front. Alternatively, Mad Scienstein can also be attacked to send him flying forward as a projectile like a Barrel or Rolling Crate. He disappears after a short time.

As for a reason for his inclusion, I think his history alone makes him an interesting case. He would represent the Wario series obviously, but having also debuted in the same game as Prince Sable? That'd be fun. Also, the Wario series is sorely lacking in representation on the Wario Land side of things, and he'd help balance things out with Ashley and (assuming they come back) Kat and Ana.
Job 19


is a Mercury Adept and a playable character in Golden Sun and Golden Sun: The Lost Age. She is one of several mage-style Mercury Adepts in the series (the other being her son), and is probably the only Adept that can be labeled the "designated healer" to the player's party. Presuming there aren't any "Mage" Mii Fighter classes added later on, she would use her staff as a sword similar to other stave character Mii Costumes in Smash Ultimate, like Aerith, Ashley, Veronica, Viridi, etc, as a Mii Swordfighter.
Assist Trophy: Jenna (Golden Sun)

Isaac's love interest and eventual wife is a new assist trophy. Her arsenal includes the pound and carry moves from the old assist trophy, though instead of move she performs Serpent Plume, which has similar knockback properties, while also dealing fire damage.
Assist Trophy Suggestion: Buzz Bomber from the Sonic the Hedgehog series
Buzz Bomber would be a pretty simplistic assist trophy, when spwaned, they would fly around the stage horizontally, shooting off small projectiles from their "stingers", they can also fly off the screen, if they do they fly out the other side a little bit higher.
If KO'd, they will explode and one of the animals from the Sonic series will pop out and quickly flee the stage

As for why they should be included, they are one of the most iconic enemies in the Sonic series, and their inclusion would give some love to the various robots in the series, an aspect that has been ignored even by spirits, and in the event Knuckles or Shadow are promoted the Buzz Bomber would be a suitable replacement, especially since they're not a character people want to see playable, meaning no one would be upset over their inclusion as an assist
Assist Trophy Suggestion: Futaba Sakura (Persona 5)
Being a supporting party member in her game, Futaba would support the fighter who summoned her, as well as that summoner's allies.

She would appear on the battlefield for a bit before summoning her Persona, Necronomicon. She would then use her ability Active Support to buff all of the summoner's (and allies') stats, as well as heal them bit by bit. Because she disappears right after summoning her Persona, she cannot be K.O.'d.

If she is summoned by :ultjoker: and he uses his Final Smash, the cutscene that plays would then transition to Futaba using her All-Out Attack from Persona 5 Royal where she drops a bomb that fizzles for a bit before exploding.
Balance Board (Wii Fit)
When summoned, the Balance Board will first just around greeting the fighters/player. The Balance Board cannot be damaged or knocked out, but it will then begin to stretch. This will work similar to Devil, but the stage will then be slanted at an angle to the direction of the balance board leaning to, and even effect the blast zone. However, unlike Devil, this will also impact the fighters. The fighters will slightly slide to the side that is lower. Fighters will not slide if they are A) buried, B) in the air or C) grabbing onto a ledge. A fighter will enter their teeter animation if they slide right next to the edge of a platform. The Balance Board wouldn't be able to spawn on certain stages such as Flat Zone X or Pac-Land, with special shout out to the Wii Fit Studio (since he is a background element).

But why the Balance Board? I was trying to think of something that was similar to previous Assist Trophies, without simply coping it. I noticed that while there were assists that blocked/zoomed/moved the screen, there was no assist that tilted it. And The Balance Board was one of the only ones I could think of.
Assist Trophy Suggestion: Creeper (Minecraft)
When summoned, the Creeper will walk around til it's near someone other than the person who summoned. After which, it will hiss, then explode. Be warned, despite not targeting them, the person who summoned it can still be harmed by the explosion.

Like most assists, it can be defeated with enough damage. That being said, don't try using electric based attacks on it, or it'll become a Charged Creeper. In this state, it'll be powered up with a much bigger and deadlier explosion upon detonation.

As for why Creeper specifically, I just think it's such an iconic video game enemy. Dare I say it, it's more synonymous with Minecraft than even Steve. This just feels like a no-brainer assist to me, a character that doesn't have priority and/or much to work off for a full fledged fighter, but notable enough that I think they should be represented in some form.
Assist Trophy Suggestion: Cranky Kong from Donkey Kong Country
Cranky Kong would act like this installment's new "joke assist", serving more or less the same purpose as Mr. Resetti in Brawl: he just sits back on his chair, filling up the screen rambling on and on about kids these days and all their newfangled technologies and the good old days where your main character was made up of a few pixels and your mission wasn't anything more than "get the girl".

I chose him because he's a beloved and recognizable character in the DK mythos, with the added bonus of filling in the shoes of a long-gone previous assist who had a unique and entertaining function
Job #18: Alex

Alex is a reoccurring enemy in many of theGolden Sun games and often manipulated the events from behind the scenes. He isn’t always an evil character though but his actions are nonetheless devastating. He functions siniliar to attacking/moving Assust Trophies. He will either float in the air or run about the ground while firing of shards of ice. Occasionally, he will fire off a blast of ice using Diamond Dust. He will also use Ice Missile which fires off homing spears made of ice which tracks opponents. He’s capable of teleporting about the stage and has a counter attack which can freeze opponents.
Misc Info: Idle Animations
1. Bandana Dee scouts the area (based on an idle animation in Return to Dreamland)
2. Adjusts his Bandana
Second Job 20: On Screen Appearence: Bandanna Dee makes a land in by Parasol
I'm not a Bandee fan or even a big Kirby fan but I cooked this up because I thought it could strengthen my set-making skills. Also it was fun to make.
Similarly to Issac, I'd prefer he be a Brawl-like newcomer-no gimmick or special mechanics to speak of.

Jab: Multispear Attack. After punching twice, he does a rapid jab where Bandana Dee thrusts his spear forwards really fast before finishing with the Pinpoint Thrust. He also has a 1-2-3 jab, where he ends with a kick to the face. The rapid jab is extremely well ranged but not too powerful. Does 14%.

Down tilt: Bandana Dee bends down and twirls his spear on the ground in front of him. It's a very fast move that lasts a while. It doesn't KO but it is very good for attacking opponents hanging on ledge or during their 2-frame ledgegrab. Does 4%.

Forward tilt: Spear Thrust. It's quick and strong, dealing 11% at the tip and 8% at the base. Kills around 120% at the ledge. It can also be angled. This move is pretty safe on shield at the tip unless parried.

Up tilt: Skyward thrust. Bandana Dee thrusts the spear upwards. Does 13% at the tip, and 7% on the handle. Bandana Dee himself does not have a hitbox so missing this can be fatal. But it is extremely strong at the tip, killing at around 110%. It's pretty fast for startup but has atrocious endlag.

Dash Attack: Bandana Dee runs his spear along the ground for a bit, dealing low damage and low set knockback that goes slightly above the spear. This is because the second part of the move has him scoop the spear back up, which knocks the opponent above him. This can combo into up air, up b, nair, or up tilt. (though with up b, you may have to jump first at certain percents, and with up tilt it won't combo for too too long). The move stops comboing into anything around 60%. After that it's a last-resort kill option, KO'ing around 170%.


Forward Smash: I coin the term Super Multispear for this one. He stabs his spear forwards extremely fast, this time faster, stronger, and with a more determined expression, before one final stab to end it. This one takes a while to start up but the reward is a move that does 21% and kills at 90% at the ledge-not bad for a light character such as Bandee! However the individual rapid attacks only do a small amount of damage, meaning it can be heavy armored or Tough Guy'd for the first part. The endlag isn't as bad as the startup but still leaves you open to be punished.

Up Smash: Rainy Day. Bandana Dee faces the camera and holds his parasol in front of him, which is currently closed. When the parasol opens, it does 16% and kills at around 130%. That's not all, though, as water splashes out of the parasol as well! This deals 8% and does OK knockback, enough to prevent you from being open to attacks when their hitstun ends.

Down Smash: He Hits The Ground. Bandana Dee hits the ground in front of him, causing a small earthquake around him. This move makes the screen itself shake!-but it's not just for show, as the earthquake he creates is visible from a crack in the ground that is formed around his fist, which promptly disappears. This is the move's hitbox-but the further you are from the crack (which is about two Kirby's long), the less damage and knockback it will do (15% at the base, 12% in the middle, 8% at the tip). This move also breaks shields at the base. At the tip it can be used to attack shields safely. KO's at 130% at the ledge (base), 140% at the ledge (middle), and 160% at the tip.


Neutral B: Spear Throw. When activated, Bandana Dee will immedeatly hold his spear in a throwing stance. While still holding B, you can make Dee walk side to side, dash to make him turn around, and aim the spear so it has a different trajectory-the controls are very similar to that of the Cracker Launcher. When thrown, the spear will travel at the speed of Ganondorf's dash, and when it lands, it will do 9.5% with decent knockback at a low downwards angle. It cannot kill onstage, but it can KO offstage if the Bandana Dee player can manage to aim well enough.
Ah, but there's a catch! A spear caught on the opponent will stay on them, increasing their weight and making them a bit slower. However their gravity, fall speed, air speed, and recovery moves are all unaffected. Only one can be stuck on them at a time.
There's more, though! If a spear is unsuccesful and hits the stage, it will point straight up with its tip in the ground and its base in the air, and stay there for ten seconds (unless it is knocked away, which I will explain now). It doesn't do damage but rather acts as a PAC-MAN hydrant without the windboxes. This spear has 5% health, also making it much less of a tank than the hydrant. When all of the damage has been taken, the spear will fly off in the direction it was sent, not affected by gravity, at the great speed of an inhaled Gordo-and when hit, the player takes 11% damage (this can be Bandee or the opponent).
And, only two spears can be in play at once-if Bandana Dee tries to bring out a third, he'll just nod his head low with a tired expression. Poor guy!
If B is pressed and then shield, Bandana Dee will not only cancel the move with his shield, but he will also drop a spear right in front of him. How resourceful! However, pressing B and then down will cancel it sans spear drop.
This a great move to keep your opponent on their toes. You can even combine it with Side B to have more than two spears out at once. It may also be a good idea to drop a spear, and then immediately launch it with a low-hitting move to have a super-fast projectile move!

Down B: Counter Splash. Bandana Dee enters a defensive stance by opening his parasol in front of him, facing the camera. If he is hit from either side, he will turn to the opponent and spin his umbrella at them, splashing them with water. However, this is not a hurtbox, but a windbox. It's a very strong one too-not as strong as a fully charged FLUDD, but almost. If this attack misses, Bandana Dee will do a similar animation to when he can't throw a spear, but this time more vulnerable, letting his opponents get a free hit if they are close enough.

Side B: Waddle Spear Barrage. Bandana Dee will throw out a ton of spears all in one direction-specifically four. He can't influence the direction of these, as it's purely random, though they will all go about the same trajectory, just slightly differently. He can't move himself unless he is in the air. If he is in the air, he can glide from side to side very slowly. These spears do not stay in the ground or do as much damage as the neutral B spears. Each spear does about 6% with lower-than-average knockback. Both the startup and the endlag are quite favorable for Bandee. This can be a great move for edgeguarding or just keeping your opponent busy dodging spears.

Up B: Waddle Copter. There's probably a bunch of other people above me making a better Waddle Copter move than I ever could, so I'll sit this one out.


Neutral air: Bandana Dee will spin his spear around him, very similarly to Byleth's nair. It's a pretty good combo tool, however it lacks in killing. It does 10% with the full attack and can be combo'd out of a down throw. It sends at a high angle low knockback, whcih means he can also combo this move into a side b or a forward air. He can even do a dragdown nair into a normal like dash attack or jab.

Back air: Back Thrust. Bandana Dee pokes his spear behind him. As always, this does more damage and knockback at the tip (14%, medium angle, high knockback) than the base (9%, medium angle, half-decent knockback). Kills around 70% offstage (tip).

Down air: Bandana Dee holds his spear high above his head, then stabs it down hard in a slow-but-brutal spike move.The tip is a very strong spike that does 16%, and contrary to his other moves, the base doesn't have a hitbox.

Forward air: Bandana Dee thrusts his spear forward. It's the same as his back air, except forwards, and weaker (12% medium angle mid-high knockback tip and 7% low-angled, half-decent knockback. Kills around 90% offstage (tip).

Up air: Skyward Thrust. Bandana Dee thrusts his spear upward-but that's not all! As after that, he opens up the parasol at the end, which also does some knockback and damage (albeit not great-up angled, low knockback, 7%). Afterwards, Dee will float down with the Parasol, and you can move him left and right, with about the same control as Lucas' freefall. This can be canceled at any time with an attack or simply pushing down. The actual spear part is very strong, with high knockback and 14% damage.


Down throw: This is your combo throw. Bandana Dee throws his opponent down and spins his parasol on them, dealing 7%. It sends at an angle perfect for a nair or forward air.

Up throw: Bandana Dee throws the opponent up and stabs them with his spear, dealing 11%. While this is mainly for damage building and killing at around 140%, it can combo into up air and up b at very low percents.

Back throw: Bandana Dee does a suplex with his opponent that is identical to Kirby's. It deals 8% and doesn't have any combo potential, even at low percents, so it is mainly used for positioning and getting your opponent offstage.

Forward throw: Bandana Dee holds his opponent in front of him and winds up a powerful punch. This does 9% and strong medium-angle knockback. It kills around 130% at ledge.

AND that's the end! Sorry for any errors or lack of enough detail on some moves, I'm writing this late so I can get it in before I sleep.
Bandana Dee Moveset Concept

General Details:
The fierce and friendly spear-wielding warrior from Dream Land joins the battle!
While his trusty spear would serve as his primary weapon, Bandana Dee would also have some moves inspired by the parasol, staff, and Megaton Punch abilities.
Attributes such as his weight and speed would closely relate to a character like Kirby or Meta Knight; therefore, to compensate for this proposed weakness, some moves/attacks from his arsenal will have additional functions and structures which can be utilized to deal more damage than normal.

Jab - Spear Poke
Bandana Dee delivers a simple, straight-forward poke with his spear with little damage and knockback.

Rapid Jab - Multi-Spear Attack
Bandana Dee unleashes a flurry of forward spear jabs before ending with one powerful thrust, the "Pinpoint Thrust", which deals the most damage along with additional knockback.

Up-Tilt - Parasol Unfurl
Bandana Dee quickly raises his (closed) parasol directly into the air before unfurling it to finish the attack, spraying tiny water droplets outwards as an additional effect.
  • As a bonus, by holding the attack button, the parasol would remain held above Bandana Dee’s head. This provides him with increased protection from airborne attacks while rendering him free to move around. His run speed and weight are not affected.
  • Walking off ledges would cause him to descend more slowly, while mimicking the descent animation for Parasol Kirby/Waddle Dee.
  • Once the attack button is released, Bandana Dee would release the parasol from his hands, allowing it to float upwards and deal additional damage while encasing the ability to lightly juggle opponents.
  • Pressing any other button while the parasol is over Bandana Dee's head will cause him to release the parasol before performing the specified move.
  • Bandana Dee may only have one standard parasol on-screen at any time, so this move can't be repeated until a used parasol is out of sight.

Side-Tilt - Dual-Spear Attack
Bandana Dee quickly jabs to the side twice, with the first jab delivered at a slightly upwards angle, and the second jab delivered at a slightly downwards angle. Each jab comes out at a consistent length, and this move can still be aimed in a specific sideways direction.

Down-Tilt - Slide
Bandana Dee extends his feet while sliding forward in a common and classic fashion, knocking opponents upward in the process.
If this move hits a shield or an object, Bandana Dee will flip backwards for a short distance.

Up-Smash - Chumbrella Unfurl
Bandana Dee raises a (closed) Chumbrella over his head before unfurling it to finish the attack, spraying water droplets outwards an an additional effect.
  • As a bonus, by holding the attack button, the Chumbrella would remain held above Bandana Dee’s head. This provides him with increased protection from airborne attacks while rendering him free to move around.
  • Walking off ledges would cause him to descend more slowly, while mimicking the descent animation for Parasol Kirby/Waddle Dee.
  • Once the attack button is released, Bandana Dee would release the Chumbrella from his hands, allowing it to float upwards and deal additional damage while encasing the ability to juggle opponents.
  • The ascent of a Chumbrella would be slightly slower than that of a parasol, to accommodate for its increased size in comparison.
  • Pressing any other button while the Chumbrella is over Bandana Dee's head will cause him to release the Chumbrella (with additional end-lag) before performing the specified move.
  • The star on the Chumbrella provides a tipper effect (before unfurling) to accompany its increased size and length in comparison to the parasol.
  • The Chumbrella is smaller in comparison to its size in Kirby Star Allies, only being about twice the size of a standard parasol.
Side Smash - Spear Thrust
Bandana Dee sends out a single, powerful forward thrust with his spear, dealing exceptionally great damage and knockback.
  • While charging this move, Bandana Dee would wind back while twirling the spear in his hand, dealing small bits of additional damage to nearby opponents before completing the attack.
  • This move also has a tipper effect on the spearhead.

Down Smash - Super Megaton Punch
Bandana Dee swiftly punches the ground below him, affecting a defined radius around the area of impact.
  • Opponents struck by the punch itself would be instantly buried and susceptible to follow-up attacks.
  • A pillar of rock will erupt from the ground on both sides of Bandana Dee, launching nearby opponents straight upwards if caught in the eruption.
  • These pillars of rock will also shield Bandana Dee from sudden attacks (physical or projectile) on either side of him for a short period of time.
  • By holding the attack button, Bandana Dee would refrain from leaving his position even after the move was fully completed, remaining idle with his fist against the ground and the pillars still standing. He'd be unable to move, but he would still be protected by the pillars. Once the button is released, Bandana Dee would get up from the attack and the pillars would instantly break.
  • The pillars can be instantly destroyed by strong attacks or eventually destroyed through gradual damage, exposing Bandana Dee while putting the pillars on a cooldown timer, allowing them to only respawn after a certain period of time had passed.

Neutral Air - Windmill Spear Twirl
Bandana Dee twirls his spear in front of him like a front-facing windmill, dealing multiple bits of damage at a time.

Up Air - Skyward Thrust
Bandana Dee strikes the air above him with his spear, dealing more damage and knockback if the spearhead's tip strikes the opponent.

Forward Air - Triple-Spear Attack
Bandana Dee quickly stabs the air three times to the side with his spear, with the last stab producing more damage and knockback than the first two stabs.

Down Air - Moon Drop
Bandana Dee descends moderately fast while striking downwards with his spear, along with the ability to multi-hit opponents before finishing the attack with a meteor effect.

Back Air - Waddle Kick
Bandana Dee delivers a swift and strong kick backwards with high power and knockback.

Bandana Dee uses his left hand to grab opponents.

Bandana Dee rapidly jabs his opponent with his spear, dealing multiple bits of damage at a time.

Forward Throw - Spear Sweep
Bandana Dee pushes his spear into his opponent before grinding them against the ground and sweeping them away, dealing great damage and knockback.

Up Throw - Circus Throw
Bandana Dee uses his parasol to twirl and tumble his opponent around before tossing them into the air, dealing good damage and knockback.

Back Throw - Spear Suplex
Bandana Dee pushes his spear into his opponent before hauling them backwards and over his head until they crash onto the ground behind him, dealing excellent damage and knockback.

Down Throw - Waddle Slam
Bandana Dee throws his opponent onto the ground before jumping up and dropping a punch onto them, dealing good damage and knockback.

Dash Attack - Gale Thrust
Bandana Dee glides through the air for a short distance with his spear stretched out in front of him, striking opponents with a single strong hit.

Neutral Special - Waddle Spear Throw
Bandana Dee throws a single spear which travels a fair distance at a consistent angle, stopping only once it has struck a surface or an opponent.
  • Charging the move would allow Bandana Dee to perform “Waddle Triple Throw”, granting him three spears to throw instead of one. The spears would travel different distances at different angles while dealing the same amount of damage.
  • Spears temporarily stick to general surfaces for a certain period of time, allowing them to be picked up and thrown again by any player.
  • If Bandana Dee holds a spear in his hand, he would automatically throw two spears with “Waddle Spear Throw” and the charge for “Waddle Triple Throw” would be shortened.

Side Special - Aqua Drill
Bandana Dee charges up his parasol to release a ball of water which travels a certain distance with the ability to briefly stun opponents.
  • The size and stun power of the water ball depends on the length of charge.
  • A short charge produces a small water ball, which travels a short distance with low stun power.
  • A medium charge produces a standard size water ball, which travels a moderate distance with average stun power.
  • A long charge produces a larger water ball, which travels a long distance with high stun power.

This move also allows Bandana Dee to use a combination of moves in a set order as follows:

Parasol Drill

- Activated after pressing the “B” button again at any time while "Aqua Drill" is active.
  • Causes Bandana Dee to rush forward while twirling an open parasol in front of him, dealing multiple hits of damage while traveling a fair distance.

Parasol Spin
- Activated after holding the “B” button once “Parasol Drill” is activated.
  • Causes Bandana Dee to suddenly spin his parasol 360 degrees around him, dealing a single strong hit of damage with good knockback.
  • Stops “Parasol Drill”.

Parasol Twirl
- Activated after holding the “B” button once “Parasol Drill” is activated AND pushing the left stick DOWNWARDS.
  • Causes Bandana Dee to twirl his parasol underneath him, dealing multiple hits of damage with low knockback.
  • Stops “Parasol Drill”.

Parasol Scoop
- Activated after holding the “B” button once “Parasol Drill” is activated AND pushing the left stick UPWARDS.
  • Causes Bandana Dee to sweep his parasol into the sky at an arc before doing a forward flip while slamming the parasol against the ground, dealing damage with high knockback.
  • Stops "Parasol Drill".

Up Special - Waddle Copter
Bandana Dee takes to the skies as he twirls his spear over his head like a helicopter blade, causing him to ascend for a period of time before eventually descending slowly.
  • Opponents caught in the ascension would be lightly juggled.
  • Unlike the iteration of this move in the Kirby series, Bandana Dee doesn't need to charge this move up at the expense of not being able to stop the move once it has been activated.
  • However, Bandana Dee may activate “Spinning Spear” (by pressing “B” while “Waddle Copter” is activated), which releases the spinning spear out of his hands and sends him into freefall. The spear would continue spinning upwards, dealing damage before eventually disappearing.

Down Special - Ground Thrust
Bandana Dee rushes forward with his spear against the ground, before flicking it upwards to finish the move after he has traveled a certain distance.
  • If an opponent comes in contact with this move they will be caught, forcing them to take multiple hits of damage until the move ends. (akin to Ridley's Side Special, for reference).
  • If used in the air, “Ground Thrust” becomes “Air Thrust”.
  • “Air Thrust” causes Bandana Dee to rush forward through the air more quickly than “Ground Thrust” on the ground, while traveling for a slightly shorter amount of time.
  • Striking an opponent with “Air Thrust” automatically activates “Spear Vault”, sending the spear and his opponent downwards via a meteor effect.

This move also allows Bandana Dee to perform other moves with additional inputs as follows:

Spear Vault

- Activated by pressing the “B” button during “Ground Thrust”.
  • Bandana Dee simply launches himself into the air while leaving his spear behind on the ground.
  • Opponents caught in “Ground Thrust” will be instantly buried once this move is activated, causing them to be susceptible to follow-up attacks.
  • Pressing any button while this move is in motion will cancel the vault as Bandana Dee switches to that specified move.

Unrelenting Spear
- Activated by pressing the “B” button during “Spear Vault”.
  • Bandana Dee unleashes a flurry of thrusts in front of him, ending with one powerful thrust with high knockback.
  • While it defaults to a downwards angle of attack, this move can still be aimed by setting any direction with the left stick while holding “B”.
  • If any other button is pressed during “Spear Vault”, this move couldn’t be activated even if Bandana Dee is still airborne.
  • This move would be canceled if any other button is pressed while the move is still activated.

Spinning Spear Strike
- Activated by pushing upwards on the left stick during “Ground Thrust”.
  • Bandana Dee launches forward at an angle, spinning his spear around his body before slamming it down to finish after traveling a certain distance.
  • Opponents caught in "Ground Thrust" would then take multiple hits of damage during the spin cycle, and one stronger hit from the slam; which would then send them flying due to the high knockback.
  • This move cannot be cancelled.

Reverse Thrust
- Activated by pushing the left stick in the opposite direction of movement during “Ground Thrust”.
  • Bandana Dee quickly shifts directions before traveling at a faster speed in that direction, but only for a shorter distance before the move is completed.
  • This input may only be done once.

These inputs may be combined to perform combos.

For example:
Ground Thrust -> Spinning Spear Strike -> Spear Vault
Ground Thrust -> Reverse Thrust -> Spinning Spear Strike -> Spear Vault -> Unrelenting Spear

- Inputs would have to be timed correctly in order for certain combos to be performed.
  • “Spear Vault” may only combo into “Unrelenting Spear”
  • “Air Thrust” may only combo as “Spear Vault” -> “Unrelenting Spear”.

Final Smash - Ultra Megaton Punch (Cinematic)

Bandana Dee summons a boulder-sized Waddle Dee ball which slams into opponents within range, sending them to the Megaton Punch Arena.
A flurry of spears strike the opponents from the air, before Bandana Dee is then seen falling from the sky with a flaming fist, eventually striking down on his opponents with immense force. The camera then pans back into space, revealing that Pop Star was almost completely cracked in half as a result of the punch, thus ending the cutscene.

Here are my ideas for alts if I'm also allowed to squeeze them in:

  • Waddle Doo (Red Bandana w/ Large Eyeball)
  • Sailor Waddle Dee (White & Blue Bandana)
  • Parasol Waddle Dee (Parasol-Themed Bandana)
  • Gold Waddle Dee (Golden Color w/ Sapphire-Colored Bandana)
  • Green Bandana Dee (w/ Dark-Green Bandana)
  • Cyan Bandana Dee (w/ White Bandana)
  • Key Dee (Identical Color Scheme w/ Gold Bandana + Light-Blue Star)
so I'm thinking about what I want to do for his moveset but I'm goiong to do some misc info in the meantime

Misc Information

Victory Animations

1. He rushes by in a friend train with 3 parasol waddle dees
2. A giant ball of waddle dees rolls by before exploding leaving only Bandana Dee
3. He does a few rapid jabs before holding his spear by his side and sitting down to drink some apple juice

Victory Theme
same as kirby and dedede's

Kirby Hat
Kirby wears Bandana Dee's bandana

Boxing Ring Title
The spear wielding waddler
Bandana Waddle Dee Moveset


Down B: Element Change
Why am I starting with Down B you ask? Well because it's how you use BWD's gimmick!
Pressing Down B will let you choose an element to give to his spear. either fire, ice or electric, giving different effects for all of his attacks that use his spear

fire gives it burn damage, ice can freeze and electric makes it so electricity shoots off from the spear giving it an expanded hitbox

This is merely temporary, however when it runs out you can use Down B again immediately, only thing is activating the element isn't instant, and you are forced to stand in place making you vulnerable.

Neutral B: Waddle Spear Throw
He throws a spear in an arc, it's relatively easy to avoid and doesn't have overly great knockback but does quite a lot of damage, holding the button down makes it so he throws 3.

Side B: Aqua Shot
Bandana Dee swings his Parasol foward releasing a large bubble of water, the parasol does decent damage but has a little bit of endlag, and the bubble only does knockback.

Up B: Waddlecopter
Bandana Dee shoots up and spins his spear like a helicopter, slowly decending down, holding down the button will cause bandana dee to go higher. While in the air his spear will damage anyone who touches it


Bandana Dee thrusts his spear foward, then unleashes a flurry of jabs with his spear before finishing with a powerful thrust

Foward Tilt:
Bandana Dee rushes his spear forward along the ground, it has slow startup but has great range

Up Tilt:
Bandana Dee swings his parasol above his head. doesn't do much damage but has good knockback

Down Tilt:
Bandana Dee twirls the parasol underneath him, heavily damaging anyone that comes into contact with him but doing little knockback

Dash Attack:
Bandana Dee dashes forward at a high speed while twirling the parasol in front of him. this does good knockback but not too much percent

Smash Attacks:

Side Smash:
Bandana Dee swings his Parasol in front of him, doing good damage and knockback

Up Smash:
Bandana Dee thrust his spear upwards, does great damage but has a little endlag

Down Smash:
Bandana Dee holds his spear in front of him and spins in a circle. hitting anyone on either side of him, it's quite ranged as well


Neutral Air:
Bandana Dee twirls his spear, hitting anyone who comes into contact with him

Foward Air:
Bandana Dee thrust his spear in a foward arc, as if he is about to throw it.

Back Air:
Bandana Dee pokes his (closed) parasol backwards, this does quite a lot of knockback

Up Air:
Bandana Dee pokes his parasol upwards before opening it.

Down Air:
Bandana Dee does a short spin and drops downwards towards the ground with his spear extended downwards, of course referencing the moondrop

Final Smash:

Megaton Punch:

Bandana Dee charges with his spear extended, if he hits anyone they're transported to a cinematic Final Smash where they land on a slab of stone in the megaton punch arena, Bandana Dee then jumps and punches the slab, (and you by extension) splitting it in half, the camera then zooms out to show planet popstar splitting in half, dealing massive damage.
Bandana Dee classic mode: Helper to Hero (the theme is that he's fighting characters who get increasingly individual, like his own arc)

Round 1: Pirahna Plant on Mushroom Kingdom U (literally a generic enemy)
Round 2: Greninja on Kalos League (vaguely implied to be Ash's Greninja, but still very generic
Round 3: Yoshi on Yoshi's Island Brawl (there's a Yoshi, but he's identical to a generic yoshi)
Round 4: ROB on Final Destination (Subspace ROB is slightly different from generic ROBs visually, and very distinct from a character perspective)
Round 5: Villager on Smashville (Villager can be fully customized, he's mostly his own being)
Round 6: Kirby in Castle Dedede (Kirby's his own being, symbolizing Bandana Dee now being at that level. This is also a reference to Revenge of the King)
Boss: Marx. Unlike the usual Marx fight, this is on Colloseum in reference to The Arena

I have ideas for the moveset, but i don't have the time to make a full one. i'll post the bullet points for my idea later.

Also, would people be intrested in a Discord server for this?
Here's my entire moveset that I did for Bandana Dee a while ago. Keep in mind, there are some areas here that others have probably beat me to:
Intro: Bandana Dee flies in on his parasol.

Stance/Idle 1: His idle animation from Return to Dream Land onwards.
Idle 2: Bandana Dee stretches his arms.
Idle 3: Bandana Dee admiringly glances at his spear.

Notable Palette Swaps:
  • Bandana Dee (Dee-fault)
  • King Dedede (Yellow/Red; wears the Spear ability hat)
  • Meta Knight (Purple; wears the Waddle Dee’s sailor hat from Meta Knight’s Revenge)
  • Gooey and Kirby (Blue with a pink bandana)
  • Landia (Red with a Master Crown look-alike)
  • Magolor (Cyan; wears Magolor’s hat)
  • Galacta Knight (Pink with white face)
  • Whispy Woods (Green; wears the Leaf ability hat)
Walk: His walk from the modern Kirby games.
Dash: His dash from the modern Kirby games.
Damage: His damage animation from the modern Kirby games.
Jump: His jump from the modern Kirby games; like the rest of the Kirby roster, Bandana Dee can jump up to six times. However, since he can't fly, his height slightly decreases with each jump.
Crouch: His crouch from the modern Kirby games.

Weapon of Choice: Bandana Dee always fights with his trusty spear, but he can also use a parasol and elemental magic as well.

Normal Attacks
Jab: Multispear Thrust; Waddle Dee slashes twice (6%, small knockback), and flurries with multiple spear thrusts (2-3% each, small knockback), and finishes with a straight jab (7%, OK knockback)
Forward+A: Spear Thrust; Bandana Dee thrusts his spear straight forward (8%, OK knockback)
Down+A: Slide; Bandana Dee slides across the ground (5%, small knockback)
Up+A: Skyward Thrust; Bandana Dee thrusts his spear upwards (7%, OK knockback)

Aerial Attacks
Air+A: Bandana Dee rapidly spins his spear (9%, OK knockback)
Air Forward+A: Waddle Spear Barrage; Bandana Dee throws two spears in front of him (6% each, small knockback)
Air Back + A: Back Thrust; Bandana Dee thrusts his spear behind him (10%, OK knockback)
Air Up+A: Parasol Twirl; Bandana Dee twirls his parasol (11%, OK knockback); he can also glide with it by holding Up, somewhat like Peach’s, only it deals no damage.
Air Down+A: Moon Drop; Bandana Dee briefly spins his spear, and then drops down (13% with a meteor effect, OK knockback); he gets pushed up when he makes contact, just like the Links.

Dash Attack: Ground Thrust; Bandana Dee dashes a long distance and runs his spear through the ground, thrusting upwards at the end (12%, OK knockback)
Edge Attack: Bandana Dee thrusts on the edge (9%, OK knockback)
Get-Up Attack: Bandana Dee spins on the ground (8%, OK knockback)

Smash Attacks
Forward+A: Aqua Shot; Bandana Dee flaps his parasol as water spouts out of it (16%, OK knockback)
Up+A: Chumbrella; Bandana Dee expands his parasol greatly (18%, medium knockback)
Down+A: Parasol Twirl; Bandana Dee spins his parasol on the ground as winds comes out of it (19%, medium knockback)

Grab Game
Grab: Bandana Dee summons a Beam with his spear.
Pummel: Bandana Dee stabs the target with his spear (2%)
Forwards+Throw: Capture Beam; Bandana Dee shoots a full Beam diagonally upwards in his direction (14%, OK knockback)
Down+Throw: Bandana Dee stabs the target onto the ground (15%)
Back+Throw: Bandana Dee lifts up the target with his spear and tosses them behind himself (14%, OK knockback)
Up+Throw: Circus Throw; Bandana Dee spins the target around on his parasol and chucks them upwards (11%, OK knockback)

Special Moves
B : Power Effect
; Bandana Dee selects one element from a menu to effect his attacks. The selection is like Shulk’s Monado Arts, in which Bandana Dee can switch elements on the fly.
B + Forwards : Spear Throw; Bandana Dee throws one spear at a time when B is tapped (5% each, small knockback). When B is held, Bandana Dee charges, and can either throw two (6% each, small knockback) or three at a time (8% each, small knockback)
B + Up : Waddle Copter; Bandana Dee flies around using his spear as a helicopter (21%, medium knockback); when used on the ground, the player has complete control of Bandana Dee’s flight, in which he can go in all 8 directions.
B + Down : Friend Summon; Bandana Dee throws a heart that summons one of two friends: Waddle Doo and Bronto Burt. Bronto Burt charges into enemies (4%, small knockback), while Waddle Doo uses his Beam ability (12%, OK knockback)

Final Smash: Megaton Punch; Bandana Dee punches up to two targets in front of him (8%), and the targets are into a cutscene where Bandana Dee jumps high into the air, and then punches the ground as he falls back down. The punch is so strong, it creates a fissure in the ground (55%, devastating knockback).

Gimmick: Power Effect Elements
  • Blizzard: Attacks are slightly slower, but combos can sometimes freeze a target
  • Bluster: Attacks are quicker and the attack power is multiplied by 1.2x, but with more endlag
  • Sizzle: Targets could have a lingering fire effect that slowly raises damage, but Bandana Dee’s damage slowly rises the longer he’s left idle
  • Splash: Bandana Dee is slower and so are his attacks, but the power is multiplied by 1.4x
  • Zap: Attack power slowly increases with each combo (up to 1.5x), but Bandana Dee’s damage slowly rises little by little
1: Bandana Dee looks around him, loosely mimicking his artwork from Return to Dream Land.
2: Bandana Dee happily waves his arms.
1+2: Bandana Dee falls asleep, thinking about an apple.

1: Bandana Dee’s win pose from the Megaton Punch minigame.
2: Bandana Dee spins his spear and raises it upwards, mimicking his summon animation from Star Allies.
3: Bandana Dee spins his spear and triumphantly plants the bottom end on the ground.

Applause: Bandana Dee’s losing animation from the Megaton Punch minigame.
Icon: Kirby series icon
Boxing Ring Title: Helper to Hero
Victory Music: youtu.be/CEIwsGXvwfU
Kirby Hat: Bandana Dee’s…well, Bandana. However, Kirby only imitates Bandana Dee’s Side B.
Alright, here's my moveset. It's largely based on an old one I made, but I added a couple little touchups. The up aerial, in particular, is based off of a moveset @JCKirbs posted in RTC, though it was for the up tilt and not the up aerial.

Bandana Waddle Dee is a relatively simple character, keeping in line with Kirby's easy, casual gameplay. Much like how Kirby is a beginner-friendly character in general, Bandana Dee is a beginner-friendly zoner. He's fairly mobile, with decent speed both on the ground and in the air. He fights with his trusty spear, which sometimes doubles up as a parasol. As a result, he has decently long disjoints, which makes him stand out from the other small characters, who mostly fight at close range. However, he suffers from being light and easy to launch, and his range is balanced by his so-so damage output.

While Bandana Dee lacks any real gimmicks, he does have a handful of noteworthy attributes.
  • Much like Marth's Falchion, Bandana Dee's spear has a sweetspot at the end.
  • Bandana Dee's parasol attacks (Up smash, up aerial, and down special) can reflect projectiles.
  • Bandana Dee has access to a back tilt as well as a forward tilt, based on his Back Thrust attack.
  • Jab - Bandana Dee thrusts his spear forward twice.
    • Flurry Attack - Bandana Dee rapidly stabs forward, finishing with a final thrust.
  • Forward Tilt - Bandana Dee jabs his spear forward twice. Resembles Joker's side tilt, but with a spear. A good poking tool.
  • Back Tilt (Back Thrust) - Bandana Dee thrusts his spear behind him. Deals less damage, but has the longest range of all his ground attacks.
  • Up Tilt (Skyward Thrust) - Bandana Dee thrusts his spear upwards. A quick anti-air tool, it can also be used to get enemies up in the air, like Sephiroth's up tilt.
  • Down Tilt - A slide kick.
  • Dash Attack - Bandana Dee lunges forward and thrusts his spear. Laggy, but one of his strongest ground moves.
Smash Attacks
  • Side Smash - Bandana Dee twirls his spear, then stabs forward.
  • Up Smash - Bandana Dee unfurls his parasol. As mentioned above, this attack covers his head and acts as a barrier, blocking attacks and reflecting projectiles.
  • Down Smash - Bandana Dee spins his spear around himself on the ground. Covers a decent area around him, but the spear's low width makes it hard to hit opponents that aren't grounded.
  • Neutral Aerial - Bandana Dee twirls his spear around himself like a fan. Resembles Pit's neutral aerial.
  • Forward Aerial - Bandana Dee swings his spear in front of him. Resembles Byleth's forward aerial.
  • Back Aerial - Bandana Dee rears his spear forward, then smashes the opponent with the blunt end. While slow, it is one of his strongest attacks..
  • Up Aerial (Parasol)- Bandana Dee jabs his parasol above his head. While weak on it's own, this move has some unique attributes and utilities.
    • Holding the button causes him to unfurl the parasol, slowing his descent and granting him great aerial mobility. The parasol also has a weak hitbox; Due to the extremely minor knockback, this move can be used to stunlock enemies and rack up some serious damage. For the sake of balancing, Bandana Dee is sent into freefall after using this move.
    • In addition, releasing the button causes Bandana Dee to let go of the parasol, causing it to fly up. If an opponent touches it, they will take minor damage and be carried upwards, much like Mega Man's up aerial. Do note that the parasol flies up faster than the knockback it deals, so it'll eventually go through the opponent and leave them, so they won't be carried into the blast zone unless really close to it.
  • Down Air (Moon Drop) - A falling stab. While the move can meteor smash, the small hitbox makes it rather tricky to pull off, especially when it's sending Bandana Dee hurling into the blast zone when used off-stage.
  • Grab - Bandana Dee reaches out and grabs the opponent.
  • Pummel - Bandana Dee sharply jabs the opponent with his spear.
  • Forward Throw - Bandana Dee throws the opponent like a javelin. The thrown opponent can deal damage to the other fighters it hits.
  • Back Throw - A back drop. Resembles Kirby's back throw.
  • Up Throw (Circus Throw) - Bandana Dee juggles the opponent above his head with his parasol, then tosses them upwards.
  • Down Throw (Megaton Punch) - Bandana Dee jumps up and punches the opponent. Buries opponents.
  • Neutral Special (Spear Throw) - Bandana Dee throws his spear like a javelin. Charging it will increase the power, distance amount of spears thrown, maxing out at three.
  • Side Special (Parasol Drill) - Bandana Dee rushes forward, holding his parasol in front of him. The parasol will reflect projectiles, making it a great move for defense and approaches.
  • Up Special (Waddle Copter) - Bandana Dee spins his spear above his head, propelling him into the air. Can be charged to increase distance. After entering freefall, he slowly spins the spear above his head, dealing light damage to whoever touches it.
  • Down Special (Ground Spear) - Bandana Dee stabs his spear into the ground, then rushes forward, finishing by swinging the spear out of the ground. Pressing the attack button in the middle of the move causes him to transition into a pole vault.
    • Crescent Swing - Using this move in the air causes Bandana Dee to swing his spear in an arc above his head. resembles Byleth's aerial side special.
  • Final Smash (Waddle Dee Army) - Bandana Dee calls forth an army of Waddle Dees, Waddle Doos, and various other Kirby enemies to assault the stage. Effectively the same as Dedede's Final Smash from Brawl, though with a bit more enemy variety.
1. Bandana Dee looks around him, loosely mimicking his artwork from Return to Dream Land.
2: Bandana Dee happily waves his arms.
1+2: Bandana Dee falls asleep, thinking about an apple.

Victory Animations
1. He rushes by in a friend train with 3 parasol waddle dees
2. A giant ball of waddle dees rolls by before exploding leaving only Bandana Dee
3. He does a few rapid jabs before holding his spear by his side and sitting down to drink some apple juice
I’ll be joining in

Character 1: Lugia
This Pokémon from the Johto region has some potential to be in Smash, and Lugia is one of the most popular Pokémon in that region. Lugia would also mark the second Legendary Pokémon to be in the game, after Mewtwo. Lugia would of course have it’s size reduced a bit, but if it can work for Ridley, it can work for Lugia.

Lugia can use some moves like Areoblast, Wind Gusts, Dragon Rush and Extrasensory.
Thanks for adding me! I'll make a submission for Character 2.

would be an Echo Fighter of Lucario, with similarities between the two often being compared in the Pokémon fanbase. The main difference would be the lack of the Aura mechanic (much like how Marth and Roy's Echo Fighters, Lucina and Chrom, lack the sweetspots), with his attacks having an electric effect instead and damage based on Lucario's averages. Zeraora is a pure Electric type Pokémon, of which we have two already, but he seems different enough to warrant a spot in addition to being a Mythical Pokémon. He's also Alola's fifth most popular Pokémon. My ideas for his special moves would be variations of Lucario's from Smash 4, with Electric effects instead and renamed to go with it.
  • His Neutral Special, Electro Ball, would be a variant of Piercing Aura Sphere with electric effects instead.
  • His Side Special, Plasma Fists, would be like Advancing Force Palm , again with electric effects.
  • His Up Special would be Wild Charge, a variant of Extreme Speed Attack.
  • A variant of Stunning Double Team named simply Thunder Wave would be his Down Special and would probably remain intact.
  • A Cinematic Final Smash involving Z-Moves would probably make sense given his home region.
I can also picture him being somewhat faster. This would make him an Echo like Ken or Dark Pit, with several altered characteristics, which is better than ones that are virtually model swaps in my opinion. Thoughts?
Fighter 2: Dark Bowser (14E)

Originating from Mario and Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story, Dark Bowser would be an Echo of Bowser. This will also be the first time he would be playable. Also he could be the first Mario and Luigi RPG series Rep.
Character 1


Ashley is a character from the WarioWare franchise, She is a witch and can cast several spells along with her companion Red. Wario was separated into his own series and has yet to get a second character. Ashley has already made an appearance as an Assist and since Wario land is MIA Ashley seems like the next logical character

Ashley would be a caster and could even combine the frantic gameplay of WarioWare, Ashley's spells would also be a combination of more traditionally spells in a game (Fire, Thunder, Sleep) and more humorous spells that relate to WarioWare and even the greater Wario series as a whole.
Character 1: Rex and Pyra from Xenoblade

Xenoblade is a large-ish new IP from Nintendo, and despite selling really well only has one character to represent the games. Why? Because Sakurai wanted Rex in, but couldn't due to time issues. Now that we have a sequel, it would be a perfect time to add the iconic duo.
And while there might be some complaints about another "anime sword fighter," Rex is generally wanted enough and well liked for more to not have a problem with it.

A way Rex and Pyra could work is that Rex does most the attacking, but Pyra does the Special attacks and on rare occasions assist with Rex during what he's doing. Rex and Pyra aren't Ice Climbers, they don't have separate health to make things confusing, Pyra can just sometimes up air when Rex up airs as an example.
Character 2: Ninten (Ness echo)
View attachment 298482
I don't see Mother/Earthbound getting another full on unique character, but an echo that allows all 3 protagonists would be pretty cool. I haven't seen gameplay or know the plot of this game, but from what I heard he would have a teleport up special and slightly different moves all around.
I'm probably gonna get some flack for this, but here goes:

Character 1
Edelgard von Hresvelg
View attachment 298495

Now before you mention it, yes, she is "aNotHur Fiy Emblerm rep", but HEAR ME OUT. Edelgard's signature weapon is not a sword, but rather, an axe. For those not paying attention, axes are a bit underutilised in Smash. This would make her a slow yet powerful character to play as. Think Byleth, except the only weapon they can use is the axe.

As for why Edelgard? Well, like it or not, Fire Emblem is considered one of Nintendo's main franchises, with Three Houses being a massive success. With it, Edelgard has quickly become one of the most popular characters in the series, due to her complex nature and motives. I feel like if Three Houses were to get a second rep, it should be her.
Character #1

Tingle is a reoccurring character in the Zelda series so much so that he even has his own game starring him as the main character, one being a Balloon Fight knockoff, with the other two being an RPG with later title having a dating sim hybrid. It's mind boggling for sure as he's not that big of a deal in the Zelda lore.

His overall gimmick and design in Smash are all based on a combination of the gameplay from Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland and Ripened Tingle's Balloon Trip of Love which involved Rupees management, bodyguards, and "Love" meter.

His gameplay revolve around keeping the opponent away from him as much as possible as Tingle usually depicted as being somewhat of a coward and so he will pretty much rely on his trusty bodyguards to do his bidding and items across the Zelda series. But you're not doing that for free, as you needed Rupees to "hire" the bodyguard and "buy" the item. You can get the Rupees by dealing damage to the opponent or breaking things like crates and barrel, if the opponent is at low percentage you will get a somewhat hefty amount of Rupee out of them but the higher it gets the more Rupees you have to pay for each attack and even getting them is hard as they will only drop little by little.

This "Love" meter is an interesting mechanic, if you use down special a UI show up and shows a bunch of item that you could buy as a gift with the look of the UI being similar to Tingle's DSiWare app, Too Much Tingle Pack. The better the item the more expensive the cost as it will constantly cycle around several items each in different prices if you open and close it. After that you could use his neutral special that have Tingle throw a gift that buy earlier, if you hit them with it based on the quality it will apply debuff to them ranging from slow speed to low damage output but only for a certain amount of time, the lowest and cheapest item will give no effect.
Character 1


View attachment 298509
Giovanni is the leader of the criminal organization known as Team Rocket (and later Team Rainbow Rocket). Team Rocket is a powerful underground organization dedicated to capturing powerful and rare Pokémon to take over the world, by any means necessary. Besides being the boss of one of the greatest criminal empires of the Pokémon universe, Giovanni is also the Gym Leader of Viridian City’s Gym in the Kanto Region.

Giovanni would finally give Pokémon an official villain in Smash. Giovanni could represent the criminal organizations in the Pokémon games. Giovanni continues to be relevant and popular in the Pokémon universe with his continuing appearances in the main series, spin-offs, anime, etc. Giovanni could be given a shirtless alt from the anime.

Giovanni has a lot of potential with his moveset. He could use one, two, or three Pokémon. Giovanni could even go toe to toe in boxing gloves against the other fighters. For my main idea, Giovanni would definitely use at least some Pokémon in his moveset. I would say his Final Smash would be using his criminal organization and their Pokémon as backup (like from BrawlFan1’s Video).
Well then, here goes my candidate for the unique character.

Character #1: Dixie Kong

Dixie Kong needs no introduction. Partially because she's an iconic character from the Donkey Kong Country games, being the star of DKC3, the deuteragonist in DKC2 and a playable character in Tropical Freeze. And partially because... she was already suggested.

However, I'm in the camp that Dixie should be unique. I think she's too important for an Echo role, much like Isabelle. It's easy to forget but Donkey Kong Country was a huge deal back in its day and Dixie was one of its biggest stars. Also, to make her an Echo would miss out on tons of potential just because of their similar body shapes.

Unlike the other Kongs, Dixie would rely less on her arms and legs and more on using her ponytail to increase her reach in creative ways. Swipes, grabs, even stabs, there's plenty that she could do that's different not just from Diddy, but from every other character in Smash. If that's not enough for you, she could also use her guitar, or Animal Buddies, or shivers Kiddy Kong.

The reason I picked Dixie is that I think she's long overdue for Smash, and since we're making our own game we can fix the gaps in representation that Smash has missed. And if she were to be an Echo, well, I fear that she'd be stuck with that moveset forever and that would be kind of a waste. Donkey Kong is the franchise that made Nintendo; I think it warrants four unique characters.
Character #2: Black Shadow

Black Shadow is the sadistic main villain in the F-Zero series. Wanted across the galaxy, Black Shadow regularly enters F-Zero races with two goals in mind: causing accidents to sate his bloodlust, and killing his nemesis Captain Falcon before his adoring audience. He is a cold and manipulative mastermind and a racer to stay away from.

Black Shadow could be an Echo of Falcon himself, or of Ganondorf if he's still using his derivative moveset. Many have suggested that Ganondorf's current moveset (sword nonwithstanding) be offloaded to Black Shadow so that players who liked it can still play it and Ganondorf can get something more appropriate. I'm all for that! Or, if they were to coexist, Black Shadow could instead take the attributes of his F-Zero machine, the Black Bull. Since the Black Bull is incredibly fast and sturdy, that would translate to a rushdown powerhouse, who if played right would be nearly unstoppable - much like Black Bull is said to be incredibly hard to pilot yet a threat in the right hands. And I'd swap the Falcon Punch for something more appropriate, like a Bull Charge using his horns.

I picked Black Shadow because, as anyone familiar with F-Zero knows, he's a fantastic villain. He oozes evil and manages to throw evil laughs left and right yet still remain threatening. Also F-Zero's been in Smash since the beginning and Falcon looks lonely.
Character 2
Woah, who's that rad dude with the 'tude and the board?

Funky Kong hails from the totally righteous Donkey Kong series. He first appeared in the game Donkey Kong Country as a tubular NPC who ran Funky's Flights, which would let players travel anywhere they wanted to on the gnarly world map. He would keep selling bodacious items until 2018, where he became a playable character for the very first time in Donkey Kong Country Returns: Tropical Freeze!

How would he play? Glad you asked!
This epic member of the Kong family would play almost exactly like his best friend/possible younger brother Donkey Kong, due to their similar, awesomely muscular body types. However, Funky would come with one radical difference-for some moves, he'll shred on his surfboard or use it as a weapon.

Why should he be in Smash?
Well, first of all, he's a surfer, which is really cool. Second, outside of Dixie, he's really the last member of the DK Crew who should be added into Smash Bros. And finally, Funky is a fan favorite character who would make perfect sense as an echo of Donkey Kong, whose popularity was heavily bolstered by DKC Tropical Freeze's Switch port.
Character 1
The man, the myth, the legend! The ex-heavyweight boxing champion! The coach with a chocolate bar obsession! It's...

Doc Louis!
Hailing from the Punch Out! series, Doc is an ex-heavyweight boxer who now coaches a young upstart name Little Mac. He has a love for the sport, a love for chocolate, and he wants to help Mac be the greatest he can be.
While Mac eventually got invited to the greatest fight of his career-a Smash for the ages-Doc could only cheer and help from the sidelines. While he loves to coach, Doc feels the need to sharpen his boxing skills. So it's about time he jumps into the ring.

A sharp contrast to his speedy, lightweight, small-hurtbox student, Doc Louis would be a slow superheavy fighter who won't get knocked around that easily. This is heightened by his neutral B, which lets him down a chocolate bar, healing him a small amount and making him slightly heavier. After eating the bar, he'll keep the crumpled up wrapper in his hand, which he can then throw to do a small amount of damage. If your opponent manages to hit you before you can consume the cocoa goodness, Doc will get angry, and his power and speed will increase, making this also a counter-move of sorts. He can only eat two per stock though, so you must use them wisely. He's going to be a character who needs to observe his opponent and approach accordingly-running in without a plan won't do wonders for Doc. Instead you should use whatever you can, including your chocolate bar wrappers, to make your opponent approach you, and then punish their weak points and habits. His recovery is also an improvement over Mac's-while he has a similar side B, his up B has him bounce off of the rails of a boxing ring. His normals would reference his attacks from Doc Louis' Punch Out!!, and a few of them would be variations of Mac's attacks.

Why should he be in Smash? Well, Doc is possibly the most iconic character from Punch Out! apart from the main protagonist. He's a really cool character that would be a perfect fit for Smash Bros. He's not neccesarily a highly requested character, but he would be great for a second Punch Out! rep if nothing else. Finally, he would add another heavyweight to the roster, which he haven't had since Ultimate's base roster.
Character 1
The papery, flat version of Mario that originates from the Paper Mario series, it's, well, Paper Mario! He's here to represent a genre of Mario that Smash has yet to cover, and is here by popular demand! But wait... he's not alone it seems...
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That's right, coming all the way from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, all of Mario's partners have come to join him in battle! Boasting a mechanic of swapping out partners to take advantage of new attacks and abilities, reminiscent of the first two Paper Mario games, and with plenty of other abilities, moves, and references sprinkled throughout the moveset, together they make...

Paper Mario & Pals!
Character 2 - Alph
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One of the three playable characters in Pikmin 3, it's Alph, head engineer of the S.S. Drake! Though he was previously an alternate costume for Olimar in Smash 4 and Ultimate, him being upgraded to Echo fighter status would allow Olimar's unique Pikmin-based gameplay to have a bit of a twist on it. Specifically, the Pikmin Alph could use would originate from Pikmin 3 - replacing Purple and White Pikmin for Winged and Rock Pikmin. Alph was actually set to be a clone of Olimar in Smash 4, but was relegated to a costume for time constraints... yet he's still a costume in Ultimate? For some reason? This would be a chance to make that idea a reality.
Character 2


Princess Hilda - Zelda Wiki

Hilda would be an echo fighter of Princess Zelda, who would presumably be based once again on her ALBW incarnation. She would use dark magic in her moveset, reflecting the same role she has in the game as Zelda's morally questionable counterpart. Her magic attacks would give off dark magic properties to differentiate herself from Zelda the same way Roy and Ken have extra flame properties in their attacks to differentiate themselves from Marth and Ryu, respectively. Instead of the Phantom, her Down B would summon Ravio instead, reflecting the relationship between the two in game. Ravio would then hit opponents with one of four attacks from four different weapons, a Fire Rod, an Ice Rod, a Sand Rod, or a Tornado Rod, that were available in ALBW as items. Her final Smash would be the inverted Lorulean Triforce of Wisdom.
Character 1: Bandana Waddle Dee

Bandana Waddle Dee is one of the main characters in the Kirby series, appearing in almost every game since Kirby Super Star Ultra. The Kitby series has not recieved a new character since brawl, despite being one of Nintendo's largest ips, so I think it's about time for a new representitive, and Bandana Waddle Dee is easily the best choice as he is certainly the most important Kirby character left

As for how he would play, he would introduce a new weapon type, that being a spear. How would a spear be different from a standard sword? Well for starters it would be incredibly ranged, and even though there are characters with ranged weapons, Bandana Waddle Dee would be about the height of Kirby, meaning he would be the first short but ranged character. In addition to that, he can also use his spear as a projectile, and he can even spin it like a helicopter for his recovery.
Character 2:
Birdo (Yoshi Echo)

Birdo is a supporting character in the Super Mario series. She first appeared as a boss in Super Mario Bros 2, However she would go on to be portrayed as a hero rather than a villain, often being portrayed as Yoshi's love intrest. Because she was now Yoshi's love intrest she was given a redesign to make her look more like Yoshi, even having her own version of Yoshi eggs! Because of this she would fit perfectly as a Yoshi echo. Only thing that should be changed his her neutral special, as she lacks a tongue.
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Porky Minch from EarthBound, specifically in his spider mech from Mother 3.
The mech would be slightly redesigned to be smaller (particularly compared to his appearance in Brawl): Porky's actual body would be around the same size as Ness or Lucas, and the main cockpit/bed would be small enough that it could look somewhat tight.
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Octoling from Splatoon, an Echo Fighter of Inkling.
They would use the same attacks and weapon types as Inkling, but use different specific weapons that would affect how they play.
  • Inkbrush -> Octobrush. Slower, but longer reach.
  • Slosher -> Explosher. Slower, but more powerful.
  • Blaster -> Grim Range Blaster. Slower, but longer reach. (Grim was specifically chosen due to how similar the appearances of the default and Range Blasters are.)
  • Splattershot -> Octo Shot. Functionally identical.
  • Splat Roller -> Dynamo Roller. Slower, and doesn't bury opponents, but does more damage and gives super armor during it (though only temporarily).
  • Splat Bomb -> Suction Bomb. Does more damage, but doesn't roll and lingers for longer before exploding.
Their new Final Smash would be Booyah Bomb. Octoling hovers in the air while holding a large ball of ink. A reticle appears on screen (a la Giga Bowser Punch or Lightning Chariot), and when B is hit again or time runs out, the Octoling throws the bomb to that spot, where it explodes in a large, swirling burst.
If the game would seek to avoid multiple characters using the same ink colors in a single match, a full eight new ink colors would be necessary. One potential lineup, mostly utilizing colors from Splatfests, is listed below. (Assume that Octolings would adhere to the same "odd = female, even = male" pattern as the Inklings.)
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This is a bit of a controversial Echo choice, because some people are 100% sure that echoes must be from the same series as their base character. I think it's really not a hard rule, just that most reasonable echoes come from the same series. There are only 2-3 exceptions… and here's one of them.

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Blaziken is a third generation Pokémon, and the final evolution of the fire starter, Torchic. Blaziken is a very popular Pokemon - in the google poll, it was crowned the fifth most popular Pokemon from Hoenn, beating out titans like Mudkip. Metagross, and Deoxys. Speaking of Hoenn, we still don't have a character from the region, and while getting a fully unique character from the region might be asking a bit much, an Echo should be doable.

As for how Blaziken would work? Blaziken could acttually get away with being one of the least unique echoes, that's how good of a fit it is. Blaziken is a very fast Pokemon, and most of it's attacks use it's legs (but it does also use it's arms). That's also a pretty decent description of Captain Falcon (Blaziken's even doing the knee in it's Sugamori art!). That being said, there should be a few changes, mostly animation wise. Obviously the enter stage animation and Final Smash need to change, and Falcon Punch and F-Smash should be changed to kicks. Up Special should be swapped out for a completely different move, albeit one copied from another character: Sky Uppercut (reskinned Shoryuken)
I think the addition of a fourth mii would be a waste of resources. That being said, we're well overdue for a real magic user, so...
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Kamek is the main antagonist of the Yoshi's Island series, also making consistent appearances in other non-Yoshi Mario games, such as Galaxy, New Super Mario Bros. Wii, and Super Mario Party.

What would he do in Smash? Kamek would be the first true magic user in Smash, using his staff as a melee weapon for a few attacks, but mostly using it to cast spells. He could also be a "summoner", creating various enemies from Mario's history, and then buffing them how he sees fit (both abilities seen in NSMBW).
WARNING: Wall of text

The original pure character candidate was going to go to Celica from Fire Emblem Gaiden and its remake, but for the sake of avoiding candidate redundancy, I instead went with...

Character 1: Scizor (Pokémon Gold and Silver)
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Scizor is a fairly popular Pokémon from Johto; so much so, it's popularity was even acknowledged in its trophy description from Melee. It's a Bug/Steel-type Pokémon (National Dex #212) with the hardness of steel; it gained a Mega Evolution in Generation 6. It uses its spot-marked claws as smaller heads to scare away predators; it can't fly very far with its small wings, but it can flap them at high speeds to regulate its body temperature. It evolves from Scyther when said Scyther is traded with a Metal Coat.

Scizor was a Poké Ball summon in Melee and reprised its role in Ultimate. And that bums me a little, because Scizor's a Pokémon I believe to be made for fighting games (an honor it would eventually earn in Pokkén Tournament). I genuinely believe that if the team behind Melee had at least some more time to work on entirely new fighters, we could've gotten it as our Johto rep instead of :ultpichu: (along with a certain schoolgirl detective instead of Dr. Mario but that's another story).
Intro: Scizor pops out of a Poké Ball

Stance/Idle 1: Scizor stands upright, occasionally clacking its pincers
Idle 2: Scizor does an X-pose with its pincers
Idle 3: Scizor stretches out and flaps its wings

Notable Palette Swaps:
  • Scizor (default)
  • Shiny Scizor (yellow-green)
  • Scyther (green)
  • Manga Scizor (grey/black)
  • Shiny Scizor from Orre (yellow/black)
  • Pinsir (brown/white)
  • Vikavolt (blue/yellow)
  • Genesect (purple)

Walk: Scizor floats along the ground almost motionlessly
Dash: Scizor dashes as it flutters
Damage: Scizor will turn its head, barely fazed
Jump: Scizor jumps high off the ground and uses its wings the second time, having slightly less height the than the first jump
Crouch: Scizor puts one of its pincers on the ground

Weapon of Choice: Scizor’s learnset as of Gen 8

Normal Attacks
Jab: Fury Swipes; Scizor slices twice (4%) then keeps slicing rapidly (1%-2%, small knockback)
Forward+A: Scratch; Scizor attacks with a pincer as it flutters along (3%, small knockback)
Down+A: Scizor kicks lightly along the ground (4%, small knockback)
Up+A: Slash; Scizor slashes in an upward 45o arc (6%, small knockback)

Aerial Attacks
Air+A: Scizor swiftly spins around and slashes four times (8%, small knockback)
Air Forward+A: Scizor slashes downward (7%, small knockback)
Air Back + A: Steel WIng; Scizor flashes it wings behind itself (8%, OK knockback)
Air Up+A: Double Hit; Scizor slashes upwards twice (9%, OK knockback)
Air Down+A: Scizor falls downward, putting its legs together like a sword (11% with a meteor effect, OK knockback)

Dash Attack: Fury Swipes; Scizor rapidly slices the opponent five times with its pincers (10%, OK knockback)
Edge Attack: Wing Attack: Scizor rams the opponent with its wings as it climbs back up (6%, small knockback)
Get-Up Attack: U-Turn; Scizor hops back up with a backflip kick (7%, small knockback)

Smash Attacks
Forward+A: Bug Bite; Scizor violently snaps one of its pincers (22%, medium knockback)
Up+A: Fury Cutter; Scizor slashes upwards with both pincers (21%, medium knockback)
Down+A: Bug Buzz; Scizor emits a loud buzzing from its wings, creating a downward shockwave (19% with a meteor effect, medium knockback)

Grab Game
Grab: Scizor grabs the opponent with one of its pincers
Pummel: Scizor squeezes the opponent with one of its pincers (2%)
Forwards+Throw: False Swipe; Scizor throws the opponent with its pincer (9%, OK knockback)
Down+Throw: Take Down; Scizor slams the opponent on the ground with both of its pincers (13%, OK knockback)
Back+Throw: Reversal; Scizor throws the opponent behind itself (10%, OK knockback)
Up+Throw: Iron Head; Scizor tosses the opponent up, then headbutts them (15%, OK knockback)

Special Moves
B : Bullet Punch
; Scizor rapidly punches the opponent when B is held (4%-5%), finishing with a powerful punch when B is let go of (10%, OK knockback). the first part of the attack weakens the longer B is held down.
B + Forwards : X-Scissor; Scizor flashes forward and slashes the shape of an X, which can hit up to four opponents at once (15%, OK knockback).
B + Up : Aerial Ace; Scizor flutters high up, then furiously slashes multiple times as it moves forward (18%, medium knockback)
B + Down : Swords Dance; by holding B, Scizor summons two swords spinning around behind itself, which hit multiple times (5% each hit, small knockback). It then slashes with both pincers (15% each, OK knockback).

Final Smash: Mega X-Scissor; Scizor Mega Evolves into Mega Scizor, slashing furiously (20%) and finishing with an X-Scissor that covers nearly the entire stage (38%, devastating knockback)

Gimmick: N/A

1: Scizor does an X-pose
2: Scizor puts its pincers next to its face, making it look like it has three heads
1+2: Scizor shuts each of its pincers

1: Mega Scizor performs a Bullet Punch
2: Scizor hurls up a rock and breaks it
3: Scizor, floating a bit, comes down and raises one of its pincers in the air

Applause: Scizor folds its arms and disappointedly flaps its wings
Icon: The Pokémon series icon
Boxing Ring Title: The Unfazed Slicer
Star K.O.: Scizor lets out a harsh noise from its wings
Victory Music: https://youtu.be/m9_ozzyG3uo
Kirby Hat: Scizor’s wings

Classic Mode: Through the Fire and the Flames (faces opponents whose attacks use fire, its 4x type weakness)
Round 1: :ultken: on Suzaku Castle (Ken Stage Type A)
Round 2: :ultfalcon: on :porttown: (Fire Field (Brawl))
Round 3: :ultcharizard:on Kalos Pokémon League (Victory Road - Pokémon Ruby and Pokémon Sapphire)
Round 4: :ultroy::ultrobin: on :castlesiege: (Edge of Adversity)
Round 5: :ultridley:on :norfair: (Vs. Ridley)
Round 6: :ultbowser: on Find Mii (King Bowser - Super Mario Bros. 3)
Final Round: Rathalos
I designed Scizor's moveset to be similar to its Pokkén playstyle while assuming it was introduced in Melee. It would be a character who rushes head-on into opponents, dealing a flurry of rapid and powerful blows.

My Echo candidate, on the other hand;

Character 2: Morgan (Fire Emblem Awakening)
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Morgan would be an Echo of Robin using some of their custom moves from Smash 4. They're part of the reason why I dropped Celica; people often see her as a potential Robin Echo, but she can't learn all of the same magic that Robin can. So for the position of 56ε, I felt like Robin's own child was a better fit.
Intro: Same as Robin’s

Stance/Idle 1: Same as Robin’s

Idle 2: Morgan stares at his/her book for a second.

Idle 3: Morgan holds up his/her sword to his/her face and closes his/her eyes

Notable Palette Swaps:

Male Morgan

  • Male (default)
  • Brady (Brown)
  • Owain (Yellow)
  • Gerome (Red)
  • Inigo (Blue)
  • Laurent (Black)

Female Morgan (alternate costume)
  • Female (default alt.)
  • Kjelle (Purple)
  • Cynthia (White)
  • Severa (Yellow)
  • Nah (Red)
  • Noire (Green)

Walk: Same as Robin’s
Jog: Same as Robin’s
Dash: Same as Robin’s
Damage: Same as Robin’s
Jump: Same as Robin’s
Crouch: Same as Robin’s

Weapon of Choice: Same as Robin’s

Normal Attack
Jab: Same as Robin’s
Forward+A: Same as Robin’s
Down+A: Same as Robin’s
Up+A: Same as Robin’s

Aerial Attacks
Air+A: Same as Robin’s
Air Forward+A: Same as Robin’s
Air Back + A: Same as Robin’s
Air Up+A: Same as Robin’s
Air Down+A: Same as Robin’s

Dash Attack: Morgan jumps forward, swirling air around his/her sword and using it like a drill (14%, OK knockback)
Edge Attack: Same as Robin’s
Get-Up Attack: Same as Robin’s

Smash Attack
Forward+A: Same as Robin’s
Up+A: Morgan casts Elfire above his/her head (21%, medium knockback)
Down+A: Morgan jabs his/her sword on the ground and creates an electric shockwave (23%, medium knockback)

Grab Game
Grab: Same as Robin’s
Pummel: Same as Robin’s
Forwards+Throw: Morgan blows the target up with Fire (16%, OK knockback)
Down+Throw: Morgan casts Thunder on the target (15%, OK knockback)
Back+Throw: Same as Robin’s
Up+Throw: Same as Robin’s

Special Moves
B : Thunder+
; one of Robin’s custom moves from Smash 4 (5% for Thunder, small knockback; 13% for Elthunder, OK knockback; 16% for Arcthunder, OK knockback; 21% for Thoron, medium knockback)
B + Forwards : Fire Wall; one of Robin’s custom moves from Smash 4 (8%, OK knockback)
B + Up : Soaring Elwind; one of Robin’s custom moves from Smash 4 (14%, OK knockback)
B + Down : Flux; Morgan sends out an orb of darkness that can be controlled freely and hit targets multiple times (2%-4%; about 17% total, OK knockback)

Final Smash: Pair Up; “Time to even the odds!” Same as Robin’s, but Morgan summons an illusion of the opposite-gendered Morgan.

Gimmick: Same as Robin’s

1: “Your flank’s exposed! (Male)/“Just as planned!” (Female) Morgan flips through their book.
2: “Have another! (Male)/ “Predictable...” (Female) Morgan cockily shakes their sword a little.
1+2: “Game over!” (Male)/ “This ends here!” (Female) Morgan holds their sword upwards while levitating their tome.

  • 1: “One step at a time!” Morgan levitates their sword and tome.
    • 1a: “Don’t worry, I’m catching up.” (Vs. Robin or Chrom)
  • 2: “Hmph, amateur.” Morgan strikes a pose resembling M!Robin’s Ultimate render.
  • 3: “Now to focus on getting wiser!” Morgan sheathes their sword, sits on the ground, and reads their book.
    • 3a: “At least you weren’t a roach” (Vs. Lucina; male only)
    • 3b: “I…might’ve cheated a little.” (Vs. Lucina; female only)

Applause: Morgan claps their hand right in front of their face.
Icon: Fire Emblem series icon
Boxing Ring Title: Tactical Prodigy
Victory Music: https://youtu.be/4g3o60I2Lpw
Kirby Hat: Morgan’s hair (male or female)
As an Echo, Morgan would be mostly the same as Robin, but with completely different specials and other different attacks.
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Character 1 - Lyn
Lyn is the sole survivor of the Lorca tribe, a nomadic group of people from Sacae. The daughter of the princess of Caelin and the chieftain of the Lorca, Lyn lived a carefree life in Sacae until a gang of vicious bandits attacked. After defeating her bandits and building up a small army in the process, she would later ally with Elliwood and Hector to thwart a plot that would destabilize all of Elibe, and the entire world.

Outside of the setting, Lyn is a very popular character, especially in the West. She was the first Lord Western players saw beyond Marth and Roy in Melee, and won Fire Emblem Heroes' first Choose Your Legends poll (Through a technicality; If both Ike designs are counted together he edges her out by about a thousand votes. Still, first place females and seconds place total is pretty darn impressive).

Lyn would be the first "normal" katana user in Smash (Sephiroth is discounted from this status because Masamune is just so frickin' long and works differently than a normal katana as a result). She would focus on quick strikes to rack up damage, backed up by a unique quirk to her sword attacks: Endlag cutdown.
Usually her attacks have almost no startup lag but high endlag, but actually landing a hit decreases the endlag. This encourages Lyn to get up close to deal damage. This is notable because most swordfighters rely on spacing to some degree, making use of their long disjoints, so Lyn being a rushdown swordfighter helps her stand out against the crowd.
Character #2: Medusa (Kid Icarus) 54e
View attachment 298545

Once upon a time in Angel Land, there were two goddesses, who ruled the land together in peace. However, while the goddess of light Palutena, fostered humanity, the goddess of darkness Medusa despised them, to the point where she dried up their crops and petrified them. In a fit of rage, Palutena transformed her into a hideous cyclops and banished her.

Medusa was the original main villain of the Kid Icarus franchise would echo Palutena, reimplementing the custom moves that Palutena used in Smash 4. Plus, Smash Bros needs more villains, and there are very little things more villainous than a goddess of darkness.
Character suggestion 1: Waluigi (Super Mario)
View attachment 298479

For a character that was solely created to give Wario a doubles partner in Mario Tennis, Waluigi has really made a name for himself. Initially a commonplace on many "Worst Mario characters" lists, he has gained a massive cult following over the years, due to his zany personality, whacky design, and his status as a bit of a loser.

I think it'd be a bit of an understatement to consider Waluigi one of the most demanded first parties for Smash as of current. Dude had some notable support in Brawl and 4, but things really picked up for Ultimate when his Assist Trophy deconfirmation sent notable shockwaves around the net. I'd argue he's essentially become the new Ridley, purple coloration and all. Assuming this slot is gonna be a Ridley-style insanely popular first party, Waluigi was like the only choice that made sense to me.

As for how he'd play in Smash, I'd expect a wacky, awkward character to match his personality. He's also been described as a bit of a "cheater", maybe there's a way to implement that in somehow. When it comes to his moveset, perhaps he could represent the Mario spin-offs like Party, Kart, and the sports games, assuming this is where he's prominentally hailed from. Or perhaps his personality alone is enough to make an archetype?

Anyways, I'll do my echo choice once I get off work.
Character 2: Dixie Kong

Dixie kong is perhaps one of the few characters heavily requested in the brawl days that still has yet to join the battle. Many will argue she deserves her own character spot, however with a similar build and similar abilities to diddy, echo fighter seems like it would fit dixie well. After all, she was going to play similar to him when she was considered for Brawl as diddys partner. Instead of the jetpack, she can use her hair to recover similar to DK's up b. There can be many aesthetic changes such as shooting bubble gum instead of peanuts alongside new taunts and idle and victory animations. Even though im partial to funky, dixie is far more iconic and deserves to finally get in after all this time.
Fighter 1: Impa

Not just any impa, but the impa design from Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity. People have been clamoring for an original Zelda newcomer for over a decade now, and Impa seems like the perfect fit. Imo the reason more Zelda newcomers haven't been added is because many only appear in one game despite being popular (Skull Kid, Ghirahim, Midna) and they may not be seen as important enough considering they are more one off characters. In the case of the current age of Zelda, the champions are all cool, but its hard to make a case to pick one over the other. With the new game recently released, Impa looks to meat the criteria perfectly for smash. Impa has appeared in some capacity in almost every mainline Zelda game, she would be another addition to the cast of female fighters, and most importantly her moves has immense potential. Many have thrown around the idea of her being a sheik echo, but I don't think that would work. Even though they are both ninja style fighters, impa plays very differently than sheik in her many appearances.

As far as what she would do, I picture a fusion of sheik and joker with a hint of greninja. She would of course use her dagger in normal attacks. I think the thing about her with the most potential is her ability to create phantom versions of herself. The potential is absolutely here for something awesome. Perhaps there can be a meter that depending on how full she can summon clones of herself. This would work like joker rebellion gauge and clouds limit break, where if the meters full she can summon four clones, if the meters half she can summon two, and if its only a quarter of the way full she would summon one. Every time a clone is summoned the meter completely empties. This would create an interesting dynamic, do you use the clones now or wait till you can get more? They could do less damage and can be swatted away with one hit for balancing reasons.

For anyone who's not sold I linked a video showcasing her moveset in the game below. I recommend checking it out as it really demonstrates how cool this character could be in smash.

View attachment 298483i

As we know from Skyward Sword, Ganon is the embodiment of evil that was influenced from the curse uttered by the Demise, a king of demons. His curse was such that it would follow the reincarnated the three forces: Link, Zelda, and Ganon throughout history. Ganondorf is one just aspect of my his evil which took human...errrr...Gerudo form. We have tons of amazing content from the 3D era of Zelda but nothing from its more 2D era. The one actually aspect we have in character form is Zelda’s A Link Between Two Worlds appearance.

Ganon as a character would be entirely appropriate for Smash given just how much impact this force of evil has had in the series. It’s driven much of the plot of the series and influenced the events in many of the games; most notably in Breath of the Wild with Calamity Ganon. This Ganon, however, would drawn from the original game, A Link in the Past, Link’s Awakening, Oracle series, Four Swords, and A Link Between Two Worlds.

Gameplay wise, he would be very unique with what I call a beast warlock. Ganon would be even larger than Bowser with a more upright posture and has extremely long range that rivals even Sephiroth thanks to his long limbs and his spear. All of his attacks hit hard and some have superarmor though he does have some start up lag. His spear and raw strength isn’t his only good points as he can utilize powerful arcane spells. This includes producing homing Blazing Bats, create an orb of lighting that shoots different directions, teleportation, mouth blasts, ground pounds, and transforming into a bat. while it’s enticing to also allow him to summon common Zelda enemies, that might be pushing it.
Job 2: Gamemode

Crazy/Spirit Dungeon

This game mode is basically the Classic mode from Smash 4 but with a few twists to keep it fresh.

You select your character and difficulty and it can be played with up to 4 people, You then select what door you want to go through each door leads you to a different challenge, be it a team battle between your group and 4 others or a battle with the Rathalos. Completing a room nets you a reward that can only be used on this run of the dungeon, These items are things like Healing items, Franklin Badges, Jetpacks etc. Once you get far enough (the length depends on Difficulty) you will encounter Master hand and Crazy Hand, if you beat them you will have completed the dungeon, Each time you beat the dungeon you may get a new reward like some coins or exclusive Spirits.

I also mentioned Spirit Dungeon, it is the exact same thing as Crazy Dungeon but each opponent has a random assortment of Spirits equipped, So to counter this you may also equip spirits before each fight.
Developer Mode Suggestion: Smash The Target (not to be mistaken with "Break The Targets")

Smash The Target will be a mode where you pick a character, and are to smash a car. There will be a stage of this in an enclosed location which allows up to 4 players, but only 1 is needed.
There are 2 modes in this mode, smashing and free play.

Smashing: you must smash the car in a specified time. Also has 5 difficulties, adding up 50% of damage needing to be done each (i.e. Hardest stage requiring 500% damage, easiest stage requires 250% damage)
Free play: you can beat up the car without worrying about actually breaking it, without a time limit, and can even add items.

And yeah, this is basically just the bonus game from Street Fighter.
My game mode suggestion is called "Smash Race." It can be played solo or on multiplayer. There would be a number of stages dedicated to this mode. The objective, as the name suggests, is to race each opposing character or team to a finish line. All along the way, obstacles, hazards, and attacks from hostile and player characters impede the player's progress, making it a battle race. To limit the cramped-screen problem, it would intuitively be best for each stage to be side-scrolling.

Now I know what you are thinking. "I could play with who I like and get looked down upon by other players when I lose (thinking about Ganondorf), or I could take Sonic and win every time." To address this, some obstacles include destructible walls, and many hazards would make it risky to use some characters' speed to their maximum, unbalanced potential. That aside, other players will be lining themselves up to attack you, making the game very strategic and competitive. Some obstacles and interaction objects could be used to your advantage by sneakily getting in your opponents way. The list could go on.

I was heavily inspired by a certain mode in Sonic Heroes, but I think it would make a great change of 'pace' for a Smash Bros. game mode.
, consider
Throwing my hat into the ring for a new possible mode:

Smash Dungeon
Somewhat based on the "Tower of Smash" leak for Smash 4 many years back, this would be a single or multiplayer mode in a similar vein to Smash Run and Smash Tour, essentially being a replacement for both. It's a roguelike mode in which you and other players must battle your way through randomly-generated floors, defeating enemies to collect items before making your way to the boss of each floor. Items are similar to those found in Smash Tour, but grant you permanent passive buffs. These can be collected by defeating enemies, clearing challenging platforming sections, out on the ground, or shopping at vendors you can find on every floor. Enemies encountered hail from various Nintendo franchises like Smash Run, and also reintroduces the Subspace Army as foes you can fight. Bosses are also randomly generated, some that are also encountered in Classic Mode, others completely unique to Smash Dungeon. The dungeons can also be themed after various series, such as Mario castles, The Legend of Zelda temples, Eggman's bases from Sonic, dungeons from Persona, and many more. There would also be options, such as a difficulty setting for enemies, a slider for how often they spawn, how often power-ups appear, how many floors there are or if it's endless and players play to see how far they go, etc. Lastly, there would also be online play, allowing players to create rooms like Battle Arenas and play the mode together.

The only issue I can see with this is the multiplayer aspect when playing on one Switch, but I'm sure there can be workarounds for that.
Job 2: Gamemode

Boss Bash

The idea is pretty simple, one person controls a boss and 1-4 other people (or cpus) play as regular fighters (each with 5 stocks), all stages are entirely flat versions of prexisting stages

items will randomly spawn and can only be used by fighters, not bosses, including 2 items exclusive to this mode, power bombs and mega mushrooms.

power bombs create a giant blast and mega mushrooms make you even bigger than super mushrooms do

what do bosses get, you ask? well if you consistantly rack up a KO streak then you activate hyper mode where you get increased health and deal increased amounts of damage

if the boss takes half or more of the fighter team's stocks by the time the timer runs out, they win, if the boss is defeated then the fighters win.
New Mode: Classic Creator

Every character in Ultimate has their own classic mode, and that's cool! That being said, the replay value is a bit lacking, because it's the same thing over and over again. The easy solution is to just make Classic Mode random again, but I'm going in the opposite direction: creating your own custom, Ultimate-esque paths.

Classic Modes are rather simple to create. Before anything, you must name it and decide if it's specific to a character or a mii, or if the whole cast can play on it. After that, you're free to customize the seven battles to your heart's content. You can choose what stage the fight is on, the background music, what items spawn, what fighters appear, and how many fighters there are (you can select up to 10, with 5 or more foes treated as a horde battles. You can also give your characters the Metal, Mega, and Mini effects). It's highly recommended that the last fight is a boss, but an earlier fight can be made a boss or the seventh could just be a regular one. After the Classic Mode is created, it appears in a menu where it can be selected from other created classic modes. These are treated as regular classic modes, you can do co-op, use tickets, and get spirits. You can upload them to the internet, and play ones from online (no download required, unless a custom stage is involved). If the mode is exclusive to a character you haven't unlocked/bought, you can't play it, but you still can if there's one as a CPU in the mode. Additionally, if it's tied to a Mii that's been uploaded to the internet, downloading that mii will also give you the classic mode.
Boss Battles
This mode, this time around, has two new mini-modes:
  • Boss Vault: Take on any boss you want with any character you want whenever you want
  • Boss Gauntlet: Take on every boss all at once for the best time possible; difficulty options are Normal, Hard, and Intense
    • The first tier sees you taking on Giga Bowser, Galleom, Rathalos and Galeem
    • The second tier sees you taking on Ganon, Marx, Dracula and Dharkon
    • The last bit sees you taking on View attachment 298006View attachment 298005 both at once, and then Galeem and Dharkon both at once
    • Like in Boss Battles from Brawl, you have limited healing resources (those being three Heart Containers)
Requoting my previous post regarding Isaac's moveset

For a unique mode...

Item Smash
In this mode, your attacks deal no damage. Maybe they can have some knockback, but they can't deal any damage. Instead, you have to rely on the items that spawn around the stage.
Hello everyone! Ive really enjoyed the thread thus far and I figured I would make a contribution.

First off what stage to bring back. It seems to be the obvious favorite but I have to go with Pac-Maze. Its still a bit baffling it was cut In the first place, but its an iconic, recognizable stage that is miles better than Pac-Land, but we all knew that already. Now for a new mode...

Game Mode Concept: Smash Strikers

The name takes inspiration from a certain cult favorite Nintendo game, and if you know what that is you should be able to guess what this mode is all about. Its basically soccer, but the characters are the ball. This would not use existing stages. Picture 8-10 custom made, enclosed stages specially for this game, with two goals for each team. The different maps can all have different layouts with platforms, sizes and goal customization (Some maps could feature smaller or larger goals, goals that move etc.). The rules can also get set to however gets the most points in a certain amount of time, or first to a customizable number. Items can be turned on as well. You can have 1v1s, 2v2s, 3v3s and 4v4s meaning up to 8 people can play. This mode can also be played online via battle areas.

Here are a few ideas I came up with for map designs.
A Donkey Kong arena with barrels scattered around, and will shoot fighters who are knocked into them away or into the goal.
A Wii fit arena where wii fit soccer balls are thrown around the map at random, and hitting them in can grab bonus points for your team, or use them to hit other fighters.
A Pac-Man arena, retro themed with randomly appearing power pellets. Once a power pellet is named, the team that got one will receive temporary stat boosts.

Hope you liked the ideas, really looking forward to contributing to this thread more in the future!
Here is mine...

Game Mode

: Capture the Flag
# of Players: 6 or 8
Teams: Yes, 3x3 or 4x4
Online: No
Stages: All are available
Time Limit: 3 minutes ~ infinite

The first player to grab the flag in the middle of the stage most hold onto it for a minute to get a point. It’s the team members responsibility to protect the flag holder. Once the point is obtained, a new flag will respawn. It’s impossible to attack, shield, or dodge while holding the flag. Getting KO’d gives the flag to the person who KO’d them and resets the timer.
Developer Suggestion Character: Dillon from Dillon's Rolling Western

Dillon, from the Dillon's Rolling Western series, has been assist trophiy'd twice (once in SM4SH, and again in Ultimate), for generally not being a popular character. But if he was given the chance, he could be an amazing fighter. He could be a defense-offensive character, with the main gimmick of his being his ability to place defense towers (after gaining money mid-battle?). He could also use his claws and roll up into a ball for movement. Also, he would be Smash's first cowboy.
As to why, his series is an underrated one, and is recent. If Dillon got into Smash bros, his series could be popular and likely to be saved as he's somewhat new and likely to be lingering a bit in Nintendo's mind. If he got in, we could get a new juggernaut of a series. He could also be the representative for the DS era, as none of the fighters series originated from the DS. Also, there are no tower defense characters in smash.

Edit... again... how many times have I edited this?: Welp, Issac won. But hey, I'm happy 4 other people voted for Dillon, I thought I was gonna be a solo voter. So that's neat.
My suggestion-Chibi-Robo of the Chibi-Robo! series.

(Keep in mind I've never played a Chibi-Robo game in my life, but I've done my research and I'm a huge Scott The Woz fan, so I know a thing or two about this little guy).
Currently a Mii Costume in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Chibi-Robo debuted in 2005 in Japan, in the game Chibi-Robo! Plug into Adventure! It's a game where you, Chibi-Robo, are a little robot helper who goes around a family's house, performing cleaning and other various tasks. However, you'll have to keep your charge up by plugging into a wall, or else you'll lose some Moolah (Chibi-Robo!'s in game currency). It's a charming game that has gained a cult following since its release. However it did not do very well financially-in fact, none of Chibi-Robo's adventures have hit it out of the park in terms of sales, or even gotten a single. Chibi-Robo has unfortunately not been able to stay afloat all these years. Poor guy.
So, if he doesn't sell well, why the hell should he be in Smash Ultimate 2? (Or whatever we end up calling it-we should do that sometime, decide on a name, it could be fun!)
Well, it could finally give Chibi-Robo a chance to be successful. The main reason his games haven't sold well is poor marketing or, in Zip-Lash's case, not being a good game. Of course your obscure, cult-classic Nintendo IP won't sell very well if its a Wal*Mart exclusive DS title. He's the perfect character to appeal to casual audiences-cutesy, simplistic both in appearance and in gameplay. Revealing him at E3 could gain a lot of traction for his series-and imagine if we announced the original game being ported to Switch during the E3 presentation, which would release later that day? That way, instead of breaking out Dolphin, Smash fans can buy the game themselves. This could give Chibi-Robo the second chance he deserves, his developers may come out of hiding to pick the series back up-and if they don't, Nintendo can pull a Mario Party 9 and make it themselves! (but like, good).

So, how would he play? Glad you asked!

I imagine he would have a gimmick of having to charge after a while. His battery life goes down with each attack (he loses more depending on how much damage the move does), but charging with Down B charges him back up. If he loses all his charge, his attacks will be weak and near useless.

As for his Up B, he could use the Chibi-Coptor item from the games, which would propel him up and have a hitbox at the top.

His Neutral B could be the Chibi-Blaster, which would be a laser shot that provides small hitstun and not much damage, but it goes really far and is relatively fast.

For his Side B, he could drive forward in the car from Chibi-Robo: Park Patrol. He can jump, speed up by holding forward, speed down by not pressing a direction, turn around by pressing back, and jump out with B or A.

Up: Chibi-Robo does an uppercut and follows up by hitting the airbone opponent with his plug.
Down: Chibi-Robo throws his opponent on the ground and scrubs them with a toothbrush.
Forward: Chibi-Robo spins his opponent around like a lasso, before letting them go.
Backward: Chibi-Robo turns around and stabs his opponent with the prongs of his plug, zapping them away.

For his normals he could use household objects like mugs, silverware, a squirter, batteries, and the aforementioned toothbrush.

For his Final Smash, he brings out a vacuum from the game (it's the third item on this Wikipedia article and I don't know how to pronounce or type it, Venus please help). He can walk around with this, and anyone caught in range will be sucked up. When a few seconds pass, Chibi-Robo will throw down the vaccum, causing it to explode, and anyone caught in the vacuum will be launched far. If the Final Smash fails to suck up anyone, Chibi-Robo will let out a sad robot noise and hang his head in disappointment before returning to the action.
(I feel the need to say again that I have never ever played a Chibi-Robo game and if anyone want to suggest something I can fix, please let me know.)
Yep, that's why I think Chibi-Robo should be the first new character in the sequel to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
Developer Suggestion Character: Waluigi from Super Mario

View attachment 297190
The funny lanky guy in purple himself if not, is probably one of the most requested characters for Smash as a fighter, he has been an Assist Trophy 3 times and not being a fighter for Ultimate was so controversial that it made headlines. He has a pretty big fanbase as well being a meme on the Internet. Back in 2018, Reggie himself was aware of the character's popularity. (Sorry if there wasn't much.)

As a fighter, he would be bit fast and nimble kinda like from the Mario/Sonic Olympic Games but easy to launch. His moveset would reference the sport, karting and party game spinoffs he has been in as well dancing. For example his Neutral Special would have him serve a tennis ball with his racket or maybe have his Side Special be like Wario's Bike but with the Waluigi Racer instead? The Final Smash would be his Wall-luigi from Mario Strikers which could work.

(I like the idea of him using his long limbs as well sport equipment to fight with, and dancing!)
Suggestion: Cuphead from Cuphead

He was announced as a Mii Costume for the Mii Gunner when Byleth joined the game, he's a pretty popular and commonly requested character for Smash.
Cuphead can use different weapons from his game for his special attacks, being Peashooter probably the most iconic weapon from Cuphead, it's an obvious option for a Neutral Special, it would just be a projectile that goes straight forward and disappears after making contact with an opponent, wall, object or just after a certain amount of time if it doesnt hit anything, you can charge this attack and if you charge it long enough, he will shoot a Mega Blast instead, dealing more damage, you can also walk while charging Peashooter, but you can't cancel it, i actually don't have any other idea right now, but i hope this is enough.
Character Suggestion: Saki from Sin and Punishment.
View attachment 297263
Saki first appeared in Super Smash Bros Brawl and Super Smash Bros for Wii U and 3DS, and while his Assist Trophy was notably absent in Smash Bros Ultimate, he instead received a Mii Costume. He is the protagonist of the first game of the Sin and Punishment franchise, and is the father to the main character of the sequel game Sin and Punishment: Star Successor. Sin and Punishment is a rail shooting game, and while Saki isn't too popular of a choice nowadays, he was relativly popular one back in the Brawl days, as the Brawl Dojo mentions several people requested his inclusion.

For his playstyle, I would see Saki as a lighter and faster character, relying on him using his Dolphin Gun for a projectile attack that could combo his opponents or use it with a stronger Melee attack that would have powerful knockback.
Developer Suggestion Character: Takamaru from The Mysterious Murasame Castle
View attachment 297171

Takamaru has kept up a notable fan following in the Smash community for a long time now, especially in the Smash 4 days. His game is no longer Japan-exclusive since the last known time he was considered, acclaimed Japanese game devs have given it their blessing and expressed interest in a revival, and it's one of the few "dead" Nintendo IPs with the distinction of continuing to be given little nods outside of Smash to this day, indicating that they still have the character on their minds to some degree.

In terms of gameplay, Takamaru would bring with him a completely new character archetype: the samurai. Additionally, reflecting on his original game's nature of always being on the move and dodging enemy attacks, he would be a quick, nimble and responsive fighter, his repertoire also putting emphasis on projectiles such as shuriken, pinwheel knives and fireballs in addition to physical attacks with his katana.

did I do it right
Developer Suggestion Character: Isaac from Golden
View attachment 297215

Isaac continues to be a highly requested character since Brawl and his fanbase has continued to grow since then. While he was given the Assist Trophy treatment twice, it’s notable he was brought back into Ultimate after skipping Smash 4. In regards to his play style, he would be a defensive swordsman with many types of shielding and barrier techniques ques. He would use his Venus Psyenergy go deal devastating damage. We don’t have an entirely ground/earth/rock-based fighter yet as well.
Seeing as how we don’t have any more submissions, I will include my second one but I will remove it if we get new submissions:

Nintendog & Nintencat (Nintendogs)

While we do have a dog (and duck) and a cat (fire cat) on the roster; including the Nintendog and Cat could bring in a character who is slow upon start-up but, once they get going, become powerful fighters who focus on speed and unorthodox attacks. This could include taking baths, squeaky toys, doghouses, and healing treats. Nintendogs have been a part of Smash since Brawl and, while the series hasn’t been touched in some time, it’s still a popular series with tons of fans around the world.
Developer Suggestion Character: Ray Mk III from Custom Robo
View attachment 297253

Though I have ideas for all sorts of 1st party characters, it was a bit difficult to think of one that matched all the current crieteria outside of the ones already mentioned. However, I think I've found one that fits.

Ray Mk III is the most recognizable character from the Custom Robo series. He appeared as an Assist Trophy in Brawl and, after a complete absence from Smash 4, was given a Mii Costume in Ultimate. For his play style, he'd be a small lightweight character with multiple zoning options and very impressive, unique mobility. Regarding his mobility, that would be what makes him stand out from other characters, and I think it could take some inspiration from mechanics of older characters that we haven't seen in newer characters for a very long time.
Finally, regarding popularity, although Custom Robo is fairly niche and hasn't seen a new game since 2006, it does have more titles to its name than some pre-exsisting series and its representation in Ultimate after its absence in 4 shows that there is at least enough demand to be given the Mii Costume treatment. Plus, having a more unusual character reveal at E3 alongside more well know characters would show how deep we'd be willing to go for the fans.

Also, Venus of the Desert Bloom Venus of the Desert Bloom , I would like to join the developer partner list, if that's alright!
I might as well as pitch Isaac gameplay.

To me, Issac would be a mid-weight character that’s about the size of Pit. He would have some of the strongest defenses for one of the roster’s swordsman with an incredibly durable shield (then takes in an earthen tone). Plenty of his attacks have superarmor and his Specials would focus on this defensive aspect. However, his defenses would crumple when caught in between them. This meaning he is weak to being launched and juggling. He boasts high defense but, when gets caught without them, he is in a world of hurt.

My questions to the thread is:
  • Does a defensive style benefit Isaac?
  • How can his Venus Psyenergy br included in his mechanics? Appearances? Visuals?
  • Any gimmicks he could have?
  • Would he have a durability mechanic like Robin it MP Gauge like Hero?
I want to participate, but I'm not the most knowledgable on Isaac. Can I just post this here and we work something out from there?

Job 1 (answering each one of Venus' questions respectively)
1. I mean, I guess that playstyle works, I can dig it
2. I think Isaac should pull out the Venus Psynergy for his grabs (in this case, using the giant Psynergy hand), smash attacks and specials, with the neutral attack and tilts being regular sword slashing
3. I'm struggling to think of any gimmicks he could have, and I don't think he really needs one either
4. More or less the same deal: I think we're better off just making him a standard fighter, relying on the visual flair and conceptual novelty of his moves to stand out
In terms of the gimmick he could have, Fire Emblem characters had counters inspired by the turn based nature of their games (save for two of them). Hero has not only Command Selection but also Critical Hits. Maybe Issac could have a leveling system, where he gets XP from attacking and being attacked. At a certain point, he levels up and can buff all his stats slightly. It could cap out at a certain level, and after being KO'd it resets.
This thread looks like it's exactly my style. Can I be a developer partner?

Anyway, let's talk about Isaac's moveset.

This may seem odd, but I've noticed characters that have been heavily requested since Brawl - for instance, Ridley, King K. Rool, and Banjo & Kazooie - tend to have simpler movesets that wouldn't seem out-of-place in Brawl. I suppose maybe it's about giving fans of the character a moveset that matches what they would have expected from the character all those years ago. With that in mind, I'm not particularly interested in giving Isaac some kind of XP or Djinn gimmick. The most I would go for is about Sephiroth's level of complexity.

When I make a moveset, I like to outline the core elements of the character that I would wish to highlight. So let's do that. Keep in mind that I'm not that familiar with Golden Sun.
  • Above all, Isaac is a Venus Adept. In other words, he has earth magic.
  • Isaac gets Cure at a low level in his default class series. (At least, that's what the wiki tells me.) In the early game, he's your healer.
  • In addition to typical earth magic, Isaac also gets utility Psynergy like Move, which are actually used in the field.
  • Isaac is considered a "warrior-style Adept" by the wiki, in comparison to "mage-style Adepts".
  • I'm not confident in this having not played the game, but if Golden Sun is like any other RPG, you're gonna be using earth magic way more than your sword.
Now, I can construct a moveset with these in mind. Or at least a mere outline of a moveset.

Isaac fits the general mold of a swordfighter, but he doesn't do that much actual swordfighting. Instead, most of his disjoints are actually Venus Psynergy. They're not projectiles, so he isn't a zoner, but they do give him a decently large range. As an earth mage, it follows that his ground game is better than his air game.
  • Isaac's down-tilt is Quake, which causes a column of earth to come from the ground and bounce an opponent upward. It's good to start combos, but its hitbox is directly on the ground, so it won't really hit airborne opponents.
  • Isaac's down-smash is Gaia, which cause a pillar of energy to erupt from the ground beneath him. This is a powerful move that covers all around you, but it leaves you quite vulnerable if you miss.
  • Isaac's down-air is Spire. It's a stall-then-fall attack where Isaac creates a variety of stalactites... then charges downward with them, sword pointed down.
  • Isaac's up-B is Growth. It creates a tall plant that has a hitbox while it's growing. For the few seconds it's on the field, it can be climbed like a ladder.
  • Isaac's down-B is Cure. This move heals Isaac about 5%, but is somewhat risky to pull off due to its high start- and endlag.
  • Isaac's final smash is Judgment, It's a cutscene final smash that recreates the animation for the original's Judgment summon,
Isaac's core mechanics are his moves that spawn out of the ground, such as thorns and earthen pillars/ spires. He can spawn these at a variable distance from himself, and as they spawn out of the ground, they are not likely to clank with projectiles, which has a high risk/reward as an option, since on one hand you can kill through/stuff out zoning, but on the other if you're too slow you'll just die.

He can also set various djinn to apply certain elemental damage to these moves, which is loosely based on added psynergy and changing classes. Thanks to his psynergy hand, his grab range is quite above average, though to compensate his sword normals may be slightly laggy.
Job 1:

I think that, much like what ahemtoday ahemtoday has said, Isaac shouldn't be very gimmicky and instead should have a simpler moveset, as if he was made during the Brawl era. So no PP, level ups or Djinn gimmicks.

For statistics, he'd be around medium height, being somewhere between taller than Mario but shorter than Marth. On the ground, his movement speed would be pretty good and he'd be a middleweight, which is similar to his stats from Golden Sun. In the air though, he'd have average jump height and fall speed, with below average air speed, as his abilities on the ground are where he shines.

Then for his moveset, as a Venus adept, Isaac would focus more on using various Venus (Earth) Psynergy than swordfighting. Most of his grounded attacks would use these abilities, like Quake, Thorn, Punji, Gaia, etc. Some Psynergy do use sword attacks though, including Annihilation and Ragnarok. His grab uses would use Catch for extra reach, then his throws would use Utility Psynergies, like Move or Pound. In the air is when Isaac will use more basic sword attacks, though Helm/Skull Splitter would still be available as D-air.

I think that about covers the basics. I can be more specific about what I think his moves would be, but I'll cover that during the next section. Let me know if you'd prefer me to cover that now instead though. 👍
So about Isaac, the feeling I get is that the character doesn’t need to have any sort of gimmick which I agree with to an extent. Traditionally, starter newcomers don’t get many gimmicks but, technically speaking, Isaac is our version of Villager and Inkling who both have notable mechanics and gimmicks (Pocket and Ink). What if Isaac gained additional star buffs simply for standing on different types of terrain?
I'm not well-versed in Golden Sun but I can see a mechanic like this being fun to work with. Similar things have already been done such as Olimar's Pikmin probability in Brawl and Steve's mining in Ultimate, so there's already precedent for this. I could see something like "Isaac becomes stronger the grassier the terrain is" or something along those lines. So playing on Guar Plain or Yoshi's Island Melee would make Isaac stronger, while playing on Final Destination or Shadow Moses Island makes him weaker. And there's also stages that have different terrain: he could be stronger on Dream Land's main platform, but weaker on its wooden platforms. Also, what if this went beyond stat boosts, but also buffed Isaac's specials or other Earth-based attacks? Giving a projectile more range, granting a powerful move super armor, etc.

Of course, like I said, I'm not familiar with Golden Sun so someone who is can probably make a mechanic like this fit better on Isaac, but that's my take on it.
Alright, Isaac ideas.

Being a young Venus Adept, Isaac would be a grounded fighter who specializes in controlling the battlefield. His attacks would either go towards the earth or come from it. Aside from some unique quirks to a couple of his moves, Isaac is a mostly simple character
  • Jab, tilts, and dash attack use his sword.
  • Smashes use Psynergy
    • Forward smash is Ragnarok; Isaac creates a large energy blade around his sword and swings it down.
    • Up smash is Punji, a thrust of bamboo shoots.
    • Down smash is Nettle, a series of thorny vines around Isaac. Multi-hitting move
  • Aerials are clunky due to Isaac being out of his element, but are strong and can deal heavy damage in the enemy isn't careful.
    • Forward aerial has Isaac stab his sword down in front of himself; Like Hero's down air, but in from instead of directly below.
    • Up aerial is an awkward upward strike with the hilt; The attack isn't towards the ground and it doesn't come from it, making it Isaac's worst move
    • Down aerial is a vine that deals low damage, but is quick and acts as a tether if it hits the ground, much like the Belmont's whip. Mainly used to get Isaac back on the ground.
  • Grab uses Catch Psynergy and throws use various other Utility Psynergies.
  • Neutral Special is Gaia, a surge of rocks from the ground. Charging it turns it into Mother Gaia, and charging it further leads to Grand Gaia.
  • Side Special is Move; Similar to his Assist Trophy, but obviously toned down in size for balancing purposes.
  • Up Special is Growth, causing vines to sprout out around Isaac. In the air, it creates a plant underneath Isaac instead, acting as recovery.
  • Down Special is Quake, a quick burst that trips up the opponent. Can be charged to increase the radius and damage.
    • In the air, it becomes Spire, a large stalactite sent plummeting downwards. Similar to Mega Man's down aerial.
  • Final Smash is Judgement, a cinematic attack based on the original animation.
For the first point; you could say that, but more well rounded, alongside bigger focus on ground game.

As for the Djinn, I should specify: No Djinn as a character gimmick, so no swapping Djinn and standby modes or stuff like that. As items or otherwise, I think it's fair, and Isaac can still use moves given to him by Djinn as well, for instance F-tilt could be Flint or Sap, or one of his specials could be Vine?

The last thing I'll say is that a simple playstyle can still be interesting. And when I say no gimmicks, I mean more not having a playstyle that revolves around them, so there can still be an unusual move or two. For example, Venus Adepts have access to some interesting status moves, like Demon Night or Curse. You could also have a gameplan of keeping enemies on the ground by using special moves, where you can follow up with your best attacks.
I personnaly am in favor of a gimmick mechanic with the djinns.
If it's allowed to go bonkers on it, here is my version of Isaac:

General Gameplay:
-Mid range area control to rack up % but needs to get close to deliver a killing bow.
-Somewhat high micro-management of the gimmick ressource: djinns.
- Stronger on the ground, but has a pretty solid recovery (will come to it)
-Possible change of some specials/other attacks depending on what djinns are equipped. Having 2 djinns set increases the range and charging speed for the specials. If no djinn is set, he'll default to the weakest version of his venus attacks. If too complicated, just resort to Venus attack (except when specified otherwise)
Special UI displaying Djinn status:

Neutral Special: Uses the selected Djinn (2 per element, 8 total with different effects listed below)

Venus: Flint: A heavy knockback attack, one of Isaac's strongest killmove. Medium recovery time, no use outside of the attack. It comes out faster when isaac is on the ground.
Ground: Buries opponent close to Isaac to create an opening. The range is rather short and there is a delay before the gravity orbs comes down, it can be shielded or dodged. If used in the air, it will spike.

Mars: Forge: increases Isaac's physical damage (but not knockback) by 25% for 10 seconds, in team versus, affects his nearby allies as well.
Flash: Reduces the damage and knockdown of the next attack taken by 90%, the shield lasts 5 seconds but comes out instantly. Long recovery.

Jupiter: Kite: The next used special will be doubled. Replaying instantly without recovery frames. Some can be triggered midway through. Long recovery.
Luff: Seal's all the opponent's specials for 5 seconds, expect recoveries. Long recovery, midrange projectile, the djinn rushes forward, if it touches, it will take a short animation to seal the specials, during which the opponent can still use them. Long recovery

Mercury: Sleet: Short range projectile that reduces the damages inflicted by the affected targets by 25% for 10 seconds. The projectile is a fluid affected by gravity, similar in visual to Inkling's ink.
Eddy: Fasten the recovery of all other djinns currently in recovery, longest cooldown by far.

Side Special: The function stays relatively the same, but could change depending on what djinn is currently set on Isaac.

Venus: Quake, a short stone "wave" on the ground. Does not work midair, unless there is ground directly below Isaac. It'll be disjointed and the height will be unchanged. Medium damage, but strong vertical knockback.
Mars: Flare, a spray of fire forward. High damage but weak knockback.
Jupiter: Ray a longest lasting hitbox of electricity. Almost no knockback, but it does keep the targets in place thanks to the multihit. Giving a change to dash attack or grab.
Mercury: Frost, an icy wave on the ground. It shatters once it reaches its max range, doing a second, weaker, hit. All of the same range. Just different properties. Chargeable, increases the range.

UP Special:
Vary strongly depending on the current djinns. If simplified, go with the Jupiter version.

Venus: Rockfall. Isaac steps on a large boulder materialising under his feet and use it a step ladder for a small jump. Upgraded version has him jump twice. Boulder falls and damages those under it. This is is weakest recovery, but is the best for ledge guard, as it can spike opponents recovering low.
Mars: Planet Diver/Planetary: Similar to Incineroar UpB, planterary causes a large explosion on impact, and goes higher and further. High risk high reward recovery, more intended to be used for aerial mixups to get to the ground quickly.
Jupiter: Hover. Isaac's conjures a platform restoring all of his aerial mobility (double jump, air dodge), with 2 djinns it can be reused indefinitely. He is vulnerable while on it. Strongest recovery, especially with 2 djinns. But easily punishable. Unlike Steve's block, Isaac cannot do a smash attack while on it.
Mercury: Froth: Isaac forms a bubble around him, giving up a multijump similar to kirby's. The jump are higher with 2 djinns. The bubble can be destroyed by attacks. While pretty slow, the bubble protects Isaac from one hit (if it doesn't exceed a certain %, for example 15%) he would be stuck in freefall after it is destroyed.

Down Special:

Djinn selection. It opens a menu in which you'll choose which djinn to set for your Neutral Special. You cannot move while selecting, and each element will affect Isaac's stats (weight, fall speed, ground and air speed...) swapping in the air can change how fast he'll continue to fall.
When a djinn finishes cooldown, a colored light will flash on Isaac along with a sound effect and his HUD updating.

Final Smash
Summoning: Isaac will perform a cinematic FS doing a summon that depends on his current djinn setup. It is purely a visual change and a damage type change (so some summons may not damage pikmins).
The possible summons being Judgment, Meteor, Thor and Boreas.
It starts by the djinns swirling around Isaac, upward, scooping opponents even behind. It puts half of his djinns in recovery.

Normal Moves:
Neutral/Jab: Three hit combo. Downward slash, upward slash ending with the sword above his shoulder, then using "Move" to push the opponent away a SET distance (not affected by damage, djinns etc).

Dash Attack: leaping sword strike, emulating his GBA attack animation. The leap has a pretty long reach and hits fairly hard.

Side Tilt: Slap, a psynergy hand slap that deals low damage but can reflect projectiles and turn still opponents arounds, has a pretty long recovery to avoid spamming.

Up Tilt: Simple arcing sword slash.

Down Tilt: Psynergy changing depending on djinn setup:
Venus:Spire: A stone spike rises in front of Isaac and strikes diagonnaly away from him. It has physical existence on the field and will stop projectiles during the animation. It can be destroyed by strong attacks/projectiles
Mars: Blast, short range explosion that launches far at a very low angle.
Jupiter: Whirlwind, small tornado that launches straight up but does very little damage.
Mercury: Cool, same as spire but reflects energy based projectiles, shatters on physical ones.

Side Smash:

Venus: Ragnarok. Similar to Bayonetta's Side smash, but conjuring an energy sword from a transmutation circle instead. Isaac's farthest reaching "physical" attack. With 2 djinns, becomes Odyssey, a 3 hit attack, first are two smaller blade impaling the opponent in place before striking with a giant one, lower reach for more damage.
Mars: Juggle/Fiery Juggle. conjures a circle of fireballs, with 2 djinns it conjures more, faster. They appear behind Isaac and are launched forward on release, slightly toward the ground.
Jupiter: Astral Blast/ Thunder mine: A colorful starshaped projectile strikes in front of Isaac. With 2 djinns it launches a giant thunderball which explodes on impact.
Mercury: Cutting Edge/Plume Edge: A short lived shockwave, which becomes a two timed attack with two djinns, the first trapping the opponent in water if it connects, before isaac strikes.

Up Smash:

Venus: Gaia, several small rocks lift from under isaac and are launched up right above him.
Mars: Fire, a swirl of fireballs are launched upward.
Jupiter: Wind Slash. A succession of wind blades over a short distance above Isaac, upward.
Mercury: Ice Horns, same as Gaia but with Ice Shards. Same range, different properties.
(Gaia keeps the opponent rather close to the ground, Fire can set them ablaze, Wind Slash pushes them further up and Mercury is somewhere between gaia and Wind Slash)

Down Smash:

Venus: Briar/Nettle, Thorny briar rises from the side toward Isaac, joining just above his head. Their thorns are bigger with 2 djinns, increasings the damage. It scoops opponents toward the center, similar to Roy's up smash.
Mars: Volcano/Pyroclasm Column of fire centered on isaac, two additionnal pillars if 2 djinns. Sets ablaze and has a low vertical/medium horizontal knockback.
Jupiter: Plasma/Shine Plasma: Lightning bolts striking next to isaac. Get bigger with 2 djinns. Knock straights down, making opponents bounce on the ground (could be techable)
Mercury: Prism/Hail prism: Giant ice blocks tossed on the ground, with two djinns a second one falls behind Isaac.


Neutral: A spinning slash, hitting first right behing him, before ending behind again with more range and power.

Forward: An horizontal slash from his left to his right, similar to Roy's but in one single strike.

Back: A jab behind him, purely horizontal hitbox.

A sweeping strike right below him with great horizontal reach, does spike at the exact center.


Grab: The "Catch" psynergy, fairly long range especially for a swordfighter.

Pummel: The hand squeezes the opponents.

Forward Throw: The "Force" Psynergy is used to punch the opponent away with a big telekynetic fist.

Back Throw: The "Grip" Psynergy pulls the opponent behind Isaac and launches them after passing by him.

Up Throw: The "Scoop" Psynergy launches them straight up!

Down Throw: The "Pound" Psynergy hammers them into the ground.

Classic Mode:

The Angarian Journey:
Reconstitute important fights from the first game. All are Endurance fights.

1st: Vault's Thieves. A fight against 3 thieves type characters (3 Sheiks for example) on a town map like Animal Crossing ones. Smokebombs appear regularly.

2nd: Kolima's Sacred Tree. A giant Ivysaur on Dreamland.

3nd: Saturos. A Duel against a blue color Roy atop of a tower stage (Mercury Lighthouse if Isaac's stage is the Lighthouses are his stage and can be swapped between all of them), possible stage could be the Plateau's Sheikah Tower. Fire Items spawn regularly, mostly Fire Flowers and X-Bombs. Roy's Fire attacks are increased.

4th: Mogall's great ape: A giant Green Donkey Kong and 2 Diddy Kongs. Screen could be reversed occasionaly to reflect the maze like-forest.

5th: The Colosso Finals: 3 Fighters in a row in the Arena. Likely Marth, Chrom then Ike. Some items (smoke bombs, food, Bobombs) can appear on the stage, that the opponents will rush.

6th: Saturos and Menardi: Blue Roy and Red Zelda. Zelda starts with a Death Scythe. This time the fight takes place on Venus Lighthouse.

7th: Rathalos Boss. Refers to Saturos and Menardi transformation into the Fusion Dragon.

6 and 7 could be replaced this way: 6th: The Ghost Pirate, Ganondorf on a Ship based stage with super armor.

7: Saturos and Menardi, but once Defeated spawns Ridley and Charizard to Emulate the Fusion Dragon.


Palette would just be party members color. Colors 5 to 8 would be party members from the 2nd game.

Holds item with a small psynergy hand.

Taunts: Victory pose from the 3rd game, sword pointing to the ground, hands on the pommel.
Djinn acquisition animation.
One of the game's emote speech bubble pops above Isaac's head.

Victory animations: Isaac lifts an obstacle that was covery the camera with "Lift"
Isaac's runs after a djinn, trying to catch it.
Flint float's around Isaac before nestling in his scarf.

And here we are.
If I totally misunderstood how to do all of this, well...curses ! xD
I wasn't sure how to differentiate the two, sorry.

So yeah for gameplay, to make it shorter and more digest, I was thinking of a management of different "ability sets" through djinn swaps.
Being in an element affects Isaac's stats like speed, damage,resistance, etc.
Two djinns per elements, using one performs a special move and puts it in cooldown. If you still have a djinn of that same element ready, you swap to it automatically and stay in that element. If you do not, Isaac reverts to default (Venus).

A lot of attacks would be area of effect, few spells would be killmoves and you'd have to get close to finish your opponent. The idea would be to stay close enough to get in and strike but keeping the opponent away with wide spells for damage and conditionning. Changing element/class for mixups and adapting to the situation/matchup.

Is that better ?

Technically those are all spells Isaac can get through changing class, which is how the Djinn system works. That's what I wanted to implement, since it is something most people not familiar with the games do not know.
I can fully understand wanting to give a character mechanics that represents both the basic and more advanced aspects of their games. Still, a part of me feels a bit not sure about allow Isaac to use both fire, earth, wind, lightning, water, and ice in his moveset when general players known him for his earth abilities. Cloud never uses his Materia which is a big aspect of his games. Pikachu can technically learn Surf, Dynamic Punch, Grass Knot, Iron Tail, Toxic, and evening Fly outside of the typical experience point system though it still technically only uses electric-based moves except agility. That being said, seeing his reveal trailer and see him bust out some moves other than earth would be pretty sick. Everyone would be like “Wait...WAIT...he can use ice attacks, too? When?!”

What if we were to take that idea with the Djinn but, instead of giving his entire moveset the Djinn moves, map it only to the neutral Soecial? So he pulls out a Earth Djinn and can use an earth attack? Or, if we want to get a bit more crazy, charge it up like Hero or Sephiroth to change the name and nature of attack?
We could just keep the djinns as a dedicated special and the rest be Venus spells only yes. That's the "simplified" version I meant. Could be made so holding B opens a menu (monado style) and tapping it uses the selected djinn.
Yeah, that's like what I said before, you could feature certain Djinn unleashes in his attacks or specials, while his Final Smash could be the Djinn summon Judgement.
That's a little more in the realm of complexity I wanted, but it still... doesn't quite feel necessary, in my opinion. For the record, I honestly feel the same way about a lot of the unique character mechanics in Smash. I think a lot of them aren't necessary, and in a lot of cases are just sort of made up or only vaguely based on the source material.

Actually, okay. Let me give a counterproposal. But before I do, let me just say that I'm not retracting my earlier statement that Isaac should be a relatively gimmickless character. But I do see the logic behind giving him a Djinn system. However, if we are going to give him a gimmick, it needs to accurately reflect the way battles work in the source material. So, with that in mind, here's a different take on a Djinn system for Isaac.

Just like I did with gimmickless Isaac, I'll begin by outlining the traits I would want to highlight about the Djinn system. Keep in mind I am unfamiliar with Golden Sun, and am basing this off of reading the wiki.
  • Djinn are equippables that come in all four elements. When you go into a battle, your characters already have Djinn equipped. They don't change which Djinn are equipped mid-fight, so I really don't think this should be a mechanic based around switching between Djinn.
  • Players will typically start a fight with a majority of their Djinn - if not all of them - set. Set Djinn can be unleashed to perform a move unique to that particular Djinni.
  • Once unleashed, a Djinn enters standby mode. Djinn on standby can't be unleashed anymore. You can re-set one Djinni on standby at the cost of your turn.
  • If you have enough standby Djinn of the correct elements, you can use them to perform a summon, an extremely powerful attack. After being used for a summon, Djinn enter recovery mode, effectively being on cooldown. After a short amount of time, one Djinni in recovery mode will automatically re-set itself, and can then be unleashed once more.
So with that in mind, if we're giving Isaac a unique mechanic focused around Djinn - which I will reiterate we don't necessarily have to do - here's a general outline of the concept I think would be best:

Each of Isaac's specials is tied to Djinn of a certain element. His neutral special uses Venus (earth) Djinn, his side special uses Mars (fire) Djinn, his up special use Jupiter (wind) Djinn, and his down special uses Mercury (water) Djinn.

When you use a special, you unleash a Djinn of that element. Once you do, that Djinn goes into standby, and is pictured above Isaac's damage meter. Then, you'll unleash a different Djinn of the same element the next time you use the special. The effect will be fairly similar, though there may be slight differences. Alternatively, you could have a setup like Dancing Blade or Octaslash, where there are multiple variants of each special that use different Djinn. You would lose access to those options as you unleash them.

In any case, if you try to perform a special while all Djinn of that element are on standby, you'll perform a summon. I'll admit that I'm unsure how this would be done in the option-loss variant of this mechanic. In any case, summons are powerful attacks that are nonetheless quite risky, as they leave you significantly open to attack at the beginning and/or end of the summon as a representation of recovery mode. Alternatively, there could be a more traditional cooldown after performing a summon, during which time that special button does nothing at all.

However, if you've used all your Jupiter Djinn, you aren't locked into performing a risky summon just to get back onstage. At least, not if you play your cards right. Your shield special is a less risky option that will re-set all the Djinn currently on standby. This, of course, means that you lose out on the Summon, but on the flipside, you don't have to take the risk.

Let's walk through a couple examples of using Isaac's neutral special, for a couple of possible variants. Keep in mind we could mix and match the traits of these.
  • Hitting the neutral special once unleashes Flint with a sort of earthy sword attack. Hit it again, and it unleashes Echo, with another earthy sword attack. Hit it again, and it unleashes Sap, which is another earthy sword attack but this time having a kind of draining effect. One more time unleashes Steel, which is basically the same as Sap. Then, finally, pressing B again uses Judgement, an attack with a couple seconds of endlag where a knight dude shoots a beam out of a lion shield.
  • The neutral special is chargeable similarly to Gigaflare. Depending on the level of charge, you'll use Flint, Echo, or Geode; who are all different flavors of earthy sword attack. One you use one, you lose access to it. After you use all three, the only thing you can do with neutral-B is summon Cybele, after which all your Venus Djinn will be on cooldown and unusable for a while.
  • midweight fighter who has extraordinary reach
  • thanks to his sword and special abilities
    strong, defense-oriented fighter
  • Largely relies on magical attacks as opposed to sword attacks
  • Strong ground again with weak aerials
  • Strong zoner
It seems to me that Option 1 is what most people want but let’s wait a bit before deciding.

I want to propose something for the thread. We will obviously be including a Golden Sun stage. What if we included this Djinn system within the stage itself? You collect a Djinn and can summon a creature. Stack them and you can summon a strong variant?

I am of the of the opinion if we do give Isaac a Djinn system, it should only be mapped to the neutral special instead all of the specials and, if that is the case, then I would personally prefer only the Venus Psyenergy. If we were to go the Djinn route, this is what I prefer: Go with Kalaam’s idea of cycling between the the Psyenergy using the Neutral Special. Once you pick one, you gotta stick with it until you die and using a Djinn will put it on Standby and can be allowed to summon a creature. This should all be limited to three ranks to give it balance. I’m perfectly fine with this sort of mechanic/gimmick should we choose to go with it. Mapped to all the specials seems way too complicated.

The reason why I asked which sword Isaac would use is because he does have the Sol Blade, a long sword that widens at the base and is yellow in color. This is his strongest sword in the game. should we go with this?

View attachment 297866

I want to hammer out Isaac’s gameplay before we jump into the next job but it’s coming soon. Once we conclude Isaac’s moveset, we will jump into the specials and then I will introduce the next job in addition to the moveset one.

Also, Happy New Year from Japan!
So, after much debilitation, I came to a decision regarding the issue with Isaac and using Dijinn or not. This decision came from a collective input from the community and one I also feel is the right direction. We won’t be proceeding forward with @Kalaam proposal to include all four Dijinn. In addition, I’m going forward with the assumption that we will be including a Dijnn concept in a Golden Sun stage.

From there, we will be begin discussions his Specials and other moves. I don’t intend to create his entire normals but fleshing out the a Smash attacks and another notable attacks I think are important for this section.

I will be posting later on the format on how to discuss the moves.

With the gameplay discussion finished, we can begin moving into discussing his moveset which will focus mostly on his Specials, Smashes, and other notable attacks. As mentioned above, we came to a general compromise that the neutral special can be used to use a Venus Dijnn to utilize an attack so, as default, the neutral special should reflect that. That being said, if you feel you have a far better idea than that, please let us know and perhaps we can figure a way to incorporate it.

Here is the format that we will use for discussing these the specials, smashes, and other notable attacks. If you intend to submit a moveset, please do so this way.


Neutral Special:
Attack name


Side Special:


Up Special:


Down Special:


Forward Smash:


Up Smash:


Down Smash:


And if you have any notable attacks, they should be included here.

Formatting it with bold and colored text helps when browsing through the thread and helps highlight key points for people. Please provide a concise description of the attack so we can have a better understanding of how it works. Feel free to add damage percentages but, once we finish the moveset, we can start working on the damage percentages for the confirmed moves. Due to time and length, I want to avoid going through the entire normal moveset with attacks like get-up attacks, some of the tilts, aerials, etc. Again, if it’s notable enough, please include it but let’s focus on the major attacks for now.

As for the length of the description, roughly a paragraph should work for most attacks unless there is a notable gimmick or function that needs to be explained further.

Isaac news aside, I do want to announce a few things. First off, this thread has a Twitter lol. I figure it’s good for chronicling it’s history and what not.

Second, the poll concerning the number of newcomers is closing within the hour and it appears that 15 newcomers, which includes Echoes, will appear. This number is not set-in-stone though and, if there aren’t any changes, I can safely say the roster will have between 15-20 newcomers at launch.

Finally, I will officially announce the next job to be completed within the next 24 hours so we can give Isaac Moveset discussion so more spotlight but, with that in mind, I do want to give the general topic of the next job so everyone can start brainstorming. The next job will be to Add a New Game Mode. Story/Adventure-type game modes like World of Light/Adventure/Subspace Emissary/Smash Run. The game mode we will be adding will be more inline with something like Board the Platforms, Homerun Contest, Squad Strike, or something of that nature.
Alright, here's my basic idea for a moveset. I'll currently leave attacks that I don't have a lot to say about (mostly ones I think would take the form of simpler sword swings) and some moves I may have more than one suggestion for, so people can discuss what they prefer. I'll probably come back to edit this post based on feedback from everyone, to better craft the moveset.

Normal Attacks
Forward Tilt: Flint

Isaac performs a two-handed sword swing, with the sword having a yellow glow. Has good range and decent kill power. We could also make this attack be a different Djinn unleash instead, such as Sap or Bane, in which case the kill power would be traded out for healing or poison.

Up Tilt: Thorn
Isaac summons a spiky thorn in front of him, reaching above his head and angled slightly towards him. Sends opponents up, so it can combo at lower percents, but it has high knockback growth so it can kill at high %.

Down Tilt: Quake
Isaac swiftly makes a section of the ground quake by his feet, popping up enemies infront of him which makes it ideal for combos and kill confirms.

Dash Attack: Annihilation
Isaac breifly stops in place before making a fast dashing slash, with a kanji appearing where Isaac stops. Being hit during the slash will knock opponents away like a standard dash attack, but at the end of the slash when the kanji appears is a poweful sweetspot that can kill the opponent much earlier.

Forward Smash: Ragnarok
Isaac summons a massive sword near above him that stabs diagonally down into the ground in front of him. The attack is a disjoint and not a projectile, having a large hitbox and great kill power.

Up Smash: Punji series
Isaac raises Punji sticks all around him reaching high above his head, with each one quickly popping out of the ground one after the other. This attack is a multi-hit, with the sticks being disjointed and Isaac having head invincibility.

Down Smash: Gaia series
Isaac stabs the ground, causing it to crack where he stands, with light and rocks shooting out of the crack soon after. Has poweful quake hitboxes that send opponents up and away and is generally more powerful closer to Isaac.

Down Aerial: Helm/Skull Splitter
Isaac brings his sword downwards, performing an Aether style attack with a meteor effect at the beginning. This could either function as a traditional stall-and-fall, or something more unusual such as halting all upward momentum (like Ivysaur's U-air) and going into fast-fall.

His other aerials would mostly be sword swings, but some of them could be Djinn unleashes like mentioned before, such as Flint, Sap or Bane.

Grab and Throws
To grab, Isaac uses Catch, which can be compared to Pacman's grab (instead of a full tether grab) except faster and less active. F-Throw is Move, which sends opponents away with a projectile similar to the Assist Trophy; B-Throw is Scoop, which chucks the opponent backwards; U-Throw is Carry, which lifts opponents up and is Isaac's main combo throw being more effective at lower %; D-Throw is Pound, which would either be Isaac's most damaging throw OR bury opponents that allows for follow ups if fast enough.

Neutral Special: Growth series OR Vine

Growth causes plants to grow from the ground nearby in front of Isaac, damaging any opponents caught in the intial growth with multi-hits and breifly stunning/crumpling them (similar to Ryu's/Ken's Focus Attack), allowing for follow-up attacks. The special button can be held to make the attack taller and wider, as well as making the attack continue to do multi-hits, but this will also increase the attack's endlag, making it easier to punish and follow-up attacks impossible. If held for the full duration, opponents in the Growth will be hit with moderate knockback instead of a stun. The attack will spawn from nearby ground if Isaac is in the air.
We could also leave the Growth on stage for short time after the attack, and any enemies trying to move through it could have their horizontal movement slowed.
Vine would cause an area of vines to spawn from the ground in front of Isaac. The move would do no damage, but opponents caught in the intial spawning of the vines would be hit by an unblockable crumple/stun. The vines would be left on the ground for a period of time, and any opponents trying to move through it would have their speed cut in half and be unable to jump.

Side Special: Spire series
Isaac creates stone Spire projectiles a distance in front of and above him that then fall downwards, hitting any enemies beneath them. The attack can be charged to increase the ammount of projectiles, and the origin of the attack can be moved left or right while charging, with a fully charged Spire dealing heavy shield damage. If hit, the projectiles will continue to hit the opponent until the final projectile launches the opponent away, with the strength depending on the charge, but if the opponent is hit by the Spire as soon as it appears then it will spike the opponent instead.

Up Special: Retreat OR Growth
Retreat would be the most basic recovery, simply acting as a teleport with good range, though a swordfigher hasn't had a recovery like that yet.
Growth would be similar to what was said before, except in the air if there's no ground beneath him then Growth starts where Isaac is, bringing Isaac up with it and giving a final boost upwards after it finishes growing.

Down Special: Demon Night/Thorny Grave OR Vine
Demon Night/Thorny Grave makes Isaac summon and fire a swarm of spirit projectiles, perhaps in a similar functioning manner to Bowser's Fire Breath, except in can't be held. The attack multi-hits and knocks aways with moderate knockback, as well as inflicting a Haunt status effect. Enemies inflicted with Haunt may randomly take a random amount of damage (with no knockback) after performing an action, like attacking, grabbing or possibly jumping. The amount of time Haunt lasts depends on how many projectiles hit the opponent and it can be shortened by hitting Isaac.
Vine would work as stated before.

Final Smash: Judgement
Isaac uses the Gaia Blade's Unleash, Titan Blade, summoning a massive sword to crash down in an area in front of him, acting as the into for a cinematic. If an opponent is hit, Isaac summons Judgement to perform a devastating attack on them, having high damage and kill power.

One last additional detail is that one of Isaac's taunts could be Cure, as that is a big part of Venus Psynergy. If the taunt is allowed to play in full, then Isaac would be healed a certain amount.
This is my proposal for Isaac's moveset. Please feel free to comment on it if you have any questions or suggestions.

Neutral Special: Rockfall/Rockslide/Avalanche

These series of attacks that summons a blast of rocks that shoot upwards from the platform Isaac is standing on. Inputting it once will do Rockfall. The second input will do Rockslide which does more damage with higher traveling distance. The final input is Avalanche is which does the highest amount of damage and is nearly the same height as Palutena's fully charged Up Smash. It can also induce a meteor smash when it hits at the topmost frame. The attack is great for preventing aerial approaches. It is stronger then performed on the ground as opposed to the air. It has a Terry Power Wave effect in that all three versions have a shorter range than the grounded versions.

Side Special: Growth/Mad Growth/Wild Growth

Much like above, inputting it once will do Growth which will shoot out a tangle of vines and weeds. Mashing the special button once released will prolong the attack and deal more hits as the vines snap around. Inputting it again will do Mad Growth which deals more damage and better chance to connect the mashable attacks together. Finally, the last input is Wild Growth which acts like a command grab in that it will grab the opponent and deal multiple hits of damage by smacking them wildly with vines before launching the opponent. Can cause colleterial damage as well to nearby opponents.

Up Special: Retreat

Isaac will vanish quickly before reappearing some distance away. It acts much like Hero's Zoom move. Upon input, it has the greatest recovery and will almost teleport Isaac onto the stage. More inputs will reduce the range it teleports. It doesn't do any damage but helps with Isaac's air game as its severely lacking/horrendous jumping stats.

Down Special: Quake/Earthquake/Quake Sphere

Isaac will summon a quake which will cause the area around him to shake. This will deal damage as well as cause tripping. Like the above specials, the first input will simply create a shaking area around Isaac. The second input extends the radius of effect, damage dealt, and the duration of time. The finallt version will not only do damage but will bury opponents who are close to Isaac while causing those who are further to slip. The attack is great for defensive tactics and can quickly turn the tides of an approaching opponent.

Side Smash: Move

Isaac charges up and unleashes a non-damaging glowing hand made of energy which will push opponents back. It can be angled before being launched. Charging up the attack will increase the size of the hand and the length it travels.

Up Smash: Punji

Isaac causes a forest of bamboo spikes to shoot up around him. Like Ridley's Skewer, it won't launch opponents but it does high damage if the spike portions connects fully on the opponents hurtbox as opposed to a whiff. When this happens, they are stuck in place after being damaged allowing for a follow up attack. They will simply flinch in its a whiff with very little damage. Charging the attack increases the damage and the height of the bamboo spikes. In addition, touching these bamboo spikes from above will knock the opponent up for moderate damage.

Down Smash: Gaia

Isaac summons the forces of the earth and unleashes a well of earthen energy upwards. The attack has a slight gravitational effect which pulls into opponents before launching them. The damage is applied during launch. The attack has an unique mechanic that it will effect the area six seconds after use. Anyone who touches the area when used will become buried; similar to Villager's Down Smash. It's not only an offensive and defensive attack but its also a trap.

Down Aerial: Spire

Isaac unleashes a rock shard that travels downward which functions similar to Mega man's Down Aerial. The added bonus is that it will explode with an earthen fury upon impact with a solid object or opponent which causes colleterial damage to anyone nearby. It's powerful and can cause a meteor smash to opponents directly below Isaac. It has significant landing lag if shorthopped.

Grab: Move

Isaac will use the Move ability to grab ahold of someone. This is technically the only distance grab as, unlike others, it will not bring the opponent back to Isaac. I changed this from my original description but the distance the hand grabs is about thee Mario models away. Doing the Pummel causes the hand to squeeze the opponents.
I know we are discussing Isaac movesets but I made this set of palette swaps for him. Are we cool with this or does anyone have any better concepts?
View attachment 298311

Blue (Default)
Purple (Based on Ivan)
Red (Based on Jenna)
Yellow (Based on Garret)
Cyan (Based on Mia)
Green (Based on Felix)
White (Based on Alex)
Dark Blue (Based on his older appearance in Dark Dawn)
Might as well bump this

Job 14: Idle Animations

1. Issac looks behind him and back
2. Issac adjusts his hair, before going back to battle stance
Job #14

Victory Theme:
A remixed short snippet of this:
On-Screen Appearance Venus of the Desert Bloom Venus of the Desert Bloom Venus of the Desert Bloom Venus of the Desert Bloom
Appears in a vortex of Venus Psyenergy which causes the ground to burst with plant life. He then jumps out.
Classic Mode: Power of Friendship
Players team up with two other allies to defeat an opponent based on a a Golden Sun boss.

Round 1 vs Giant:ultivysaur:
:ultlucina::ultsimon: (Allies)
Stage: Garden of Hope

Ivysaur represents the boss Tret.

Round 2 vs Blue:ultroy:
:ultsimon::ultyounglink: (Allies)
Stage: Prism Tower

Roy represents Sauturos when he is fought in the Mercury Lighthouse

Round 3 vs Blue:ultdk:
:ultyounglink::ultpalutena: (Allies)
Stage: Reset Bomb Forest

Donkey Kong represents the Killer Ape

Round 4 vs Giant Pink Inkling
:ultpalutena::ultcloud: (Allies)
Stage: Pirate Ship

Inkling presents the boss Kraken.

Round 5 vs Black Zelda (w/ Death Scythe)
:ultcloud::ultrosalina: (Allies)
Stage: Great Plateau Sheikah Tower

Zelda represents the boss, Menardi.

Round 6 vs Black:ultganondorf:
:ultrosalina::ultrobin: (Allies)
Final Round vs Great Cave Offensive (Battlefield)

Ganondorf represents the powerful optional boss, Dullahan.

Final Round vs Rathalos, Giant :ultridley:, and Giant:ultcharizard:
:ultshulk::ultmetaknight: (Allies)

Rathalos, Ridley, and Charizard represents the Fusion Dragon.
Job #12: WarioJim (of course 😉)

Job #14: Taunts
1. A Venus Djinn appears and flies around Isaac, simiar to the fairy taunts that the Links have.
2. Isaac uses his Psynergy field animation.
3. A unique taunt, Isaac casts Cure on himself, which could function in a few different ways. The first option is that the taunt must play in full to get moderate healing and Isaac can't cancel out of it. The second option is that using the taunt puts Isaac into an animation and after either pressing a button end the animation or letting the animation last the max amount of time, Isaac is healed based on the amount of time before the taunt is ended.

Venus of the Desert Bloom Venus of the Desert Bloom also, should we ping you for Job #14 as well?
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Job 14: Idle Animations

1. Issac looks behind him and back
2. Issac adjusts his hair, before going back to battle stance
Job #14

Victory Theme:
A remixed short snippet of this:
On-Screen Appearance Venus of the Desert Bloom Venus of the Desert Bloom Venus of the Desert Bloom Venus of the Desert Bloom
Appears in a vortex of Venus Psyenergy which causes the ground to burst with plant life. He then jumps out.
Classic Mode: Power of Friendship
Players team up with two other allies to defeat an opponent based on a a Golden Sun boss.

Round 1 vs Giant:ultivysaur:
:ultlucina::ultsimon: (Allies)
Stage: Garden of Hope

Ivysaur represents the boss Tret.

Round 2 vs Blue:ultroy:
:ultsimon::ultyounglink: (Allies)
Stage: Prism Tower

Roy represents Sauturos when he is fought in the Mercury Lighthouse

Round 3 vs Blue:ultdk:
:ultyounglink::ultpalutena: (Allies)
Stage: Reset Bomb Forest

Donkey Kong represents the Killer Ape

Round 4 vs Giant Pink Inkling
:ultpalutena::ultcloud: (Allies)
Stage: Pirate Ship

Inkling presents the boss Kraken.

Round 5 vs Black Zelda (w/ Death Scythe)
:ultcloud::ultrosalina: (Allies)
Stage: Great Plateau Sheikah Tower

Zelda represents the boss, Menardi.

Round 6 vs Black:ultganondorf:
:ultrosalina::ultrobin: (Allies)
Final Round vs Great Cave Offensive (Battlefield)

Ganondorf represents the powerful optional boss, Dullahan.

Final Round vs Rathalos, Giant :ultridley:, and Giant:ultcharizard:
:ultshulk::ultmetaknight: (Allies)

Rathalos, Ridley, and Charizard represents the Fusion Dragon.
Job #12: WarioJim (of course 😉)

Job #14: Taunts
1. A Venus Djinn appears and flies around Isaac, simiar to the fairy taunts that the Links have.
2. Isaac uses his Psynergy field animation.
3. A unique taunt, Isaac casts Cure on himself, which could function in a few different ways. The first option is that the taunt must play in full to get moderate healing and Isaac can't cancel out of it. The second option is that using the taunt puts Isaac into an animation and after either pressing a button end the animation or letting the animation last the max amount of time, Isaac is healed based on the amount of time before the taunt is ended.

Venus of the Desert Bloom Venus of the Desert Bloom also, should we ping you for Job #14 as well?
Job #15
Dark Stone

An item original to the Smash Bros. series. It's a blackish-purple gemstone with a look inspired by Final Destination. Using it works the same as the Metal Box - you pick it up and undergo a transformation.

In this case, you turn Dark, becoming a complete silhouette with eyes glowing in your player color. While Dark, you're effectively playing Turbo Mode from Project M - every attack you do can cancel on hit to another attack.

And, yes, you would be able to do a Dark Smash in Special Smash.
Job #15

Item 1 - Snakeboard

From ARMS, the Snakeboard would be a mobility item like in the source game, working similarly: Fighters can jump on them to move around quickly, faster than most characters' dashes. It is however somewhat hard to control, meaning you may move more than intended sometimes. Jumping while riding a snakeboard will first cause the snakeboard itself to jump up, and fighters will behave as if on the ground, while a second jump is needed to jump off of it properly. In Smash, it would be somewhat smaller than in Arms, so that closer-ranged characters can still hit average-sized opponents while riding it. Certain attacks that involve jumping will make you lose the Snakeboard, like Sheik's Bouncing Fish, and so will being hit with particularly strong attacks, so be careful!

Item 2 - Poison Bomb
Turns out not many characters and items in the game have attacks with Poison effect: the only ones are Hero (self-inflicted sometimes), the Yuri Kozukata Assist Trophy and the Rathalos and Dracula bosses. Most others are Darkness effects mimicking Poison. This Item aims to fix that! Once launched by the player, it's effects will vary on what it hits. Hitting the ground will cause it to slowly leak gases, forming a cloud above it that poisons opposing characters who touch it. It can however be launched away by the other fighters, and that will cause it to create a trail of poison, spreading further the noxious gases. If, however, it directly hits an enemy, it will detonate instantly, which will poison only the affected character and ones very close to it, in addition to dealing moderate damage and high knockback. Be mindful the Bomb is quite heavy for its size, so it may not be as easy to throw as you expect!
Item 1: Coconut Gun (Donkey Kong Country)

One of the main items that Donkey Kong can use in his series, can now be an item in this game. When you grab the item, it will preform by using the A button or the side Smash attack.

It will fire a Coconut at the opponents, doing 15% damage, with decent knockback. It takes 3 seconds to fire, but if the opponent is at 115% or higher, they will be KOed by the attack.

The Coconut Gun has 5 uses, but it can break shields if used up close.

Item 2: Skillet

Aka the Frying Pan, this common weapon can now be used as an attack. It can be used using the A button or the Side Smash.

It does 17% damage, with decent knockback. This item can also have a rare chance in dropping food like eggs (a 1 in 70 chance) once the item is dropped.

The item can be used until dropped, and it will disappear in the same time as many other items will.
Job 15

--First Party Item--


The Breidablik is from the Mobile Game Fire Emblem Heroes and it is the device used to summon legendary heroes from Fire Emblem.

It would work similarly to the Pokeball as in you can use it to exclusively summon a random character, only this time it's a Fire Emblem character. Using it will shoot an orb that will spawn one of many Fire Emblem characters, And they function like a regular assist trophy.

--Original Item--

Master Cart

Appearance: They would look like a Generic NES game with a colored label that is either Orange, Blue Or Green

Use: picking up and using a master cart will increase the stat associated with the color on the Cart (Orange is Attack, Blue is Defense, Green is speed) until you lose a stock.
Job 15: Original Item: Bottle of Soda
View attachment 298872
Based of the concept of my favorite item (other than Pokeballs and Assist Trophies) Banana gun, this has 3 functions after each other. First you pop off a cap that launches into the air dealing big damage but little to no knock back. Secondly you heal a bit of yourself. Lastly, you throw the bottle in whichever direction you pressed.
Item #1: Candle (Legend of Zelda)- As in the original Legend of Zelda, the candle, upon being picked up, casts out a fireball to the front of the user, travelling a short distance before halting in place for a few moments. Any player (including the user) who touches the flame will be knocked upward with 15% fire damage. The item brightens the screen and reverses the effects of any item that causes the screen to darken.

Item #2: Jester's Cap: Whoever touches this item dons a jester's cap. They will receive a tremendous attack speed, movement speed, and general stats boost for as long as the cap is active. However, their controls will be confounded, with each input yielding a random output.
"...it's so bad."

Item #1: The Power Glove! (NES series, I guess?...)
The Smash series is no stranger to NES peripherals. We've got the Super Scope as an item. Duck Hunt is pretty much a representation of the Zapper in the form of a fighter. And R.O.B. is a robot toy that they somehow made into a Smash Bro. But possibly one of the most popular NES peripherals still has no representation in Smash. It's about time we change that.
Notorious for being, well, not good, the Power Glove is exactly what it looks like-a controller for the NES that used "motion controls." But how would it play in Smash as an item?

I've given a lot of thought to this one, and here's what I've come up with. Basically, when you pick it up, your character starts wearing the power glove (if they're holding something like a sword, it will swap to their free hand. With the Links or Heroes, they'll wear it on their sword hand but still hold said sword. Characters without hands, they'll just have it float beside them or something). When picked up, you stop in place, but you can control your opponent! In a 1-on-1 fight it's immediate, but in a FFA or doubles fight, you'll select which opponent to control with a small UI pointer next to the opponents' portraits.
Now, I know what you're thinking-"Janx, won't you just make your opponent fall off the stage and die?" Well, I've got some ideas to balance it out.
For one, you yourself are defenseless. You can't do anything to fight off an opponent, whether it be the one you're controlling or not. Another idea I had, the Power Glove works like DK's Cargo Throw. The less damage your opponent has, or the more damage you have, the easier it will be for them to overrule your control. For example, if I'm playing Mario and pick up the Power Glove to control Bowser, but I'm at 100% and Bowser's at 0%, Bowser can easily get out of my control without mashing too hard-but no mashing at all results to the opponent not having much control at all. There is also a short time limit on the Power Glove, and afterwards it will despawn. There are a lot more precise things to consider, but I'll either think of it later or leave it up to the balance team. I've typed enough about this as is.

I think the Power Glove should be in Smash because it's the most popular NES peripheral that is not yet represented in Smash in some way.
Job 15
Item 1 - Crown

View attachment 298791
The Crown originates from Super Mario 3D World and its upcoming port, Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury. It appears exclusively in multiplayer, where the player with the highest score in the previous level gets to wear it when starting the next level. The Crown adds several points to that player's total should they finish the level while wearing it, though if they're damaged at all, they will lose it, and other players are able to grab it. Other players can also attack the player wearing the Crown themselves to try and steal it.

In Super Smash Bros., the Crown acts similar to the Healing Sprout. When a player touches it, they will wear it, providing a boost to their damage and knockback output as well as a slight increase in ground and air speed. However, other fighters can attack you if you're wearing it, letting them get it instead. The Crown disappears on its own after awhile.
Job 15
Item 2 - Matryoshka Doll

View attachment 298875
Matryoshka Dolls would be a container item, similar to Capsules and Crates. They could be picked up and thrown, damaging foes that they hit. Doing so will cause the doll to break, revealing another, smaller doll inside. Attacking a Matryoshka Doll will also break it. This cycle will continue, the dolls getting smaller and smaller until finally, an item pops out of it. What item comes out depends on how big the final Matryoshka Doll was: smaller ones hold weaker items like Green Shells and Smoke Balls, while larger ones hold powerful items like Hammers and Maxim Tomatoes. How many times the Matryoshka Doll breaks before revealing the item also varies, though it will always be between two and eight.
Job 12:
Sharklord's concept

Job 15:

Item 1:
Repel (Pokemon)

so, I was thinking about it, and there are no pokemon items besides the pokeballs/master balls, let's fix that!
the repel is pretty simple, you spray it in front of you, and it would push away any fighters in front of you, it's more of a defensive item, but it's not exactly used for battles in the pokemon games.

Item 2:


I know this sounds silly, but i'm suggesting a kite. basically, the more you run, the more air the kite pickups and the higher it flys, and eventually the kite will go so high it pulls you into the air and allow you to glide downwards, you can even glide into opponents and deal damage.
First Party Item: Splat Brella (Splatoon)
While this item is equipped, press the A button to shoot a mid-ranged ink attack (covers opponents in ink like some of Inkling's attacks). Holding the button down will keep the Brella open, which will block any incoming attacks. The Brella can only be held open for a short time, though.
(I did not initially consider incorporating the Brella's "canopy launch" mechanic, but that is an additional option should one want to add it.)

Original Item: Anti-ssist Trophy
An off-color Assist Trophy. Offensive Assists summoned by it will specifically target the summoner, while supportive Assists will only buff opponents.
(Honestly, I just came up with the name and really loved it)
Job 15:
View attachment 298793

The Double Cherry is a power-up introduced in Super Mario 3D World. This is a very powerful item, as if picked up it will give you a copy. This copy acts very similarly to the second Ice Climber, following you and repeating your attacks. Your attacks do 75% of the damage they used to do, and the copy does 50%, but that adds up to a 1.25x damage modifier so it's good. The clone dissapears after 17 seconds, or if hit by an attack by itself (it stays if you also got hit). There will not be a second Luma if Rosalina uses this item, but there will be a third Ice Climber if they use it. Only one fighter can have the double cherry effect at the same time, and you can't use more than one at the same time.

i wrote this at 12:30 am.

(also, in the main posts, the roster images are incorrectly attributed to another user. Venus of the Desert Bloom Venus of the Desert Bloom )
Job #15: Devil Axe (Fire Emblem)
View attachment 298795
Type: Battering

This is a recurring weapon in the Fire Emblem series. It is a powerful weapon with a chance to backfire on the user depending on their Luck stat (the specific math, usually, is [31-Luck]%).

In Smash, it serves a similar purpose. Each swing does about 10% and decent knockback, able to be swung 5 times MAX before it can no longer be used. There's a 3/5 chance for it to backfire on the user and during the 3rd, 4th or 5th swing and disappear after, with the recoil being half of what that specific hit would've racked up the total damage to. For example:
  • Hit #3 totals the overall damage dealt to 30%; the recoil would be 15%
  • Hit #4 totals the overall damage dealt to 40%; the recol would be 20%
  • Hit #5 totals the overall damage dealt to 50%; the recoil would be 25%
There's always a guarantee for it to backfire on the 5th hit (unless it's thrown by the user and hits an opponent, in which case it simply disappears like any other item). When it does, it turns into a red, shadowy X similar to Thwack. This instantly K.O.'s any opponents unlucky enough to have it backfire when over 85%, 8-% or 75%.

This is a risk-reward item; great for racking up damage, but not without 3 chances for it to bite you in the arse.
Job #15

Item 1: The Armorslayer
View attachment 298796

A staple of the Fire Emblem series, the Armorslayer is exactly what you would expect: A sword that is highly effective against armored units. Introduced in the first game, it has appeared in every game except the black sheep Fire Emblem Gaiden, it's remake Fire Emblem Echoes, and Radiant Dawn; For Smash, it uses the design from Awakening. Alongside the Hammer, it is your go-to for cracking the heavy shells of knights and generals. Seeing as we already have a couple hammer items, it looks like we'll go with the Armorslayer.

In Smash, the Armorslayer deals rather weak damage, but it has a simple, yet effective utility: Popping shields. Essentially Marth and Lucina's Shield Breaker with a blade the size of Ike's Ragnell, the Armorslayer can wreck shields with only a couple jabs, and smash through them with a single smash attack. The only real downside is the low frame data, but even then that can be circumvented by just chucking it at them. If your opponent's feeling block-happy, the Armorslayer's your friend.
I have a question regarding items, are cut items like the fan or red shell from previous installments allowed?

If so,
Job 15: Item 1: Fan.
View attachment 298847
The fan was an item present in the first three Smash Bros games, but was absent in Smash 4 and Smash Ultimate. It was an original Smash Bros creation, in reference to traditional stand up acts in Japan. In Smash, it is a weak weapon, but very easy to spam.
Item 1: Shock Bomb (ARMS)
View attachment 298721
Like it's game of origin, the Shock Bomb will be spawned in via a drone, identical to the ones seen in the Spring Stadium stage. When hit, it will drop to the ground. It's too big to carry, but thanks to it's ball shape, it can rolled around the stage ala a barrel.

After a period of time, it will detonate. Unlike most bombs however which cause a firey explosion with notable knockback, the Shock Bomb will unleash an electric shockwave that will paralyze anyone in it's radius for a brief period of time.

Wanted to initially submit Hedlok for this, but that probably would've been a little broken and a pain to implement.

Item 2: Paint Bucket

A tin bucket filled with glowing, rainbow paint. Essentially just a visual item, when thrown at an opponent, they'll be dowsed in said paint, giving em a glowing hue. After a couple seconds (solely for the game to actually load the aftermath) their character will be swapped to a different randomized alt for the rest of their current stock until they're KO'd. After which, they will revert back to the initial alt they started the match with.

The bucket itself, after the paint has already been used, will still be around on the battlefield to throw around, albiet causing a minimal amounts of damage

Yes, this may be a bit weird with fighters with separate characters/genders as alts but that's kinda the fun with Smash. And in the chance each player is using the same character meaning every alt is already in play, it will be disabled in 8 player matches.
Item #1: Scrap Driver (Xenoblade)
View attachment 298718

A powerful item that serves as both a Battering and a shooting item. Hit the attack button to swing it forward to deliver a powerful slash attack. Smash it forward and unleash a powerful energy projectile that will detonate after some time. The item is unique as it adds superarmor to both the melee slash and projectile. Finally, like the shield-wielding characters, it can deflect incoming projectiles. It’s clunky though and will crumble after a few uses.

Item #2: Gravity Tether

Grab this glowing ball of blue energy and throw it at the opponent. Once it latches on, it will generate a tether between yourself and the opponent. This causes both players to become “attached” to each other. Moving a certain distance in opposite way will cause the tether to tense up and prevent the players from moving forward. This can be used to manipulate the opponents movements, prevent them from KO’ing you, keep them within your attack zone, or lead them to a trap.
Job 19: Garet
View attachment 299065
Garet is the second main party member of the first game, coming from the same town of Isaac and being the best friend character. He makes a safe but solid Mii Swordfighter costume.

Edit: Sowrdfighter
Job 19


is a Mercury Adept and a playable character in Golden Sun and Golden Sun: The Lost Age. She is one of several mage-style Mercury Adepts in the series (the other being her son), and is probably the only Adept that can be labeled the "designated healer" to the player's party. Presuming there aren't any "Mage" Mii Fighter classes added later on, she would use her staff as a sword similar to other stave character Mii Costumes in Smash Ultimate, like Aerith, Ashley, Veronica, Viridi, etc, as a Mii Swordfighter.
@ the poll:

By “entirely changed from how it was in Smash 4”, I mean this: repurposing some of them for most of the Echo Fighters.

:GCB:: Dense Charge Shot
:GCL::GCR::GCB:: Turbo Missile
:GCU::GCB:: Screw Rush

:GCB:: Sleepy Toad
:GCL::GCR::GCB:: Flower Bomber

:GCB:: Dashing Assault
:GCL::GCR::GCB:: Heavy Blade
:GCU::GCB:: Dolphin Jump
:GCD::GCB:: Iai Counter

:GCL::GCR::GCB:: Unyielding Blade
:GCD::GCB:: Paralyzing Counter

:GCB:: Piercing Bow
:GCD::GCB:: Amplifying Orbitars
Job 10


When summoned Perrserker will walk around the stage, if someone attacks it will retaliate with a powerful slash, After being attacked once it will go into "Berserk Mode" where it will then quickly dash around the Stage dealing very Powerful slashes to foes until it leaves.
Job 10: Appletun

Appletun will be a huge Pokemon, that can ram into opponents dealing large knockback and damage, but being slow.

The cool thing about Appletun is that the Pokeball summoner can attack Appletun aswell, but the Pokeball Summoner will also be healed when doing so (as if they were biting into an apple). Also if destroyed or time expires they will turn into an apple.
Okay, here's my submission for Gen 8 Pokemon Pokeball summon.

Job 10


After emerging from the Pokeball Eiscue will then waddle around the stage back and forth, considering it has a comically large ice cube (Ice Face) on its head it sort of act as a walking punching bag and somewhat delaying your attack when you accidentally hit it, so you can use it as some sort of a cover and has the same exact property as the Black Knight assist, both having super armor but Eiscue won't attack you. But, that wouldn't last very long as if the opponent accidentally hit it 8 times (multi hit attack count) it will exploded and reveal Eiscue's face (Noice Face) looking all worried and terrified with the impact of the explosion freezes everyone around it (sort of like the Powder Snow move) expect the one who summon it before disappearing.

This is probably the closest pokemon to have the same gimmick as in the original game as when getting hit by a physical move it will actually change form to Eiscue's Noice face and fits perfectly into Smash heavy emphasis on brawling and physical combat.
Pokeball Pokemon: Snom/Frosmoth

Snom is an Ice/Bug-type Pokemon introduced in Generation 8. With pitiful stats, access to only two weak moves through level-up, and limited-access to both TMs and TRs, Snom is one of the weakest Pokemon in the entire series. However, trainers that stick with Snom and give it max happiness are rewarded with its evolution, Frosmoth, a powerful special attacker that can take full advantage of Snom's impressive offensive typing.

Like other Pokemon lines that start off weak and evolve into something powerful, such as Magikarp, Togepi, and the various Pseudo-legendaries, the Snom line has been a fan-favourite for many trainers who enjoy seeing their hard-work be rewarded in spades. However, Snom differs from many of its contemporaries, as its first stage is equally (if not more) popular than its evolved form due to its simple yet "ugly-cute" design. On the Pokemon of the Year poll from 2020, Snom was the 4th highest ranked Galar Pokemon, beating out not only Frosmoth but every legendary and starter from the region.

In Smash, Snom would be the initial Pokemon summon from the Pokeball. It would slowly slither along the ground, dealing no damage and only really getting in the way of others. Snom can be picked up and used as a weak projectile with decent range. However, if someone holds on to Snom for 30 seconds, it will achieve maximum happiness with the fighter and evolve into Frosmoth. Frosmoth functions similar to Tiki, flying to the upper corners of the screen before flapping its wings and unleashing Blizzard, a wide, icy wind that deals high damage, knockback, and freezes anyone caught in the blast.
Pokeball Pokemon Suggestion: Wooloo

Wooloo would move around the stage slowly, using Headbutt when it comes near a fighter. Headbutt would do moderate damage and knockback. Unlike most Pokemon, Wooloo can be attacked. However, because of its thick coat of wool, it takes no damage, but it's very light so it gets knocked back considerably. This means that it's possible for players to try to knock Wooloo into the others' path, making for interesting tactics - if you're heartless enough to attack Wooloo, that is.

I picked Wooloo, frankly, because I find it adorable. And I think I'm not alone in that! From what I gather Wooloo is one of the more popular Pokemon introduced in Sword and Shield. With all that I think Wooloo makes a lot of sense for a role in a new Smash.
Job 10: Centiskorch
View attachment 298205
Centiskorch is a Fire / Bug dual-type Radiator Pokemon introduced in Generation VIII, evolving from Sizzlipede and having a Gigantamax form of its own.It creates flammable gas through fermenting the food in its body, and burning this gas with heat-generating organs along its underside. This causes flames to be expelled from its head and rear.

When summoned with a Poke Ball, Centiskorch will use Inferno. It crawls around the stage and, if it comes close enough to an opponent, it aims a blast of fire at them and engulfs them in violent flames, dealing very heavy damage and knockback. While doing this, Centiskorch's body also heats up, damaging other opponents if they get to close. It will repeat this a few times before it disappears.

I picked Centiskorch because it is easily my favorite Gen VIII Pokemon for how badass it looks, especially in a generation that had a lot of underwhelming designs imo.
Pokeball Pokemon Suggestion: Eternatus

Eternatus would be very rare. When summoned, they would fire off a huge laser which would move from one side of the screen to the other. It would be extremely hard to avoid, but not impossible. There would also be a small chance for it to spawn as Eternamax Eternatus, which would fire a bigger laser
I don't know if this counts, it's technically not a Pokeball but it's tied to it.

View attachment 298221

Galarian Stunfisk is a Pokemon introduced in Gen 8, and is the latest "mimic" Pokemon. Mimic Pokemon (consisting of the Voltorb line, the Foongus line, and G-Stunfisk) trick players into thinking they're a valuable item, starting a fight. G-Stunfisk in Smash works the exact same way. When it spawns, everything but it's mouth isn't visible, making people think that it's a regular Pokeball. The big giveaways are that it's slightly darker then the regular pokeball, and it doesn't make a sound when it spawns (unlike Pokeballs, which make a notable one as a result of it falling onto the ground). If a player tries to pick it up, Galarian Stunfisk will reveal itself, acting like a bear trap to chomp on it's prey. This attack is very powerful, and you can't really react to it, so the easiest solution is to just ignore it. Galrian Stunfisk de-spawns after successfully chomping on something, after 15 seconds, or a situation occurs that would reveal it's a fake (such as the platform it's hiding in disappearing). It's treated as a Pokeball Pokemon, despite not actually being one (Stunfisk appears when Pokeball items are enabled, can't appear with them disabled, and is put with the Pokeball Pokemon in training mode). Galarian Stunfisk is also marginally more common than the average Pokeball Pokemon.
Gen 8 Poke Ball Suggestion: Cramorant
View attachment 298184

When summoned, Cramorant uses Dive to snatch up an opponent. When successful, it then uses its signature ability Gulp Missile to spit the opponent at another opponent.

When it misses, it simply stands around wondering what to do for a few seconds.
Well three ideas then:
Dottler, Trick Room: Dottler appears in the background of the stage and uses Trick Room. The Trick Room will switch the speeds of all Fighters on the stage for a short duration. Dottler will vanish when the Trick Room does.
Sandaconda: Sandaconda will appear and use Sandstorm surrounding itself. It will deal minor damage to anyone within its range. If anyone attacks Sandaconda during this, it will attack with it's Sand Spit ability, making it extra hard to defeat. It will leave after a short duration.
Zarude: Zarude will use Jungle Healing on it's summoner, healing them of any status as well as a good 60% on their damage bar. It will then attack a nearby foe with Power Whip and leave.
View attachment 298310
New Pokemon: Barraskewda
Barraskewda is a simple Pokemon. Upon being summoned, it acts as a homing missile, making a beeline for the nearest fighter and dealing heavy damage on impact. Barraskewda will continue moving forward until it flies off the edge of the screen. If there are other fighters or Assist Trophies beyond it's target, Barraskewda will angle it's course slightly to try and hit them as well.
Pokeball suggestion: Sirfetch'd
View attachment 298160
Once summoned, Sirfetch'd will perform Swords Dance. While standing in place, it'll swing it's leek sword around for a bit (Completely visual, no damage dealt), then lift it's sword up to the air, unleashing an aura that will temporarily boost the attack power of the person who summoned it. After a bit, it'll strike a battle pose, then leave.

As for why Sirfetch'd specifically, I think it's a very popular Gen 8 pokemon with a couple things getting in the way of it becoming playable. It being exclusive to only Sword, as well as being an evolution of an older pokemon (Before you mention Pichu, it was a very easy clone choice, on top of being related to the literal series mascot.) may not be seen as the best way to represent Sword and Shield as a whole. That being said it's popular enough that I think it should still be represented in some way.
While my original idea wasn’t Appletun...

View attachment 298300
New Pokémon: Flapple

Flapple will emerge from the Pokéball and flies up into the air. From there, will flutter about back and forth and use Grav Apple. This will cause apples to fall from the sky and will do damage and knock opponents downs when hit. The apples can be caught if times though which will actually heal them. The apples will squish when they land which causes the area to become slippery and induces tripping when walked on. On rare occasions, the apples won’t squish when landing and can be picked up and eaten.

Job 27: Beedrill

Returning from the first Super Smash Bros, Beedrill has been given a boost. It can use Drill Run and Bug Bite at it’s opponent.

Basically I decided that instead of a new Gen 1, I thought, how about we bring back a Gen 1 Pokémon that was in an earlier game.
Job #27: Mr Mime
View attachment 299650
Type: Psychic, Fairy

When Mr. Mime is summoned, he will continue to follow the player. Mr. Mime will constantly spawn invisible walls behind you. The longer you stay in one spot, the last wall Mr. Mime put down behind you will continue to grow taller. The walls can’t be destroyed by other fighters, but they will despawn in a few seconds after you leave that spot. If you decide to camp at that spot for too long when the wall reaches maximum height, it will break. If you get knocked off, Mr. Mime will look towards the screen and act like he is trapped in a box until you spawn back in.
Job #27:

When summoned Gengar will use destiny bond, laugh, and sink into the floor. Gengar will periodically rise up behind your opponent and use the move lick. Gengar will lick the opponent which will deal ~10%, and leave the opponent stunned with the same effect as zero suit samus's neutral B, which references licks ability to paralyze. However, lick takes a while to come out and if Gengar is hit before he is able to lick the opponent he will be knocked away before sinking into the floor again. If Gengar takes enough damage, Gengar will faint, but the opponent will also lose a stock. The damage required to faint Gengar will be quite high, so that Gengar will rarely be fainted on accident, and the opponent will only be punished for purposely trying to faint Gengar.

it was a bit tricky to come up with a moveset for Gengar considering Mewtwo already uses Shadow Ball, and Bellossom already puts the opponent to sleep, but I think lick is iconic enough for Gengar. Gengar made the top 10 most popular pokemon in the google poll, so I figure he deserves a spot in smash, but getting another gen 1 fighter seems both unlikely and overkill at this point.
Job 27:

when summoned, a zubat will hover around the opponent, occasionally biting them, if the opponent trys to hit them, 3 more zubats appear and attack much more quickly, if another opponent hits them, 3 will go to them, you can eventually defeat them, and no more then 12 will swarm a fighter, but you'll have much better luck trying to wait it out.
Job 27: Kanto Pokemon
The following is a Mega Evolution of a Kanto Pokemon, as Megas have thus far not been represented among Poke Ball Pokemon. (If this does not qualify due to Mega Evolution being introduced in Gen 6, I will be writing up an alternate non-Mega version at the end of the post.)
View attachment 299663
Mega Pinsir (Bug/Flying)
Mega Pinsir would fly towards the closest opponent. If it hits, it grabs the fighter with Vise Grip and clamps down on them for a couple seconds to deal damage (if the fighter is grabbed in midair, Pinsir will hover at that spot). When it's done crunching, it flings the fighter forward a fixed distance. Pinsir will make a total of five lunges, whether or not they succeed in grabbing anyone. It disappears after the fifth lunge.

If Megas are not allowed, this would be normal Pinsir, which would walk around, jump, and be unable to hover in place, but its grab-crunch-throw attack would play out the same.
Job 27: Magneton
View attachment 299659
Magneton is the evolved form of Magnemite, and the second in the Magnemite line.

In Smash, it would use Magnet Pull to grab up to three fighters or items at once, and drop the opponents when far enough away from the stage. How long it takes to pull in opponents depends on that opponent’s weight.
#27: Gen 1 Pokeball: Machamp (Fighting)
View attachment 299639

Once summoned, Machamp will walk around and attempt to perform Seismic Toss, in which will grab an opponent, swing em around, then toss em up in the air. Rinse and repeat for a couple of times, before it strikes a pose, then disappears.

Psyduck, a water-type Pokémon. This witless sucks pokémon will wander aimlessly and get in people’s way. If hit with enough attacks, it gets angry and released a tremendous psychic blast so watch out! It harms both summoner and foe!
Job 17

Lor Starcutter
The game it comes from may be almost ten years old (goodness I feel old), but it's also Bandanna Dee's playable debut and still a modern Kirby game.
This stage would be fairly large, slightly larger than the Rainbow Cruise and Pirate Ship for comparison, and would be basically a single large platform, with the brawl taking place at the top of the ship. While big, the ship isn't particularly long and there's quite some space on the lateral blast zones. It has a large round platform on it where the sail is and a small obstruction on the front edge. In the background, you can notice it's travelling between space and time through several other dimensions and locations in the Kirby series, including Planet Popstar, Halcandra and Another Dimension (which, while passing by it, will cause the ship to take on its "Boss coloration"), as well as Eternal Dreamland, the Access Ark, and Jambastion, referencing the games to come after Return to Dream Land.
While it may seem like just an aesthetic detail at best and a distraction at worst, this travelling actually serves the purpose of determining hazards on the stage, who appear in the form of several bosses.
  • Planet Popstar will feature the Grand Doomer as a boss, who will swoop across occasionally dealing fire damage to the fighters in a downwards arc.
  • In Halcandra, the Landia will appear in the background and shoot fireballs at opposite directions while in its four-headed form, before splitting and horizontally dashing through the stage.
  • In Another Dimension, the ship will sometimes turn upside down, reversing the stage, and go back, several times in a row, before Magolor, Crowned, appears. He will use his "Ultra Sword Imitation" attack to slash at fighters, which deals high damage but comparatively little knockback.
  • In Eternal Dreamland, Queen Sectonia will appear and unleash paralyzing electric shocks from her scepter. She will then succumb before returning in her floral form, using floral missiles that deal varied effects including paralysis itself, sleep, flower inducement and poison.
  • In the Access Ark, Star Dream will emerge and use it's attack dubbed "Memories". After disappearing and summoning an implement in its place, the boss launches giant items that can hit fighters, such as weathercocks, compasses, a pocket watch, lightbulbs and a telescope.
  • In Jambastion, Void Termina will appear in his Angel Form and cause spears to rain down on fighters, knocking them downwards. While it may be a bit loaded with hazards, those can be turned off in the game, so it's probably fine.

The Omega and Battlefield forms of the stage feature stylized platforms, inspired by the ship, while the many locations and bosses can be seen on the background. In those cases they won't interfer with the battle, though.
Job 17: Castle Dedede (Kirby: Star allies)

This stage takes place inside the castle and you can be KOed on the sides. It is designed to be similar to the Dedede Boss fight in that game. The stage is as big as Pokémon Stadium (Brawl) and it has two platforms you can reach on.

Also a few enemies like Waddle Doo and Blade Knight will spawn as stage enemies (only on the default stages). Waddle Doo simply rams opponents, while the Blade Knight strikes it’s blade at the opponents.

BattleField and Omega Stages are quite similar to the final battle, with Pillars in the background, but it lacks stage enemies and you can be KOed at the top and the bottom (if you don’t recover)
Job 17 - Royal Road

Kirby: Triple Deluxe Playthrough Part 14 - Final - YouTube

This stage is based off the final stages of Kirby Triple Deluxe. Similar to stages like Halberd and Delfino Plaza, it will have a central "Battlefield"-esque stage that will move through many different locales of Queen Sectonia's Palace, with the first area being right outside the palace based on the first stages of the world, and the final area being based in the final boss arena and being visited having the Queen herself as a background boss like the Yellow Devil at the end, who will reach into the foreground to slash players occasionally (like other stage bosses, this can be turned off). The stage will move throughout areas both inside and outside the palace, with different areas having different sets of platforms. There will be around 4-5 different areas based on different levels of the final world in Kirby Triple Deluxe. Taranza may also appear in certain areas, and will fire string shots at players that can slow them down. Just like Nabbit in the Mario Bros U stage, Taranza can be KO'd.
Job 17
Void Termina

this stage is pretty much a total recreation of the final boss from kirby: star allies

the main stage is a large warp star and 2 smaller ones in this formation:

------------------------------- ######


it starts in the normal arena you fight void termina in. with void termina in the background ocassionally doing an attack or two from their 1st phase, then they fall over, their mask falls off, and the platforms are sucked inside

inside, the core of void is in it's... capsule? and is in the forground and acts as a solid wall.

after awhile the platforms will come out and void termina will go into his winged phase and us attacks from there.

then the platforms go inside of void, where the core of void is free and will mainly be in the background, though it will go into the forground to do an attack occasionally, after that it repeats the cycle till the match ends.
Job 17 (Kirby stage)
Gigabyte Ruins
Based on the arena where Mecha Knight is fought at the end of Gigabyte Grounds, the fourth world of Kirby: Planet Robobot.
View attachment 299017
It resembles an ancient desert temple at sunset, but overrun by mechanization--everything is metallic, and there are artificial lights all over.

While the original arena resembles a walkoff, this version would have ledges, looking like you're at the narrow top of a mechanical pyramid. This would make it somewhat resemble Great Plateau Tower, though the main platform would be slightly larger. It also has a series of smaller platforms: specifically, a sort of inverse Battlefield where the single middle platform is below the two side platforms.

Occasionally, Susie will fly through the background on her Transporter. If hazards are on, she will fire laser blasts towards the opponents. Similarly, Mecha Knight can also appear in the background, flying past the opponents to slash at them if hazards are on.
Job #17: Floral Field (Kirby)
View attachment 299009

This stage is based on the first world of Kirby: Triple Deluxe, where Kirby begins his jounrey up the Dreamstalk.

The picture you see right here is a general idea of the stage's layout.
  • The foreground has a Dreamstalk vine with leaf platforms on the right, a large flat platform in the center, and a small flat platform on the left
  • The background has a stage with two curved slopes, similar to Yoshi's Island (Melee)
Every now and then, there are two 3D Warp Stars on either side of the foreground that each take a fighter to the background. Conversely, there are occassionally the same 3D Warp Stars that take fighters back to the foreground.

It's similar to Jungle Hijinks from Smash Wii U, and I made it that way on purpose. Wanna know why?

Because I just want an excuse to bring back that stage and make it compatible with Stage Morph just for this stage alone :p

Job 17 - Planet Earthfall
Planet Earthfall is a peaceful grassland planet in the season of fall. Taking place on a semi-walkoff stage with many smaller platforms, Planet Earthfall is a fairly large stage. One the left, there is a large hill that fighters can be knocked up on, after when they can be shoved off the edge of the stage. However, the sheer steepness of the hill means it's better to stick to the right of the stage, where fighters can be launched off the edge as normal. Across the many smaller platforms, there are leaf piles and treasure chests. Hitting them will drop some helpful items; Generally, chests hold stronger weapons than the leaves.

Planet Earthfall isn't directly associated with Bandana Dee in the game it appears in, Kirby Star Allies, but I feel it represents him and modern Kirby fairly well. It mirrors the first world in Star Allies, the iconic and recurring Dream Land. This reflects Bandana Dee; A character from the modern era, introduced as someone who would fit in with the main trio. Plus, it's orangey colors and fall theme nicely fits Bandana Dee's orange-red coloration and love of apple juice.
We will wait until later for that.

Job #16: Venus Lighthouse

Honestly, I can’t imagine it looking like anything other than what we have here in this stage mod. Of course, it will be updated with HD graphics and such and probably a few new features. I honestly wouldn’t mind more height variation with towers and such. It would also have a day and night cycle like some of the other stages. The Venus Lighthouse would have a mechanic siniliar to Midgard where collections Dijinn allows you to summon powerful creatures. After collecting one, it’s added like to your character like Dragoon Parts. Grabbing one gives the player a five second window to input the Special button to use that Dijinn. Failing to do this will put away the Djinn. One you get four total of a certain type, it will automatically summon the creature. These are:

One Venus Djinn: Venus (a large version of the Djinn appears and unleashed a powerful yellow energy attack within a certain radius.)
Two Venus Djinn: Ramses (it hurls four holders to crash firm and then fuses its dust which travels forward like a Drill Arm.)
Three Venus Djinn: Cybele (This gigantic wood frog summons a storm of vines to shoot up from the ground in front of it. It has a large radius of effect and will instantly trap anyone caught inside. It has the potential to carry them up the upper blast lines.)
Four Venus Djinn: Judgement (This heavenly warrior will fly into the far background and then charge up an energy blast. It will fire it which causes it to collide with the stage in a manner simikst to the Moon and a blast effect like the Smart Bomb but far larger.

One Mars Djinn: Mars (Much like Venus but deaks Fire damage instead.)
Two Mars Djinn: Kirin (This fire lion-like creature will charge forth for some distance while slamming anyone in its way. It produces a trail of fire behind it.)
Three Mars Dijinn: Tiamat (The dragon will land which causes a burst of fire to swell up around it which damages anyone comes into contact with it. It then unleashed powerful flame attacks on either side of itself.)
Four Mars Dijinn: Meteor (A gigantic asteroid will collide with the stage. A targeting symbol will appear on the stage floor and will move back and forth before crashing down and doing high amounts of damage.)

One Jupiter Dijinn: Jupiter (Much like the above but it’s comprised of four purple orbs.
Two Jupiter Djinn: Atalanta (This heavenly goddess appears in the sky and will then rain down up to twenty green arrows while targeting a certain area.)
Three Jupiter Djinn: Procene (This gigantic bird conjures up a tornado which sucks in opponents. It then fires several lightning blasts that home onto the opponent for extra damage. The tornado then “spits” out the opponents.)
Four Jupiter Dijinn: Thor (Thor appears within a large glyph in the sky and crashes down to the stage on a bolt of lightning which can deal damage. From there, it unleashed a powerful blast of lightning which does tremendously high damage in front of him before launching the opponent.

One Mercury Djinn: Mercury (It functions much like Jupiter but it spins rapidly.)
Two Mercury Dijinn: Nereid (This youthful goddess appears and causes a section of the stage to swell up with water and form a geyser which launches opponents.)
Three Mercury Dijinn: Neptune (This gigantic purple whale appears in the far background and will jump while firing an aquatic laser. It functions somiliar to the Meteor summon bit the targeting symbol won’t move back and forth.
Four Mercury Djinn: Boreas (Thus gigantic, mechanical beast will appear and unleash a wintry blast all around it; freezing opponents and launching them.

Turning Hazards Off as well as Omega and Battlefield variants removes the Djinn system.

Venus of the Desert Bloom Venus of the Desert Bloom . In the future, I shall sort the quotes alphabetically by author. Bear with me; I am new to this sort of activity!
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